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Fouad WhatsApp Download Latest Version 10.10 (22 June)

Fouad WhatsApp messaging application accompanies a lot of advanced features that include protection and security highlights, customization, and application lock, and the sky is the limit from there. Fouad WA is still the user’s favorite WhatsApp mod, ensuring the availability of other alternatives. The developer regularly delivers new functionalities containing a few new interesting elements and upgrades.

As of now, the highlights and points of interaction that this application offers are the same as the current well-known WhatsApp mod; GBWhatsApp. Just the bundle name and UI are unique. In the meantime, whether you utilize the well-known GBWhatsApp or Fouad WhatsApp, you will get similar highlights and advantages. In this way, today, I will give you a direct Fouad WA download connection and guide you to get everything rolling. Let’s explore:

Fouad WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameFouad WhatsApp
APK Version10.10
Android Version5.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads4 Million+

What is Fouad WhatsApp APK?

Fouad WhatsApp is one more WhatsApp mod that was created by the Fouad MODS developer. Its connection point is particularly like the Fouad WhatsApp messaging application, and you will not have the option to remember it until you see the Fouad Mods logo and its different settings. The latest Fouad WA has a great deal of new changes, and according to its most recent changelog, new upgrades and fixes have been executed.

A modified version of the well-known messaging program WhatsApp is called Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, and JTWhatsApp. It provides an abundance of functionality and customization choices that are absent from the official app version. Among its notable characteristics are:

What is Fouad WhatsApp APK?
Info graphics: What is Fouad WhatsApp APK?

The Fouad WA application is extremely liked by users who want to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone, and you can enjoy more hold over your communication. It can be easily downloaded from known and trusted sites, and it’s completely free of charge. To be updated, try to download the latest version of WhatsApp.

Foud WhatsApp Download Requirements

When you’re thinking about tinkering with apps, like getting a tweaked WhatsApp, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, be aware that playing around with modified apps might break the rules laid out by the original app makers, which could land you in hot water. Plus, there’s a chance you could be opening the door to some security and privacy headaches. Here’s a simple rundown of what you should think about:

  • Check Your Android Version: Make sure your Android gadget is rolling with a version of the operating system that plays nice with the modified WhatsApp you’re eyeing. Different versions might need different things.
  • Rooted or Not Rooted: Depending on the special WhatsApp you’re after, your device might need to be rooted (that’s like giving your phone VIP access). Some tweaked apps are cool with regular, non-rooted devices, while others demand a bit more control.
  • Watch Out for App Permissions: Modified apps could get a bit nosier than their official buddies, asking for extra permissions. Keep an eye out and only green-light those permissions that make sense for what the app does.
  • Think About Security: These modified apps aren’t stamped with approval from the official app makers, so there’s a risk of them carrying some digital nasties. Stick to trustworthy sources when snagging these apps to dodge any security hiccups.
  • Backup Your Chats: Before you jump into the world of tweaked WhatsApp, save your chats and media from the regular app. It’s like a digital safety net in case anything goes wonky.
  • Kick Out the Official WhatsApp: Sometimes, you gotta say goodbye to the original WhatsApp before bringing in its cooler, modified cousin. They might not play nice together.
  • Trustworthy Sources Only: Be picky about where you’re getting your modified WhatsApp fix. Avoid sketchy app stores or websites that could sneak in some not-so-friendly tweaks.

Just remember, messing around with tweaked apps might land you in trouble with the app overlords, leading to consequences like getting your account slapped with a timeout. And don’t forget the security and privacy stuff – if those matter to you, sticking with the official apps from the big-name stores is probably your safest bet.

Download Fouad WhatsApp

As you are probably aware, Fouad WhatsApp is a MOD application, which implies it is not quite the same as would be expected. The Google Play security feature, known as Play Protect, may prevent you from downloading it if you normally attempt to do so on your phone. Also, if you have any security applications installed on your phone, it could hinder the downloading of Fouad WA. It happens because the majority of security tools or features today can easily detect app changes. Furthermore, at whatever point they find any danger, they quickly block it.

Download Fouad WhatsApp
Infographics: Download Fouad WhatsApp

All things considered, here I will direct you to the best way to securely download Fouad WhatsApp’s most recent form on any Android. You will be able to download Fouad WA on your phone easily if you carefully follow the instructions. Let’s have a look at the details:

Unlock your phone and open your Google application. A horizontal line with a “Q” shape symbol is located at the top of the page. Click on the line; it’s known as the “search bar.” Your keyboard will pop up from the bottom of your screen. Type; it is an official APK mode provider website. This website is trusted; you should also select a reliable website like mine.

Approach the website’s first page and click on the website search bar located under the header. Search “Fouad WhatsApp” and click enter. The Fouad WhatsApp blog will appear in front of you, click on the blog heading. Read all the instructions and scroll to find its “Download Button”. Click on the button and your downloading will start. Wait for the completion and you’ll successfully receive a completion message with the new app of Fouad WA.

Install Fouad Mods WhatsApp on Android Phone

Official WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp are unique but if you want to use both applications on the same phone number then, you’re able to do this. This condition can’t be applicable because WhatsApp mods don’t allow it. But you can use both applications on the same phone with different phone numbers. 

If you are currently utilizing the WhatsApp messaging application and wish to change to Fouad WhatsApp, you should move the entirety of your visit and information to Fouad WA. All things considered, here, I will direct you on the best way to Introduce Fouad WhatsApp and move all the WhatsApp messaging application information into it securely. Let’s address its installation:

First Step:

Select your recently completed Fouad WhatsApp APK application file from the notification bar. If you had swiped the file from the notification bar then, address the file from your “File Manager.” Click on the “File Manager” app go to the APK folder and click on the recently downloaded file.

Second Step:

To install the application, click on the file and then press the “Install” option. Your installation will be completed in just one second. If you click on “Cancel” mistakenly, then revise the upper instructions again.

Third Step:

Now, click on the “Open” option. Your application installation procedure will be completed. Now, read the other instructions for verification to step forward. These other instructions are given below.

Fourth Step:

It’s time to select the language, choose your national or native language. If your specific language like Punjabi doesn’t exist then, the most recommended language is “English”. As it speaks all over the world so, click on “English” and press the arrow icon.

Fifth Step:

This step is important for your application. Click on “Agree and Continue” and if you want to take a backup of your previous chats then, click “Backup and Restore”. Wait for your backup, your previous chats will be automatically saved in your new Fouad WA.

Sixth Step:

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly then, a new page of verification will appear. It will ask for your active phone number. Simply, select your country code and enter your phone number without its first number. Click “Next” for further process.

Seventh Step:

To verify your phone number, select any method from which you want to receive your OTP code. You can select message or call. Receive your OTP and type it in the six given blanks. If you face any error then, click another method and if all is done then, press “Verify”.

Eighth Step:

To make your profile stylish, add a profile picture by clicking on edit (pencil shape icon). Select any desirable picture from your Gallery and click done. Add your name in your bio for your identification. You can also use emojis.

Ninth Step:

Your profile will be completed finally. Enjoy your chatting experience by adding numbers of your family, friends, and loved ones. Have a fun journey and stay connected always.

FouadWhatsApp Latest Version for Windows

Fouad WhatsApp is an enhanced version of the official WhatsApp app for smartphones running Android. With the program’s official lack of PC accessibility, you may continue to use it on a computer by using an Android emulator.

Android applications might be used on a PC through the installation of an emulator. Significant emulators include NoxPlayer, LDPlayer, and BlueStacks. Once an emulator has been installed on your computer, you’ll be able to download and install Fouad WhatsApp from a reliable source.

Fouad WhatsApp Data Backup Procedure

Fouad WhatsApp employs its Titanium Backup tool, as opposed to the official WhatsApp’s default chat backup feature, which uploads data to Google Drive. Users can use this function to store their chat history on their phone’s storage and create offline backups of it. Go to “Mod Settings” > “Universal” > “Backup and restore” in the app to access this option.

 It’s memorable’ s vital that using an outsider application, like Fouad WA, may offer remarkable capacities and ways to deal with information reinforcement and reclamation. It provides a greater level of protection and security than WhatsApp’s true form.

Fouad WhatsApp Update

The most common way to download the Fouad WhatsApp APK is truly basic. When this application is downloaded and introduced, you won’t have to continue to look at your program for refreshes. In most cases, you will be notified whenever an update becomes available. If an update isn’t detected right away, follow these steps to find it:

  • On the Fouad WhatsApp interface, click the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Navigate to “Fouad Settings.”
  • Click “Updates.”

Look for any updates. Everything is ready for you! You currently use the most recent version of Fouad WA.

Fouad WhatsApp Mod APK Changelog

Changelog for Fouad WhatsApp updated version if you want to know about the most recent changes to Fouad WhatsApp, you can find the changelog for the most recent version below.

  • Delivered Date: Base Update (Refreshed) [Play Store]
  • Update Hide Blue Ticks code [Improved]
  • Limitless open for View Once media [Improved]
  • Blue ticks showing when protection is empowered [Fixed]
  • Against View Once media erased issue [Fixed]
  • Eliminate “sound” from custom download because of contention with voice notes [Fixed]
  • Appreciate and find without anyone else! [Misc]
  • Different fixes and enhancements [Misc]
  • So these are the progressions that have been made in the most recent Fouad WA v9.95 Delivered on 1 January 2024.
Fouad WhatsApp Mod APK Changelog
Infographic: Fouad WhatsApp Mod APK Changelog

Fouad WhatsApp VS Official WhatsApp Features

Themes Store
Hide Blue Tick
Hide Writing and Speaking
Auto Reply Message
Forward LimitUnlimited5 Chats
Anti-Delete Message
Anti-Delete Status
Anti-View Once
Emoji Pack
Freeze Last Seen
Download Status
File Sending Limit100 MB1,000 MB (1 GB)

How to Create a Channel on Fouad WhatsApp

  • Click the plus icon: Create a channel by opening WhatsApp Web and clicking the Channels icon. From there, select “plus” and then “create channel.”
  • Continue: Click “Continue” to go through the onscreen prompts.
  • Channel name: Add a channel name to wrap up your channel. At any time, you can choose to change the name again.
  • Tweak your channel: You can decide to redo your channel presently by adding a picture or logo to make it different from others.
  • Add a channel depiction: Type a couple of words to assist possible supporters with understanding what’s going on with your channel.
How to Create a Channel on Fouad WhatsApp

Press the Create channel option, and you’re finished!

How to Create Community on Fouad WhatsApp

  • Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your device.
  • Step 2: Select New Community from the New Chat menu.
  •  Step 3: Tap Get Started.
  • Step 4: Enter the local area name, depiction, and profile photograph. Do take note that the local area name limit is 24 characters.
  • Step 5: You can likewise add a depiction and a local area icon by tapping the camera icon.
  • Step 6: Now, tap Close to add existing members or make another gathering.
  • Step 7: While you’re done with adding members to your local area, tap Make
How to Create Community on Fouad WhatsApp

There are certain things that one should note about the local area highlighted on WhatsApp. These are:

  • You can amount to 50 members, notwithstanding the declaration bunch.
  • You can add up to 5,000 individuals to a local area declaration bunch.
  • Bunches are open for any local area to join.
  • For your community, a community announcement group will be created automatically.
  • Here, people group administrators can send messages to all local area individuals in the declaration bunch.

In the meantime, the texting application has carried out new elements for its clients. These incorporate the capacity to conduct in-visit surveys, 32 members’ video calling, and members with up to 1024 clients. Similar to emoji reactions, larger file sharing and admin delete control, these features, the company claims, can be utilized by any group and will be beneficial to communities.

Latest Fouad WhatsApp Features

Like other WhatsApp MODS, has a lot of advanced features that help customize appearance, security, and privacy. JTWhatsApp Download Latest Update (Official) on the off chance that you are curious about it then you ought to know its dazzling elements to utilize it appropriately. Here, I will show you every one of the amazing highlights of Fouad WA that you ought to utilize.

Anti-View Once

It is a recently added protection highlight that when empowered, you can watch “view once” pictures/recordings limitless times with practically no limitations. It will restrict the recipient from seeing the picture or video just one time. After that, that particular image or video will not long more able to be seen again.

Share Media In High Quality

The most recent version of WhatsApp, Fouad, has the incredible ability to share media in high definition. When we send our friends photos or videos, they frequently comment that the image quality is poor. It can be annoying when they want you to send things to them in document form, but sharing it in document form is your only choice. I understand your pain, which is why the latest version of Facebook WhatsApp has this helpful feature. You may now share high-quality media with ease. We promise that there won’t be any more pixelated or blurry images or videos.

Privacy Control

We are all quite concerned about digital privacy in this day and age. You should download the Fouad WA iOS to maintain a low profile. For people who value privacy above all else, this is the best option. Other versions make it difficult to access privacy; however, Fouad mods make it simple to do so with only one click. The last seen, blue, and double ticks can be hidden or shown.

DND Mode

It is another useful feature that provides you with a relaxed environment. During meetings and driving, the Do Not Disturb mode helps a lot. It mutes the call and message notifications to avoid interruptions. After activation of DND mode, you will be able to focus on one thing. It also minimizes the bright colors of the screen and gives it a smooth look. Moreover, Fouad mod’s DND mode allows notifications from specific contacts so you don’t miss any important calls or messages.


Although there are many modified versions available that provide amazing features this multilingual feature is only available in Fouad WhatsApp. It helps you to understand all the major languages of the world, allowing you to use this version wherever you go. If you are planning a tour to any country, download Fouad mods to enjoy without any hassle.

Zip a Document

Sometimes we need to share files with pals, but the size restriction prevents us from doing so. When sending big files, we use other programs like Gmail. Since Fouad WA’s newest version APK download allows users to zip huge files, you no longer need any other tool to share files.

Shake and Meet New Friends

Downloading Fouad Mods provides an original method of making unplanned connections with strangers. Indeed! Yes, you read correctly: you can become friends with a stranger by shaking your phone. You can shake it repeatedly to meet new people if you’re an extrovert who enjoys talking to people.

Log History

Imagine that you were confined to a location and were unable to view the messages. Fear not—we have excellent news. The revocation feature of the Fouad WA version lets users view deleted messages and status updates.

Freeze Last Seen

It is a cool security element of Fouad WhatsApp that freezes the last-seen status. Of course in WhatsApp, we can see when the individual was last internet-based by opening the visit. At the point when the Freeze Last Seen choice gets actuated, your last seen status will get frozen, and different contacts will see that status, rather than the most recent last seen.

Disable Forwarded

It is likewise a Security element of Fouad Mods that disposes of the Sent tag from the sent post. You presumably have seen that at whatever point somebody advances a post to you on WhatsApp, it gets naturally labeled as “Sent”. By empowering this element in Fouad WA, you can eliminate the tag and your sent post will never again get the sent tag.

Who Can Call Me?         

If you generally get irritated on WhatsApp by calling, you ought to consider or utilize this MOD component. You can control who can call you with this. As a matter of course, everybody is permitted to call you on WhatsApp. You can change it to “My contacts”, My contacts except…, Select contacts, Nobody, and so on with this option. If you set “Nobody”, your Fouad Mods will no longer allow you to receive calls.

More Stickers, More Fun

Update Fouad WhatsApp to the newest version, download it, and enjoy some fun with your pals to add more stickers to conversations. Emojis and stickers not only visually convey your feelings but also lighten the mood of the conversation.

Hide View Status

It is a status protection highlight that permits seeing notices of others without telling them that you have seen them. It is very fascinating and I for one use it on my own Fouad WA. Enjoy this feature without showing others that you have seen their status updates already.

Anti-Delete Status

It is one more status security highlight that repudiates others on WhatsApp from erasing their announcement for you. Whenever it is turned on, nobody will want to erase their WhatsApp status for you. You will still be able to view that even if they delete their status update.

Anti-Delete Message

A cool visit protection highlight that keeps others from erasing a sent message to you. At the point when somebody sends you a message on WhatsApp and erases it promptly then it will not get erased for you. That will be readable to you. That is a cool protection that a ton of Fouad Mods clients utilize.

Show Blue Ticks after Reply

When this option is selected, your contact will only be able to see the blue ticks when you respond to their message. In this way, these are the cool security includes that you ought to utilize because these give control and various advantages.

Caller ID

Downloading Fouad modifications for WhatsApp ensures that everything is current. We are all aware of how frequent scam calls are. The enhanced caller ID function of the Fouad WhatsApp latest version APK download is provided for user protection. Once activated, it will display the caller’s ID and indicate if the call is spam or not.

Photo Editor

With WhatsApp’s advanced photo editing capability, users can modify the images’ aesthetic appeal. There is no need for any other photo-editing software once you install Fouad mods for WhatsApp. It is possible to adjust effects, filters, and brightness.

WhatsApp Lock

A first-class security element of Fouad Mods that you should use to shield your WhatsApp visit from others. To open Fouad WA, a password lock that needs to be entered is added. Additionally, you can call it the underlying screen lock. It accompanies a full customization choice and you can set the secret phrase for example PIN or Pattern. Fouad Mods just has a lock security included however it is extremely strong and supportive for all clients. Additionally, I recommend using it to safeguard your chats and other private data.

No Contact List Required

To send someone a message on official WhatsApp, you have to save their number in your contact list. It can’t be really enjoyable because occasionally we get in touch with someone for the very last time and don’t want to add them to the list. You can now call and message any number that isn’t on your contact list with this APK.


Fouad WhatsApp has an amazing online store where you can download and introduce free modified subjects on the web. At present, there are more than 50 subjects accessible in the store and the best part is you can utilize them free of charge.

Restore YoTheme enables you to load YoTheme that is currently stored on your phone’s storage. On the off chance that you need to return to default subject settings, then, at that point, this component will assist you with impairing Fouad Mods default settings.

Universal Colors

This component under the widespread settings will permit you to change the shade of various components in Fouad WA. You can change the color of everywhere including UI, Status Bar, Action Bar, and chats divider, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Universal Styles (Look and Feel)

It contains choices like overseeing Text Style, Emoticon Variation, Launcher icons, Change Warning icons, and so on. Fouad Mods’s MOD styles feature enables customization of all of these looks and feels.

Hide Media from Gallery

If the media files you obtain from Fouad WhatsApp cause you to experience additional space and battery problems on your phone, then, at that point, you might think about utilizing this element. Utilizing this, you can keep Fouad WA from saving any sort of Media record including Photographs, Recordings, and GIFs into your Display.

Backup and Restore

Fouad Mods has its own expert Backup and restore feature in addition to WhatsApp’s built-in chat backup feature. It permits reinforcement and rebuilding of WhatsApp information and gives a Titanium Reinforcement application-like insight. Likewise, you can secure all your conversations and data in one click without losing it. You can use this option while you download your application a second time.

More Settings

Under the General choice, you will find considerably more highlights like style icons, security options, and Cripple Swipe to leave a discussion, and that’s just the beginning. The privacy and security features of Fouad WhatsApp are more interesting than the universal features. Indeed, that was every one of the elements of the latest Fouad WA.


Fouad WhatsApp is by and large a fabulous WhatsApp MOD application that is intriguing and helpful to utilize. Its connection point and MOD highlights are truly basic and accommodating and I can say that it is better and can measure up to the famous GBWhatsApp. Even though I have recently used both MOD apps, I can confirm that their features are identical. Additionally, only Android versions 5.1 and higher now support it.

Along these lines, that is all there is to it. The assistants helped you get started with the Fouad WhatsApp APK. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. Lastly, tell people about it and share it with them.

My Narrative

With my personal experience, I can say this application works better than official WhatsApp. It offers a bunch of features, customizations, and styles. Without interrupting speed and performance, this application runs magically and smoothly. If someone wants to shift from official WhatsApp to another WhatsApp then, must give a try to this Fouad WhatsApp application and it’s completely recommended from my side.

Fouad WhatsApp FAQs

As of now, there is no in-application update highlight in Fouad Mods, you just get advised to refresh it at whatever point another form is delivered. To update it safely to the most recent version, you’ll need to manually download and install the new version on top of the old Fouad WA. Along these lines, the old adaptation will get supplanted with the new variant and you’ll have the option to refresh Fouad Mods on your telephone to the most recent rendition.

The default growing choice of Fouad WhatsApp for example transferring information to research drive doesn’t work in Fouad Mods. You’ll need to utilize its local reinforcement highlight called Titanium Reinforcement. You can use it to create a backup of your chat and store it offline in your phone’s storage. You can get to the Fouad WhatsApp local reinforcement from Mod Settings>Universal>Backup and Restore.

You will need to click on the WhatsApp icon that appears on the app’s home screen after using the Fouad WhatsApp feature to hide chat. Then you should enter the PIN or example that you have used to safeguard your chats and conversations. After entering your security code, you’ll have the option to get to the secret talks. To unhide a visit, just snap on the three dabs showing up next to the talk and afterward select the unhide choice.

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