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OB5 WhatsApp Download Latest Version 60.0 (17 July)

In this article, you will learn the OB5 WhatsApp Download and Install procedure with pictorial representation. OB5Whatspp has been making progress day by day for the last few years. The ratio of its users has been increased because of its attractive and user-friendly layout. The design of the application is so elegant and easy to understand that even a person with a standard qualification can use it easily.

“Al-Ahmar” is the second name of OB5WhatsApp. In this guide, we’re going to delve into a detailed discussion about this modified version of WhatsApp. OB5 WhatsApp has numerous ways of usage and a lot of functionalities. All the functions and enhancements are uniquely designed for users and to give them more benefits to achieve the opportunities of upcoming features. The Developer “Omar” made a lot of effort even after launching WhatsApp to make it unique. Let’s discuss:

OB5 WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameOB5 WhatsApp
APK Version60.0
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1 Million+

OB5 WhatsApp APK Introduction

“Omar” is the Arabic developer who launched OB5 WhatsApp and designed it perfectly. The developer Umar was obsessed with the result of the users of its first application OBWhatsApp. The feedback game changed for him and he decided to launch more applications like its first expedience. OB5WhatsApp is an advanced app that has been modified accurately but with a different red color to make it different from other WhatsApp. 

I came across so many communication apps like NSWhatsApp 2 Red, AG2WhatsApp & OB4WhatsApp but OB5WhatsApp hits differently. Its all features are beautifully crafted to give a next-level boost to your experience with it. If you are new or experienced, I am damn sure you never experience this kind of WhatsApp before. Especially to all the Muslims of the world, there’s a gift to approach the Holy Quran directly from your OB5WhatsApp. 

OB5WhatsApp Requirements

We have discussed the requirements in our previous projects but in this blog, we are going to repeat them for you. So the requirements are pretty simple to adopt. This will ask for a few things that you need in your whole journey to download OB5WhatsApp. Have a look at the below guide:

An Android phone with a 5.0+ version and enough space of 100 MB. A good Internet connection is also included in your requirements to go further. Kindly ensure that your phone has no errors. For a smooth process, you need to connect your phone to the Internet.

OB5 WhatsApp Download Procedure

As you have fulfilled all the requirements then you can move to the next step of downloading. Downloading it is pretty easiest way to catch up with your desired modified version. Most people don’t know the procedure of downloading from where to start and where it ends. We are going to show you the simple and exact method to up for downloading.

OB5 WhatsApp Download Procedure
Infographics: OB5 WhatsApp Download Procedure

Step 01. Connect With Wi-Fi

The first step is to unlock your mobile phone and connect good Internet connection. Fiber internet is emerging nowadays. Kindly choose the place where to sit to avoid the bad signal connection problem. In our homes we mostly suffer from bad Internet connection problems then we change the place of our modem or Wi-Fi to achieve a good connection. So this technique can work here. After enabling the Wi-Fi to your Android see the next step.

Step 02. Open Web Browser

This step is pretty crucial for your journey that is open your browser maybe Google or Chrome. So many countries except Pakistani and India use DuckDuckGo web browsers for their searching. In your country Google or Chrome doesn’t work then you can go with DuckDuckGo or other famous web browsers you want. 

Step 03. Type apkdon.net

When we open our browsers we see a bar having a Q shape icon that helps search your queries as we are also searching for OB5 WhatsApp then we will type here apkdon.net. Press the search icon I’m late for the search procedure. After a few seconds, you will see the related results in the sequence. The question of typing what APK pro.com must be raising in your mind that why we type so let me clear up your confusion this is the website that offers you a modified version of APK. 

Step 04. Search OB5WhatsApp

As you are a novice, you have no idea about famous and well-reputed websites that can offer you APK modes that’s why we refer you to this website now you are on its homepage. Click on the website’s home page search icon and search OB5WhatsApp. 

Step 05. Click on the Download Button        

Scroll down the page and read the instructions of the given blog you can also skip those steps that you already know and use that particular time in other requirements. There will be a downloading button so click on it to download your OB5WhatsApp. The downloading starts from this moment.

Step 06. Wait for Ending

The downloading requires time and patience. The speed of loading depends on your Internet connection. After reaching the loading from 1 to 100% your OB5WhatsApp downloading will be completed successfully. Now, you can enjoy your installation procedure.

OB5 WhatsApp Installation Procedure

Where your downloading ends your installation starts. The installation has six main steps that are essential to know. As we are going to discuss don’t starvation procedure but if you don’t understand then you can choose pictorial proofs to apply. Have a look at the further step-by-step guide:

OB5 WhatsApp Installation Procedure
Infographics: OB5 WhatsApp Installation Procedure

Locate the file and Press Install

The APK file that you recently downloaded must be saved in your File Manager or APK file folder. You need to locate it from the exact saving location. When you find your desired APK file then click on it and press the install button. 

Open Your OB5 WhatsApp

The second step is to open your application and click on the “open” option. If you cancel it then you can’t open your app. To again approach OB5 WhatsApp, search for the app icon in your apps, click on it then you can repeat the procedure from install to open.

Choose your Language to Get Start

My favorite step is to search for the national or native language that I often use. A lot of people belong to local areas like Sindh and Baluchistan. You can find the exact language that you use. To make it easy for you the best option is to select all English, as this language is worldwide and everyone speaks it.

Agree and Continue 

Three options are mostly used to ask. There are three options to choose but we advise our users to select “agree and continue”. If you have used another APK modified version and you want to use the same number then you can select the backup option. When you click on the backup and restore you will find your all lost chats. Whether you are not interested then you can select agree and continue. 

Select Country and add Phone Number

To get WhatsApp on your phone, first, pick your country from the list. This helps WhatsApp know your area code. Then, type in your phone number without any extra symbols or codes. Check that your number is right because it’s how WhatsApp checks your account. After that, hit “Next” or “Continue” to finish setting up WhatsApp on your phone.

Verification of Contact Number & Profile Configuration

Verification time is quite important for your identity. The active phone number is required no matter what sim you use. Now, enter your active phone number in the required section and select the country code. The country code and the phone number must be accurate. You will receive a six-digit code on the same number that you recently added, copy that code and paste it in the verification. Your verification is completed.

Profile designing and editing is a hobby for everyone who loves to be active on social media platforms. To modify your profile, you can add captions in your bio. You can type your cute nicknames to recognize yourself in your contact list and you can also choose your favorite picture from your gallery or photo, edit it, and add it to your profile.

Your installation procedure finally reached the endpoint. You can enjoy your chats, sharing media, updates, and other activities. Now you can customize OB5WhatsApp in your desired way and enable or disable the settings you require.

OB5 WhatsApp Updates 

Updates are known as the latest news or features that you use in your life. Likewise, developers put effort into making their launching apps more precise and unique. So did introduce new enhancements and functionalities in their apps. After half a decade or a year, you can update your OB5WhatsApp twice. 

All your previous problems will be fixed and new features will be added. To be updated simply click on the three dots located in the top right corner, and address the OBSettings. Scroll down the page and click on the “updates”. Directory options again you can check whether you are on the right version or not then can update it from the web.

OB5 WhatsApp Updates

OB5 WhatsApp Backup and Restore 

Backup and restore options are for the recovery of the chats and media. If you’re using the application right now then go to the “backup” option and take a backup of your charts whenever you face any error or spamming in your account you’ll be able to restore your chats. The restoring option works well while performing the recovery.

To take backup and restore your chats go to your OB5WhatsApp. Click on the three dots located in the top right and approach the backup and restore option in the pop-up menu. No click on the backup and take backup and if you are wondering about restoring then click on restore. This is how it works beautifully.

OB5 WhatsApp Backup and Restore

OB5 WhatsApp Features 

Follow the Developer

 The ability to stay informed about new and upcoming releases is a very helpful feature. To learn about the most popular features and trends, you can check out the developer activities. You’ll receive updates on the latest APK. When you decide to switch back to your previous OB5WhatsApp due to your hectic schedule, you will already be aware of the developer’s actions and recently released applications. You may then modify any of them accordingly.

Create Stickers 

Our work groups are starting to love stickers so much. Most Indians and Pakistanis enjoy sharing stickers and are often inspired to design them based on their feelings. How stickers can be made, is a question. I can confirm that this feature works like AI commands when you utilize AI and give it instructions to write something or create images and videos for you. To get similar results, all you have to do is type “happy” or “sad” faces.

Share Media

Everyone loves this feature the most and demands it. Using this ability to quickly communicate my happiness with my loved ones is one of my hobbies, in maximum resolution to enhance the color and quality of the memories. With simple steps, you may exchange movies, images, and other important files. This feature also makes it very easy to send lengthy videos.

Icon Customization

You can alter the WhatsApp icon using a function of the OB5 WhatsApp. There are many other icon possibilities available in “OBSetting.” You can alter the icons to suit your preferences. You may customize the style. Icons improve the application’s theme and layout. In your talks, you can also personalize the text bar icons. Customize your app to look better than the previous version.

Hide Chats

Hiding chats is the most favorite feature that I have ever used. Now you can hide all the important contact numbers in your OB5WhatsApp. To hide, simply click on the OB5WhatsApp name that is located in the header. Click on the application name and set a lock. After that, select any chat from the chat page and hold it with a long press. Then click on the three dots and press hide chat; your chat will be hidden.

Unknown Callers Dealing

The “Silence Unknown Callers” function of the OB5 WhatsApp APK automatically mutes calls from unknown numbers. Calls from unlisted numbers won’t affect the operation of your device once they are enabled. However, since these calls will be noted in your call history, you will be able to recognize the callers attempting to reach you.


These are the features that are useful to make your WhatsApp elegant. Enhancements include different fonts, different designs and styles, color branding, icon stylings, and much more. You can customize all the colors, icons, and fonts. Customizing your profile or conversations is not difficult at all. You simply need practice to do it.

Auto Reply 

Ask if the name indicates the feature action. You don’t need to reply to the person at that particular time; another one is online. You can customize your message and it will be delivered on time without your presence. Auto reply means you can reply to all the new users to say welcome in the same way. This picture works for more than one person.

Clear Chat 

When I experienced this application I was very worried about deleting the chat. I always delete messages by picking them up one by one. It consumes so much time. One day I was exploring the features and I saw the clear chat option. I click on it and I delete all my messages in just one click so this video helps me a lot. I’ll do it always.

My Thoughts

OB5 WhatsApp is the best version of APK mode. You can explore more features and customizations in your way. You must try updates; they will help you make your experience better. The features include icon styles, color styles, hiding chats, auto-replies, emojis, creating stickers, and much more. But you need time to practice it and to know the location of the features and settings. Read all the instructions and guidelines that are mentioned above. Download this unmatchable WhatsApp and enjoy its functionalities. 


Yes, OB5WhatsApp has an anti-ban feature and is very safe to use.

Yes, when the developer upgrades the program, all users get notified. You can manually confirm the update if you are not receiving notifications.

Yes, you may utilize two accounts simultaneously using app cloning.

Regretfully, no. Only Android users can utilize this WhatsApp APK mod.

All WhatsApp mods often provide additional customization options, such as themes, font styles, colors, and privacy settings. They may also include features like the ability to send larger files, hide online status, or customize chat interfaces. However, keep in mind that using mods may compromise security and violate WhatsApp’s policies.

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