MBWhatsApp Download Latest Version 1.1 (09 June)

A popular messaging program that was released recently is called MBWhatsApp. Red WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, and other third-party programs are comparable to the MB WhatsApp app. The latest improved version of the official WhatsApp is called MBWA. Thousands of customizable themes, color variations, icon upgrades, and private chat conversation hiding are all included in this software.

MBWhatsApp is an application that requires 80MB to download. We are going to explore multiple features, its downloading procedure, installation, and other essential guidelines. We will try our best to provide you with positive instructions that may able to clarify your all doubts and confusion. Let’s dive into the brief details:

MBWhatsApp Specifications

APK NameMBWhatsApp APK
APK Version1.1
Android Version7.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

MB WhatsApp APK Introduction

MB WhatsApp – a communication app, which provides users with a defined experience of talking that resolves thousands of people’s problems within the same application. This application contains amazing possibilities like sending voice notes, video messages, audio calls, and other sharing material. It includes several customization options, icon styles, font designs, color enhancements, theme selection, and a few others.

MBWhatsApp was developed by Stephanie who has been working on this application from last many years since to launch. The personality of the great developer is just remarkable as it introduced MB WhatsApp. This app has such phenomenal enhancements that win everyone’s hearts and fulfill upcoming users’ needs well.

MBWA APK Vs Official WhatsApp

MBWhatsApp and Official WhatsApp work similarly likewise convey messages to other members but MB WhatsApp has a more personalized experience journey rather than the Official. Official WhatsApp has a simple layout and smooth procedure to use. On the other hand, MBWA includes various settings of enhancements and features that may figure out all possible factors of editing.

MBWhatsApp provides the opportunity to customize the app look in your desired way by changing the icons, colors, fonts, themes, and styles. Our recommendations about MB WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp are quite different. If you’re a novice and do not have enough idea to use the app then, choose Official WhatsApp otherwise, the best decision is MBWA.

Requirements to Install MBWhatsApp

The requirements of MBWhatsApp are pretty accessible. You don’t need to purchase any kind of new stuff. The already available things are enough to go. The easily fulfilled requirements are mentioned below:

  • Your Android must have more than a 7.0 version.
  • An active internet connection is essential.
  • Internet connection could be Wi-Fi or other internet package.
  • Have enough knowledge about APK sites.
  • Read or learn the method of downloading first.

Download MB WhatsApp

You must have these requirements to install MB WhatsApp. This application can be accessed in a few simple steps. Before proceeding with the download process, make sure to review the requirements. Examine the steps provided and make sure you follow them exactly. Now let’s explore:

Download MBWhatsApp
Infographics: Download MBWhatsApp

Step 1: Search the MB WhatsApp

Use the search engine that is available to you. Downloading Bing or any other app is not necessary. Chrome and Google are simple fixes. Start by entering “apkdon.net” into the search bar on Google or Chrome to find this reliable website.

Step2: Enter MB WhatsApp

This is the main page of this website that you are currently seeing. Locate the search bar. This website has multiple versions of the APK, so you can’t find your favorite one. Thus, input “MB WhatsApp” into the search bar. Choose the most recent and desired version from the list of alternatives.

Step 3: Get the Download Started

Go to the particular blog and take a quick look around. To start the downloading process, click the “Download” button. To take advantage of the newest features and enhancements, make sure you are downloading the most recent version.

Step 4: Select Your Saved File

If it prompts you to choose the file location so that your file is safe, do as you please. To make it easier to access, you can store your profile in an APK folder. The “File Manager” app contains the APK folder.

Step 5: Wait for Completion

Give the download time to finish. This can take a few moments, depending on how fast your internet is. Make sure you have a strong internet connection before continuing. Choose a location with a strong signal connection.

Install MBWhatsApp Latest Version

The MBWhatsApp application has a thorough installation procedure. This guide covers installation, verification, and setting up profiles. The following is the sequence in which the step-by-step tutorial will be covered. Simple to follow the instructions. Let’s now discuss:

Install MBWhatsApp Latest Version
Infographics: Install MBWhatsApp Latest Version

Step 1: Launch the MBWA file

Open the APK file after the download is complete. Usually, this file shows up in the download folder on your device or at the place you selected when you started the download. Location is very important for downloading.

Step 2: Install MBWhatsApp  Latest Version

Click “Install” once the file has been chosen. Click “Open” once more to proceed with your procedure. If you unintentionally select “Cancel,” more stages won’t show up. After you’ve found your file, go back and evaluate what you did.

Step 3: Allow Access to Files

You must allow unknown sources to install MBWhatsApp since, as you are all aware, it is a customized version from a third party that isn’t available on the Google Play Store. You’re in a safe position if you obtain it from a reliable source, but it could still be deadly. Permit to or activate the “Unknown Sources” option.

Step 4: Select Your Language

Select the language you wish to initialize in. Choose a language that you can comprehend at all times. Attempt, in my opinion, to select the national language of the country you are in or your original language. If that particular language option isn’t flexible enough, choose “English.”

Step 5: Put Your Phone Number

For the time being, we need your operational phone number. To utilize this program, your phone number must be entered correctly. Entering your number correctly involves first setting your country code. For example, the United Arab Emirates has +971 country codes, and Pakistan has +92 country codes. Select your country code and start typing your phone number from the second digit, ignoring the first.

Step 6: Make a Verification Request

Let me tell you, the number is the cornerstone of your conversation. Without a number, you are unable to interact with other people. As a result, the number has two purposes. First, it’s basic and required for social interaction. Second, it’s utilized for verification. Verification is an easy, quick procedure. To get a six-digit code, all you have to do is get a call or message. Get that specific code and input it into the code field. The process of verification is now complete. Try it again if it doesn’t work.

Step 7: Accept the Terms and Conditions

Accept all the requirements or asked and regulations they want. Give access to all rules to launch your application. Accepting what is necessary is acceptable. Your personal information and data are secure. Okay, then, accept every single cookie.

Step 8: Edit Your Profile

Upload a picture or a collection of images. After selecting the pencil icon and tapping the desired image, click “Done.” An automatic profile picture will be set for you. Add a caption and a distinctive username to the “About” box, then fill in the profile with your name. At last, you’re no longer there!

Step 9: Enjoy Your MBWhatsApp

You’re finally done. You are now using the main interface. Try the upcoming and most sophisticated features offered by MBWhatsApp. You can get in touch with us whenever you have questions or notice any changes to the installation procedure. In 48 to 72 hours, we will resolve your problem.

MBWhatsApp Ios

Using WhatsApp Mods like MBWhatsApp on iOS can be challenging due to Apple’s strict security and app policies. Here are two primary methods: one involves jailbreaking your device, and the other does not.

Method 1: Jailbreaking and Using Cydia

  • Jailbreak Your Device: This voids your warranty and poses security risks. Proceed with caution. Use a trusted jailbreak tool like unc0ver or checkra1n compatible with your iOS version.
  • Install Cydia: Cydia usually installs automatically during the jailbreak. If not, follow instructions specific to your jailbreak tool.
  • Add a Repository: Open Cydia, go to “Sources,” tap “Edit,” then “Add.” Enter a repository URL that hosts WhatsApp mods (e.g., https://example-repo.com).
  • Install MB WhatsApp: Search for MBWA in the added repository and install it.
  • Set Up MBWhatsApp: Open MBWhatsApp and set it up with your phone number.

Method 2: Without Jailbreak

  • Download AltStore: Visit the AltStore website and follow the instructions to install it on your computer and iOS device.
  • Install AltStore on Your Device: Connect your device to your computer, open AltServer, and install AltStore.
  • Trust AltStore in Settings > General > Device Management.
  • Get the MB WhatsApp IPA File: Download the MB WhatsApp IPA file from a trusted source.
  • Install MBWA via AltStore: Open AltStore, tap the + icon, and select the downloaded MB WhatsApp IPA file.
  • AltStore will sign and install the app.
  • Trust the App: Go to Settings > General > Device Management and trust the MB WhatsApp profile.
  • Set Up MBWhatsApp: Open MBWhatsApp and register it with your phone number.

MBWhatsApp Update

There is a procedure for updating each APK modification. Update your original WhatsApp three times a year to keep up with all the new features and releases. It is the same as when you first download the program from the internet to update it. Let’s consider how:

MBWhatsApp Update
Infographics: MBWhatsApp Update

When you launch the WhatsApp app, the home screen will have three dots. Click the dots to open the second point of possibilities. Click “Updates” to see the next three options for upcoming procedures. You can confirm it first if you’re already using the most recent version. If not, select the final option to update it online.

Backup and Restore Your MBWhatsApp APK

As discussed previously, the new procedure is still the same. Nothing needs to be modified other than to get closer to the exact configuration. Simply open the WhatsApp app, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and choose Settings to get the backup and restore option. After selecting the restore option from updates from the backup & restore option, your files won’t be restored right away. Your download will start here and terminate when it reaches 100%.

The procedure is restoring your chats, media, and data. This feature allows you to recover your deleted data. Even if you’re thinking of transferring your chats, you can still use this feature here. If you are thinking about having a backup of your recent conversations then, go to the same page and choose the backup option. You will always have access to a backup of all of your recent conversations and photos.

WhatsApp MB for PC

To create a secure connection using a QR code scanner between MBWhatsApp and your PC, follow the steps. Open MB WhatsApp on your phone and choose the default settings. On the other hand, switch on your computer, launch the browser, and type in Google or web.WhatsApp.com. Choose “WhatsApp Web” from the first webpage that loads.

As soon as you access the page on your PC, a QR code will appear on the screen. Go back to your phone. After bringing up the options, select “Linked Devices.” A new scanner will ask to detect codes when it first opens. Use the PC’s QR code scanner to connect to the QR code from your phone.

Using the QR code scanner on your PC, it detects the code to create an automated connection with MBWA on your phone. Enjoy MBWhatsApp’s synchronization on your PC, which allows you to keep messages, data, and conversations securely on two devices.

WhatsApp MB Broadcast

Using the broadcast feature, you can send the same message to several recipients at once. Businesses can send repeated messages to the same users by collecting lists of contacts into broadcast lists. Messages from your broadcast list show up as ordinary messages for recipients on the Chats page. Their answer will appear as a standard one-to-one chat message rather than being sent to other contacts in the “Broadcast List.”

You may secretly message multiple contacts at once with WhatsApp MB by using its broadcast list. It is similar to emailing addresses on a list of recipients’ personalized messages. With just one click, you can deal with your members confidentially through the hassle-free path of broadcasting. To compile a list of broadcasts:

Open WhatsApp MB and select the Chats tab. Click on the “New Chat” icon. Choose “New Broadcast.” Add contacts to the broadcast list. Tap “Create” to build the broadcast list. Messages sent individually to the broadcast list will be received by each recipient. This tool helps remind and inform friends, relatives, and coworkers without creating a group.

MBWhatsApp Features


WhatsApp Auto Reply allows users to compose and send automated responses to incoming messages. It supports more efficient communication management for professionals and companies, especially when managing a high volume of messages or addressing communications outside of usual office hours. It can also be helpful for private use in some situations, such as when you are unable to immediately respond to messages.

App Lock

To safeguard your privacy, use MBWhatsApp App Lock feature. Use secure encryption methods, such as passwords, patterns, and fingerprints, to protect your communications. This is an essential security feature that lets you control and protect the privacy of your discussions. To increase protection and privacy, apply the built-in app lock feature to your chats.

Calling Unknown Numbers

To message or call someone using official WhatsApp, you must first save their number in your contact list. However, you may now simply text or call someone without adding their number to your contact list thanks to the upgrade to MB WhatsApp. This feature is useful when you need to make a quick call and don’t want to add more numbers to your contact list. By eliminating the need to save a number before placing a call, it saves time.

Message Schedule

The message scheduling feature of MBWhatsApp has won over many users. The issue of forgetting to reply to messages when corresponding with friends is addressed. To solve this problem and guarantee timely responses without being rude to others, the developers have included a feature that allows users to program and automatically send messages at fixed times. This useful application helps users stay on top of their chats and prevents them from forgetting to react.

Sharing Media on MBWhatsApp

This feature is the most popular and is requested by all. One of my interests is using this capacity to rapidly express my happiness to those I love. Use the highest resolution possible to improve the color and clarity of the memories. Movies, photos, and other urgent files can be exchanged with a few easy steps. Sending long films is also a breeze with this capability.

Freezing Last Seen

This feature lets you change what you last saw if you’re online. Freezing on WhatsApp refers to removing your online identity. You can enable or stop this application from within the WhatsApp application settings. You will be able to disable recipients’ and contact members’ access to your most recent activity if you enable this feature. Every time you enable this function, the time of your last seen will be frozen and displayed in your profile bio.

My Perspective

Try out a variety of apps to improve your application experience. The amazing MBWhatsApp app has the potential to have quick communication in terms of experience. It was an amazing year for me using this application. You may immediately try this application by following the instructions on this website. Keep learning and applying. In my opinion, I recommend you try it once. Have a great experience.

Last Verdict

The MBWhatsApp APK is effortlessly a wonderful piece of software that provides you with numerous exciting extra capabilities that the original WhatsApp does not. Even though it isn’t the official version, it is still far better than the original because it gives users a better experience and an endless amount of unlocked features. This APK app can only be downloaded from the specified URL. The Play Store does not allow the installation of this file. So, if you want more capabilities, download MB WhatsApp install it today, and try all of its incredible features.


For months now, I’ve been using the application for work, and I never had any problems. I’m hoping you’ll be safe using the features as well.

Yes, it works perfectly on an iPhone and an Android device.

Yes, you can get your WhatsApp backup immediately.

No, there are no such requirements to root your mobile to install MBWhatsApp.

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