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NSWhatsApp Blue Download Latest Version 10.6 (22 June)

NSWhatsApp Blue is the very first type of NS Mods. As the population is moving very quickly towards progress, many of us are still using simple WhatsApp applications. Now, NSWhatsApp Blue has a place in the history of WhatsApp. There are a few other applications that are also in demand but as those applications grow, this application also gains popularity in less time. NS WhatsApp Blue is the only application with three more types existing in this world. 

We’re going to discuss its introduction, types, latest version details, download procedure, installation guide, updates, features, and FAQs. The whole guide in simple language is given below so that everyone can understand it easily. Let’s rock it:

NSWhatsApp BlueSpecifications

APK NameNSWhatsApp Blue
APK Version10.6
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads3 Million+

Basic Introduction of NSWhatsApp Blue

Using NSWhatsApp Blue is like unlocking a door to a more fun and personalized messaging experience. You can customize it with different themes and icons to make it look unique. But NS WhatsApp Blue isn’t just about looks. It also offers extra privacy features that you don’t get with regular WhatsApp. It’s easy to use and has cool 3D effects to make chatting more interesting. And the best part? It’s all free! You can text, make calls, share files, and join group chats without spending a dime. So, if you want to spice up your messaging, give NSMods a try!

Why NSWhatsApp Blue APK?

The NSWhatsApp Blue: Why choose? It’s not just your normal chat app, either. It has a sleek blue appearance and many additional functions not seen in standard apps. NS WhatsApp Blue offers a variety of options to suit your preferences, including enhanced privacy, customizable themes, and uniqueness.

You may now download the NS WhatsApp Blue APK if you’re ready to give it a try. It’s modified with a blue interface and some amazing additions, so it’s not like standard WhatsApp. A built-in media player, stunning 3D effects, and the option to conceal while online are all included. You won’t find this kind of conversation in the regular app.

NS WhatsApp Blue Requirements

NS WhatsApp Blue, a freely available messaging app, requires Android devices operating on version 5.0 or higher for optimal performance. The current release is labeled as the latest, and the application comes with 88 MB of space. It is clear from the most recent version, which was released only a day ago, that the developers often work on improvements and maintenance.

To ensure optimal functionality, make use of a smartphone that satisfies the required Android version and storage capacity, in addition to frequent updates for the application. The goal of this version of NSWhatsApp 1 is to provide users with enhanced capabilities and customized options that go beyond the standard WhatsApp experience.

NSWhatsApp Blue APK Download

This is the prior information that you need to install your NSWhatsApp Blue. Within a few steps, you can access this application. Check the requirements first and then move on to the download procedure. Check the given steps and follow these instructions without missing any steps. Let’s dive into:

NSWhatsApp Blue APK Download
Infographics: NSWhatsApp Blue APK Download

Step 01: Search for NS Blue WhatsApp

Approach your available search engine. You don’t need to download Bing or others. Google and Chrome are easy solutions. Start by typing “apkdon.net” in the search bar to locate this trusted website on Google or Chrome. 

Step 02: Type NSWhatsApp Blue

The main page of this website is visible in front of you. Look for the search bar. You can’t find your favorite APK mode because this website contains numerous versions. So type “NSWhatsApp Blue” in the search icon. Look for your preferred and most up-to-date version from the available options.

Step 03: Initiate the Download

Open the specific blog and scroll it a little. Click on the “Download” button to commence the downloading process. Ensure you are obtaining the latest version to access the newest features and improvements. 

Step 04: Set Your File Location

If it asks for you to select the file location to keep your file safe, then set it as you want. You can keep your profile in an APK folder to access it easily. The APK folder is part of the “File Manager” app.

Step 05: Wait for the Download

Allow the download to reach completion. Depending on your internet speed, this may take a few moments. You might be sure to have a good internet connection. Select the place where your signal connection is strong.

NSWhatsApp Blue Installation Guide

There is a comprehensive installation process for the NSWhatsApp Blue application. Installation, verification, and profile setup are all covered in this guide. The order in which the step-by-step tutorial will be covered is as follows: Easily adhere to the directions. Now let’s get into:

NSWhatsApp Blue Installation
Infographics: NSWhatsApp Blue Installation Guide

Step01: Open the APK File

After the download is finished, access the APK file. This file typically appears in your device’s download folder or the location specified during the download process.

Step02: Install NSWhatsApp Blue

 After selecting the file, click “Install.” To continue your process, select “Open” once more. If you mistakenly click “Cancel,” further new stages won’t appear. Once you’ve located your file, go back and review your actions.

Step03: Permit Access to Manage Every File

NS WhatsApp Blue, as everyone knows, is a customized version from a third party that isn’t available on the Google Play Store, therefore you have to allow unknown sources to install it. Although downloading it from a reputable source puts you in a safe place, it might still be dangerous. Permit or make the “Unknown Sources” option active.

Step04: Choose Your Language

Choose the language you want to use while initializing. Always select the language you can understand. Try, in my opinion, to choose your native or the national language of the region you are in. Select “English” if that specific language selection isn’t flexible enough. Due to its global reach, English was selected as the language of choice.

Step05: Put Your Phone Number Here

Your working phone number is needed for this stage. You must accurately input your phone number to use this program. Setting your country code first is the correct way to enter your number. For instance, Pakistan has +92 country codes and the United Arab Emirates has +971 country codes. Choose your country code, then begin typing from the second digit of your phone number, skipping the first one.

Step06: Request Verification

I would like to know why we entered a number. Let me tell you, the foundation of your conversation is the number. You cannot communicate with others without a number. Therefore, there are two uses for the number: first, it’s simple and a need to interact with others; second, it’s used to be verified. Verification is a simple, straightforward process. All you need to do to obtain a six-digit code is to receive a call or message. Obtain that particular code, then enter it in the code section. You’ve finished the verification process. If that doesn’t work, try it once more.

Step07: Accept these Terms and Conditions

Accept and uphold all the laws and guidelines they desire. To launch your application, provide access to all permissions. It’s okay to accept what is required. Your data and personal details are protected. Accept all of the cookies, then.

Step08:Create a Profile

Upload a photo or an image from your collection. Choose the pencil symbol, tap the image of your choice, and then select “Done.” Your profile image will be automatically set. In the About section, add a caption and a unique username, then type your name in the profile. You’re finally out of there!

Step09: Use NSWhatsApp Blue

All Done. Now you are on the main interface. Enjoy the latest and advanced features of the NSWhatsApp Blue. If you face any change in steps or face any issue regarding installation, you can contact us any time. We will solve your issue in 48-72 hours.

NSWhatsApp Blue for PC

NSWhatsApp 1 is not adaptable on your PC directly because the Google Play Store doesn’t allow third-party modifications. So, as you can’t have it on iOS like here, you can’t install it on a PC. You need an emulator to install it. Let’s follow the directions: 

  • Install an Android Emulator: Begin by downloading and installing an Android emulator on your PC. Popular choices include Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, and Andy.
  • Download NSWhatsApp Blue APK: Following the emulator installation, acquire the NSMods APK file.
  • Launch Android Emulator: Open the Android emulator of your choice and locate the NSWhatsApp 1 APK file.
  • Install NS WhatsApp Blue: Click on the APK file within the emulator to initiate the installation of NS WhatsApp Blue.
  • Complete Installation: Once the installation concludes, launch NS WhatsApp Blue within the emulator.
  • Phone Number Verification: Upon opening NSWhatsApp Blue, enter your phone number to undergo the verification process.
  • Account Verification: After verifying your account, you can seamlessly utilize NSWhatsApp 1 on your PC, mirroring the functionality you would experience on your mobile device.

By following these steps, you can have NS WhatsApp Blue into your PC using an Android emulator, providing you with a consistent and accessible messaging experience across devices.

NSWhatsApp Blue Update

Stay ahead in your NSWhatsApp Blue journey by keeping up with the latest updates. Explore new features and customization options to enhance your messaging experience. Follow the lines below:

  • Navigate to the Home Screen: Access your device’s home screen to initiate the update process.
  • Tap the Three Dots in the Top Right Corner: Identify and tap on the three dots located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Select NSMods: Choose the NSMods option from the menu that appears.
  • Access Updates from Your Device Screen: Once in NSMods, navigate to the Updates section directly from your device screen.
  • Check for Updates: Within the Updates window, locate and tap the “Check for Updates” option.
  • Completion: Congratulations! You have successfully checked for updates, and if available, your device will now be equipped with the latest version of NS WhatsApp Blue. 
NSWhatsApp Blue Update

Backup NSWhatsApp Blue

Within NSWhatsApp Blue, protecting your priceless photos and important files is a must. Nobody likes to consider the possibility of mistakenly losing important calls, media, or discussion history. For this reason, backing up your data on NSWhatsApp 1 isn’t just advised—it’s a wise step to guarantee the security of your digital assets at all times. Follow these straightforward steps to effortlessly back up your data: 

  • Open NS WhatsApp: Initiate the process by launching NS WhatsApp Blue on your device.
  • Access Settings: Locate the three dots in the top right corner of your screen and tap on them. This action will unveil a menu of options.
  • Navigate to Chats Settings: From the menu options, choose “Settings” to delve into the app’s configuration.
  • Enter Chats Section: Within the Settings, find and tap on the “Chats” option. This section is where you’ll manage your chat-related configurations.
  • Explore Chat Backup: Look for the “Chat Backup” option within the Chats section. Once located, tap on it.
  • Initiate Backup: Within the Chat Backup section, you’ll encounter the “Back Up” button. Tap on this button to activate the backup process.
  • Choose Storage Account: Select your preferred storage account, such as your Google Drive account or Gmail address, to store your backup securely. This ensures your data remains protected and accessible from any location.
  • Confirm Backup: Conclude the process by tapping the “Back Up” button and patiently waiting for the backup to be completed.
Backup NSWhatsApp Blue

Channel on NSWhatsApp Blue

NSWhatsApp Blue has recently unveiled a novel feature known as “Channels,” enabling users to disseminate updates and engage directly with their followers. Much like Telegram’s “Channels” feature, WhatsApp Channels offer a broadcast system. Below are the instructions to establish a channel on Android, iPhone, or desktop.

How to Create a Channel on NSWhatsApp Blue?

  • Launch WhatsApp on Your Android Device
  • Go to the Updates tab.
  • Initiate the Creation Process
  • Press the plus sign (‘+’) and select “New channel.”
  • Start the Channel Setup
  • Choose “Get Started” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Add a name to your channel.
  • Personalize it; you can alter the name later.
  • Include a brief description and an icon. 
  • Enhance visibility and furnish your channel with a unique icon.
  • Click “Create channel,” and your channel is ready for use. 
How to Create a Channel on NSWhatsApp Blue?

NSWhatsApp Blue Features

Let’s now explore the infinite number of functions that NSWhatsApp Blue offers. Not only does it offer a visually unique and customized chat experience, but it also prioritizes user privacy, outperforming the conventional WhatsApp application in several areas. Let’s explore:

NSWhatsApp Blue Features
Infographics: NSWhatsApp Blue Features

Hide Online Status

You may decide whether to show or hide when you’re online with NSWhatsApp 1. This implies that you are free to control when you want to make your activity visible to the public or private. It’s excellent for people who respect their privacy and would like more control over their online profile.

Message Read Status Control

You have control over when the double blue ticks in NSWhatsApp appear, indicating that you have read a message. This implies that you can choose how other people will know that you have read their communications. It’s a useful tool that increases your privacy control. Depending on your preferences, you can decide whether to respond to communications you receive or to keep them private.

Typing Status Privacy

There might be settings in NSMods to control the typing status visibility. To further give discretion and control to their online interactions, users may be able to decide whether or not to show others that they are typing a message. 

Advanced Security Measures

Beyond the security safeguards that standard WhatsApp provides, NSWhatsApp 1 may have additional features. To better protect your conversations, they might mean more security measures or more effective encryption techniques. This makes it less likely that someone will access your chats without your permission and makes them safer.

Customizable Privacy Settings

With NS WhatsApp Blue, take control of your privacy like never before. Customize your settings effortlessly, adjusting profile visibility, group interactions, and media sharing based on your unique preferences. It’s your space, your rules—ensuring a personalized and comfortable messaging experience.

Personalize Your Chats

You have complete control over the appearance and accessibility of your chats with NS WhatsApp Blue. You have control over sharing media, group interactions, and profile visibility. It means that you can design a chat that suits your tastes and guarantees that your privacy is protected in line with those choices.

Unique Styles

With NSWhatsApp 1, you can make your messaging interface truly unique. Say goodbye to boring designs and hello to a world of exciting themes and icons. You can choose from a variety of options that reflect your style and preferences. Your messaging app will stand out and be as unique as you are.

Array of Themes & Icons

NS WhatsApp Blue lets you work with multiple themes at once. Depending on the tone of your conversation, the app’s many themes and icons can be changed. The software changes its appearance to fit the mood of the conversation, whether you’re conversing with friends or coworkers. It’s similar to having a background that matches the tenor of your conversation, adding to the fun and energy of the exchange.


You may give your profile a unique touch by creating animated profile photos using NSWhatsApp Blue’s Avatar function. It’s a creative method to showcase your personality and distinguish your profile. In addition to customization, the Avatar function enhances the user experience and the visual appeal of NSWhatsApp. It enhances the whole user experience, making the software more enjoyable and useful.

Hide Media from Gallery

The “Hide Media from Gallery” function on NSWhatsApp lets you protect your private conversations. Simply enable this feature in the settings to prevent all images and videos transmitted using NSWhatsApp from appearing in the gallery on your phone. Your interactions remain private thanks to this additional privacy layer. You have the option to hide or display these media assets in your gallery. With the help of this useful function, enjoy greater privacy and control over the content you share.

NSWhatsApp 1 is more than just a texting app. It all comes down to transforming your communication platform into an engaging and eye-catching image. It allows you to experiment and personalize your chat area to fit your tastes and aesthetics. When you can use NS WhatsApp Blue to create something remarkable, why limit yourself to the ordinary? Get the chance to add something unique and personal to every chat!

In Conclusion

In this final verdict, we have summarized every possible and mandatory detail to guide you in an absolute manner. Explore the features, benefits, pros and cons, and downloading procedure mentioned above. Go and check the settings and enable the required settings on your iOS. NSWhatsApp Blue covers all the needs a man requires during his WhatsApp journey. Have a wonderful experience and unlock more knowledge to be successful. 

Our Remarks

Having personally embraced NSWhatsApp Blue, we confidently recommend it as a game-changer messaging application. We understand the need for a messaging platform that aligns with your style and priorities. NS WhatsApp Blue and NSWhatsApp 2 Red are the right options for you. Its enhanced features and privacy settings can boost the level of our messaging experience, and we believe it has the potential to fulfill all your hopes. Step into a messaging world where your expectations meet reality—choose NSWhatsApp Blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

NS WhatsApp Blue distinguishes itself by providing enhanced personalization options, including themes, icons, and avatars. It also introduces advanced privacy features and a visually dynamic user interface, setting it apart from the conventional WhatsApp experience.

NSMods introduces several privacy features, including the ability to hide online status, control read receipts, and manage typing status visibility. These features empower users with greater control over their digital interactions.

To back up your NS WhatsApp Blue data, access the app’s settings, go to Chats, and select Chat Backup. Initiate the backup process, choose your preferred storage account (e.g., Google Drive), and confirm the backup. This secures your conversations and media files.

NS WhatsApp Blue is designed for Android devices running version 5.0 or higher. The current version, known as the latest, has 88 MB of space. Use a device that meets these specifications and also ensures that you can download this function safely. 

Yes, NS WhatsApp Blue includes a “Hide Media from Gallery” feature. By enabling this option in the settings, you can automatically hide photos and videos through NS WhatsApp Blue from your Photos app or Gallery.

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