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AG WhatsApp Download Latest Version 39.10 (17 July)

We are going to introduce AGWhatsApp, the most demanding application nowadays. We are living in a progressive world where everyone wants better options to improve their lives as compared to old ones. A lot of people are searching online to have this and want to try its amazing settings and customizations. Welcome to this your favorite application.

Without waiting, let’s have a look at its current version, a comparison of AG WhatsApp with official WhatsApp, its installation procedure, features, and Benefits. Stay with us for a detailed and real guide to delve into new fun. Let’s get in:

AG WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameAG WhatsApp APK
APK Version39.10
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1,500,000+

AG WhatsApp APK Basic Introduction

Modded by Assem Mahgoob, is an Arabian developer. This vision has been introduced by Assem, a great talented, and creative personality. He owns four types of WhatsApp such as Omar WhatsApp, Hawa WhatsApp, Adam WhatsApp, and Pink WhatsApp. All the versions are available on the internet but we’ll discuss one of these AG WhatsApp. AGWhatsApp APK file is available on here. You can easily download it from this website.

AGWhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp

Edit send MessagesCannot Edit
Direct message to Unsaved numberNo
Pin more chatsLess pin chats
More theme optionsLesser Options.
Unlimited Document SharingLess files share
Navigation optionsNo

AGWhatsApp Types

One of the more efficient applications, AGWhatsApp, hits differently because of its extra functionalities, enhanced features, and customization options. AGWhatsApp has the same interface as GB WhatsApp Pro. This application has been introduced to beat the level of other modified versions. The AGWhatsApp application has made a name for itself as compared to other applications, and more than one million (1M+) people have used it.

Let’s talk about its types. It has three types with different colors. The names are AG1 WhatsApp, AG2 WhatsApp, and AG3 WhatsApp. As the application gained popularity very quickly, they introduced three more types to give the users a better experience. Let’s consider it more:

AG1 WhatsApp

AG1 WhatsApp has launched with unique features like auto-reply, pin messages, creating groups, channels, communities, and more. AG1 WhatsApp application has its unique blue color like GTWhatsApp has. If you’re confused about selecting one application between these, then try AG1 WhatsApp first. It will elevate your experience level with fun.

AG2 WhatsApp

This application also has a second name, Advanced Group 2 WhatsApp, with a Pick color. This application introduces many multimedia and styling features. AG2 WhatsApp protects your messages, calls, and media with end-to-end encryption. It adds security and privacy to your account. Set up two-step verification and customize your privacy settings to add a degree of security. You can easily share documents, send high-quality images and videos, and interact with GIFs, stickers, and location sharing. You can avail of this application by following the given instructions.

AG3 WhatsApp

AG3 WhatsApp application is the last APK mode of AGWhatsApp. This has been introduced in a green color. With AG3 WhatsApp’s smart chat assistant, offers relevant recommendations and improves the communication experience in the future. AG3 WhatsApp provides businesses with complete solutions, including improved company profiles, CRM integration, and automatic responses, enabling you to better communicate with users and improve the profile of your company. With AG3 WhatsApp, you may enter the fantastic messaging world and discover an endless array of opportunities.

Download AGWhatsApp APK

Downloading AGWhatsApp has five major and basic steps. Most people are concerned about trusted websites, but in actuality, they have no idea which website is best and trusted & which one is not. So, we’re here to solve your problem because we’re revealing one of the best websites from which you can download your WhatsApp versions without any fear. The website is named Let’s move toward the steps of downloading your favorite WhatsApp application.

Download AGWhatsApp APK
Infographics: Download AGWhatsApp APK

Step 01: Activate Internet Connection

The very first is to unlock your phone and activate your Wi-Fi or mobile data. This step is very significant for your procedure. Without an internet connection, users are not able to start their method of proceeding. So, enable your internet data.

Step 02: Open Web Browser

Go to your “Web Browser.” A lot of people are wondering why “Web Browser?” So, the sweet answer is that its authenticity is strong, billions of people are using “Web Browser” to access different websites. Well, I want to cover one thing more here, it’s not compulsory to use “Web Browser” only. You can also use Google, Chrome, and the Internet.

Step 03: Approach Don of APK

As you’ve already opened your browser, click on the “Search Bar” and type This is an amazing website from which you can access a lot of APK modes. You can easily download them without hesitation. Well, let’s get to another point.

Step 04: Click on the Download Button

Look for the “Search Bar” and ask for AGWhatsApp. The AGWhatsApp applications will appear in front of you. It is completely up to you which version you want. Select your desired version of the APK file. Scroll down, search for “Download Button” and Click on it.

Step 05: Wait for Completion

Set the location to save the APK file in your “File Manager.” Wait for the download until it reaches 100%. It will take time, depending on your internet connection. While you’re using a good connection, the speed will be increased of downloading. Whether you’ve got a bad internet connection or not, it may take too long to complete. If it ends up at 100%, it means you’re done.

How to Install AGWhatsApp on Android?

Few people visit the websites with no experience, they are called Newcomers. We’re here to support everyone whether you’re new or experienced. Let’s discuss the installation process:

As everyone knows, AGWhatsApp is not available on Google Play Store or App Store. To get your application. Unlock your phone and open “Chrome”. Search for “” and look for the AG WhatsApp application. Tab on the download button and wait for the completion of it. Always try to download the latest version or current version of any application. It will prevent errors and keep you updated with all new functionalities. As the file downloads, open this file and click on the install button.

How to Install AGWhatsApp on Android?
Infographics: How to Install AGWhatsApp on Android?

Step01: Launch the App

Click on “Install” and tap on “Open”. When you click open, your download procedure will end and installation will be started. There are no requirements except having a good internet connection to follow the next steps. Even with less knowledge, you can install it easily.

Step 02: Select the Language

Languages are different according to areas, towns, and countries. Kindly ensure to select a well-known language that you easily understand. Mostly English language is used in all countries including Europeans but it’s not compulsory to select English always. Select your native or national to understand the further guide and requirements.

Step 03: Agree TOC’s

If you are installing it a second time or third time, it means you may have your previous data. If you want your recent chats and conversations with contacts back then, click on “Backup and Restore”. On the other hand, if you’re a new user then, click on “Agree and Continue” with all the requirements.

Step 04: Identity Verification

Phone Number verification is the most important step. Avoid entering wrong numbers or wrong codes. Always put the real information to overcome issues. Select your country code first and then enter your phone number without the first number. Please ensure to enter an active number. A new page will show on the screen of verification. Check the given number inbox, you’ll receive 6 digits. Copy and paste the digits on the blanks. Your number will be verified in seconds.

Step 05: Set Profile

Bio information is for your all contact members to recognize you with your name or with whatever you type. My recommendation is to type your original name here. You can also use emojis for gestures or for a personality that suits you more.

Step 06: Use the AGWA

The final step is to start your fun experience. It’s time to send you messages or voice notes with your loved ones to share your day routine, personal, and current condition. You can also share your best memories with them in the form of images and videos.

AG WhatsApp Installation Guide for Windows

There are three methods to use WhatsApp on your computer:

1. AG WhatsApp Through Web

  • Open the desktop app on your computer.
  • On your phone, select WhatsApp Web.
  • Scan the QR code to link your account.
  • You’re now ready to chat on your computer.
1. AG WhatsApp Through Web

2. WhatsApp Desktop

  • Visit the WhatsApp Download page in your computer’s browser.
  • Download the .exe or .dmg file.
  • Once downloaded, open the file and follow the installation prompts.
  • Both WhatsApp Web and Desktop act as computer-based extensions of your WhatsApp account on your phone.

3. AGWhatsApp through Android Emulators

Setting up AGWhatsApp on your PC is a very simple method. Here’s a simple guide to follow:

  • Start by downloading the latest version of the Blue Stacks emulator from trusted and official websites.
  • Once the download is complete then, install your downloaded emulator on your PC or Laptop. Wait for the launch when it is finished.
  • Within the emulator try to access its app store. Search for the Google Play Store, and find AGWA.
  • Click on the “Install” button. This is the simple way of initiating the installation of AGWA on the emulator.
  • Once the installation is complete. Simply launch AGWA directly from the emulator on your PC. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the setup process smoothly.
  • Now, you’re all set to enjoy using AGWA on your PC, bringing the enhanced features and convenience of AG WhatsApp to your desktop experience. Stay connected effortlessly and make the most of your messaging platform on a larger screen.

AG WhatsApp Latest Version

Stay updated with the latest features and functionalities in AG WhatsApp to install the current version. Explore the all modified features. AGWhatsApp has many old versions from versions 34.5, 34.10, 34.15, 35, 35.10, 35.15, and v36, with each update having the more rich functions and customizations. The most recent version introduces original technologies, ensuring a smoother and more efficient overall performance.

AG WhatsApp Latest Version

How to Create an AG WhatsApp Channel?

Creating a channel on WhatsApp is an excellent way to share updates and information with your current audience while connecting with new followers. A channel allows you to broadcast one-way updates to an extensive audience, making it an effective communication tool. Utilize your channel to share a variety of content, including:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Stickers
  • Links

While some features are also like traditional WhatsApp chats, channel updates differ in that they are a one-way broadcast rather than a conversation. Followers can express their interest in a channel’s content by adding emoji reactions or participating in it. However, direct replies to updates or messages to the channel are not possible.

How to Create an AG WhatsApp Channel?

There are also updated features that exist like having call or chat separately. Your WhatsApp profile name, picture, and phone number can be hidden from followers. It’s important to note that channels only allow visibility to each other.

How to Create a Community on Android?

Creating a WhatsApp community is a straightforward process. It allows you to establish a space for communication with up to 100 groups. Community Announcements can be sent to everyone with the permission of the admin. Please note that community creation is currently available on the AGWhatsApp.

Follow these steps to create your community

  • Navigate to the Communities tab.
  • Tap “New community.”
  • Initiate the process by tapping “Get started.”
  • Enter your community name, providing a concise title within the 100-character limit.
  • Add a description that gives members an understanding of your community’s purpose.
  • Optionally, include a community icon by tapping “Add photo.” Choose from Camera, Gallery, Emoji & stickers, or Search Web to set an image. The icon will be visible next to the community in the Chats tab once selected.
  • Complete the process by tapping the alternate check mark.

Important Note: The maximum member limit for new and existing communities, including community Announcements, is 2,000 members. This ensures effective communication within the community.

How to Create a Community on Android?

How to Create a Community on iOS?

  • To create a community on WhatsApp, follow these simple steps:
  • Go to the Communities tab.
  • Tap on “New Community” and then “Get Started.”
  • Add a simple and unique community name, ensuring it stays within the 100-character limit.
  • Provide a description that can give a clear idea about the profession or business exactly. Your way of explanation must be clear.
  • Optionally, enhance your community’s identity by adding an icon. Tap “Edit” and choose from options like Take Photo, Choose Photo, Emoji & Stickers, or Search Web to incorporate an image. Once selected, the icon will be visible next to the community in the Chats tab.
  • Complete the process by tapping “Create.”

By following these steps, you’ll successfully establish your WhatsApp community. Now, you can have space for meaningful interactions and shared interests.

How to Create a Community on the Web and Desktop?

Follow these steps and guidelines to set up a community on WhatsApp:

  • Navigate to the Communities tab.
  • Select “New Community.”
  • Type your community name related to your work. But must ensure it doesn’t exceed 100 characters.
  • Type a simple description that provides members with a clear understanding of your community’s purpose.
  • Optionally, personalize your community by adding an icon. Click “Add Community Icon” and choose from options like Take Photo, Upload Photo, Emoji & Sticker, or Web Search to incorporate an image. Once chosen, the icon will be prominently displayed next to the community in the Chats tab.
  • Seal the deal by clicking the alternate check mark.

By following these user-friendly steps, you’ll be able to create your WhatsApp community. You will be ready to engage members and meaningful interactions easily with everyone.

How Do I Create Status on AG WhatsApp Mod APK?

Creating a status on AG WhatsApp is a very user-friendly step. Just follow these given steps:

  • Navigate to the user interface of the AGWhatsApp APK and select the status bar or option.
  • Click on the pen icon located below to initiate the status creation process.
  • Explore your creative side by adding text in different kinds of fonts, a lot of emojis, smileys, GIFs, and even adjusting the background color to suit your mood.
  • Once satisfied, tap on “Status or Updates”. From there, you have the flexibility to forward, share, post to Facebook, or delete the status as desired.
  • Keep in mind that AG WhatsApp statuses have a lifespan of 24 hours, after which they automatically disappear.

Express yourself effortlessly and make your moments memorable with AGWhatsApp’s user-friendly status creation feature. Whether you want to share a thought, a smile, or a memory of your day, AG WhatsApp makes it simple and enjoyable.

How Do I Create Status on AG WhatsApp Mod APK?

How Do I Change the Language of the AGWhatsApp App?

Adjusting the language settings on AGWhatsApp is a super duper easy process. Follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Access the AG WhatsApp APK interface.
  • 2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • 3. Select “Settings” from the options provided.
  • 4. Scroll down and choose “App Language.”
  • 5. A list of available languages will appear. Select your preferred language.
  • 6. The app language will automatically change to your selected preference.
How Do I Change the Language of the AGWhatsApp App?

Customize your AGWhatsApp experience by navigating it through different languages, ensuring that the app speaks your language effortlessly.

Requirements of A G WhatsApp

Before using the application, meet the requirements first. These requirements are not tough that you can’t adopt. You can easily fulfill all the requirements and these are so basic. Check the below instructions:

Requirements of A G WhatsApp
Infographic: Requirements of A G WhatsApp

AG WhatsApp APK Backup Procedure

Backup is the only thing that can save your data secretly in your Google Derive. In the future, if you have a backup and suddenly experience any problem or serious issue in your WhatsApp you’ve to delete it. In that time your backup will be very helpful for not losing your chats and data. That’s why backing up your data on AGWhatsApp is a wise choice.

AG WhatsApp APK Backup Procedure
Infographics: AG WhatsApp APK Backup Procedure

With these simple steps guide, your chats, media, and call history are safely backed up and ready for restoration whenever needed.

AG WhatsApp Updates

Updating AGWhatsApp is also an important and effortless procedure. You don’t need to directly visit the website. Follow these simple steps to ensure you have the latest version.

AG WhatsApp Updates
Infographics: AG WhatsApp Updates

That’s it! You’re all set with the latest version of AG WhatsApp, ensuring you enjoy the newest features journey.

AG WhatsApp New Features and Refinements

  • Edit and Send Messages: Most of the time we send wrong messages like spelling mistakes. It was tough to change the sent messages but now with the latest technologies, you can edit the messages to correct the mistakes.
  • Enhanced Anti-Ban Feature: The latest versions come with more security and strong privacy. No one can steal your information without your permission.
  • Optimized User Experience: You can have a better experience with more styling, coloring, customization, security, and availability of polished functionalities.
  • Stay Updated for the Best Experience: It’s highly recommended to use the latest AGWhatsApp version to enjoy the most recent features and optimizations. By keeping your app updated you must ensure you have the current version with updates already. Upgrade to AG WhatsApp latest version today and involve yourself in an even more enriched messaging experience.
  • Edit and Send Messages: Most of the time, we send wrong messages, like spelling mistakes. It was tough to change the sent messages, but now, with the latest technologies, you can edit the messages to correct the mistakes. Many of us send bad words in anger, but after we realize our rude behavior, we want to get our words to stop offending and hurting others. This feature is game-changing for your condition.

You can replace your previous words with new ones. No matter what, the message has been sent. To enable it, hold your message with a long press. Click on the three dots in the top-right corner. Select the fourth option, “Edit Message.” Click on it and again write new words to change previous words. Lastly, press the send icon. This is how you can edit sent messages with just a few clicks.

AG WhatsApp Latest Version Common Features and Updates

Auto-Reply: If you’re a businessman or common person and you are busy in your hectic routine. It means you are not free to reply instantly to your members. For this situation, AGWhatsApp has launched Auto-reply. Set your most used message to reply quickly while you’re offline. AG WhatsApp will send your customized message to your senders automatically.

GIPHY GIF: Take your chats to a whole new level with AGWhatsApp’s GIPHY GIF to show your gestures, emotions, and expressions. GIFs are short videos with expressions. You can give others an idea of how your mood is. Try all the GIFs to share your happiness, sadness, loneliness, and excitement.

Hide Gallery Media: Say goodbye to messy galleries with AGWhatsApp’s Hide Gallery Media feature. Now, you have the power to hide image control. You can hide your all WhatsApp media content from your Gallery or Photo. AG WhatsApp gives you the freedom to keep your gallery clean and organized. You can also disable this feature anytime to save your special moments in your Gallery safely. You can also give a try to GB WhatsApp and ER WhatsApp to enjoy advanced features as well.

Multimedia: One of the exciting features is Multimedia. You can share a lot of images without any restrictions or limits. The latest version has no limit to sharing images and videos. You can send all your media at once. To enhance the beauty and originality of pictures, you can send them in HD Quality. Land into a world where you can send what you want when you want.

Quick Response/Reactions: When you click on the chat bubble, you get a bunch of options to respond quickly. It’s like having shortcuts for expressing yourself without typing a lot. Just one click, and you can show how you feel. It makes your chatting smoother and faster. So, instead of typing, you can react in an instant. Give it a try – AGWhatsApp is here to make expressing yourself in chats super easy and fun!

High-Resolution Image Sharing: AGWhatsApp empowers you to share your special photos in high resolution to make them clear and up to 3MB in size. You can take advantage of this feature without bad quality and blurry figures. Share your pictures with real effects. Tell your friends about this feature so they can also use it.

Media Content Control: Everyone can’t afford luxury and costly phones. But we are all always concerned about the memory and space of our phones. As time passes, our data exceeds day by day and comes close to the space limit. This feature allows you to control your WhatsApp data. It is totally up to you how you organize your space. You can delete and hide data from your Gallery with the help of AG WhatsApp.

Secure Data Backup: Your data is safe with AG WhatsApp! It has a special feature that makes sure your data is backed up securely. So, even if something happens, your important content stays protected. You can cover your detailed data including files, photos, and messages. This feature helps you when you decide to change your old phone to a new one or shift to another one.

Languages Selection: Break all the language barriers with AGWhatsApp. It offers translation services for 18 major languages. It becomes your bridge to connecting with people worldwide with the help of changing messages into other languages. In this latest version, AGWhatsApp speaks the language of the world. It also supports 64 major languages. Communicate without having fear with persons globally.

Privacy Customization: AG WhatsApp values your privacy. Have control over your communication environment by deciding whether to hide the indications and pointing of blue ticks, hide the “typing…” and keep your view status private. It is the best option for your personal space. By enabling it, you can keep others out of your concerns easily.

Limitless Media Sharing: AGWhatsApp has made limitless your media sharing experience. Say goodbye to all the restrictions. Start sharing images with resolutions up to 3MB and upload videos with an impressive size of 700MB today. Break free from limitations and share your media without limits now.

Chat Customization: Personalize your chat screen into a work of art with AGWhatsApp. From modifying action bars and bubbles to ticks and conversation entry styles, tailor your chat environment to reflect your unique individuality. It’s like having a canvas for your conversations.

Message Scheduler: AG WhatsApp understands the need for breaks without losing touch. With the Message Scheduler feature, you can schedule your messages to maintain audience engagement. It works even if you’re not free. It’s the perfect balance of connectivity and personal time.

Hide Your Blue Ticks: Manage your chats with the blue ticks hide feature. You can hide all the messages to show others that you haven’t seen their messages yet. It’s an easy and secure way to maintain your privacy while staying connected.

Multiple Accounts Benefit: AGWhatsApp redefines convenience with the ability to manage multiple accounts seamlessly. One APK, multiple accounts – it breaks the mold, allowing you to switch between accounts effortlessly and efficiently.

Status Privacy and Saver: AG WhatsApp introduces innovative features for status management. If you like someone’s status and it seems so awkward to ask him/her to send it. You can easily download others’ statuses anytime even if they have deleted them. You can also customize your settings to share your status with a few others.

AG Themes: Start enjoying your day with AGWhatsApp’s theme options. There are thousands of themes available for you. You can download any theme you like. The best thing is you don’t need to pay any cost to adopt luxury themes.

Emoji: Express yourself with a full pack of emojis in AGWhatsApp. Emojis make your chat experience faster and more fun. Your receiver can easily idealize your mood and your expressions. There are sad, happy, excited, and funny every type of emojis available. You can choose them according to the type of conversation you’re having.

Group Management: Business and professional groups become effortless with AG WhatsApp. If you’re the admin, you can delete anyone’s annoying messages, see the past participants, and maintain control over the group. It’s a feature that simplifies group management, ensuring a smooth and organized experience.

Send Messages to Unsaved Numbers: WhatsApp Messenger gives you the flexibility of having contact with unsaved numbers or strangers. This can help in protecting your personal information. There’s no need to save the number first and then chat. You can directly call or message without making an effort to add the contact to your phone.

My Narrative About AG WhatsApp

Last year, I was searching for the best application WhatsApp available on the internet but I didn’t find the exact application. My friend told me about this and said: trust me and give a try to this app. I was always concerned about presenting myself in my WhatsApp communication the same as in real life, laughing, jolly, and extroverted. Like others, privacy concerns were also making me feel uncomfortable. 

One day, I decided to try this application and face ay all my fears. I can say, it was the best decision to install it. It was very exciting for me to add colors to my screen. I customize it according to my choice and still use it. So, check it out today and be fearless to download it and enjoy it like me.

Final Remarks

Based on my user review, you don’t have to think about it more. Get it done today with full trust and don’t hesitate about your privacy and data. On the other side, this APK needs many improvements so far. Where its latest version, has come up with more advanced features than the previous ones. But there is still enough room for improvement. For that cause, its developers are making some structural improvements. Up until now, it has been one of the best WhatsApp APKs. Stay in touch with our article to get the latest updates and for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It is considered safe for usage. No doubt, it’s not legal according to Google Stores but Google websites allow you to install it safely. However, it’s important to note that WhatsApp may temporarily ban your number. If this happens, there are methods available to unban your number on the internet.

To ensure you have the latest features and improvements, follow these steps to update AG WhatsApp:

  • Install the latest version of the AG WhatsApp app.
  • The application will automatically update.
  • Prioritize a backup of your chats before initiating the update process.
  • Following to these guidelines, you can maintain a secure and up-to-date experience with AG WhatsApp.

Yes! It is available to install and use AGWA alongside the original WhatsApp on the same device. This enables users to take the benefits of the features of both applications at one time. It also provides a range of options for messaging and communication.

It’s crucial to know that AG WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It has its own legal and illegal rules and instructions. Users should be aware of the legal requirements and potential risks linked with using modified applications.

Absolutely! The download of AG WhatsApp APK is completely free. You can enjoy this application free of cost.

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