OB4WhatsApp Download Latest Version Latest Version 59.0 (22 June)

Millions of people are converting their chats into new, modified APK apps. OB4WhatsApp is one of the most famous applications that is an APK file of third-party modification. The question arises here why people are doing it? The answer to this question is because of more functionalities opportunities and modifications. People are going to express their emotions in new ways, they want more enhancements and exploration in their journey. 

OB4WhatsApp is an advanced version of official WhatsApp. As the world is growing day by day likewise applications are becoming more organized. Open WhatsApp having more functionalities with the touch of luminous color grabs more people’s attention. This app was developed by an Arabic author who belongs to an Islamic country. That’s why he gave it another name in Arabic we will discuss it afterward. In this blog, we are going to give you a guide to OB4 WhatsApp installation, Updates, backup, restoration, and all its features.

OB4WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameOB4WhatsApp
APK Version59.0
Android Version4.5 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1 Million+

OB4WhatsApp APK introduction 

OB4WhatsApp originated from an Arabic author, named Omer. He developed more than six applications that are modified by third parties. One of those applications, OB4 WhatsApp ranks in the 4th number. The second name “Al-Akhdar”, attracts so many people with its Green color. It can hide your last seen and your online presence with its settings. You can customize your WhatsApp in so many different ways and make it more elegant. By using its functionalities you will achieve complete satisfaction with your OB4 WhatsApp. 

OB4 WhatsApp Requirements

The requirements are the needs of downloading in your journey. We always prefer to tell our users about the requirements first because a lot of users are novices, they don’t understand what to do and how to do it. The main question is to just ready yourself before downloading. To proceed with your process you have to fulfill the prerequisites. Here are the list of your needs:

  • Set up an Android phone that is greater than 5.0.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi or internet connection is strong.
  • Make 80 MB of space on your phone by erasing all of the unnecessary information before downloading a fresh version of OB3 WhatsApp. 
  • It’s also need to be aware of popular APK websites, but don’t worry if you don’t.

OB4 WhatsApp Download

The download is the word that holds the abstract of the procedure in it. The download means an icon in the shape of an arrow indicating a downward position. This is the sign to negotiate your journey. You can take the idea from the world that if you are trying to move from the old application to a new one, you simply need this icon to start your procedure. The downloading contains just one step but we will try to give you the whole guide from A-Z to ensure that you will do it easily. Let’s consider the steps:

Infographics: OB4 WhatsApp Download

Step 01. Go to Your Google 

Initially, we need a browser to search our website for our OB4 WhatsApp. DuckDuckGo is a browser that best famous worldwide. Most people would love to go with it. As for Pakistani and Indian countries, you can choose Bing Google, or Chrome.

Step 02. Enter the Website Name 

Websites provide APK modification file links to the users to install their apps. What are the parts of a third party? Third-party modifications are not available on the Play Store or App Store because Google does not allow them. So enter the apkdon.net website name in the search bar to find the website.

Step 03. Check the Blog 

When you find the website have a look on the main page named as home page where to search bar is located on the top of the header. You can type your related blog name in the search bar to find the article. Checking the blog means that you must read all the requirements and instructions mentioned here. If you don’t understand then you can read it again. 

Step 04. Click the Download Button 

Check the blog, and click on the download button that will be available in Green color. When you click on the download button, the link behind it gives the signal to start your APK file loading of OB4 WhatsApp. The loading will be started in a few seconds.

Step 05. Be Patient 

The Internet connection plays an important role in your downloading as the singles are strong and will be completely loading as soon as possible but when it comes to weak signals, you have to wait a little bit more for the completion.

OB4WhatsApp Installation Procedure

After the downloading verification, editing, and selecting language starts. To install the application go and check the recently downloaded file that you save it later. You can also check the “downloads” option from your Google or Chrome to see whether it’s completed or not. If you’re downloading complete then go ahead. Let’s dive into:

OB4WhatsApp Installation Procedure
Infographics: OB4WhatsApp Installation

Step 01. Install the OB4WhatsApp

If you have located your OB4WhatsApp already then click on it. Whenever you click on a new bar appears in front of you to ask about the installation. Simply, Click on the install button and proceed with your process. 

Step 02. Open the App

Secondly, after clicking on the install option. Give a click on the “Open”. You can open your application in two ways, if you cancel it then, you can again open it by clicking on install and then pressing the open. 

Step 03. Select Language

English is a language that is spoken worldwide. People from all over the world can speak the English language fluently. If you are also one of them then select the language “English”. On the other hand, if you consider another language that you can understand easily, then select it and go for it.

Step 04. Agree and Continue 

To continue your procedure, accept all the requirements. This is a step where you can recover your backup and restore your lost chats. If you don’t have any backup then click on the “Agree and continue” option process. 

Step 05. Verification Time 

Verify the OB4WhatsApp that you’re going to download is possible through the six-digit code. To receive the verification code type your phone number by selecting the country code. When you enter the number and press next, your confirmation code will be sent to you through a local message.

Step 06. Modify Your Profile

To edit your profile, after choosing the best profile picture from your collection or images, write your name in your bio. You can also include a nickname. This is how you can modify your profile in just a few seconds.

OB4WhatsApp Updates

Every APK modification has an update process. Twice a year, upgrade your OB4WhatsApp to stay up to date with all the latest releases and updates. Updating your program is similar to the initially explained downloading procedure from the website. Let’s find out how:

Open your OB4WhatsApp, and you’ll notice three dots on the main screen. To access the second point of options, click the dots. To view the next three options for upcoming procedures, click “Updates.” If you’re already using the most recent version, you can verify it first. If not, choose the last option to update it from the same website.

OB4WhatsApp Backup & Restoration

For many people, this is an important step. With it, you will be able to access the conversations you had on the official application. It is crucial to remember that you cannot use both WhatsApp on the same number. You must delete the original WhatsApp first then you can use the same phone number on your OB4 WhatsApp application.

To make a backup, directly click on the Backup and Restore from the three dots. Select the backup option. It just takes a few minutes to finish this process. After that, you can recover your all chat backups of OB4 WhatsApp. You can also transfer chats by this method from one phone to another.

How to Create a Channel on OB4WhatsApp?

Creating a channel is it professional thing that you can use in your business, profession, and passion. Most of us are connected with our members through WhatsApp but the groups looked messy when everyone exchanged messages. To reduce this mess you can create a channel on your WhatsApp. Creating a channel is not rocket science. You can create it easily with simple steps.

Unlock your OB4WhatsApp and swipe left three times to go to the “Updates” page. Then click on the + icon that is located below the all status. Click and press the “Create channel”. Now again press on the start button. Accept all the cookies and on-page instructions. Click next on every instruction then add members to your channel. After that, give a name to your WhatsApp channel and set a profile picture. That’s done! You can share the details now.

How to Create Community?

OB4WhatsApp unveiled its community function. You can create a WhatsApp community with up to 100 groups. Community Announcements are generated automatically inside this community. Community managers can use this feature as a dedicated platform to send out messages to every member of the community. Thus, if you would also like to start a WhatsApp Community for more convenient communication, then do the following actions:

  • Navigate to the Communities menu.
  • Select “New community.”
  • Put the name of the community here. Additionally, you can provide a community icon and your description.
  • Press the checkbox icon.
  • You need to consider that there is a 100-character limit on community names.
  • Members should be able to infer from your description what your community is all about.

By selecting the Add Community icon, you can add a community icon. To add an image, select Take Photo, Upload Photo, Emoji & Sticker, or Web Search. After it is configured, the icon will show up in the Chats tab next to the community.

OB4WhatsApp features

OB4WhatsApp Feature
Infographics: OB4WhatsApp Feature

Auto-Reply Feature in OBWHhatsApp 4

This weather is very useful for your daily routine if you are a businessman you do have not enough time to reply to your members one by one and tell them separately then you can customize an auto-reply message for all of the new members to send them directly without your presence. You can customize this message in your own way. It’s not compulsory to use this feature just in your business. No matter what profession you belong to, you can use this feature.

Make Stickers inOB4

Stickers are becoming so popular in our working groups. Mostly Pakistani and Indian people love to share stickers and want to create them according to their emotions. The question is how to make stickers. Now, I can tell you that as you use AI and give a command to write it for you or make pictures and videos for you likewise, this feature works. You simply need to type that you want a sad and happy face you will achieve related results.

Pin Messages in OB4 

When you talk to a person you send a lot of messages consistently. In your charts, if you send an urgent message that message will disappear in front of you as you are going to talk more. Search for that message can be quite difficult for you if you don’t have an idea about the same text alphabet. To avoid this condition you need to select that message and pin it. You can customize the limit to 30 days. The pinned message will be attached under the header of the chat page.

Share the Same Application 

Most of your friends love to try the application that you use. The problem is everyone can’t find the same app on the Internet. People do so much research to get the same WhatsApp but they cannot. In this circumstance, you need to share the link with your old friends this feature is available on your OB4 WhatsApp. You can copy the link and paste it where you want.

Send GIF

Emojis, stickers, and GIFs work the same but they are different. GIFs are the shortest videos like 5-second videos to express your mood and gesture. The best way to express your thoughts will your contact members is to send GIFs to them. My hobby is to create GIFs online from my OB4 WhatsApp and share them with my friends to spread happiness and love.

App Lock

Although app locks are a standard feature, these from third parties didn’t work very well. Additionally, there’s always a danger that they could be compromised quickly. For your convenience, OB3WhatsApp and OB4 WhatsApp come with an integrated app lock. You may strengthen the security of your WhatsApp account by using this powerful lock. This app lock also comes with a variety of unlocking patterns, so using the pattern, password, and pin of your choosing is made easy.

Disable “Forwarded Tag”

Messages you send to more than three or four recipients on WhatsApp will have a forwarded tag added. It seems a little odd and annoying, and many people might think you’re spreading misinformation. With the help of the OB4 WhatsApp APK Mod, you may now disable the forwarded tag. After that, you’ll be able to send tag-free messages to an infinite number of recipients.

Avatar in OB4 WhatsApp

The avatar feature in WhatsApp allows you to select a picture that represents yourself. Think of it as a small photo ID for your conversations. When you interact with friends or join groups, they can view your avatar and recognize you easily. This feature adds a fun element to chatting and assists people in remembering your identity. Moreover, you can change your avatar whenever you like to reflect your mood or personal style. It’s a straightforward way to personalize your chats and enhance your WhatsApp experience by making connections more enjoyable.

My Narrative

To sum up, I’ll narrate that after utilizing the latest OB4WhatsApp version, you’ll be happy to try its newest capabilities, which aren’t there in earlier WhatsApp versions. To get information on any new applications and tips, you can also enable the notifications on our website. We’ll update this version when it needs for. To obtain any additional information you can contact. If you think your friends would benefit from downloading the latest version of OB4 WhatsApp, we would be happy if you shared this post with them.


Yes! You can use this application fearlessly. You don’t need to worry about the security of your WhatsApp. Your information is secure here.

To send the videos, open the specific chat and click on the pin shape icon. After clicking on it, click on the Gallery app and select the video from the media. Now, click on the send icon. You can send videos to your contact members in just a few clicks.

Absolutely! This is possible on your OB4 WhatsApp that you can use two or three accounts on the same application but with different numbers.

Yes! This feature is enabled now. You can adjust the sent messages can you type them and send them again.

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