OB3WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 60.0 (17 July)

Once my friend came to me and told me about OB3WhatsApp. He knew that I was wondering if I could explore a new app to make my experience better than the last one. I was really worried about trying a new application that could help me show the deleted messages from the receiver. This OB3 WhatsApp proved to be a life-changing experience for me. It contains a lot of specialties, like AGWhatsApp and ER WhatsApp. This OB3WhatsApp is quite different from other APK-modified applications.

The difference between other apps and OB3WhatsApp is that it has an Islamic touch to it because of its Arabic developer. As everyone knows, so many people are better Muslims and recite the Quran daily in their lives. According to this point of view, Omar introduced this OB3 WhatsApp with the Holy Quran feature and named it Al-Azraq. In this article, we are going to discuss its features, installation procedures, and other upcoming updates. Let’s explore:

OB3WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameOB3WhatsApp
APK Version60.0
Android Version5.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads2 Million+

OB3WhatsApp APK Introduction

This OB3WhatsApp APK has a second name Al-Azraq having the bold and vibrant color blue. OB3WhatsApp has a few inbuilt features that have not been introduced yet in other apps. This OB3WhatsApp is connected to the NSWhatsApp Blue and AG2WhatsApp that has the same Blue color. OB3WhatsApp is a basic kind of OBWhatsApp and is inspired by its main application.

Everybody wants to make their OB3 WhatsApp unique and professional. With the help of this APK, you can make your WhatsApp journey different and useful. It can provide you with such features that will prove beneficial for you. Have your latest version of this app and look at the below instructions to start it. The next Type of this APK is OB4WhatsApp which is in Green Color. Click here for details about it.

Requirements of OB3WhatsApp

There are no such requirements that can’t be fulfilled by you for installing OB3 WhatsApp. We will tell you the basic and easy requirements that might be already available and make your life easier. You don’t need to add extra things that are less required. Simply, focus on the main purpose and don’t be tired of seeking unnecessary things. Here are the requirements:

  • Arrange an Android phone that must be above 5.0.
  • Ensure a good internet connection or Wi-Fi.
  • Delete all the unnecessary data from your phone and make 80 MB of space to download a new OB3 WhatsApp. Less space might interrupt your procedure badly.
  • Knowledge about well-known APK websites is also part of the requirement but if you don’t then, no worries.

OB3 WhatsApp APK Download

Downloading is quite an effortless procedure to have your OB3 WhatsApp on your phone. The downloading procedure for OB3 WhatsApp APK remains the same whether you’re downloading GBWhatsApp Pro or WA Aero. You can implement this guideline on other modifications too. As it consists of 3-4 simple steps. Let’s talk about:

OB3 WhatsApp APK Download
Infographics: OB3 WhatsApp APK Download

Step 01: Open Google App

Initially, you must open your browser like Google, or Chrome that is easily accessible to you. You don’t need to bond yourself to use Google only. Open your browser and click on the search bar icon to type your website name.

Step 02: Type apkdon.net

Adding the downloading procedure, we talk about that you must have knowledge about reliable sources but if you don’t, then we will tell you the right way to access the famous website. Approaching local websites can be harmful to you. It can cause errors and distractions in your procedure. So Don of APK is the website that can be useful and fulfill your needs.

Step 03: Click on the Search Bar 

As we have discussed above the website name, as you enter the website the browser will run and may reach you on the page of that website. Its home page is uniquely designed and has the option of a search bar because of its a lot of blogs. This search bar will help you to access your favorite app in a second. Now type OB3WhatsApp in the home page search bar and click on the first article.

Step 04: Read the Instructions 

As you blogs are the instructions and guides that can help you in how to start your journey with a particular app. A lot of people don’t consider these requirements & instructions and they get lost. To avoid errors, spam, and other such distractions, read the blog carefully. Especially look at the installing and downloading procedure. Read the article again and again to understand it thoroughly. 

Step 05: Press the Download Button 

As you are going through your article, you will see a colorful button that has been designed for the viewers or users. That specific button is known as the download button. The download button contains the updated version of your OB3 WhatsApp for your smooth procedure. Adapt your download button and press it.

Step 06: Manage the Location 

Managing the location is an optional procedure. Most Android phones don’t ask for it but if it asks you to set your location, then you can select the APK option from your File Manager. You can also use another folder where you can access it easily when it’s needed.

Step 07: Wait for the Completion

Every app has a downloading procedure that ends with 100% loading. Your downloading procedure starts from 1 and reaches 100% slowly. So, wait for the completion and be patient throughout your journey. 

OB3WhatsApp Installation Guide

OB3WhatsApp Installation is a sweet adaptable procedure everyone already knows. We also will try our best to compile this procedure correctly for those who are beginners and trying to install the OB3WhatsApps for the first time. I hope you will take advantage of this guide. Let’s dive in:

OB3WhatsApp installation guide
Infographics: OB3WhatsApp Installation Guide

Step 01: Click on Install

Your installation procedure starts here when your OB3 WhatsApp file is easily accessible to you. Now click on the downloaded file you can also select that particular file from your File Manager where you kept it. Click on the APK file and click on the install button. After two seconds a new page will pop up.

Step 02: Open the Application

This step ends in the second, you just need to give a tab to your OB3 WhatsApp. Click on the open option for your further process. Move toward the next step. Here you may find a pop-up notification that your device is outdated. In this case, you have to check your time settings.

Step 03: Click Agree and Continue 

This step is very important for your OB3 WhstApp APK. If you click on another option you will not proceed it correctly. For smooth procedure press agree and continue option. If you go with another option you will adapt your OB3WhatsApp in another way. We are not discussing other options here so click on the AAC.

Step 04: Select Your Language 

This step is the vital step for your installing procedure. Select your language according to your region or area from where you belong to. If this step does not fulfill your requirements and provide you with the exact language that you speak, then click on the English language as it is the international language of all over the world.

Step 05: Phone Number for Verification

This step is about to give in your active phone number for your verification. Enter your essential phone number. Country code is the key in this procedure. Click on the country code option and scroll down to find your exact match. In front of the country code, put your phone number without 1st digit. You will get a message on the same number that you put in. Copy that message and paste the exact numbers on the required verification bar. Your verification will be completed. 

Step 06: Modify Your Profile 

Your profile requires a professional profile picture and your name for recognition and identity. Click on the pencil shape icon to access your Gallery. Select your profile photo from your Gallery and click on done to add it successfully. After that, click on the name option and add your real name or nickname for your recognition to your contact members. Congratulation! You’ve successfully installed your OB3WhatsApp with verification.

OB3 WhatsApp APK Backup & Restore

Backup is the recovery of your lost data. You can recover your files, chats, and photos in just a few seconds by implementing this procedure. Adapt this process and enjoy your data back. When you use your OB3 WhatsApp, you must have a backup. Your backup will help you in your trouble. In sudden conditions, you lose your previous chats like updating your application. If you have a backup of chats in OB3 WhatsApp APK, you’ll recover it easily. Let’s consider how to take backup:

OB3 WhatsApp APK Backup & Restore
Infographics: OB3 WhatsApp APK Backup & Restore

Open your OB3WhatsApp, select the three vertical dots, and select the second option of setting. Click on the backup and restore and again press on backup. The downloading starts and it saves your all current data including media and files. When it is done, your duty finishes. 

Now, whenever you face the difficulty of losing chat, you can recover it. When you install your OB3WhatsApp for the second time it allows recovering your backup. Don’t miss this step simply go with recovery. That’s all.

OB3WhatsApp Latest Version and Updates

Updating your OB3WhatsApp mainly means having access to all the recently launched features and functionalities that can make your life easier. If you do not update your OB3 WhatsApp on time, you will miss all the opportunities to try new features. For upcoming updates add enhancements always try to update OB3 WhatsApp twice in six months. Updating is not rocket science it just takes a few steps to follow and you will achieve your goal. Updating also reduces the ratio of problems and it fixes all the errors that you experienced before. 

Updating an app means that you’re experienced problems will be solved in the next version and new better alternatives will be added. Your OB3 WhatsApp has become better than the previous one. APK-modified applications work behind your APK continuously to add new functionalities. Now let’s learn the procedure of update:

  • Go to your OB3WhatsApp and stay on the home page.
  • On the home page right corner, See the three dots and click on it.
  • Now click on the OB3WhatsApp Update.
  • It’s time to check whether your version is updated or not, to check it click on the first option.
  • If you are not using the current version then update it.
OB3WhatsApp Latest Version and Updates

The updating procedure is the same as the downloading procedure you simply need to click on the third option which will take you to the home page of the Modified website from where you have downloaded already. Mostly two options appear in front of you to update it but few websites offer you direct download. So click on the download button and repeat the downloading procedure. In full steps, you will successfully install your OB3 WhatsApp.

OB3WhatsApp APK for PC

PC does not allow third-party modified apps like iPhones. If you want to install the OB3 WhatsApp on your PC, then you’ll require a good emulator. That procedure is quite tough because of errors and problems. So the best option to use the same OB3WhatsApp on your PC is to connect it to the web. It means that you are linking your device video PC and can enjoy the same chats on your PC. Let’s consider how to do it:

  • Go to your Google on PC and type web.whatsapp.com. 
  • Click on the first website and wait for the initialization.
  • A barcode appears in front of you that will link your device to your PC.
  • On the other hand, open your WhatsApp on your phone, click on the right corner three dots, and select the linked device.
  • You can give your window a name, and the camera option will be open to scan the barcode. 
  • No scan the barcode of the PC with your phone’s camera. 
  • It will take a few moments to transfer your chats on your PC and you can enjoy it.

This procedure is optional if it does not work then go with the second procedure. The other option is to connect your PC to your phone by entering the same phone number that is currently active on your phone. Verify it with the 6-digit verification code, enter the code, and you are done.

How to Create Group on OB3WhatsApp?

Everyone wants to create groups on WhatsApp but most people do not know how to create it on this third-party modification application. To create the group you simply need three steps. Let’s create the group together:

  • Open your WhatsApp, go to the home page, and click on the three dots located in the right top corner.
  • Click on the “new group” and add all the contact numbers that you want to be part of your group.
  • After adding the participants, type the name of the group related to your profession or group.
  • You can add professional pictures and also type something creative in the “About” section.
  • Your group has been created, now start your chatting experience and exchange media.
How to Create Group on OB3WhatsApp

OB3WhatsApp Features

Follow the Developer of OB3 WhatsApp

This feature is very useful to be updated about the upcoming and latest versions. You can address the developer activities to know the trends and most used functions. You will be updated about the new APK. In your busy life, when you decide to make a change to your old OB3 WhatsApp, you will already know the developer’s activities and applications that are newly launched, and then you can adapt anyone from there.

Follow Developer of OB3 WhatsApp

Extend the Status Time up to 5-Minute

When a person uploads a video for more than 30 seconds, it divides the video into pieces, and only the first part of the video is uploaded. OB3WhatsApp has the feature to extend the time of your latest videos to 5 minutes. When you enable this feature, you can upload 5 5-minute videos in just one time. Your video will automatically divide into parts and will be completely uploaded.

Extend the Status Time up to 5-Minute

Create a Channel on OBWHatsApp 3

By creating the channel, you can exchange media and videos to teach your students and guide your teammates. The channel increases your privacy as it does not show the phone number of the participants. You can’t send messages but you can show your emotions by giving thumbs up and other emojis. This feature is very beneficial whether you are starting a course or an institute that provides classes to your participants.

Create Channel on OBWHatsApp 3

Add Emojis on your Status Videos

This generation usually posts TikTok saved videos on the status. But at the end of the video, the ID name of the creator is mentioned in the video. To hide it professionally you can add a sticker or an emoji on the particular area to hide the ID name. You can also add stickers to the video to make it more effective and emotional.

Who Can Call You?

As we are busy in our daily routines, few people in our community interrupt us with continuous calling. These people don’t value the other’s time as they just want you to talk according to their choices. But always it’s not possible. To avoid this problem you can change the setting and allow a few participants that can call you and let others on pending. You can change the settings later when you are free.

Message to Yourself

This feature has solved a lot of problems when I don’t have a notepad reminder diary near me. If you want to know your meetings or urgent reminders and you have no notepad then you can message yourself as a reminder for you. Whether you want to save urgent files and voice notes, you can send them to yourself to ensure privacy. For this feature, you simply need to save your number in your contacts and send files to yourself.

Final Thoughts 

Most people have used this OB3WhatsApp and read it more than four times. I use this app and want to share my experience with you. This OB3 WhatsApp has an inbuilt feature to show all the settings in front of you with just one click. You don’t need to find the settings and waste your time to approach the exact feature. When you click on the three dots, it shows you all the possible features designed in a list for you. You can style your OB3 WhatsApp with default colors and add other wallpaper.

Providing a lot of functionalities and enhancements, this OB3WhatsApp has become my favorite application. I love to use this app in my daily routine and use all the features according to my condition. I prioritize updating it as soon as possible to stay connected with this APK as long as you can. This app solves most of the problems that you suffered with your old WhatsApp. Enjoy this blue interface app and install it today to boost your professionalism. 


Yes, this APK is free of cost you can enjoy all the features at no cost.

This app provides you with more customization than the official WhatsApp. You can select your favorite colors to make your app look better.

Yes! It’s possible to recover your backup from your “OBSettings”. 

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