NSWhatsApp 4 Green

NSWhatsApp 4 Download Latest Version 10.6 (22 June)

NSWhatsApp 4 is a customized version of the original WhatsApp messaging program. It contains many features with experience over a decade. Its customization capabilities increase day by day with its latest updates. As long you use it, more features you can customize in your way. In this article, we’re going to unzip the downloading steps and installing guide with our expertise and experience. We try our best to convey the right information simply and appropriately. Let’s delve into useful information:

NSWhatsApp 4 mod APK gives you the utmost control over your privacy! You can utilize numerous WhatsApp accounts on a single device with this customized version of the well-known messaging program, and you can quickly hide your online status and blue ticks. Seize this chance to improve the WhatsApp experience for yourself.

NSWhatsApp 4 Green Specifications

APK NameNSWhatsApp 4 Green
APK Version10.6
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1 Million+

NSWhatsApp 4 APK Introduction

Are you sick of using WhatsApp in the same old way? Would you like to customize your messaging app and regain control over your privacy? You only need to look at the NSWhatsApp 4 APK! You won’t find many advanced features and customization choices in the standard version of this customized version of the well-known messaging software.

Comparison Between NSWhatsApp and Simple WhatsApp

FeaturesNSWhatsApp 4 GreenSimple WhatsApp
Custom Fonts and stickers ✅ ❌
Home screen status ✅ ❌
Home screen Name ✅ ❌
Home Screen Story Style ✅ ❌
Status Download ✅ ❌
Themes store ✅ ❌
Hidden Chats under the name ✅ ❌
DND Mode ✅ ❌
Auto Messages ✅ ❌
Bulk Messages ✅ ❌
File Sending Limits1000 MB100 MB
Image Share Limit100 MB30 MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5
Themes ✅ ❌
Online Status ✅ ❌
 Freeze last seen ✅ ❌
 Disable Forward Tag ✅ ❌
 Disable Customize Calling ✅ ❌
  Anti-Delete ✅ ❌
  Auto Reply ✅ ❌
  Security Lock ✅ ❌
  Icon Change ✅ ❌
  Color Customization ✅ ❌
  Create Community ✅ ❌
  WhatsApp Channel ✅ ❌
  Separate Group ✅ ❌
  Video Voice recordings ✅ ❌
  Message Scheduler ✅ ❌
  Avatar ✅ ❌
  Languages Translator ✅ ❌

Requirements to Install NSWhatsApp 4 Mod APK

For the smooth installation of NSWhatsApp 4 Green, just agreeing with the specific requirements is crucial. Firstly, your device requires an Android recent version or later. Secondly, 70 MB+ of space is required in your phone storage but more than 100MB is best.

Lastly, the presence of a steadfast internet connection is as vital as food to live. Without an internet connection, you can’t go further to proceed. Fulfilling these steps of criteria provokes the way for a straightforward download and installation process of the NSWhatsApp4 mod APK on your device.

NSWhatsApp 4 Download Mod APK Green Version

For those who are seeking a nice color layout and advanced feature website, NSWhatsApp 4 Green is the best choice. To make you more excited, the good news is we offer to download the latest version of NSWhatsApp4 Green. The approach of the current version is essential. The downloading procedure and the download icon are available below: 

NSWhatsApp 4 Download Mod APK Green Version
Infographics: NSWhatsApp 4 Download Mod APK Green Version
  • Web Browser Access: To start your downloading procedure, unlock your device and open your browser This is an incredible app to search different websites and content.
  • APK File Provider: There are so many websites that provide data and APK files to download your desired application. All APK files are linked to third-party modifications. You must find a true and reliable website. If you do not have enough knowledge about it, then check whatsapppro.com, according to my opinion.
  • Visit NSWhatsApp Green Blog: NSWhatsApp4 is the last modification of the original NSWhatsApp. Go through its blog and read it carefully.
  • Hit the Download Button: While reading the blog, go for its download icon and hit it with one click. The APK file downloading process may get started and you’ll get the notification on the top of the screen.
  • Loading Complete: This process takes time to reach its 100 %age. Your downloading is effortlessly completed now. Up your game and go for the installation procedure.

Procedure to Install NSWhatsApp 4 Green on Android

Installing NSWhatsApp 4 Green has nine basic and easy-to-understand steps. Initially, check on the given requirements and then locate your finally downloaded file from your APK file folder. Address it from your file or document manager app. Secondly, hit the install button to start your journey. After that, click again on the open button. 

Give access to your application to manage your media and share files. It organizes your media in a sequence and arranges it in a good manner. The fourth step is to manage your national language, which belongs to your country. The next step is accepting all the terms and conditions of your newly launched application.

The next action is to try your active number and wait to get verified with the code. Press continue on the photos or media access pop-up. Manage your profile by adding your name, about you, and profile picture. These steps are essential for your recognition. After finishing it, your procedure finally ends here. 

NSWhatsApp4 Green on PC 

NSWhatsApp4 APK can be adopted on a PC with the help of an emulator. It’s not mandatory to have a Bluestacks emulator on your PC. You may get something else you want. Download this application on a new tab. Open your emulator Search your NSWhatsApp 4 and get it to run smoothly. Stay connected while it’s processing back on the PC.

When it’s done, go and open your application. Enter your number and verify that it is verified. Accept all the on-screen instructions and cookies. Ensure to use it according to the rules and under the required limitations. Have your application and begin your chatting style in your way.  

Method 1: NSWA4 Through Emulator

The connection of NSWhatsApp 4 with your personal computer requires the utilization of advanced Android emulator software. This emulator works as VPN does on Android, this Android version of NSWhatsApp4 will be accessible on your computer. Mirroring the experience of playing diverse games like Zombie Catchers mod APK on your computer. The easy process unfolds in the following steps:

  • Download and install an Android emulator, such as Game Loop or NoxPlayer, on your computer.
  • Upon installation, launch the emulator and simply sign in with your Google account.
  • Download the latest version of the NSWhatsApp4 APK file from a reputable source and save its file on your computer.
  • Within the emulator interface, move toward the “Install APK” option. It directs toward the NSWhatsApp4 APK file you previously obtained.
  • Exercise patience, as the installation process may take time to complete.
  • Upon completion, locate the NSWhatsApp4 mod APK within the emulator’s app drawer. Initiate usage and a similar application works on your phone as well.

Method 2: NSWhatsApp 4 Through Web 

For an innovative connection between NSWhatsApp 4 and your PC, the utilization of a QR code scanner helps you to connect on your PC with the same conversation as on your phone. Start with the following procedure to connect your phone to your personal computer or laptop. Here’s the procedure below:

  • Activate the NSWA app and open linked devices from your WhatsApp settings to find the QR code scanner option.
  • On your PC, open the web.whatsapp.com site and click on continue or initialize to see a QR code. Simply align the camera of your phone in front of the PC to scan it. 
  • It verifies the QR code by scanning it from your PC adeptly. It also establishes an automatic connection with NSWhatsApp4 on your phone.
  • It may take time to transfer all your chat phones to a PC. So, wait for the transmission; after that, all your messages and call history will show up on your PC.

NSWhatsApp 4 Backup Procedure

To perform a backup on NSWhatsApp 4 Green, follow these steps:

  • Open NSWhatsApp4 on your device.
  • Click on the three dots located in the top-right corner of the screen to access the menu options.
  • From the menu, select “NS Mode.”
  • Once in NS Mode, press the “Universal” option.
  • Now, click on “Backup and restore” to manage your backup settings.
  • Within the “Backup and restore” section, select “Backup” to initiate the backup process.
  • The loading process will begin, displaying a progress indicator. Wait for the process to reach 100%.
  • Once the loading is complete, your backup procedure in NSWhatsApp4 is finished. 
NSWhatsApp 4 Backup Procedure

This method ensures that the data on NSWhatsApp4 is properly backed up, securing your media files and chats. To make it easy to access your backups in the unlikely situation that you need files later, always keep your backups in an easily accessible location.

NSWhatsApp 4 Update Process

Enjoying new features and corrections for bugs requires keeping NSWhatsApp 4 upgraded. By navigating to “NS Mode” and choosing the “Update” option, users can update the app. Updates reveal brand-new, incredibly elegant features. To keep informed about upcoming functionality, you must update. You can enjoy the recent version of WhatsApp and access an infinite number of capabilities on your phone.

NSWhatsApp 4 Update Process

How to Create a Group on NSWhatsApp 4?

You can create a group chat on WhatsApp easily to have fun together. This experience allows you to bring together multiple contacts into a single conversation like your fellows, classmates, friends, and family members. To create a group:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats tab.
  • Tap on the “New chat” icon.
  • Select “New group.”
  • Add participants to the group and set a group name.
  • Tap “Create” to create the group.

Group members can interact and share messages, images, videos, and documents within the group.

How to Create a Group on NSWhatsApp 4?

How to Create a Broadcast on NS4 WhatsApp?

A broadcast list allows you to send messages to multiple contacts without them seeing each other. It’s more like sending individual messages to a list of recipients. To create a broadcast list:

How to Create a Group on NSWhatsApp 4?
IInfographics: How to Create a Broadcast on NS4 WhatsApp?

It’s essential to keep in mind that WhatsApp may add new features and modify its features as time passes. For the latest and most accurate information and updates on any new features, especially ones linked to group communication or channels, I would suggest checking out the official WhatsApp website or app.

How to Create a Channel on NSWhatsApp 4 Green?

Open your NSWhatsApp 4 application. Swipe left two times to approach “Updates/Status”. Below the Status option, you will see a new option of Channels. Exactly in front of “Channel”, there will be a “plus” sign to create your new channel. Click on the plus button or icon and tab on “Create Channel”. 

Now press “Agree and Continue” for further procedure. Now it’s time to write your channel name and the description of your channel. After giving the information, click on “Create Channel”. Your NSWhatsApp4 Channel will be ready to use. You can take advantage of sending your information and series to all your subscribers and followers.

How to Create a Channel on NSWhatsApp 4 Green?

How to Create Community on NSWhatsApp 4 Green?

Creating a community on NSWhatsApp 4 for Android is a breeze. Just follow these straightforward steps to set up a space for communication with up to 100 groups:

  • Go to the Communities tab.
  • Select “New community.”
  • Begin the process by tapping “Get started.”
  • Enter a concise community name within the 100-character limit.
  • Provide a brief description outlining your community’s purpose.
  • Optionally, add a community icon by tapping “Add photo.” Choose from Camera, Gallery, Emoji & stickers, or Search the Web for an image. This icon will be visible next to the community in the Chats tab.
  • Complete the process by tapping the alternate check mark.
How to Create Community on NSWhatsApp 4 Green?

Note: Keep in mind that the maximum member limit for new and existing communities, including community Announcements, is 2,000 members. This ensures effective communication within the community. Creating and managing your community on NSWhatsApp4 is now a simple and unique process.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always download the latest version of NSWhatsApp 4 for optimal performance and security.
  • Use the app for legitimate communication with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Take advantage of customization options to personalize your NSWhatsApp4 experience.
  • Keep sensitive information secure and avoid sharing it on the app.
  • Don’t prefer old versions to download your NSWhatsApp 4 Green.
  • Avoid unknown and local websites to download your NSWhatsApp4 application. Always use trusted websites. 
  • Stop sharing your personal information with others like PIN or code.
  • Avoid abusing words or bad language to make your account safe. This could be a reason to get banned.

Features of NSWhatsApp 4 Green

NS4 Security and Privacy

It’s important to have secure and private discussions, and NSWhatsApp 4 Green’s anti-ban feature allows you the ability to accomplish precisely that. You may customize your privacy settings for every contact, group, and broadcast with this functionality. You can feel at ease during talks since you are in complete control of how you want to come across to others. Instead of settling for a privacy setting that works for everyone, use NSWhatsApp4 to manage your online appearance.

  • Keeping blue ticks hidden
  • Keeping second ticks hidden
  • Obscuring the blue microphone
  • Keeping typing hidden
  • Keeping the recording hidden
NS4 Security and Privacy

Personalization of Themes in NS4 WhatsApp

NSWhatsApp 4 has a configurable theme option that allows you to customize the way you use the program. Select from the pre-installed themes or use color schemes and graphics to design your own. To customize the app’s appearance, you can alter the chat bubble design, backdrop, font, and size talks by giving distinct chats different themes. 

To sum up, customizing your NSWhatsApp4 theme is a simple and enjoyable method to give your experience a unique flair. Additionally, you can import your personalized themes from your smartphone and use them. Fun in the themes store has no bounds. Which kind of subject you like to use to elevate your discourse beyond that of your friends and family is entirely up to you. There are 4032 options available in the themes store to customize your home screen.

Personalization of Themes in NS4 WhatsApp

Language in NSWhatsApp4

You can select a language that you are more comfortable using with NSWhatsApp4 Green. Over 60 languages are supported, so you may select the one that most closely matches your requirements. NSWhatsApp4 supports you in any language you want, including English, Spanish, French, and others.

For users who are not fluent in the app’s default language, this functionality is helpful. You can experience NSWhatsApp4 in a more fluid and user-friendly manner by switching to a language you can comprehend.

Language in NSWhatsApp4

Chat Screen Action Bar

The well-known messaging app NSWhatsApp 4 Pro gives users access to several effective features for managing their contacts and personalizing their chat experience. The app’s ability to change the action bar’s presentation of contact information is one of its most notable features. To preserve privacy or use less data, users can opt to conceal a contact’s name, profile image, or call button, for instance. 

Users can also turn off a contact’s status so they won’t be alerted when they are online or typing a message. Last but not least, NSWhatsApp4 Pro lets you change the backdrop color of the contact status in the chat list, which makes it simpler for people with visual impairments to read.

Chat Screen Action Bar

Home screen

Home screen sized in gigabytes. Your chats, groups, and status updates are all accessible from one single location on WhatsApp. The home screen’s header, rows, status, and floating action buttons are all crucial elements that each have a distinct function.

The user’s name, status, and profile picture are shown in the header at the top of the home screen. The user’s groups, chats, and status updates are shown in the rows on the home screen. NSWhatsApp4 Green’s status feature lets you communicate with your contacts by sending updates, pictures, and videos.

All things considered, the header, rows, status, and floating action buttons are all crucial elements of NSWhatsApp4 Green’s home page. These features let you personalize your status and profile, provide you rapid access to crucial services, and make it simple to initiate new conversations and maintain communication with your contacts.

Home screen

Chat / Conversation Screen 

You can send text, audio, and multimedia messages to your contacts via the chat screen in NSWhatsApp 4 Green. The action bar, bubbles and ticks, pictures, and discussion entry style are some of the important elements of the chat interface.

You may control your discussions with a variety of options available to you through the action bar located at the top of the chat screen. You can visually track the status of your messages with the help of the bubbles and ticks in NSWhatsApp4 Green. While the ticks indicate if a message has been sent or delivered, the bubbles show whether a message has been sent, delivered, or read.

Chat / Conversation Screen 

Universal Settings

NSWhatsApp 4 with many customization options, you can change the way the app looks and feels. Specifically, you can use the universal options to adjust the media settings, colors, and styles. To start, you can customize the app’s design by selecting from a range of color schemes. Additionally, you can alter the app’s UI style and typeface to suit your tastes. This includes the ability to alter the font style, bubble style, and background of the chat screen. 

In a similar vein, you can design your unique themes by picking your favorite color scheme and backdrop image. The capability of NSWhatsApp4 to conceal media files from the phone’s gallery is another helpful function. Put differently, this function lets you keep your media files secret or apart from the rest of your pictures and movies.

Universal Settings

DND Mode

The DND (Do Not Disturb) option on WhatsApp mutes calls and alerts. It enables users to focus without interruption on business, study, or leisure. DND mode reduces app utilization, which further extends battery life. It can be manually switched on or off or scheduled for a specified time.

Filter Messages 

A filter feature is available on NSWhatsApp4 to make managing messages simple. Messages can be sorted according to attachments or unread stars, for example. Easily retrieving crucial messages without having to browse through every conversation conserves time and energy.

Anti-Delete Messages and Status

You may protect your communications with NSWhatsApp4 Green’s “Anti-delete Messages and Status.” It provides you with a permanent record by stopping messages or status updates from being erased. Eliminate concerns about misplacing or losing crucial messages. An additional degree of privacy and security is added by this function.

Auto Reply 

With NSWhatsApp4 Green, you can program automatic replies to incoming messages using the “Auto Reply” feature. This is especially helpful in situations where you are occupied with other tasks or at a conference and cannot check your phone. You can program particular periods for the auto-reply to be active and create personalized auto-replies for specific contacts or groups.

Message Scheduler

Staying connected with loved ones and staying organized has never been easier without the message scheduler feature in NSWhatsApp4 Green, after using this feature, we sorted a lot of our problems. Whether you want to remind someone of an important event or send a birthday wish, this tool has you covered perfectly.

Share Live Location

Sharing your live location is a breeze with the latest version of NSWhatsApp4 Green. Whether you’re meeting friends, comforting a family member, or updating coworkers on your arrival time, the live location feature lets you share real-time information with contacts, groups, and broadcasts. Just choose “share location,” and your current location is instantly sent.

Broadcast Text Messages

The broadcast feature of NSWhatsApp4 is revolutionary for individuals seeking to deliver messages to numerous contacts in a practical manner. You can save your time and energy by setting up a broadcast list. In this way, you can send your messages to all recipients at once with only a few simple clicks. Sending notifications and reminders to friends, family, and coworkers is made effortless and adorable with this feature.

Hide Your Status Seen

You can manage when other people see that you have been monitoring someone else’s status update on WhatsApp by using the “Hide Status Seen” tool. This function takes care of you whether you’re too busy to respond or would rather keep your status hidden. Nobody can access your online presence or status without consent from you. Others won’t be able to see you.

High-Quality Image Sharing

NSWhatsApp 4 enables users to send high-quality images in large numbers. This feature removes limitations on the number of images you can send, allowing for easy sharing of multiple pictures with friends and family without compromising quality.

Unique Effects

The latest version of NSWhatsApp4 offers unique effects, allowing users to customize tick marks, bubble styles, and more. Adding a personal touch to your chats is made easy with these outstanding effects, making your conversations stand out.

Font Style Customization

NSWhatsApp4 allows users to customize the font within the app, providing a fun and unique chatting experience. Choose from various fonts to make your messages visually appealing and distinctive.

Unread Message Counter

Keep track of your messages effortlessly with the unread message counter feature. This functionality displays the number of unread messages, aiding in organization and ensuring you stay on top of your communication.

Privacy Controls

NSWhatsApp4 offers enhanced privacy controls, allowing users to turn off notifications indicating when they are online. This feature provides greater control over privacy, deciding who can see your online status.

Pop-Up Notifications

Pop-up notifications enable users to receive WhatsApp updates in a floating window on the top or in the middle of the lock screen. It ensures that important messages and calls are not missed, even when using other applications of your phone.


NSWhatsApp 4 is an amazing application giving all the opportunities that other WhatsApp applications like NSWhatsApp 3, GBWhatsApp, OBWhatsApp, and Fouad WhatsApp provide. The question is why we should use NSWhatsApp4 Green. The simple and sweet answer to this is, that it has a more organized and managed Setting. You don’t need to find again and again specific setting to fix it. You can easily avail all the options right in front of you. Download now as the link has already mentioned and have fun!

MY Narrative

As we experienced this application. It’s just like wonder. You can find anything you need and want too. It has magical features with smooth procedures. You can experience a lot of customization if you’re interested. We recommend it and rate it 10/10. Go and grab it now!

FAQs about NSWhatsApp 4 Green

NSWhatsApp4 is known as a messaging application with a wide range of features.

Yes, it’s safe to use but sometimes it causes viruses and errors because it’s not an official or verified application by Google.

Check for updates on the website or platform where you downloaded NSWhatsApp4 Green. Follow the provided instructions to update to the latest version.

No, NSWhatsApp 4 is primarily designed for Android devices. iPhone users may explore other modded WhatsApp versions compatible with iOS.

Transferring chats between the official app and NSWhatsApp4 is not straightforward and may not be supported. It’s recommended to back up chats before attempting any transfers.

The legality of NSWhatsApp4 is questionable since it’s not an official WhatsApp product. Usage may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service.

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