NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

NSWhatsApp 3 Download Latest Version 10.6 (22 June)

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange, is a combination of distinct and personalized designs of WhatsApp. If you are sick and weary of the boring, uninteresting chat apps that never manage to grab your attention, you can give a try to NSMods. It showcases a lively unique orange color interface that adds a cool tone of vibrancy to your messaging application.

Along with a wealthy range of customization possibilities, this updated version of WhatsApp provides exclusive capabilities that completely change the way you interact with your contacts. Let’s grab more knowledge: 

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange Specifications

APK NameNSWhatsApp 3 Orange
APK Version10.6
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads2 Million+

Fine Introduction of NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange is your golden ticket to a messaging experience like never before. Unlock thousands of appealing themes and icon packs, transforming your app into a visual masterpiece. The 3D UI effects in NSWhatsApp 3 Orange are priceless and work wonders. You can change your app’s look and make it dreamy. Extra functions and color combinations make your application modern and stylish. Start using it and let us know, how your experience was.

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange Download Requirements

The download requirements of NS3 are the same as those of NSWhatsApp 2 Red, and NSWhatsApp 4. However, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled to download NSWhatsApp 3 Orange:

  • Compatible Device: Make sure you have an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet that works with this.
  • Enough Storage Space: Before downloading and installing the NSWhatsApp 3 orange app, make sure your device has enough storage space available. Generally, there should be a few hundred megabytes of free space.
  • Stable online Connection: To download NSWhatsApp 3 orange from a reputable third-party source, you must have an ongoing and stable internet connection.
  • Updated Operating System: Make sure the operating system on your device is current. For NSWhatsApp to work correctly, there may be minimum requirements for iOS or Android required.
  • App Permissions: During the installation process, be ready to provide the NSWhatsApp 3 orange application with the required permissions. These permissions could grant you access to your contacts, storage, camera, microphone, and other devices.
  • Secure Source: Make sure you only get your app from reliable sources. Verify the reliability of the website before downloading anything from it, and make sure there are no viruses or malware in the file.
  • Backup: Before installing NSWhatsApp 3 orange, it is suggested to make a backup of your current WhatsApp data, particularly if you plan to transfer your media and chats from the official WhatsApp app.
  • Account Verification: When setting up your WhatsApp, be ready to provide your phone number. Usually, this involves calling or getting an SMS with a verification code.

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange Download APK 

You’re on the right track. Welcome to this APK site that meets your requirements. Check the download link that is given, download your favorite unique application, and learn the procedure of downloading with us. Have a look at the instructions:

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange Download APK
Infographics: NSWhatsApp 3 Orange Download APK 

Install NS WhatsApp 3 Orange

Installation is the simplest method but few of us are not aware of this process. They don’t know what to do after downloading. Let the worry aside and see the pictorial and theoretical guide to start your installation. The guide is given below. Let’s learn:

Install NSWhatsApp3

Installing the procedure starts with just one click. After downloading, when you click on the downloaded APK file, a new option pops up on your screen. It contains two options to choose from. First, “Cancel” and second, “Install.” As we’re ready to install it, we’ll go for the “Install” option.

Open the NS3 Orange App

The second requirement is to open your NSWhatsApp 3 orange app. You may address it in two different ways. Once it’s installed it will ask for “Done” or “Open” so, you can directly open it from here. On the other hand, you can open your app from the apps.

Allow Access to Manage Files

This step is for the management and organization of your WhatsApp. This in-built feature accesses your all files and media information to manage them properly. This gives the signal to your application to delete data and ask for storage management. 

Select Language on NSWhatsApp Orange

This step is the basic requirement to recognize you. From where do you belong and what’s the language you speak? Select your native language to convert the restrictions into that particular language to understand the application easily.

Agree with TOC’s

This step is also about permission. It ensures that whether you’re satisfied with terms and conditions or not. If you don’t agree with the rules, you’ll not be able to use it. So, without thinking allow it to become part of NSWhatsApp 3 orange journey.

Enter Phone Number

The phone number is the key to connecting with your members and fellows. This number is the only thing that allows communication. Enter your correct active phone number with your country code.

Access the Media

Media sharing is the part of your journey. To send your pictures and videos to other contacts, you need to allow your WhatsApp to have access to your Gallery. So, continue sharing.

Provide Your Name and Tagline

Your name is compulsory and your profile picture is optional. Profile pictures can be selected from your Photos app or Gallery. Edit your profile with a cool picture or avatar and type your real or nickname.

Start Your Communication

Your all steps end here. You don’t have to set anything more here. Start chatting with your family and friends and say hi to them. Try to explore all the features and functions one by one and use them in your conversations.

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange on PC

PC doesn’t give access to untrusted websites and applications. It always be adaptable for certified and authentic apps that are accepted by Google. As this WhatsApp application is not available on Google Play Store, so you need to download an emulator that works like VPN before using Orange NSWhatsApp 3. Let’s deep dive into the instructions:

Use the Power of the Android Emulator

Explore the universe of emulated Android systems on your PC by choosing and downloading a powerful emulator such as Bliss OS, Andy, NoxPlayer, or Bluestacks. As they are ready to host your NSWhatsApp experiences. Say welcome to this digital power that’s currently applicable to your PC world. 

Activate the Orange NSWhatsApp 3 APK

Address the NSWhatsApp 3 Orange APK file with the browser. Your browser accesses websites as you enter the domain or URL. Always choose trusted websites to download APK files. Download your NSWhatsApp 3 orange application from apkdon.net on your PC. 

Starting on an Emulator

Open the selected Android emulator, then allow the emulator instructions to permit using third-party modification on your computer. As the emulator launches, your application will be enabled to use on a PC.

Access the APK File

Open the APK file access in the emulator, then look for NSWhatsApp 3 Orange in the emulator. Click on the file and wait for the process that is working back in the PC to complete the procedure successfully.

Open the NSWhatsApp 3 Orange Portal and look in

Look into NSWhatsApp 3 Orange, the bright portal. Enter the digits of your phone number on your PC with the help of a mouse or directly put these from the keyboard. The portal will ask for authentication or verification. Verify your number and you’re out of it.

Look, Your PC Transformed

Always organize your chats and groups in a good manner. Enjoy a mess-free experience on your PC as Android users have. With the use of emulators and the mysterious NSWhatsApp 3 Orange, your PC allows you to strengthen communication in this strange new digital world. I hope you’ll be satisfied and happy with your goal.

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange Backup Procedure

Backup is the only procedure concerned by people. We all want our recent chats back and our special memories. Backup means to get recently deleted or lost conversations, pictures, and other media. If you’re interested in having your last chat box back again, then follow the given instructions with simple words:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Select “NSModes” and then navigate to “Universal.”
  • Click on “Chat Backup” and then tap “Back Up.”
  • Choose your Google Drive account or Gmail address to secure your backup.
  • Hit “Back Up” and patiently wait for the process to conclude.

NSWhatsApp 3 Update

Keeping NSWhatsApp 3 Orange up-to-date is a breeze. Updates are as essential as having food to live for humans. If you’re not active in your journey, you’ll not be able to explore new things and lessons. Face new challenges and features and understand their uses. To make your application more organized and up-to-date, try to update it whenever you need. Follow these steps for hassle-free updates:

NSWhatsApp 3 Update
Infographics: NSWhatsApp 3 Update

How to Create NSWhatsApp 3 Channel on Android?

Open WhatsApp on your Android device, navigate to the Updates tab, press the plus sign (‘+’), and choose “New channel,” then select “Get Started” and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve finished these steps, click “Create channel,” and your channel will be set up and ready to use. 

How to Create NSWhatsApp 3 Channel on Android?
Infographics: How to Create NSWhatsApp 3 Channel on Android?

You can also change the name later. You can also personalize your channel by adding a description and an icon, which you can add later. You can also upload an image from your phone or the internet to increase its visibility. After you’ve finished these steps, click “Create channel,” and your channel will be ready to go.

How to Create NSWhatsApp3 Community on Android?

You can create a community on NSWhatsApp3 Orange with people who share your interests and communicate with them instantly. You can start a group and extend an invitation to people to join in, contribute ideas, and work together on projects.

Businesses, groups of friends, and other groups that need to maintain contact with their members will find this function especially useful. To manage the group and do tasks like adding and removing members, modifying group information, and more, you can also give specific users admin powers. To create it, look for the given below instructions:

  • Unlock your NSWhatsApp 3 Orange application.
  • Swipe left with your finger four times to address the communities’ page. 
  • Give a click on the “Start your Community” highlight in blue color. 
  • Again click on the “Get Started” button.
  • Give your community a nice name, try the name here.
  • Lastly, select“+ Add group” if you want to add other groups. 
  • You may invite or directly add members with their permissions and you’re done.
How to Create NSWhatsApp3 Community on Android?

You can hold meetings and conversations with other members of your community from anywhere in the world using group chat and video calling. With NSWhatsApp 3 Orange, you can get started creating your community right now!

Pros of NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

  • Provides a range of customization choices, including chat locks, font styles, and themes.
  • Offers advanced privacy and security features, like blue tick hiding and anti-delete media.
  • Enables users to send files in several formats.
  • Include a dark mode and a distinctive user interface.
  • Enables automatic reactions to messages and scheduling of messages.

Cons of NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

  • NSWhatsApp 3 Orange is not an official version of WhatsApp; it is a third-party app.
  • The fact that the software isn’t listed on the Google Play Store raises questions regarding its security.
  • The software reportedly has advertisements, which some users may find troublesome.
  • iOS users cannot download the app; only Android users can do so.
  • It’s possible that some NSWhatsApp 3 Orange features won’t work with the regular WhatsApp.

NSWhatsApp 3 Features

Quick Reaction with Emoji

Emojis allow you to reply to interactions efficiently and expressively without having to type out a whole response. Picking an emoji allows you to answer a message fast without entering a response. This feature makes communication easier and gives your responses a more customized feel.

Quick Reaction with Emoji

Message Scheduler

Arrange for messages to be sent later, automatically scheduling communication to occur on time. You can write messages and arrange a particular day and time for them to be sent automatically using the message scheduler. Sending reminders, birthday wishes, or other time-sensitive communications can be scheduled with this.

Message scheduler

Font Style and Size 

For a more individualized reading experience, adjust the font style and size in NSWhatsApp to your preferences. With the help of this function, you may adjust the font’s size and style within the app to create a reading experience that’s unique to your visual tastes.

Font style and size

Long Status Video

Upload lengthier videos as your status to enable a more in-depth and emotive narrative. This feature gives you greater freedom to express yourself through video content by allowing you to share lengthier videos as your status update, as opposed to the typical status duration limitations.

Long Status Video

 NS3 Auto-Reply

When you’re not actively using NSWhatsApp, the Auto-Reply function keeps you connected by enabling the app to automatically reply to messages. You can program pre-written messages to be delivered in response to incoming messages when Auto-Reply is enabled. This is especially helpful if you are occupied, away on vacation, or otherwise unable to react immediately.

 NS3 Auto-Reply

 Media Sharing

Take advantage of improved multimedia communication and larger file sizes thanks to expanded media-sharing capabilities. The file size restrictions for media sharing are probably increased by this functionality. Compared to the normal WhatsApp constraints, it can enable you to send larger images, movies, or audio files, enabling more thorough and superior media communication.

Media Sharing

 NSWA Widgets

For easy access to NSWhatsApp features, NSWA Widgets provide information and handy shortcuts right on your device’s home screen. Small interactive elements called widgets can be added to the home screen of your smartphone. NSWA Widgets for NSWhatsApp most likely offer fast access to chats, rapid access to particular features, or the ability to view pertinent information without opening the app.

NSWA Widget

 NSWhatsApp 3 Security

Security Options: NSWhatsApp provides multiple security options for locking specific chats, including passwords, patterns, and fingerprints.

  • Password: Users can set a numerical or alphanumeric password.
  • Pattern: Users can set a custom pattern that must be drawn to unlock the chat.
  • Fingerprint: Users can use their device’s fingerprint scanner for added convenience and biometric security.

Users can choose to apply a lock (password, pattern, or fingerprint) to selected chats, preventing unauthorized access to those particular conversations. This can be particularly useful when you want to keep certain chats confidential, even if someone gains access to your device.

 NSWhatsApp 3 Security


This function keeps your NSWhatsApp account from being blocked, allowing you to continue using it safely and without interruption. Through the use of techniques that avoid detection by WhatsApp’s official systems, this function is intended to keep your NSWhatsApp account from getting banned. It seeks to prevent behaviors that can result in account suspension while preserving the functionality of the altered app.

Disable Forward Tag 

You can distribute content without making it obvious that it was passed by removing the “Forwarded” tag from messages. The typical “Forwarded” tag that shows a message was forwarded from another conversation gets deleted when you forward it. Sharing stuff without indicating where it came from can benefit from this.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

You have the option to read communications secretly because blue ticks won’t show up until after you respond. The sender of a message you receive won’t see blue ticks, which show that you’ve read it until you respond. You can read messages with this functionality without alerting the sender to your presence.

 Set My Name

This feature lets you personalize your display name so you may show yourself the way you want to. You can probably set a unique display name that your contacts can see with this feature. It offers a certain level of customization by letting you display a name other than the one linked to your WhatsApp account when presenting yourself.

Profile picture Wallpaper

Make your profile photo your wallpaper to give the home screen of your smartphone a unique look. This feature gives your home screen a distinctive and customized appearance by enabling you to set your profile image as the device’s wallpaper.

See View Once Unlimited Time

With this function, you can view photographs that are scheduled to vanish after one view for as long as you choose. This feature eliminates the time limit for viewing, in contrast to the regular “view once” option, which usually permits a single view before disappearing. You can view an image as many times as you’d like without it expiring if someone sends you one with the “See View Once Unlimited Time” option.

Story Style

Share updates and special moments with your contacts in a distinctive and captivating story-style format. “Story Style” lets you send pictures or movies that vanish after a certain period, much like the narratives feature in other messaging apps. Users can see your updates in a way that reads like a tale. 

Hide the Date and Name 

To give your communications an additional degree of security, hide the sender’s name and date. When enabled, this feature makes talks less apparent and improves privacy by hiding the sender’s name and timestamp from messages.

Last Vision

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange has a strong vibe full of effects and colors. Its color and design attract the users and viewers. The first thing everyone requires is privacy and this application gives personal space to all users and takes care of their personal information. With appealing looks and aesthetic layout, this application wins the hearts of users and makes a space in their lives. Its approach is adaptable and easy to understand. All features having specific qualities are part of it as in-built functions. 

Many of us are obsessed with aggressive themes, there are numerous options to select your desirable theme. It has a catchy color scheme to show your creativity as you want. You may access different customizations for chats, home pages, and other pages. NSWhatsApp 3 Orange presents itself as an attractive alternative to the old official WhatsApp experience for users who value customization and want a unique messaging experience.

Our Thoughts about NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

Having experience with NSWhatsApp 3 Orange for the past three years, I can confidently satisfied with its game-changing impact. This platform has not only allowed me to improve the security of my profile but also enabled me to fully enjoy its massive range of features. NSWhatsApp 3 Orange has changed my messaging experience into a personalized and secure journey. Now, it has become my top recommendation for those who are seeking a unique and enhanced messaging environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can download and use it without cost at all.

No, it is currently only compatible with Android-powered smartphones.

No. Using this app carries no danger of getting banned from WhatsApp.

Indeed, you can utilize your current WhatsApp account on NSWhatsApp.

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