OB2WhatsApp Download Latest Version 60.0 (17 July)

Are you an explorer of new things? If yes, then consider current versions that are in trend; stay with us. An example of a new APK mod is OB2WhatsApp. This application has 100+ built-in features that are easy to use and free of charge. In this blog, we’ll delightfully discuss the main features and other procedures, along with guidelines for using them appropriately. 

OBWhatsApp 2 has a second stylish name in Arabic “Al-Wardi”. Its Arabic name is very stylish and was created because of its developer, Omar. Omar belongs to the Arabic language and he designed this application and gave it a name as a signature. Let’s learn how to use this application:

OB2WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameOB2WhatsApp
APK Version60.0
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads3 Million+

OB2WhatsApp APK Introduction

OB2WhatsApp specially known as third-party modification for users to enhance their styles and give a boost to their experiences. To make it unique as compared to others, the developer added a new pink color touch to this application for a more visible appeal. OB2 WhatsApp is the second type of OBWhatsApp which has added new and unseen features. It can attract viewers directly and compel them to use it because of its enhancements. 

An Al-Wardi (Pink) application with a unique and understandable layout is available on this website. More usage of OB2WhatsApp will unlock more features and settings for you to take advantage of fully. Over time, you’ll experience more and more functionalities. You can download it from our website if you’re a big fan of creativity. 

OB2 WhatsApp Requirements

Requirements mean to ask for, need for, and acquire. What things do you need in your next downloading procedure? Here, we’ll engage in proper detail of required strong matches that are compulsory for your downloading and installing process. Hopefully, you’ll find all these things already in your zone and you don’t need to purchase. So, the simple requirements are:

OB2WhatsApp Requirments
Infographics: OB2 WhatsApp Requirements

Mobile Phone

As we already know, our main source to get in touch with others is a phone. But telling you about the phone is important. You need to understand first that a good Android phone with user-friendly software is a basic need. You can’t proceed with your method of installation without a well-known model. And of course, you’ll have it. 

Internet Connection/Wi-Fi

Likewise, for Android or any smartphone, an active and strong internet connection is required too. Your procedure will not work properly if your area has no facility for good signals. No internet or low signal issue may cause errors in your downloading. However, your process can be stopped due to a lack of signal connection.

Knowledge About Trusted Websites

Due to third-party participation, it’s not grabable from the Google Play Store. Gain knowledge about reliable websites that allow you to download OB2WhatsApp from their given links. Most links are not authentic which can cause spamming. Additionally, apkdon.net is a reliable option for you to negotiate your journey.

Download OB2WhatsApp

After completing the loading to 100% and appearing of OB2WhatsApp means downloading. The downloading procedure starts from where you get your app link and ends with 100% loading. This procedure is completed in a short interval of time and requires no effort. You simply focus on the given requirements and follow the upcoming easy instructions. Let’s immerse ourselves in:

Download OB2WhatsApp
Infographics: Download OB2WhatsApp

Open Chrome

Chrome or any other browser is required for your application. OB2WhatsApp app can’t get from the Google Play Store. You need to move towards websites that offer download links. So, for this, open your Chrome application.

Click on the Search Bar

The “Q” shape icon is located on the top of the page in the right corner. Click on it to search your favorite website of APK Mod. The keyboard or typing board pops up. You can type the name easily or whatever you want to search.

Type apkdon.net

This website is accessible easily on your Web Browser. Type the name of the website and search for your favorite application, like OB2WhatsApp, in the website’s search bar. All APK Mod applications are available on it. Unlock the access of your choice and open the relevant blog.

Touch the Download Button

Read the guidelines carefully in this blog and scroll down or to the top to get the “Download Button.” Click on it and start your downloading process. Stay connected until it gets completed. After that, a new app is successfully installed on your phone. 

Your download ends here. As you’re already on this page, download your application and then see the other instructions for installation that are mentioned below. Go and check for further guidelines. You can also download AG2WhatsApp and Pink WhatsApp having the same pink color interface. So it is your choice which Mod you want to use.

Install OB2WhatsApp Apk

If you would like to switch from the current WhatsApp chat app, you should move all of your visits and data to OB2WhatsApp. Keeping this in mind, I will now walk you through the process of introducing OB2 WhatsApp and securely transferring all of the data associated with the messaging app. Let’s now discuss installing it:

Install OB2WhatsApp Apk
Infographics: Install OB2WhatsApp APK

Step 1: Open the APK file

Select the OBWhatsApp 2 APK software file that you just finished from the notification bar. If you swiped the file from the notification bar at that moment, use your “File Manager” to access it. After choosing the “File Manager” app, open the APK folder, and pick the freshly downloaded file.

Step 2: Install OB2WhatsApp

To start the application’s installation, click the file and choose “Install.” Your installation will be complete in just one second. If you inadvertently hit “Cancel,” go back and read the preceding guidelines again.

Step 3: Launch a Fresh Application

Select “Open” at this time. Your application’s installation will now be complete. To continue with the verification process, read the remaining steps now. These extra instructions are listed below.

Step 4: Give Permission to Access All Files on the System

It is necessary to grant access to all files for OBWhatsApp 2 to function correctly on your phone. The app can manage the required data, such as chats and photographs, thanks to this permission. Without it, OB2WhatsApp might not be able to perform as intended, which could cause problems with installation.

Step 5: Choose a Language

It’s time to choose your language of speech; stick to your tongue or nation. If you don’t have access to your native Punjabi language, “English” is the best recommended language to talk in. It speaks multiple languages, so click “English” and press the arrow symbol.

Step 6: Agree and Continue

After choosing “Agree and Continue,” you can choose “Backup and Restore” to make a backup of the earlier exchanges. Wait for your backup; the conversations you had before will remain in your new OBWhatsApp 2.

Step 7: Type Number and Country Code

Should everything be completed accurately, a fresh verification page will appear. It will ask for your active phone number. After selecting your country code, enter your phone number and select it without the first digit. Here’s where you can find your country code. Press “Next.”

Step 8: Check Your Device’s OTP

Choose your preferred method of receiving your OTP code, and it will authenticate your phone number. Call or message options are available. After obtaining your OTP, fill in the six provided blanks with it. Click a different approach if you encounter any errors, and once everything is finished, click “Verify.”

Step 9: Modify Your Online Profile

By selecting edit (pencil-shaped icon), you may add a profile image to make your profile look trendier. Choose a desired image from your gallery, then click “Done.” For identification purposes, provide your name in your bio. Emojis are also an option to use (optionally).

OB2WhatsApp Update

OB2WhatsApp has new updates after a while. The update is the key to being alert about upcoming functionalities and enhancements. To make your WhatsApp application unique and full of functionalities, you just need to update it when it asks for it. To make your application updated:

Open your OB2 WhatsApp application and approach the first page named as “Home Page”. Tap on the three vertical dots that are decorated beautifully in the top-right corner. Click on it and press “OB Setting” and click on “Updates”. Now, click on “check for updates” to verify whether you’re using the current version or the old one. Verify it and then, you can update your application by clicking on “Web Download.”

Again download it as it has already been mentioned above. You can follow the same procedure as given to download it again. Without changing the procedure, update it. Within almost three clicks, you can make it possible.

OB2WhatsApp Update

Backup of Your Chats

Open WhatsApp 2 allows you to back up your last chats. You can restore all your charts that have been deleted while you are working and you want to change your WhatsApp on another application like OBWhatsApp 2. So, you need to transfer your chats or you can give the same number that you are using before to restore your chats.

It’s easily available on this application to back up your chats; simply follow the given guide. Open your WhatsApp application and click on the three dots located in the top right corner, then select “OBSettings.” Now, click on the backup and restore option. When you click on the backup and restore option, your chats will start to recover.

It will take a few moments to complete it, but after its completion, when it reaches 100%, your chat will be restored successfully. This is how you can back up your charts and appropriately restore your data.

Backup of Your Chats

OB2WhatsApp Features

Auto Reply in OB2WhatsApp

Auto-reply is a feature that provides you the opportunity to send messages to your receiver automatically whether you are offline or busy at work and are not available at that time to respond, you can use this feature. You can customize your messages, which are also known as auto-replies or auto-messages. Customize your auto-reply message one hour after you are free it will help you with your busy schedule.

Auto Reply in OB2WhatsApp

Holy Quran and Islamic Editions

This application launched a new feature named “Holy Quran and Islamic Additions” In this feature, you can read the Islamic book Holy Quran and other Islamic novels or books. This feature is specifically designed for OB2WhatsApp. As we have already mentioned its developer belongs to an Arabic country so it prefers to add this feature to its newly launched application.

Holy Quran and Islamic Editions

OB2 Privacy and security

Privacy is a serious issue that everyone faces in this advanced world. Because of the common concern that everyone has. We need our privacy and security in our matters. We don’t want anyone to interrupt us so we want to make our lives more private OB2 WhatsApp introduces this feature. Now, you can send messages and voice notes privately. You can lock your chat within a few seconds; don’t answer your privacy.

OB2 Privacy and security

Edit Your Sent Messages in OB2

This feature is the most beneficial for all users. Everyone can use it free of charge. This feature can change your spoken words. Sometimes you are angry and send the wrong messages. After that, you realize you should change your words. In this condition, this provides you the opportunity to retype your messages.

Simply click on the message and hold it for a second, and a new icon will pop up on the screen. Click on the three dots, press the “edit” option to retype the message that you want to send, and press the sent button again.

Edit Your Sent Messages in OB2

Icon Customization

OBWhatsApp 2 application has a feature in which you can change the icon of your WhatsApp. In “OBSetting,” there are a lot of options for icons that are available. You can change icons according to your choice. You can style it your way. Icons enhance the layout and the theme of the application. You can also customize text bar icons in your conversations. Customize your application to give it a better look than the old one.

Icon Customization

Problems and Solutions

I have never seen this type of feature even in other famous applications. If you are a beginner, then you are not familiar with the layout of this application. Probably, you will face new problems and can’t find a solution. To solve this problem, OB2 WhatsApp introduced a search feature to interact with them directly.

This feature gives a hint according to its name that you can ask questions about your problems and can get solutions to those problems easily. Ask your current problem and wait for the right reply to apply it.

Problems and Solutions

Clear Temporary WhatsApp Files

Most of the time we have a lot of unnecessary files in WhatsApp these files are just temporary, and you don’t need to have them longer. But most people do not care about these extra files. Deleting the unnecessary files one by one is a tough task so you have to use this function to solve this problem.

You can use this picture weatherman to clear all the temporary WhatsApp files; it will save you time and space. To maintain the exact speed of your WhatsApp application, try to delete all unnecessary files once within a week.

Clear Temporary WhatsApp Files

Final Thoughts

Open WhatsApp 2 is the best application that is available on the Internet good new features and functionalities no doubt this application has many such features that have not been introduced before. We try our best to provide you with the real material regarding this application. You can read the blog instructions and follow them to download it. Check the given guidelines about its downloading and installing procedure, updates, backup, and restore. Have your own application now and use it delightfully.

Personal Experience

With my personal experience of two years, I can say this application has changed my life. As I am a big fan of pink color this application attracts me a lot. I can start it and customize it in my way. I can highly recommend you to use it once and you will fall in love with this pinkish application. I advise you to use it at least once.


Absolutely yes, this application is safe, you can use it whenever you want. This application takes care of people’s security and is designed according to the user’s needs.

Yes, this application works on PC also but you just need a good emulator to use it on your PC.

Absolutely! You can update your WhatsApp within three months. It also depends upon the developer.

You can use multiple accounts on the same WhatsApp application. You can switch it to another one anytime you want.

Yes, OBWhatsApp 2 comes with an inbuilt media downloader that lets you get pictures, videos, and music files.

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