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WA Aero APK Download Latest Version 10.76 and 24.13.79 (19 July)

In this blog, we are going to alert you to a well-known and secure WA Aero application that is the only solution to all your problems. “WA Aero” application was developed by a graceful and intelligent personality, “Bozkurt Hazar.”. Hats off to this person because he did so well in the design of this app. Whether we talk about features, customized options, functionalities, enhancements, or layout, this application is the cherry on top as compared to other third-party modified applications.

This guide is moving towards the explanation and detail of WA Aero. We’ll inform you of the basic introduction, requirements, launching procedures, updates, final thoughts, and FAQs. We ensure you deliver all the possible answers to your queries and try our best to clear your doubts. So stay with us and let’s begin:

WA Aero Specifications

APK NameWA Aero
APK Version10.76 & 24.13.79
Android Version5.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1 Million+

WA Aero Hazar Introduction

WA Aero Hazar is an application that is used to convey our messages, memories, and thoughts to our friends, families, and others. Aero WA Hazar is called so because it was developed by “Bozkurt Hazar. This application works as a communicator between us and our relatives. As many of us are familiar with GBWhatsAppWhatsApp Aero, and NSWhatsApp applications, this application is exactly like these applications but with more functionalities. Don’t worry; we’ll explain all its features in detail. This is the best option for all official WhatsApp users who are bored with simple layouts.

WA Aero Download Requirements

What do we need to do to download any application? Exactly! A smartphone with a higher model, a good internet connection, a Wi-Fi modem or router, and knowledge about research and trusted websites. These requirements are enough to download the WA Aero application on your phone. The difficulty you may face is finding a well-executed website but we’ll also share our experience and thoughts to recommend a better website that claims to keep your personal information safe from hackers. The name of the website is “apkdon.net.”

Download WA Aero iOS

WA Aero offers a user-friendly and easy procedure for its downloading. Initially, understand all the basic steps to downloading, and then we’ll talk about the installation. As the word “download” explains, the meaning itself is that the loading is part of it. Follow the given guide with patience. Let’s start our downloading journey:

Download WA Aero iOS
Infographics: Download WA Aero iOS

Step 01: Open Your Search Engine

Many search engine applications can be used to get information from the internet, such as Google, Internet, Bing, etc. Select any search engine that you can access easily. Click it and open your browser.

Step 02: Visit the Don of APK Website

Type apkdon.net in the search bar of your browser and click “Enter” to approach it. It can take a few seconds, depending on your internet speed. As good as it would be, less time will be required to reach its page. 

Step 03: Search WA Aero

Now, you can see the main page of the website with a magnifying mirror-shaped icon at the top of the page. Click on it, type WA Aero, and press enter. This search bar shows you all the possible similar results regarding your queries. Give it a click on the matched result blog. 

Step 4: Press the Download Aero WA Button

Read all the instructions and rules to download the Aero WA application on your phone. Scroll down and look for the “Download Button” with the updated version. Click on the button to download your app.

Step 05: Have Patience

It takes time to complete the download. It ends at 100%, so have patience and wait until it finishes. Your new application has been successfully downloaded to your phone. 

WA Aero Installation Guide

The Aero WA application has a complete procedure for installation. This guide includes installation, verification, and profile setup. The step-by-step guide is going to be discussed in the sequence below. Follow the instructions smoothly. Let’s get started:

WA Aero Installation Guide
Infographics: WA Aero Installation Guide

Locate Your APK WA Aero File

Start by locating the downloaded APK file on your phone. Check your “File Manager” or “File Explorer.” Open it and find the “APK” option. Click on “APK” and again click on the recently downloaded file for APK Aero WA. 

Install & Open Aero WA

“Install. Click on the file and press “Install.”. Again, click on the “Open” option to resume your procedure. If you click on “Cancel” by mistake, then you can’t see other new steps. Revise your steps again after locating your file.

Allow Access to Manage All Files

Everyone knows Aero WA is a third-party modified version that is not available on the Google Play Store so you have to permit it to be installed by unknown sources. It can be risky but if you download it from a well-reputed website, then you’re in a safe zone. Allow or enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

Select the Language

In initializing, select the language you want to use. Always choose the language; you can easily get it. In my perspective, try to select your native or national language related to your zone or area. If that particular language option is not adaptable, then go with the “English” language. The reason behind the choice of the English language is that it’s a worldwide language.

Enter Your Phone Number

In this step, your active phone number is required. This application asks you to enter your phone number correctly. The right method to enter your number is to set your country code first. For example, the United Arab Emirates has +971 and Pakistan has +92 country codes. So, select your country code, skip the very first digit of your number, and start typing from the second digit. 

Get Verified

The query is: Why do we enter a number? Let me tell you, the number is the basis of your communication. Without a number, you can’t contact others. So, the number is for two purposes: first, easy, it’s the basic requirement to connect with people and second is to get verified. The procedure of verification is easy peasy, lemon squeezy. You simply have to receive a call or message to get a to6-digit code. Get that specific number code and apply it in the code section. Your verification is complete now. If it doesn’t work, then try again or change the number and use the other one.

Approve the Terms & Conditions

Agree and continue all the rules and regulations they want. Allow all the permissions to start your application. Don’t be afraid to accept the necessities. Your personal information and data are secured. So accept all the cookies.

Set Your Profile

Add a picture from your gallery or photos. Select the pencil icon, tap on your favorite picture, and click done. The picture will be automatically set on your profile. Type your name in the profile, add a unique username, and caption in the About section. Finally, you’re out of there!

Link WA Aero

Connecting WA Aero to another device is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Open Aero WA on your main device with WA Aero.
  • Click on the profile pic located near the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Find “Linked Devices” in settings and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Link a device”
  • A QR code scanner will appear. On the other device, open WhatsApp web in a browser.
  • Scan the QR code on your main device using the second device.

Wait for the scanning to finish. Once done, both devices are linked. Now you can use WhatsApp Aero on both devices simultaneously. Keep your main device connected to the internet for everything to work smoothly. If anything changes, check the app’s instructions for the most accurate info.

WA Aero Mod Updates

Why do we need to update any application? Updates mean new functions are added to your previous version to make it better and more secure. Developers make changes and add new functions that meet demands and are required as needed. Many factors depend on the applications so to maintain the flow of activation, they fix all the errors and add new technologies. To check whether you’re an updated version user or having the old one, follow below simple steps:

  • Open WA Aero main screen. Find three dots on the main screen which are located at the top right side. Press Aero MOD.
  • Click on Updates.
  • From there click on Check for Updates.

If you are using an old version, you will be directed to the website page to download the latest version. If you are using the latest version, then a pop-up notification will appear saying that your version is up-to-date.

WA Aero APK Mod Features

Auto-Reply on WA Aero

Auto-reply is an automatic reply to all new contact members. This helps with our busy schedule, while we are working in our office, college, or school. Click on the auto-reply, set the message or answer you want to send, and save it in your application. When a new member sends you a message, this automatic responder will send your saved message to your sender within a few seconds.

Auto-Reply on WA Aero

Message Scheduler on WA Aero

Message Scheduler is a convenient feature offered by the Aero WA application, allowing users to plan and schedule messages to be sent at specific times in the future. This feature is useful to remind you of special occasions like birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, wedding commitments, etc. So set your schedule and enjoy this feature with the flexibility of time.

Message Scheduler on WA Aero

DND (Do Not Disturb)

DND (Do Not Disturb) mode is a valuable feature that restricts others from calling you or sending you messages. The sender will get a notification that the receiver is offline. This DND mode stops the calls and messages and makes your life tension-free. In this way, you can focus on your work or meetings. After that, you can disable it in your free time to enjoy the communication.

DND (Do Not Disturb)

Hide Blue Ticks

The “Hide blue tick” feature in the Aero WA application can hide your privacy. This is the symbol of not reading the messages. This feature is especially for those who disturb you and interrupt your time and work. You can avoid them and enjoy your personal space. This setting is adaptable for individuals too. Start using it today and live your life fully.

Hide Blue Ticks

Privacy and Security

The Aero WA application offers enhanced privacy features to users, allowing them to have greater control over who sees their activity. This includes options to manage visibility settings for profile information, status updates, and online presence. Users can adjust these settings according to their preferences, ensuring a more secure and personalized messaging experience. With these privacy controls, users can maintain their confidentiality and protect their personal information from unauthorized access.

Privacy and Security


Emojis are graphical representations of emotions to express your mood swings and gestures. You can appreciate someone with applause and excited emojis. It’s a visual representation of your mood. Express love, happiness, sadness, excitement, and much more. There are a lot of options for luxurious lifestyles, weather conditions, animals, and country representations that you can share easily. The search option is also accessible for everyone to save time. If you want to explore more emojis, then you can visit different websites on Google.


Personalization is a key aspect of communication. This is the easiest method to show your opinion with just one click. If you double-click on the sender message, a thumbs-up pops up to show your agreement. As it is, you can use any emoji and tag it with the message, but you can’t use two gestures at a time. The best feature of personalization is that it is the shortest way to convey your vision.

Send Images in Full-Resolution

Users of the Aero WA program can choose to send full-resolution photographs when sharing them. In other words, the original clarity and detail of the images are preserved during transmission since there is no compression or quality loss. Users can present their work in the best possible light by sending images in full resolution when sharing photos, artwork, or other visual content. It improves the recipients’ entire viewing experience and makes sure that photos appear their best when shared with loved ones.

Hide Status

Users of the WA Aero application can choose to keep their online status private by using the “Hide status” feature. As a result, other users won’t be able to determine the user’s last activity date or whether they are now online. Users can browse and talk more privately without disclosing their availability to others by masking their status. With the use of this function, users can converse privately and at their leisure without feeling compelled to answer right away. It contributes to a more cozy and customized user experience by improving privacy and control over one’s online presence within the messaging app.

Disable Message Forwarding

By enabling users to opt out of message forwarding, the Aero WA program helps to ensure a safer and more dependable information flow by stopping the spread of false information. Users cannot forward messages they receive within the app to other contacts or groups while this feature is enabled. Limiting the forwarding function allows users to lessen the possibility of misleading information, rumors, or pranks spreading far and wide. This feature promotes a more responsible approach to communication inside the messaging platform by encouraging users to confirm the accuracy of information before sharing it.

Share Unlimited Image Files at Once

Users can easily send several image files in a single message with the Aero WA program. This feature saves users time and effort by streamlining the sharing process, especially when sharing several images with friends, family, or coworkers. Users can choose and share numerous photographs at once within a single mail thread, saving time compared to sending each image individually. This improves productivity and ease of use, facilitating users’ and hassle-free sharing of memories, moments, or visual information with others.

Final Verdict

The WA Aero application has heart-stealing power that can attract you easily. My recommendation is always in a positive sense in favor of this application. We’ve discussed all the basic and possible aspects and tried our level best to convey the right method of using it. Grip on the customization and advanced technologies to beat the official WhatsApp. Read the frequently asked questions to clear your doubts. Unlock new functionalities today and live the experience fully.


You may use Aero WA to enable end-to-end encryption, which makes sure that your media files and communications are safe and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. To further safeguard your privacy, Aero WA does not keep user data on servers.

It’s crucial to remember that end-to-end encryption is not a complete security solution. For instance, if an attacker gains access to the sender’s or recipient’s device, they can still read the messages and hear the calls.

Yes. On Android smartphones, you can read WhatsApp messages. I have viewed and kept track of conversations in my WhatsApp account using a variety of phone apps, including WhatsRemoved, WhatsMonitor, and NotiMonitor. 

It is not safe to use WA Aero. It’s a customized version of WhatsApp that may put your account at risk of suspension and provide security threats. For a safer experience, go with the official WhatsApp app.

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