Disappearing Messages WhatsApp

Disappearing Messages WhatsApp

Disappearing messages WhatsApp is an optional feature you can turn on for more privacy. You can set messages to disappear 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days after they’re sent unless that message is kept. The duration you choose only affects new messages in the chat, not messages you’ve already sent or received.

WhatsApp cannot recover deleted messages for you. However, there is still a chance you might see them again, depending on how you have backups set up! This guide explores how to potentially restore disappearing messages on WhatsApp and what to keep in mind for future chats.

Disappearing Messages Whatsapp Introduction

WhatsApp, the world’s most well-known messaging application, shook things up by presenting another component: disappearing messages! With this cool feature, clients can send messages to loved ones, and after a specific period, those messages vanish naturally. Auto delete option in WhatsApp is good to make your chats simpler and clearer but be very careful in this process, you might lose messages you want to keep. This confusion led to a question in the minds of all users: how to restore disappearing messages on WhatsApp?

Well, to clear up your confusion about missing messages on WhatsApp, you have to go through this comprehensive guide. In the following guide, I will go deeply to explain all the possible reasons why messages vanish on WhatsApp and what are the steps for recovering disappearing WhatsApp messages. One more thing, if you are using WhatsApp-modified apps, then you may not lose any messages from your chat. You can give a try to GBWhatsApp, NSWhatsApp, or OBWhatsApp for your comfort.

How to apply Disappearing Messages WhatsApp

Follow below simple steps to use the disappearing function on WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp Main Interface
  • Click on the three dots present on the top right side of your screen
  • Press the setting option there

Note: If you are using WhatsApp Mod APK, then go to setting option present at the bottom. You can not find this option in mod settings.

  • Select the Privacy option from there
  • Go to the default message timer setting
  • Select the duration that you want to apply for the disappearing message. You will find the following option there.
  • 24 hours
  • 7 days
  • 90 days
  • Off

Does Disappearing Messages Delete For Everyone On Whatsapp

Yes, WhatsApp disappearing messages work for both individual and group chats. When a disappearing message is deleted it’s deleted for both the sender and receiver. Imagine setting up disappearing messages on WhatsApp like arranging a secret code for your chats. It’s as if you’ve placed a timer on each message, making them vanish into the digital abyss after a while. Both you and the person you’re messaging will see this mysterious event unfold. However, just like any secret code, there are ways to crack it. Despite messages disappearing, someone could still find a way to capture them before they’re gone forever. So, while it adds an intriguing twist to your conversations, it’s important to remember that secrets, no matter how well hidden, can sometimes be uncovered.

Why Would Someone Turn On Disappearing Messages On Whatsapp

Before going into the recovery process, it is crucial to understand the reason behind what causes your chats to vanish from WhatsApp. On this messaging platform, your messages disappeared due to several reasons. Let’s explore those reasons in detail:

The first reason and probably the most obvious one is that the user for that specific chat has selected the “Disappearing messages” option from the settings. Upon choosing the auto-delete feature, any new messages in that chat will vanish after a week, like a secret message. Though it is handy to keep secret stuff under protection, be aware that auto-delete can remove those important chats too if you do not save them by backing up your messages.

It is not always that messages disappear from WhatsApp only on your chats. Another worth mentioning reason is that maybe the sender or the person who is receiving the messages has deleted them. On removing messages intentionally or unintentionally, both the sender as well as the receiver will no longer see the message on their devices. Those missing messages whether you deleted them or the other person are considered gone but there might still be a way to get them back. It is not a total loss!

How to Prevent Messages from Disappearing on WhatsApp?

There are two or three basic tricks to keep your messages sticking around on WhatsApp.

  1. The first one is very simple and that is to disallow the feature “disappearing messages” from the specific conversations. To disable it, first open the chat you want to save messages from and then, tap on the contact or the group name at the top. Finally, look for “Disappearing messages” and just tap on it. It is easy peasy! After that, either your messages will remain active on WhatsApp by directly disabling the feature or another way is to decide for what duration your messages will keep appearing on the WhatsApp app.
  2. An even better option for you is to just tap and hold the message itself for your super-important stuff. A star icon will pop up, tap on that to bookmark it and it will not disappear with the auto-delete. Later on, if you want to see those saved messages, go to the “Starred messages” section where you can easily find and access them. So that’s it! With these helpful tricks, you can keep your WhatsApp messages with no problem at all. No more worries about those accidentally or intentionally missing chats.

Whatsapp Messages Disappeared Without Deleting

Even by taking all the safety measures, there is still a gamble of your WhatsApp messages getting erased or vanishing. Getting another gadget or reinstalling WhatsApp is one of the normal purposes behind vanishing messages. This happens when there is no automatic transfer of all your chats, which leads to lost messages. Tech issues can also be to blame as one of the common reasons for missing messages. Sometimes, weird app glitches and bugs might vanish your messages on WhatsApp even though you did not delete them yourself.

Furthermore, unless you have a regular backup of your messages on WhatsApp, deleting a message or chat by mistake will delete it permanently from your device. Therefore, to not lose your important conversations on WhatsApp be extra careful when deleting messages or chats.

How to Recover Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp?

It is essential to not overreact when you realize that your significant messages are absent on WhatsApp. Though disappearing messages are great for your privacy, it is terrible if you lose something important. Unfortunately, there is no magic button to bring them back once they are gone. However, for the recovery of those missing or deleted messages, you can try several steps. Following are the steps on how to restore disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

How to Recover Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp
Infographics: How to Recover Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp?

1.  Check if the Message is still visible in the Chat

Sometimes, things can get a bit confusing on these messaging platforms. Even with auto-delete turned on, there is a chance that you might still see your message in the chat. Double-check it by scrolling up and down through your chat interface on WhatsApp to confirm if the message is still there. In case of finding the message, save it manually by starring it.

2.  Updating WhatsApp

It is critical to have the most recent version of WhatsApp introduced on both the sender and the receiver gadgets. Sometimes, a simple app update can be the magic solution for all disappearing message problems.

3.  Check the Recipient’s Device

If the message is missing on your end, but you are sure that the other person has not deleted it, try checking their phone. There might be a temporary glitch on your WhatsApp app. If it is still active on their phone and not deleted, they can forward it to you.

How to Restore Missing Messages on WhatsApp Using Backup Method?

Open WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup, and check if there is a recent backup available. If there is, try restoring it. Check your phone’s storage: Sometimes WhatsApp messages can disappear during restoration if there is not enough space on your phone. Check your phone.

Backup is like a WhatsApp safety net. At regular intervals, it creates a copy of your chats, and if needed allows you to restore them. With this feature, you might be able to get those missing conversations back. However, remember that having an existing backup including the messages you want to retrieve is the key to success in this method. Therefore, whether you are on Android or have an iPhone, here is how you can recover disappearing WhatsApp messages using backups.

How To Recover Disappearing Messages On Whatsapp Android

Disappearing messages will be deleted when a user restores from a backup. Disappearing messages are excluded from all backups and can’t be restored by design. WhatsApp can’t restore your disappearing messages for you, since WhatsApp does not store your messages. To recover WhatsApp messages on Android using backup, there are two simple ways to follow:

How To Recover Disappearing Messages On Whatsapp Android
Infographics: How To Recover Disappearing Messages On Whatsapp Android

Method 1: Restoring from Google Drive Backup

For Android users, recovering WhatsApp missing or deleted messages using Google Drive is done by following these steps:

  • Confirm Backup Exists: Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner of WhatsApp. Then follow this path Settings > Chat Backup. Always choose a backup frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) and ensure that the option “Backup to Google Drive” is turned on. Do it now if you have not set up a backup yet.
  • WhatsApp Reinstallation: One thing worth trying when nothing else works is to give your WhatsApp a fresh start. Completely remove all the WhatsApp data from your phone then head over to the Google Play Store and grab the latest version.
  • Verify and Restore: WhatsApp will detect a Google Drive Backup during the process of installation. Once you have the shiny new app, just tap “Restore.” Your chats including your disappearing chats may get back in business.

Method 2: Restoring from Local Backup

  • Locate the Backup File: On your Android phone, open a file manager app. Then, once you are in, look for a folder called “WhatsApp” and then tap “Databases” inside it. This is where WhatsApp backups are usually placed.
  • Reinstall and Restore: Like what you did in the previous method, first uninstall WhatsApp and then reinstall it. Just tap “Restore” when asked to restore from a local backup. Keep in mind that, this method only works well for you if those missing messages are available in the specific backup you choose.

How To Recover Disappearing Messages On WhatsApp iPhone

The process of restoration of WhatsApp messages is very similar for iPhone users:

  • Verify iCloud Backup: By opening WhatsApp, follow the route of Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. Now, choose a backup frequency (whether weekly, daily, etc.) and make sure to enable the option “Chat Backup to iCloud“.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall: From your iPhone, remove the WhatsApp app. Then, by going to the App Store, reinstall it.
  • Restore from iCloud: WhatsApp will ask you to restore from an iCloud backup while the installation process is going on. Always choose a backup that includes your disappearing chats.

Alternative Methods to Recover Missing or Deleted WhatsApp Messages

There is no such guarantee to bring back your deleted WhatsApp messages. But there are several other methods you can try depending on whether you have a backup or not. Following are the two alternative methods through which you can get back your lost chats from WhatsApp without any backups.

Method 1: Digging for Data

There is a tiny chance that you can get pieces of those vanished messages on WhatsApp even if you do not have backups. On your phone using data recovery software, this method is a sign of hope. Here is what you should keep in mind while retrieving your precious chats on WhatsApp:

  • Android Only: The data recovery software method works only on Android devices with the software being available on the Google Play Store. DiskDigger is one of the popular options.
  • Success Rate Varies: The key to getting your stuff back after deletion depends on how much new stuff your phone has saved since then. The more you have used your phone, the less likely it is to be recoverable. It is better to try this method as early as possible.
  • Proceed with Caution: Since all data recovery, apps cannot guarantee 100% recovery of your lost chats on WhatsApp, so it is better to do some research yourself and find an app with positive reviews.

Method 2: Third-Party Recovery Tools

Now, if you don’t have a backup or the missing messages you need are not there, some third-party apps and software are out there that promise to bring back your WhatsApp deleted messages. To get back your lost chats, these tools scan your device or the backup files where you have stored your important stuff. However, when using such tools, it’s crucial to adopt safety precautions as they may have:

  • Security Risk: It’s always a huge risk to allow your data access to these third-party apps and software. For safety, make sure to use a trusted source before proceeding with the recovery process.
  • Limited Effectiveness: These third-party tools often don’t meet their expectations. Also, be aware! These applications could want cash upfront, yet there is no assurance that they will work. It’s somewhat of a gamble.

Tips to Avoid Disappearing Important WhatsApp Conversations

Even though there might be ways to get those lost conversations back, it’s always better to be safe than sorry with WhatsApp. To help you avoid losing important messages, the following are some useful tips:

  • Regularly backup your chats: Turn on the automatic backup feature in WhatsApp settings. This way, your chats and media get a safe backup in iCloud storage service. In case of any issues, it will make it easier to retrieve your disappeared messages.
  • Be cautious when deleting chats or messages: To stop yourself from unintentionally deleting important conversations, always check before deleting any messages or chats.
  • Enable notifications for disappearing messages: Just turn on notifications for those chats that got you worried about losing something important due to disappearing messages. This way, your phone will give you an alert to save the message if necessary or even if the message vanishes later.


No doubt disappearing messages is a handy feature on WhatsApp. But to safeguard your important chats and ensure that there will be no missing messages, always be aware of the high risks involved in it and take proactive actions accordingly. By understanding why your messages vanish, taking steps to keep them around in your chats, and knowing how to restore disappearing messages on WhatsApp, you can be a message recovery master and ensure your important WhatsApp conversations stay safe and sound.

Remember, there is no guarantee of recovering deleted data. In any case, with the assistance of the above-mentioned techniques and avoiding potential risk, you can build the possibility of recovering those valuable WhatsApp messages. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tragically, no. Vanishing messages are intended to be temporary and are naturally avoided from backups. This implies once the set time terminates, the message is gone forever, and WhatsApp itself can’t recover it.

Yes, screenshots are the simplest way to keep a disappearing message. There are no limitations from WhatsApp on taking screenshots, however, recall that the sender will be told if you screen capture their vanishing message.

A few data recovery applications guarantee to restore erased WhatsApp messages, however, these are not reliable and frequently disregard WhatsApp’s terms of service. Be mindful of such applications, as they could likewise be tricks or security dangers to your gadget.

Yes, disappearing messages can be forwarded to other chats before their timer runs out. However, the recipient will also see the disappearing message with the same timer counting down. Once the time is up, the message will disappear from both chats.

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