ER WhatsApp Download Latest Version 38.0 (11 May)

In the journey of messaging applications, ER WhatsApp has been launched as a unique application inspired by history. Drawing inspiration from the Turkish drama series, Ertugrul, Asim Mahjoub created ERWhatsApp, which offers users an improved chat experience with a ton of amazing features and security improvements.

The following post will guide you through the ER WhatsApp application, including its unique characteristics and the reasons it has grown to be one of the most popular apps. Let’s dive in:

ER WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameER WhatsApp APK
APK Version38.0
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

Ertugrul WhatsApp as a ER WhatsApp APK

ER WhatsApp APK, also known as WhatsApp Ertugrul with the latest version, has a wide range of cool features and solutions to common issues. Asim Mahjoub welcomes users to download this version without any cost. This application is for Android users. The availability of this application allows users to control multiple accounts.

ERWhatsApp Latest Version Mod APK

ERWhatsApp builds upon the official WhatsApp, introducing additional features for enhanced privacy and a distinct user experience. This article highlights ER WhatsApp as a superior version with no ads, available in three different versions, and compatible with various Android devices.

Download ER WhatsApp

ER WhatsApp serves as the official messaging application, facilitating communication across different mobile devices and operating systems. Using instant messaging is possible with WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, BlackBerry, a smartphone Windows Phone, Android, and Nokia smartphones at no extra cost. The program enables the sharing of media items, including videos, audio recordings, and photo files, in addition to both private and public conversations.

To download this application go to your Google application. Type in the search bar. You will directly approach the home page of this website. Look for its search bar to find your ERWhatsApp version. Click on the ER WhatsApp and scroll down until you find a “Download Button”. Press the button to download your application.

Download ERWhatsApp
Infographics: Download ER WhatsApp

Allow all the given instructions and set your file location where you want to save it. Wait for its completion up to 100%. This is the way of downloading. Now, a new application named as ERWhatsApp will appear on your screen.

Install ER WhatsApp

To Install and Update WhatsApp Ertugrul, follow these simple and secure steps:

  • Step 01. Find and Click the APK File: Find the APK File already downloaded from the above links. Usually, it is present in the download folder of your device.
  • Step 02. Click Install Button: Click the encircled installed button to initiate the process as in image below.
  • Step 03. Provide Contact Details: Provide your Contact Details and Country code and press the yes Button.
  • Step 04. Accept Terms of Service: Press agree with WhatsApp terms of services. If you don’t agree with them, you cannot use WhatsApp.
  • Step 05. Provide Your Profile Information: Set your Profile information of your wish. This information is seen by you and the contacts that are saved on your device.
  • Step 06. Press ok to the Change Log: A pop-up screen will be shown on your screen which will show the new update and fixes. Press ok to enter in main interface.

The installation process against the ban is simple and outlined in easy-to-follow steps. Users are encouraged to follow the provided download links, ensuring a correct and complete download process. The blog helps download updates only from the official site and provides steps for updating WhatsApp Ertugrul without losing conversations.

ER WhatsApp Update

There are many ways to update ER WhatsApp. You can use any of them to stay updated. Usually, a pop-up notification is sent when an app is updated to the new version. If you didn’t receive the notification, then follow these simple three steps to check whether you are using the latest version or not.

  • Click on the three dots present in the top right corner of your screen. From there, Press AG Settings.
  • Scroll down and find the updates button. Hit it.
  • Here is the screen so you can check the latest updates. This page will let you know about all new features and bug fixation in the current version.

If you are new to the WhatsApp Platform, then you should take the below precautions to check updates.

  • Check for Updates: Periodically check the official WhatsApp Ertugrul website for updates. Look for announcements or release notes to understand the improvements in the latest version.
  • Download Updated Version: Click on the provided download link for the latest version. Follow the same download verification steps as mentioned in the installation process.
  • Update Installation: Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to update WhatsApp Ertugrul. Ensure that the update process does not interrupt ongoing conversations.
  • Backup Conversations: Before updating, consider backing up your conversations through the app’s built-in backup feature. This ensures that no data is lost during the update process.
  • Complete Setup: After the update, verify your phone number and complete any additional setup steps if required.

By following these steps, users can safely install and update WhatsApp Ertugrul, enjoying the latest features and enhancements while preserving their valuable conversations. Always prioritize security by obtaining updates exclusively from the official site.

What’s New in ERWhatsApp Latest Version?

The latest update of ERWhatsApp, introduces several enhancements, including a base update to, the ability to mark all chats as read, original modified message reading, saving video option, and much more. Users are encouraged to explore and discover these new features.

Note: Only you can now see if someone messages you (regardless of whether his phone number is on file with you) and you’ll be notified when they do. The notification (spam) has been introduced to minimize disruption to the user. You may now pick any message and click Alert when reading to receive an exclusive alert once the other person reads it.

The main screen’s day/night mode icon has been added once more. You will become invisible to everyone when you turn on the ghost mode. It won’t be seen how you look. It will appear to others that you missed their communication. The message will not be read when you open it, and you can see status updates in hidden mode as well.

  • Include the ghost mode
  • Added a different download option for every discussion
  • Include a way to go back to the previous primary UI (followers requested this)
  • Added: All of the updated message archives are now accessible for reading
  • Added the ability to reveal or hide ghost mode
  • Turn on the feature to add another number from the same copy
  • Turn on the new format for settings
  • Activate the process of creating a nickname for yourself (you will need to wait for the server to officially activate it)
  • Enable the feature that links your phone number and email
  • When someone joins the group, activate the option to be accepted by the group supervisor
  • Deactivate some features for smooth use and avoid problems
  • Improvement The version of the ban has been improved
  • Fix privacy for WhatsApp Business version users
  • Moved Day/Night mode has been moved to (Gold Add-ons/Themes)
  • Enjoy and discover what’s new for yourself!
  • More fixes and other improvements
  • Fixed the hiding of viewing the status without the other party’s knowledge on some devices
  • Fix the search in the contact field
  • Fixed the white space when scrolling in the UI
  • Fixed a random crash of the bottom bubble bar
  • Fix viewing of media when sent once
  • Fix crashes in some phones
  • Fix storage space in Android 14 versions
  • Fix backup and restore in Android versions 13 and above
  • Fix direct errors in some devices
  • Fix downloading themes in Android 14 versions
  • Enjoy more and discover what’s new for yourself
  • More fixes and other improvements

Choosing the Right Version

Users can access ER WhatsApp through a direct and hassle-free download experience. As a cautionary note, it is recommended to download ERWhatsApp exclusively from Assem Mahjoub’s official site to avoid potential issues. As everyone knows, the developers of local sites don’t take responsibility for your data loss or spamming. So, be careful while choosing a trusted website. Try to choose a well-known and famous website like this.

Key Features of ER WhatsApp Mod APK

Certainly, let’s explore each advantage and key features of ER WhatsApp Mod APK in detail, aligning with your previous requirements:

ER Chat Customization

ERWhatsApp’s ability to transform your chat screen into a personalized masterpiece. ERWA offers an extensive array of options to customize your chat experience—from modifying the action bar to tailoring bubble styles and ticks. Every element on your chat screen becomes a canvas for your creativity.

This feature delves into the details of ER’s customization features, allowing users to create a chat environment that reflects their individuality. With ER, your conversations become more significant and organized. There is no mess in this application. Explore the all options that ERWA puts at your fingertips and witness the evolution of chatting from a functional interaction to an immersive and visually captivating experience.

With ERWhatsApp, people can change the way the conversation interface and WhatsApp symbol look by changing their default settings. The user interface gains a unique aesthetic from this customization.

ER Chat Customization

Eartgrul Colors of Connectivity

The colors of the application connect people with history. Color combinations are essential when you love any activity. To give tribute, people often use the same colors to show the identity of the particular activity. That’s why, the connection and bonding is the important part.

ERWhatsApp isn’t just about functionality; it’s about making a statement. In this feature, we witness the fusion of technology and personal expression, where users are not just consumers but active participants in shaping their digital experience.

The journey has just begun; the colors of connectivity await your exploration. Join us as we are connected with the updated ERWA versions, setting the stage for a personalized and unique WhatsApp experience.

Eartgrul Colors of Connectivity

Style of ER WhatsApp Mod APK

ERWhatsApp Mod APK is not just an app; it shows the love and connectivity of people for Islamic historical drama. It’s an emotion and a sign of gesture. The style and the color are specifically designed to take care of Ertugrul character. The colors that have been used in this application are Black and Yellow. It’s a magical and beautiful contrast. Enjoy this application and become a part of this community.

Media Sharing Limit

ER WhatsApp’s transformative power—media sharing without boundaries. Imagine a world where your images can be pristine at 3MB, videos can stretch up to 700MB, and your status can unfold for a glorious 5 minutes.

ERWhatsApp tears down the barriers that once confined your media-sharing experience. This feature unravels the intricacies of ER’s media-sharing prowess, offering users unprecedented control over their visual narratives. From high-resolution images to cinematic-length status updates, ER WhatsApp empowers users to express themselves like never before.

Multilingual Mastery

The latest version introduces 64 major languages, according to traditions, cultures, and geographical boundaries. It becomes a global communicator that breaks the limits of unawareness.

This feature explores the translator feature to ensure the reply to every possible message. With ER, language is no longer tough to understand, but a gateway to diverse and meaningful connections. Whether you’re conversing in English, Spanish, Mandarin, or Swahili, ERWhatsApp ensures that every message is understood completely.

Message Scheduler

This feature delves into the practical aspects of ER’s Message Scheduler, providing insights on how to use this tool to maintain your presence without sacrificing your well-deserved downtime. Learn the art of strategic communication as it empowers you to send messages to your contacts at the most opportune times.

Hiding Blue Ticks with ER WhatsApp

ER WhatsApp introduces a game-changing feature—Hiding Blue Ticks. The updated chat version now displays a single grey tick when the recipient is offline and a pair of grey ticks when they are online but haven’t read the message. When the message is read, blue ticks appear.

Multiple Accounts Feature

The spotlight shifts to one of ERWhatsApp’ s most sought-after features—the ability to create multiple accounts within a single APK. This high-demand feature sets ER apart, allowing users to navigate between various identities flawlessly. Explore the practical applications of ER’s Multiple Accounts Feature, from managing personal and professional contacts to keeping different aspects of your life compartmentalized.

ER WhatsApp facilitates the operation of multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile device. This feature is advantageous for users who wish to manage distinct personal and professional accounts without the need for additional devices.

Status Privacy

We unlock the secrets behind ERWhatsApp ‘s Status Privacy feature. Peek behind the curtain and discover how empowers you to view anyone’s status without alerting them. Furthermore, even if someone deletes their status, you retain the exclusive privilege of accessing it.

Status Saver

The focus turns to the art of preserving fleeting moments with ERWhatsApp’s Status Saver feature. Explore how ER empowers you to download the status updates of anyone you desire, ensuring that special memories and creative expressions are not lost in the digital network.

Themes Transforming WhatsApp

Explore the built-in plugin that grants access to 4050+ themes, each offering a unique visual tapestry for your chats. This feature guides you through the process of downloading and applying themes, allowing you to curate a whimsical and visually stunning environment.

Emoji Variants

ER WhatsApp takes communication to the next level by offering a vast array of emojis sourced from platforms like Old WhatsApp (iOS), Facebook, Android O, and System Emoji (EXPERIMENTAL). Join us as we navigate the world of Emoji Variants in ERWhatsApp, where each emoji becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your digital conversations.

Hide Appearance

This feature enables users to hide their online presence, providing an added layer of privacy. By opting to hide their appearance, users can navigate through the app without broadcasting their status to others. With ERWhatsApp, users may choose which conversations can be hidden from the main chat list for increased privacy. For a covert conversation on an overcrowded messaging network, this function is helpful.

Message Protection

ER WhatsApp ensures that messages cannot be deleted unilaterally, offering a protective measure for both the sender and the recipient. This prevents the loss of important conversations and enhances the overall user experience.

Set a Password for WhatsApp

With the opportunity to set a password for WhatsApp, security is given the highest priority. This protects private chats by limiting access to the messaging app to just those who are allowed. Set your desired lock on your screen. You can also lock individual chats and groups.

Automatically Reply to WhatsApp Messages

ERWhatsApp enhances your punctuality in communication by offering an automatic reply feature. Users can set specific responses to incoming messages. It enhances efficiency and punctuality, especially in situations where immediate replies may be challenging.

WhatsApp Stickers

A section is dedicated to the advantages of using WhatsApp stickers including all the signs, gestures, and emotions. To understand your mood or emotion may be difficult for others because they are not physically present. So, to idealize others’ thoughts and expressions, the sender must use emojis. You can share your happiness, sadness, or excitement with the use of emojis. 

Hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks, and Your Views on Others’ Stories

Privacy is a significant concern for many users. With ER WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen status, prevent the display of blue ticks (indicating read messages), and keep your views on others’ stories discreet. This empowers users to control the visibility of their online activity.

Access a Themes Store with Over 4050+ Themes

With its extensive theme library, ERWhatsApp allows users to personalize the way they look and feel their messaging knowledge. With over 4050 themes available, users can customize WhatsApp with an incredibly wide range of modification options to choose from.

Change WhatsApp’s Appearance

With this functionality, individuals can change the looks of your application and you can make it different from others to boost your creativity level. This level of personalization adds a unique flair to the user interface, allowing users to align the design of their messaging app with their preferred style. Styling is the art, everyone can’t handle styling options. If you’re not a stylist then change the theme as an alternative.

Set a Lock on WhatsApp or a Specific Conversation

ER WhatsApp has the flexibility on security by offering users the option to secure either specific conversations or the entire WhatsApp application. To ensure data safety, use the lock option. You can also use a fingerprint lock to open your application. Users have the flexibility to employ PIN codes, Passwords, and patterns. Enhancing their control over access to sensitive information.

Send Any File Type

 Documents (APK, EXE, etc.) and compressed formats like ZIP and RAR. This feature allows you to save documents with different formats either for your personal or professional use. Use this feature while working in your business and take advantage to send files with no limit. You can also file many files in just one time instead of sending them again and again. Simply, click on all the specific files and send them in once.

Send Up to 100 Images with High-Resolution Images

With ERWhatsApp, users may share a huge limit like up to 100 photos in a single transfer, which simplifies the sharing procedure. Additionally, sending high-resolution photos guarantees that the visual information keeps its original clarity, giving consumers a better and uninterrupted sharing experience.

Message Unsaved Numbers, and More

ER WhatsApp application provides you the flexibility to approach unknown contacts by adding their contacts to your phone. This feature helps you to connect with unknown users without showing them your personal information like you’re about, your name, and other things. It is concerned with your privacy.

In summary, ERWhatsApp’s advantages span from enhanced privacy features to diverse customization options and improved file-sharing capabilities. These features collectively contribute to a more personalized, secure, and efficient messaging experience for users who seek a higher degree of control and flexibility in their communication.

Other Unique Functionalities of ERWhatsApp

ERWhatsApp encompasses a vast array of unique features, exceeding 50 lines. While the specific details of these features may vary, they collectively contribute to an enriched user experience, offering functionalities beyond the standard WhatsApp application.

Other Unique Functionalities of ERWhatsApp
Infographics: Other Unique Functionalities of ERWhatsApp

ERWhatsApp’s privacy features, message protection, multi-account capability, customization options, and automation features collectively empower users with enhanced control, privacy, and functionality in their messaging interactions. There are different pages as the Home screen page, Chat screen page, and universal. You can style these pages with new colors, fonts, icons, and styles.

ERWhatsApp allows users to smoothly download updates without the account owner being notified. This feature is especially useful for those who wish to view and save status without hiding their identity or online presence.

ER WhatsApp Tips

Whether you are using ER WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, or GB WhatsApp Pro, you should have knowledge of its features. More tips will stand out you from cowed making you clever from your circle. In below Infographics you will came to know some of tips to use in your chatting experience.

ER WhatsApp Tips
Infographics: ER WhatsApp Tips

My Narrative

This inspired application is easily accessible to all Turkish Drama Ertugrul lovers. The most popular drama in Turkish history amazed the viewers and this application is the way of dedication to that particular series. I own this application. My experience of using this application was fabulous. If someone is interested in exploring new functions or new software then, give it a try and honestly, you’ll love this application.

Final Verdict

ER WhatsApp stands to remind the historical values of our country. People like this ERWhatsApp application so much that it gives all the possible customizations and functionalities that other third-party modifications have like GBWhatsApp, AG WhatsApp, & NS WhatsApp. Make your experience awesome with this application and communicate with your friends, families, and fellows. Explore its all features to make your WhatsApp application more unique and stylish. Share it with your loved ones and stay jolly!

FAQ’s About ER WhatsApp

WhatsApp Ertugrul: It is the official WhatsApp, but with new capabilities, such as privacy features and hiding appearance, that allow you to use WhatsApp differently and more privately.

This WhatsApp has many features like privacy and security, universal customizations, Home page management, themes, color combinations to style, and much more.

Simply go to AG Settings > Updates > Check for Updates. You can update your new version in this way. If your version is up to date then, you don’t need to update your ERWhatsApp.

No, iOS users can’t use this application but there are a few alternative methods to download this application on your iPhone. You can check our other posts to approach the method of downloading in iOS.

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