OB6WhatsApp Download Latest Version 60.0 (17 July)

OB6WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp that is on the top ranking nowadays. Having enough experience with this app, I learned so many things. Are you wondering about new features and additional enhancements? You’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll have a detailed discussion on the requirements, downloading procedure, installation process, and features.

All the steps guide with pictorial proofs will help you throughout your experience. If you’re a beginner or professional, you may take advantage of our tips and techniques. These are quite simple to apply. To explore more, stay connected and read the instructions with attention. Let’s dive into:

OB6WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameOB6WhatsApp APK
APK Version60.0
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

OB6WhatsApp APK Introduction

The OB6WhatsApp Apk is the relevant WhatsApp to the other APK mods. As for other WhatsApp applications that are mentioned already in our previous blogs. Omar designed all the OB WhatsApp in a unique style and arranged these apps accurately. OB6 WhatsApp has a new vibrant golden or yellowish color. This color contains an aesthetic look and attractive feel to the user’s eyes.

This ordinary application is not common right now because it includes additional features that may enhance its customization. Having styles, catchy icons, customization accessibility with various colors, and hidden security options, this OB6 WhatsApp become a complete third-party modification. Extra fixings of problems and new updates can make it more authentic.

Requirements of OB WhatsApp 6

The requirements of OB WhatsApp 6 are adaptable with a few such things that you already have. Requirements are why you simply like you need to have an Android phone modified version likewise 5.0 plus. Besides this, an Internet connection is also compulsory. Phone, Internet connection or Wi-Fi, enough space, and knowledge about well-known APK mode websites are basic needs.

Download OB6 WhatsApp

The downloading procedure contains four stages that can guide you from start to end. This process takes little time to complete and doesn’t involve any effort. All you have to do is concentrate on the specifications and adhere to the forthcoming simple guidelines. Let’s get deeply involved.

Download OB6 WhatsApp
Infographics: Download OB6 WhatsApp

Step 1: Make a Wi-Fi Connection

Fiber internet is becoming more and more popular these days. Please select your seating location wisely to prevent poor signal quality and connection issues. We frequently experience poor Internet connections in our houses, so we move our modem or Wi-Fi to a better location to fix the issue. Therefore, this method is applicable here. See the following step after you’ve enabled Wi-Fi on your Android device.

Step 2: Open Web Browser

Getting your browser open—it might be Chrome or Google—is a really important stage in your trip. Except for Pakistan and India, a great number of nations use DuckDuckGo web browsers for searching. Otherwise, Chrome or Google are the go-to choices.

Step 3: Search apkdon.net

We see a bar with a Q-shaped icon when our browsers open, which helps us search for things. Since we’re also looking for OB6 WhatsApp, we’ll type apkdon.net here. Click the enter button to search procedure. You will see the corresponding results in the series in a short while. Let me clear up any confusion, this website provides you with a customized version of the APK. If you are inexperienced or unaware of reputable and well-known websites that can provide you with APK modes, which is why we recommend them to you.

Step 4: Press the “Download” Button      

Read the blog’s instructions by scrolling down the page. You may also skip the stages you are already familiar with and utilize that time to fulfill other requirements. To download your OB6WhatsApp, click the icon that says “Downloading.” At this point, the downloading process begins. After loading, your OB6 WhatsApp will be downloaded effortlessly.

OB6 WhatsApp Installation Procedure

Installing OB6 WhatsApp is a simple, flexible process that everyone is already familiar with. We will also make every effort to accurately prepare this guide for those who are new to the process and are trying to install OB3WhatsApps for the first time. I hope that you will find this information useful. Now let’s get started:

OB6 WhatsApp Installation Procedure
Infographics: OB6 WhatsApp Installation Procedure

Step 1. Select Install

When your OB6 WhatsApp file is readily available to you, this is where your installation process begins. Click on the downloaded file now. Alternatively, you may choose that specific file from the location in your File Manager. After selecting the APK file, select “Install.” There will be a new page displayed in the next few seconds.

Step 2. Launch / Open the OB6WhatsApp

All you have to do is give your OB6WhatsApp a tab to complete this process. Select the “open” option to proceed with your next step. This option is essential to proceed with your program next. Canceling the application is available but you won’t able to go further if you enable it.

Step 3. Select a Language

Now is the moment to decide on your speaking language. Select your native language to understand the guidelines. The best suggested language to communicate in if you are unable to speak your native Punjabi language is “English.” It speaks several languages, so select “English” and hit the arrow key.

Step 4. Select “Agree” to Proceed

This is an extremely crucial stage for your OB6 WhatsApp APK. You won’t proceed correctly if you click on another choice. For a seamless process, select the “Agree” and “Continue” options. Selecting a different choice will require you to modify your OB6WhatsApp. Please select the AAC as we won’t be talking about any other options here.

Step 5. Enter Phone Number

Firstly, select your nation from the list to download WhatsApp to your phone. This is helpful with WhatsApp’s area code identification. Next, enter your phone number without any additional codes or symbols. Because WhatsApp uses your number to verify your account, make sure it is correct. Hit “Next” or “Continue” to complete the WhatsApp setup.

Step 6. Modify Your WhatsApp Profile

To make your profile look trendier, you can add a profile image by choosing Edit (pencil-shaped icon). After selecting the desired picture from your collection, click “Done.” Put your name in your bio so people may recognize you. Emojis are another (optional) option.

if you want to read all the above information in a single image, then read our HiWhatsApp article. In that article, we have explained all the installation steps in one infographic.

OB6WhatsApp Updates

After some time, OB6WhatsApp has fresh updates. The update is essential for staying informed about new features and improvements. All you have to do is upgrade your WhatsApp program whenever it requests one to make it distinctive and feature-rich. To update your application:

Launch the OB6 WhatsApp APK mod application and navigate to the “Home Page” screen, which is the first page you see. In the upper-right corner, there are three elegantly designed vertical dots. Tap on them. After clicking on it, select “OB Setting” and then “Updates.” Click “check for updates” now to make sure you’re using the most recent version of the software. Check it out, and then click “Web Download” to update your program.

As previously indicated, download it once more. To download it once more, simply follow the instructions. Update the process without altering it. You can accomplish that with less than three clicks.

OB6WhatsApp Updates

Backup and Restore OB6 WhatsApp

Backup and restoration of OB6 WhatsApp is on the way right now. You can easily take backups and restore your previous chats and conversations with media. Now, you don’t need to worry about your chats and media. Backup means the data you are using is saved behind your application and can be usable whenever it needs to. Restoration means you can restore your backup in your current version of WhatsApp whether you are going to log in to your app again.

The procedure to take a backup starts when you open your application. Click on the three dots on the top of the header. Select the “OB settings” and scroll down the page until you get the option of backup and restore. When you click on the backup and restore, you will see three parts in front of you. The second part is the day-to-go option for you that contains the heading “Media”. If you click on backup you will save your current chats in your application and when you click on restore, it means you are restoring your backup in your OB6WhatsApp.

Backup and Restore OB6 WhatsApp

Feature of OB6WhatsApp

OB6 Auto Reply

The auto-reply is a feature that is already part of so many applications that belong to third parties like GB WhatsApp and AG WhatsApp. Auto reply to the automatic message design first when you are free. But this message is delivered on your customized time do you want it recipient? The time you manage already, you can change it later. You can select the time from start to end you can customize your message more than two times.

When you are offline, this message will be automatically delivered to your receiver. So, you can use this feature to reply automatically in your busy time. This feature actually works as your assistant. I always recommend using this for those people who do business to provide services and marketing.

OB6 Auto Reply
OB6 Auto Reply

Hide your Chats in OB6 APK

Hiding the conversations boosts the level of your security and protection. Everyone has their matters and privacy people should avoid interrupting them but few of us want to know whom the other person is talking with. In my opinion, it’s discourtesy and unethical behavior that you’re showing. So, we should avoid interfering in other matters. This feature may save you from this kind of people by hiding your conversations behind the header of your WhatsApp.

Hide your Chats in OB6 Apk
Hide your Chats in OB6 APK

The Holy Quran Access in OB6 Golden WhatsApp

Muslims believe in God (Allah Almighty) and the religion Islam. Muslims have faith in our book that is “Holy Quran.” The developer of this application is a Muslim person named Omar. He launched this feature according to his opinion and efforts. You just want to make the way of Islam very easily adaptable for the Muslims so, you can directly go to the link page and can recite the Holy Quran. One more thing here, you can find updated procedures in this option. So, you will get more flexibility in everything and customization than regular WhatsApp.

The Holy Quran Access in OB6 Golden WhatsApp
The Holy Quran Access in OB6 Golden WhatsApp

OB6 Mod Apk DND Mode

In our Android phone, we have an in-built feature of airplane mode. When we enable it, we can’t able to get upcoming calls and message notifications. Exactly, likewise, this feature works. DND mode can be disabled or enabled at any time. When you click on it, then your upcoming messages and calls are restricted to reach you. After disabling, your calls and messages notifications pop up on the screen. This feature usually helps when you are going to a meeting, office, or mosque to offer prayer.

OB6 Mod Apk DND Mode
OB6 Mod Apk DND Mode

Icon Customization in OBWHhatsApp6

Different icons I designed for different kinds of people as everyone has their own choice. So taking care of the choices of everyone Omar designed this WhatsApp icon uniquely. Different colors with vibrant and bold shares are available for your convenience. You can customize the icons as your heart desires.

Customization means designing it according to yourself and changing a little bit that is already designed. It’s your will whether you use the default icon or the Al-Umer Icon.

Icon Customization in OBWHhatsApp6
Icon Customization in OBWHhatsApp6

Who Can Call You?

Few people in our neighborhood constantly call us when we are occupied with our everyday activities. These folks don’t respect other people’s time; all they want is for you to speak in a way that suits them. You can adjust the settings to prevent this issue by allowing some participants to call you while leaving others pending. When you have some free time later, you can adjust the settings.

Who Can Call You?
Who Can Call You?

Lock Screen

The lock screen is the feature that provides an extra layer of privacy. You don’t need to download or install app lock applications to make it private. Now, you can use an in-built feature that is designed to lock your home screen. In this way, no one can’t open your OB6WhatsApp without your permission. You can choose the lock according to your desire like PIN, Pattern, or password.

Pin messages

If you are talking with your contact number and the recipient sends an important message, but after that, you both continue your chat, in this situation, your important message will disappear from your eyes. Finding that particular message in a lot of messages is quite difficult. So, you can use this feature to pin the message and save time. You can also tag someone in a pinned message. For this, you have to read this article.

Color Customization

Every color that you know, has been included successfully in the color list. You can change the color of the chat bar, search bar, icons, and wallpapers. Colors can have a game-changing effect on your WhatsApp. To give a cool and bold look to your conversation page and other pages, change the colors and enjoy.

Catchy Themes

Themes are the layouts that contain different looks, fonts, colors, and styles. You can apply any theme because all are free of cost. There are more than four thousand themes that can be accessible and catchy for your eye. You can download any theme online and apply it whenever you want. This is the best way to design your OB WhatsApp 6.

Create Stickers

Our work groups are starting to love stickers so much. Most Asians enjoy sharing stickers and are often inspired to design them based on their feelings. How can stickers be made, is a question. I can now confirm that this feature functions when you utilize AI and give it instructions to write something or create images and videos for you. To get similar results, all you have to do is type “happy” or “sad” faces.

Create a Channel and Community

Channel and community are available to create on your WhatsApp. Now this feature helps you to add the largest number of people in your communities without showing your number. You can get your channels to share videos, pictures, and voice notes for your members or colleagues. This becomes the best way to connect people from worldwide and have conversations with them for your businesses.

My Narrative

I have been working for the last five years on third-party PM modifications and I’m shocked by the amazing results of this application. My experience was extremely great and I’m obsessed with the uniqueness and the look of this application. As it contains new features that other applications don’t have. To explore your experience with new enhancements and functionalities, download this application today. OB6WhatsApp is recommended from my side.


Third-party modification means that this application is not available on the Google Play store because Google does not allow these type of modifications that involves developers from other parties.

Yes, of course, you can enable or disable all the features and enhancements, and also you can learn many more feature settings day by day.

Yes like other applications that belong to APK mode, this application also contains the opportunity to update for its better version.

This allows you to take backups of your previous chats and can restore them at any time.

Hiding chats, lock chats, groups, creating channels and communities, DND mode, icon customizations, color enhancements, sharing media limits, and much more are included in OB6WhatsApp.

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