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Pink WhatsApp Download Latest Version 59.0 (11 May)

Do you want a pinkish vibe and go with the trend? Don’t worry; I will show you. Now you can reach out to a new application, which is Pink WhatsApp. This application has a simple and trendy look with a touch of pink color.

WhatsApp developers are working to their full potential to provide more features to their users. In this guide, we will tell you how you can download this application. You can explore below all the features, updates, backup & restore procedure, and downloading. Let’s unlock the guide:

Pink WhatsApp Specifications

APK NamePink WhatsApp
APK Version59.0
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads3 Million+

Pink WhatsApp APK Introduction 

Pink WhatsApp was developed by a creative personality who thought it would be an excellent application choice for all users. Most girls like light colors likewise pink, this application is designed with the color combination of white and pink. This application has the opportunity to twist your last experience into a new one.

You can send messages, voice notes, videos, pictures, and multiple files. In WhatsApp Pink’s settings, you will find a lot of features and customization options and you can try all these customizations with simple and easy steps. This application is the best-ever modified version of your official WhatsApp. This application works like OB3WhatsAppAG2WhatsApp, and OB2WhatsApp.

Official WhatsApp VS WhatsApp Pink

Everyone has used the simple official WhatsApp in their lives but this application is the advanced version of the official WhatsApp. Official WhatsApp has four main pages and WhatsApp Pink has 5 pages including communities and updates.

Official WhatsApp has no features like hiding privacy, freezing the last scene, and other functionalities. WhatsApp Pink has a lot of styling options with icon customization and color combinations. Lastly, we can say Pink WhatsApp is much more beneficial than Official WhatsApp when it comes to privacy and functionalities.

Requirements of Pink WhatsApp 

Requirements are an essential part of your application as you need three basic things to start your journey for your third-party APK modification. These all requirements are so basic and affordable for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can fulfill all the requirements effortlessly. Here are the few requirements that you need:

Requirements of Pink WhatsApp
Infographics: Requirements of Pink WhatsApp 

Download Pink WhatsApp 

The very first step after the requirement is to download. Most people don’t know what download downloading is. So the simple answer to them is downloading is the basic procedure from approaching your browser to the main APK website. Before downloading simply check your Internet connection first and then unlock your Chrome application. Let’s delve into the downloading procedure:

Unlock your application, check your Internet connection, and approach your web browser any browser. There is no restriction that you must use Chrome or Google. Chrome and Google are both reliable and trustworthy. You can simply go with anyone. But the question is why we are relying on browsers? The sweet answer to your question is that the Google Play store does not allow other parties. It allows only well-known sources to participate with. 

Download Pink WhatsApp
Infographics: Download Pink WhatsApp

As we have discussed above your first move must be to approach your browser. After opening your Chrome or Google seek for the search bar. Simply click on the “Q” shape icon to type your favorite APK website name. In this step, you can type any website name that you like the most but be conscious that your website must be reliable. In my opinion, you can type, a well-reputed website. 

When your website home page appears in front of you, go and check your desired blog to download your WhatsApp application. As you will see numerous options there. To find your favorite application from all APK files is pretty difficult but the search bar will make your way easy. Click on the search bar and type Pink WhatsApp there. 

Open the WhatsApp Pink article scroll a little bit down and click on the download button. Your downloading has been started at this point. Wait for a while, it will completed soon. Lastly, a new icon as an app will appear on your app screen named “Pink WhatsApp.” That’s all done here.

Install Pink WhatsApp 

Installing the application has six procedures to complete it. The installation of every APK modification has started from the end of the downloading and completes the verification. To install your Pink WhatsApp application your downloading procedure must be completed first. As we are going to introduce its step-by-step guide, so stay with us and let’s continue:

Install Pink WhatsApp
Infographics: Install Pink WhatsApp

Step 01: Install Pink WhatsApp APK

The first step is to unlock your phone. Now go to your “File Manager” and search for your recently downloaded application. Click on your downloaded APK file after locating it. Click on the file and press the install button.

Step 02: Open Your Application

In your second step click on the open option. You can complete this step in just one click. If you mistakenly click on cancel then revise your procedure from the first step. It will take a few moments to appear new page in front of you.

Step 03: Agree and Continue

This step contains three options you can go with anyone. But in our perspective, Click on the “agree and continue” option to make sure that you agree with all its instructions and policies. The key to successful installation is to allow all the instructions and on-page requirements. 

Step 04: Choose Your Language

In this step, your WhatsApp application will ask you to select the right language that you use in your daily routine. This application has all professional language options but a few are not mentioned here like Punjabi and Sindhi. So in this condition, the English language is the best option.

Step 05: Enter Phone Number

Phone number is the only way to connect with people so make sure your phone number is correct and active. To give the right information to the application make sure to enter your country code correctly. After that in front of the blank enter your phone number without typing the first digit. In this step, it will ask for verification. Check your phone and paste the exact numbers that you receive from the company on the same page where it is required and complete the verification.

Step 06: Profile Editing

We are very close to the ending so the last step is to manage your profile with the bold and unique DP and name. Select your favorite profile photo from your photos or gallery option and let it down after that type your name in your bio, and you can add also a nickname.

Fabulous! You are done. Your profile verification and all the other requirements are completed. Now you can add numbers on your WhatsApp application and contact them fearlessly. You can also customize your application and style it from settings.

Update Pink WhatsApp 

All APK modifications have a procedure for updating. To be aware of all the new upcoming updates and launches, update your Pink WhatsApp twice in half of the year. Update your app is the same as downloading your application from the website the first time. Let’s consider the way:

Go to your WhatsApp application and on the home page, you can see three dots. Click the dots and select the second point of settings. Click on “Updates” and see the next three options for future processes. You can check it first as you’re already using the latest version or not. If not, then update it from the web by selecting the last option.

Update Pink WhatsApp

Backup and Restore Your WhatsApp Pink APK

As we have discussed the procedure update, procedure it’s completely the same. You don’t need to change anything except approaching the exact setting. Simply open your WhatsApp application, click on the right-corner dots, and open the settings go for the backup and restore option. Click on it and it will take time to restore your files. Your downloading starts here and will end when it reaches 100%. 

The procedure is to restore your chats, media, and files. This feature works for the recovery of your lost data. Whether you are thinking about transferring your chats you can also use this feature here. If you are afraid of losing your next task in the future then go to the same page and click on the backup you’re all current chats and pictures will save and you can take the backup anytime you want.

Backup and Restore Your WhatsApp Pink APK

Advantages of Pink WhatsApp 

This pink WhatsApp application has a lot of benefits and customization options. It allows its users a user-friendly and budget-friendly application to use. Whether everyone knows that we can’t compile all the benefits in just one blog so here we will discuss the most basic and the famous benefits of this application. Let’s start:

  • You can download it easily from trusted websites without any fear.
  • You can make your charts private and lock your application to prevent it from others.
  • You can update it anytime and achieve all the latest options on the same application.
  • You can add different color schemes to customize the layout and create designs.
  • You can change the icon of your application with your favorite color.
  • You can edit all the sent messages in just a few seconds and can delete the messages from other chats easily.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Pink

The disadvantages of this application also exist in this journey. This application provides a lot of benefits but on the same side, it has a few disadvantages that can make your application experience worse. Let’s discuss all the pros:

  • This application can ban your account if you use illogical and illegal words. 
  • You can’t send repeated messages again and again to different chats, this results in spamming.
  • You can face errors and spamming issues if you select unreliable sources to download it.
  • When the application gets banned it takes three to four days to recover it back and most of the time your application does not recover so in this condition you will lose your all chats and other media data.
  • If you do not update it on time your application will not work. 

Features of Pink WhatsApp 

Pink WhatsApp Avatar 

There is a new feature that has been introduced in the last few months. This application is attached with AI and you can give a command and make the avatar you want. This picture is in trend and you can use it to go with it. Most people love to create avatars for their profile pictures you can also use this feature to create unique pictures with your intelligence.

WhatsApp Pink Updates

As we type messages while conversing with our friends, you can type your suggestions and thoughts on the updates/status option. With the help of a unique pencil icon, you can type anything like advice, the latest news, and other things to spread awareness to people. This feature works wonderfully in serious conditions.

Sharing Media on Pink WhatsApp

This feature is everyone’s favorite and demanding of all. My hobby is to share my joy with my loved ones in just a few clicks by using this feature. With full resolution to make the memories more vibrant and good in quality. You can share pictures, videos, and other important file with easy steps. Lengthy videos are also can be sent incredibly by this feature.

Stickers on WhatsApp Pink

Mostly people love to create stickers by their command to send their expressions. We just want to share our expression behind the scenes, so we rely on the stickers with the same gestures and emotions. Stickers can be created by just typing the emotion and the same result will pop up on the screen. You can select anyone and use it to send. You just need internet services like packages or Wi-Fi data.

Freezing Last Seen

This feature can change your last seen whether you are online. Freezing means sticking to your online presence. You can enable or disable this application from your WhatsApp application settings. When you enable this function, your online presence will not remain publically for your contact members or receivers. Whenever you enable this setting that time will record it and in your profile bio, your last seen will be frozen.

Multiple accounts on WhatsApp Pink 

This picture is available on both official WhatsApp and APK modification WhatsApp. Multiple accounts means you can use two or three accounts at the same time on the same application with different numbers. To say the messages of one account you can switch the account to the same number and can see the messages and reply to them. After that, you can switch it to another account to deal with it. This picture solves your multiple phone problems.

Hide Typing and Recording on WhatsApp Pink

When someone types a message or records a voice note, the header of the chat indicates to you the circumstances that the sender is going to record a voice note to send you. This setting is essential for your chatting experience. Few of us don’t like to be aware of others about their indicators. So they can hide these indicating options from settings and the receiver will receive messages directly without getting an alert.


This function works magically in your professional life and your personal life. No the tension of dealing separately everyone is no more. You can make a broadcast list add desirable members and send one message but it will deliver all the members separately in their private chats. You don’t need to send messages separately one by one. This feature is time-saving.

My Narrative

To make your application experience advance, try new applications. WhatsApp Pink application is a fabulous communication app that can style the way of communication crystal clear. My one-year experience with this application was amazing. You can try this application easily by the instructions of this blog. Keep learning and applying. 

Final Verdict

Pink WhatsApp is the trendy WhatsApp application that has been used by 10 thousand + users. Styles and customization options can change the game of your application look. Even a single customization that don’t like is replaceable. Go through all the guidelines carefully and if you don’t understand, read again. Try new and different features daily and explore the settings to understand the application more. The more functionalities you know, the more advantages you’ll take. No doubt, this application is mind-blowing and attracts everyone with its color. Download now!


Yes, WhatsApp Pink protects your security and employs precautions to prevent bans. As always, though, downloading software from reliable sources is advised.

No, you are unable to use both on the same device at the same time. Before installing Pink WhatsApp, you must remove the official WhatsApp app.

No, when you move to WhatsApp Pink, your conversation history will remain intact. It is always advised, though, to make a backup of your chats before installing or updating anything.

Indeed, WhatsApp Pink will ask you to restore your chat history from the official WhatsApp app during the installation process.

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