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AG2 WhatsApp Download Latest Version 39.10 (22 June)

AG2 WhatsApp has a new type named Advanced Group 2 with a brand new blue color. With a variety of new functionalities and improved styled choices, AG2WhatsApp aims to completely transform your chatting experience. To ensure you get the most updated version, this proper guidance will take you through all the steps of AG2 WhatsApp Pink, from installation to the advanced level.

AG2 WhatsApp is the second version of AG WhatsApp that comes in Pink color. If you want to use WhatsApp with the pink interface, you can use OB2 WhatsApp, AG2WhatsApp, or Pink WhatsApp. The features of WhatsApp are almost the same with very minute differences.

AG2 WhatsApp Pro Specifications

APK NameAG2 WhatsApp
APK Version39.10
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1,300,000+

AGWhatsApp 2 Introduction

Welcome to AGWhatsApp 2. We’re going to introduce it and also explain why we chose WhatsApp 2. There are three main types of AGWhatsApp. AG WhatsApp 1 , AG2 WhatsApp, and AG3 WhatsApp. If you have already used this application, you will know its value. Whether you’re new to it or not, we appreciate your decision to select AGWhatsApp 2. This WhatsApp application has stolen my heart with its lovely pink color theme because it looks awesome. This application allows you to share your precious moments with a touch of customization to make your memories more memorable.

Use this application with no fear and be comfortable while using it. It will secure your data and personal information because it values your security. Every feature makes your experience better than official WhatsApp. So, say hello to easy chatting and total convenience with AGWhatsApp 2!

Requirements to Install AG2WhatsApp Mod APK

To smoothly install AG2WhatsApp, ensure the installation with specific requirements:

  • Android Version: Your device should have an Android version or later.
  • Storage Space: Kindly ensure you’ve enough space to install it.
  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is crucial for smooth and easy installation.

Download AG2 WhatsApp APK

To download the latest AG2 WhatsApp Pink APK mod, read the given instructions carefully and try it on your Android or PC. Here’s the guide:

Download AG2 WhatsApp APK
Infographics: Download AG2 WhatsApp APK
  • Open Web Browser: Start with the opening of the web browser on your device.
  • Search for AG2 WhatsApp Pink on Apk Don: Search for on your browser. See the latest mod of AG2 WhatsApp Pink or type it in the search icon to access it quickly. Always use updated versions to try all the features.
  • Download Button: Scroll down the page and see the “Download Button”.
  • Set Location: Set the location where you want to save it in your “File Manager”.
  • Allow the Instructions: Allow the instructions to give access to your process.
  • Start Downloading: Click the download button to install it.

How to Connect AG2WhatsApp APK Mod with Personal Computer

1. AG2WhatsApp APK Through Emulator:

You can’t use third-party modifications on PC directly but there’s an alternative to use it on PC. We’re going to explain the procedure with the help of the Bluestacks emulator. Follow these steps for a smooth connection:

Connecting AG2WhatsApp with your PC involves the use of advanced Android emulator software. Follow these steps:

AG2WhatsApp APK Through Emulator
Infographics: AG2WhatsApp APK Through Emulator

2. AG2WhatsApp Web

To make a strong connection between AG2WhatsApp and your PC using a QR code scanner, follow the guidelines. Open AG2 WhatsApp on your phone and open the basic settings. On the other hand, unlock your PC and type in the browser or Google. Click on the very first website you have written ad “WhatsApp Web”.

As you open the website, you’ll see a QR code on the screen of your PC. Move back towards your phone. Open settings, click on the “Linked Devices”. A new scanner will open and it will ask code to detect. On your PC, use the QR code scanner to link with the QR code from your phone.

With the QR code scanner on your PC, it detects the code to create an automatic connection with AG2WA Pink on your phone. Enjoy the coordination of AG2WhatsApp on your PC, where chats, messages, and files can be secure on two different gadgets.

AG2 WhatsApp Backup Procedure

Performing a backup on AG2 WhatsApp is crucial for securing your media files and chats. Follow these steps:

Backup Procedure on AG2 WhatsApp
Infographics: AG2 WhatsApp Backup Procedure

This amazing backup procedure ensures that the data on AG2WhatsApp is properly secured. It also allows you to access your media files and chats conveniently.

Restore Your Backup on AG2 WhatsApp

To ensure your restoration on your AG2 WhatsApp backup, follow these steps:

  • Open AG2 WhatsApp Pink: Launch the AG2 WhatsApp Pink application on your device.
  • Access Menu Options: In the top-right corner, click on the three dots to access the menu options.
  • Select AG Settings: Within the menu options, choose “AG Settings.” This will lead you to settings specifically designed for AG2WhatsApp.
  • Choose Universal: Once in AG Settings, select the “Universal” option.
  • Navigate to Backup and Restore: Within Universal Settings, find and click on the “Backup and Restore” option. This is the section where you can manage your data backups.
  • Initiate Restore Process: Within the “Backup and Restore” section, select “Restore.” Click on this option to initiate the restoration process.
  • Monitor Loading Progress: Once you’ve selected “Restore,” the loading process begins, and a progress indicator shows the loading status.
How to Install AGWhatsApp on Android?

By following these steps, you will be able to restore your AG2WhatsApp backup, ensuring that your previous data, settings, and preferences are reinstated in the application.

Easy Process for AG2 WhatsApp Update

To be updated and aware of the latest upcoming functionalities, you must install the latest version of AG2WhatsApp. If you’re using the old version, you don’t need to uninstall it. Simply go to “AG Settings. “ Select “Updates.”. Check for the version, which one you’re using. Select “Update from Web” and download your latest version of the APK mod.

How to Create a Group on AG2 WhatsApp

Creating a group chat on AG2WhatsApp allows you to bring together multiple contacts into a single conversation. To create a group:

  • Open AG2 WhatsApp: Launch WhatsApp AG2 and go to the Chats tab.
  • New Chat Icon: Tap on the “New chat” icon.
  • Select New Group: Choose “New group.”
  • Add Participants: Add participants to the group and set a group name.
  • Create Group: Tap “Create” to create the group.

Group members can interact and share messages, images, videos, and documents within the group, enhancing communication and collaboration.

How to Create a Group on AG2 WhatsApp

How to Create a Broadcast on AG2WhatsApp

A broadcast list on AG2 WhatsApp allows you to send messages to multiple contacts without them seeing each other. It’s more like sending individual messages to a list of recipients. To create a broadcast list:

  • Open AG2WhatsApp: Launch AG2WhatsApp and go to the Chats tab.
  • New Chat Icon: Tap on the “New Chat” icon.
  • Select New Broadcast: Choose “New broadcast.”
  • Add Contacts: Add contacts to the broadcast list.
  • Create Broadcast: Tap “Create” to create the broadcast list.

Individual Messages: Messages sent to the broadcast list will be received individually by each recipient. This feature is beneficial for sending notifications and reminders to friends, family, and coworkers without creating a group.

How to Create a Broadcast on AG2WhatsApp

How to Create a Channel on AG2 WhatsApp

Creating a channel on AG2 WhatsApp involves a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp AG2: Launch your AG2WhatsApp application.
  • Swipe to Updates/Status: Swipe left two times to approach “Updates/Status.”
  • Access Channels Option: Below the Status option, find the “Channels” option. There will be a “plus” sign in front of “Channel.”
  • Create Channel: Click on the plus button or icon and tap on “Create Channel.”
  • Agree and Continue: Press “Agree and Continue” to proceed.
  • Enter Channel Details: Provide your channel name and description.
  • Create Channel: After providing information, click on “Create Channel.”

Now your AG2 WhatsApp Pink Channel is ready to use, allowing you to send information and series to all your subscribers and followers.

How to Create a Channel on AG2 WhatsApp

How to Create a Community on AG2 WhatsApp

Creating a community on AG2 WhatsApp for Android is simple. Follow these straightforward steps to set up a space for communication with up to 100 groups:

  • Go to Communities Tab: Access the Communities tab in AG2WhatsApp.
  • Select New Community: Choose “New community.”
  • Get Started: Start the process by tapping “Get Started.”
  • Enter Community Details: Enter a concise community name within the 100-character limit and provide a brief description outlining your community’s purpose.
  • Add Community Icon: Optionally, add a community icon by tapping “Add photo.” Choose from a camera, Gallery, emojis, and stickers, or search the Web for an image.
  • Complete the Process: Complete the process by tapping the alternate check mark.
  • Note: The maximum member limit for new and existing communities, including community announcements, is 2,000 members. This ensures effective communication within the community.
How to Create a Community on AG2 WhatsApp

AG2 WhatsApp Extra and Modified Features

There are many amazing features of WhatsApp AG2. I will discuss some of them with pictorial representation. Let’s explore together

DND Mode / Ghost Mode of AG2WA

Ghost mode is like airplane mode on our phones. As we enable airplane mode, we don’t receive any messages or calls from others, like this function, which is the airplane mode of our WhatsApp application. When we enable it, no more calls or messages will disturb you. It restricts your ability to receive all the notifications on WhatsApp.

You can also disable it when you feel free and easy. This feature helps everyone when they are busy or not in the mood to contact others, and can be used to avoid everyone. So, it is your will whether you want to use it or not.

Always use it positively If you’re busy with meetings or any other work, then you can enable it. I will advise you not to hurt someone if your loved ones are waiting for you and you cut contact with them. This feature is just mind-blowing.

DND Mode / Ghost Mode of AG2WA

Broadcast Text Messages

Broadcast text messages include groups of people in them. While you send any message to your members, they will receive your message privately in their separate chats. If you are working with your team and you have to make an announcement, then you can use the broadcast feature.

Instead of sending the same message separately to everyone, make a broadcast, add all the members, and share your announcement. This will send your message to everyone in their inboxes. This feature saves you time and effort a lot.

Broadcast Text Messages

Live Location

Everyone wants to make plans to go outside together. If someone wants to meet you and you’re telling him/her the location but the person didn’t find it correctly. You can share your live location with your friends so, they can find you easily. 

Live Location

Download Status, Images, Videos, and Stories

WhatsApp AG2 allows you to download others’ statuses, images, or videos. You don’t need to ask him/her to send it. Simply go to their updates and choose your favorite video or image. Download it by clicking on “save”.

Download Status, Images, Videos, and Stories

Bubble Style

It is known as the type of customization. It enhances the style (look and feel). There are 30+ styles you can select. Select the icon you want and customize your chat to the next level. This feature is very advanced and very useful for those who are official WhatsApp users.

Bubble Style

App Lock

Safeguard your privacy on AG2WhatsApp with the App Lock feature. Utilize strong encryption methods such as fingerprints, patterns, and passwords to secure your chats. Maintain control over your conversations and keep them discreet with this essential security feature.

App Lock

Anti-Delete Messages and Status

If someone sends you a message and after a time deletes it as “Delete for everyone”. This message will also be deleted from your side. But with the specifications of AG2WhatsApp, if the person deletes it from your side but it will not be deleted actually. This block icon will be shown on your message so, you can have an idea that the message is deleted by the sender.

Anti-Delete Messages and Status

Send Maximum Pictures With High Quality

Break free from restrictions as WhatsApp AG2 enables users to send up to 90 images and video clips of 50 MB on all platforms. Experience unparalleled freedom in media sharing, transcending the limitations imposed by other messaging apps.

Send Maximum Pictures With High Quality

5-Minute Status

Break the limit of videos on status, and upload your videos without parts. It’s known as a 5-minute status feature. Share longer videos with fellow WhatsApp AG2 users, providing a more immersive viewing experience. While other users see a 30-second snippet, AG2WhatsApp users enjoy the full 5-minute showcase.

5-Minute Status

Filter Messages

Make your conversations efficient with AG2WhatsApp’s Filter Messages feature. Quickly search for specific messages based on criteria such as media or keywords. Save time and bring order to your chats with this handy organizational tool.

Hide Your Status Seen

This is the best feature, I loved the most. If you see other’s status and want that the person should not know that you’ve seen their status. This protects your privacy and makes you feel more secure. Simply click on the seen (double tick icon) button to alert others that you’ve seen their updates.

Profile Pic Wallpaper

Enhance your personality in WhatsApp AG2 with the Profile Pic Wallpaper feature. Customize your home screen and chat interface by setting your profile picture as the wallpaper. Personalize your digital space with this simple yet impactful customization option.

Custom Media Visibility

Take control of your privacy with AG2WhatsApp’s Custom Media Visibility feature. Hide specific media files from your phone’s gallery or media apps, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive or personal content. Enhance security and maintain discretion with this valuable feature.

Auto Reply

Efficiency meets connectivity with AG2WhatsApp’s Auto Reply feature. Set pre-defined messages to automatically respond to your contacts when you’re unavailable. Ideal for vacations, meetings, or busy periods, this feature ensures you stay connected even when unable to reply in real-time.

Notification and Launcher Icon

WhatsApp AG2 puts you in control with the Notification and Launcher Icon features. Customize notification settings and change the app’s launcher icon to match your preferences. This level of personalization ensures that AG2WhatsApp aligns seamlessly with your unique style.

Privacy and Security

AG2WhatsApp prioritizes your privacy with advanced customization options. Tailor your settings for contacts, groups, and broadcasts to control how you present yourself to others. Features like hiding blue ticks, second ticks, the blue microphone, typing, and recording provide a comprehensive privacy shield.

AGThemes Customization

Make a lasting impression with AG2WA Pink’s theme customization feature. To change the overall look and feel of your app, select from a variety of themes. With the wide range of choices available through AG2WhatsApp, people may modify the app’s appearance depending on their tastes and mood.

Clear Temporary WhatsApp Files

Most of the time, we have so many unusual and unnecessary files in our WhatsApp. These files may cause any error in our WhatsApp like slow speed, application not responding, hanging, etc. To avoid all these problems and make our WhatsApp clean, clear all these temporary files. This will also prevent your phone space from downloading more important files.

Unread Message Counter

You can use this feature as an indicator for your important messages. It pops up a notification on your specific chat as the icon of an unread new message. Use this feature to notify yourself of your important work. This is also can be utilized for pointing out important information you want to remember.

Media Settings

This feature is very useful in your media settings. You can increase the file size to 700MB You can also enable or disable the document sharing limit, image files, and audio to 100MB. Media plays an important role in our journey. To show the originality of the pictures, you can increase the quality. There are so many other options regarding this setting, you can use.

In conclusion, WhatsApp AG2 stands as a testament to the evolution of messaging platforms. Its extensive array of features, from innovative communication tools to customizable aesthetics, empowers users to shape their digital communication experience. As you navigate the multifaceted landscape of AG2WhatsApp, embrace the freedom, creativity, and security it offers for a truly enhanced messaging journey.

How to Troubleshoot Issues with AG2 WhatsApp

If you’re suffering from any issues with AG2 WhatsApp, you can fix them with the help of troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is essential to ensure optimal performance. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

1. App Crashes

  • Update to the latest version of AG2WhatsApp.
  • Clear the app cache and data in your device settings.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp AG2, ensuring you download from a reliable source.

2. Backup Restoration Failure

  • Ensure that the backup file is not corrupted.
  • Check if you’re using the correct backup file.
  • Try restoring the backup to a stable internet connection.

3. Connectivity Issues

  • Check your internet connection and switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Restart your device and try reconnecting.
  • Update your app to the latest version.

4. DND/Ghost Mode Not Working

  • Confirm that DND or Ghost Mode is enabled in the AG2WhatsApp settings.
  • Double-check your device’s Do Not Disturb settings.
  • Restart WhatsApp AG2 after making changes.

5. Themes Not Applying

  • Ensure that the themes you are trying to apply are compatible with your AG2WhatsApp version.
  • Re-download the themes and try applying them again.
  • Check for any conflicting settings in the Universal options.

6. Issues with Message Scheduler

  • Confirm that the date and time settings on your device are accurate.
  • Reconfigure the scheduled messages and ensure they comply with WhatsApp AG2 guidelines.
  • Update to the latest version for potential bug fixes.


WhatsApp AG2 application offers their users many facilities to have the best experience with them. You can enable and disable the settings according to your mood and conditions. You don’t need to pay any cost to use its features. If you’re so much concerned about your details then don’t worry, you’ll never regret using it. It has very unique and stylish interface and if you don’t like it. You can customize it according to your preferences. Download now and have your jolly way!

My Story with a Personal Suggestion

I have used WhatsApp AG2 personally and am very excited to share my good experience with you guy. It’s my go-to texting software because of its numerous features, user-friendly interface, and updated privacy options. I wholeheartedly recommend AG2WhatsApp to anyone seeking a superior communication experience.


AG2 WhatsApp Pink always prioritizes the user’s privacy and security but make sure to choose the authentic, right, and reputable website from where you should download. Some so many scammers can snatch your data with your permission mostly people click the “Allow” button without reading the instructions which can cause you to lose your data and error in your phone.

Yes, you can use A2WhatsApp 2 alongside the official one. A2WhatsApp 2 has this unique feature for its users. We recommend this WhatsApp application. Must try it and you can download it from

Yes, a variety of multimedia items, including documents, movies, and photographs, can be shared using AG2WA. AG2WhatsApp allows to you share images and videos with high quality and enhance your sharing experience with HD pixels.

AG2WhatsApp is easily accessible for Android users only. You can’t use it on your iOS but you can use different kinds of emulators and VPNs to make it possible. After installing the emulator, you can use AG2WhatsApp on your iOS too. To know its procedure, check our given details.

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