How to Unbanned From WhatsApp?

How to Unbanned From WhatsApp Quickly?

If you can’t send or receive messages on WhatsApp and have lost access to your account, your account or phone may have been banned. An abrupt ban on your WhatsApp account can be annoying and prevent you from corresponding with your key connections.

If you are wondering about how to unban from WhatsApp quickly, you can easily unban your number and get it back as soon as possible. It’s important to know why your number was banned before you unban your account.

I’m going to walk you through the process of unbanning yourself from WhatsApp today. To find out more about the comprehensive instructions for reclaiming your WhatsApp account, you must read this post through to the conclusion. Let’s Explore:

Understand WhatsApp Ban and Types of Ban

An error notice titled “This account cannot use WhatsApp” regarding a temporary or permanent ban on your WhatsApp number will appear when you first launch your account on your device. “Temporary WhatsApp Ban and Permanent WhatsApp Ban” are the two categories of bans.

Temporary Restriction

In response to policy infractions, the messaging app owned by Meta imposes this restriction. WhatsApp momentarily blocks your phone or account when a user violates its policies, even if the infractions are not very significant. Users are given another opportunity to change their policy-violating behavior under this prohibition.

Permanent Ban

When users consistently or seriously breach the rules, Meta may permanently ban them. If a person propagates offensive or unlawful content, bombards other users, is blocked by a large number of individuals quickly, etc.

Reasons Behind WhatsApp Bans

There are so many reasons to get banned on your WhatsApp. All the reasons are valid and solid. These rules are specifically designed to bind yourself in a well-explained way. The application mentions all the rules that everyone avoids crossing, and be within these limits to feel free from mess experience. Let’s find out all the reasons:

Reasons Behind WhatsApp Bans
Infographics: Reasons Behind WhatsApp Bans

How to Get an Unbanned Number from WhatsApp Quickly

You can use this approach to unban yourself from WhatsApp if your number is temporarily banned. Take these actions to unblock yourself from WhatsApp.

  • 1. Uninstall Unofficial WhatsApp APK: You must remove the Red WhatsApp and modded versions of WhatsApp immediately if you use them to get extra features. Taking down the unauthorized WhatsApp app can assist you in getting your number unbanned.
  • 2. Install WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business: Install official WhatsApp if you use GB WhatsApp instead of WhatsApp, or install WhatsApp Business if you use GB WhatsApp Business.
  • 3. Download the most recent version of WhatsApp: On your device, you must download the most recent version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.
  • 4. Login: Open WhatsApp on your phone, type in the number that has been blocked, and log in.
  • 5. Watch the timer: The amount of time left to unban will be shown on your account via the temporary ban timer. You have to take your time until it finishes. Your account will be unbanned after the specified period has passed.

How to Unbanned WhatsApp Number from Permanent Ban

It may be more difficult for you to get your WhatsApp number or account unbanned from a permanent ban, but it is still doable. To get your phone number or account unbanned from a permanent ban, follow these instructions.

  • 1. Uninstall current WhatsApp: You must log out of your account and remove the program if you use GB WhatsApp or a modified version of WhatsApp.
  • 2. Install the most recent version of WhatsApp: Get the most recent version of WhatsApp from the App Store or Google Play Store for your smartphone.
  • 3. Enter phone number: To access your account, use WhatsApp after installing it and enter your phone number. A pop-up error notice will appear.
  • 4. Use the support option: The popup message’s “Support” option must be tapped. Send the unban request to WhatsApp after writing it. After reviewing your account, the messaging app operated by Meta will soon unban your number.

Notably, WhatsApp’s determination of your innocence determines whether or not you can successfully unban a permanently banned account or number.

How to Write an Email for WhatsApp Unban Request

Should you experience difficulties composing an appeal request message for account unbanning? This is a sample email that you can use to ask to have your account or phone unbanned.

Subject: I would like my WhatsApp account to be unblocked.

“To the WhatsApp Support Team,

I’m writing to ask that you please revive my recently banned account. I promise that I always agree with your policies, that I am not aware of any violations of the terms of service, and that I will keep them in mind going forward. Please think again and unban my phone number. I’m grateful.”

Account Bans on the WhatsApp Business App

The WhatsApp Business app will notify you with the following message if your account is prohibited: “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp.” Get assistance by contacting support. WhatsApp is preventing you from using your phone number. For assistance, get in touch with support.

If we think that an account’s activity violates our terms of service, we prohibit accounts. To find out more about acceptable uses of the WhatsApp Business app and actions that are against our terms of service, please refer to the portion of our terms of service that is titled “Acceptable Use of our Business Services.”

How to Submit a Review Request

Before banning your account, we might not provide you a warning. Please tell us if you believe that your account was mistakenly banned, and we will investigate the matter.

Account Bans for Unofficial Apps

It is against our Terms of Service to use an unapproved application or an unsupported device, and doing so may result in the suspension of your account. Fake WhatsApp apps created by outside parties that go outside our terms of service are known as unofficial apps.

Since we are unable to verify these apps’ security procedures, we are unable to support them. Find out why we don’t support unapproved apps and more about them. You need to download the official WhatsApp app in order to use the service further. Through our website or official app stores, you can download WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Business app.

Account Bans for Unofficial Apps
Infographics: Account Bans for Unofficial Apps

Remember that if the account activity continues to violate our Terms of Service, we have the right to reactivate the account suspension. To find out more about the proper uses of WhatsApp and the actions that are prohibited by our terms of service, we advise that you carefully read the section titled “Acceptable Use of Our Services” in our terms of service.

About Temporarily Banned Accounts

If you got a notification that you were “temporarily banned,” it might indicate that you’re using an unauthorized version of WhatsApp or that you’re “scraping,” or gathering data. After being briefly banned, go off the official app or quit scraping. If you don’t, there’s a chance WhatsApp will permanently block your account.

About unofficial apps: We do not support unauthorized WhatsApp applications because they risk your security and safety.

About scraping: The automatic extraction of data, both targeted and large-scale, for any unauthorized use is known as scraping. It is against our Terms of Service to obtain user information in this manner, such as phone numbers, user profile images, and status updates.

Instructions to Avoid Banning

You risk having your account banned if you use WhatsApp in any of the methods mentioned below.

Instructions to Avoid Banning
Infographics: Instructions to Avoid Banning

Unwanted messages: A contact should be deleted from your address book and you should not message them again if they request that you cease.

Automated or bulk messages: Avoid using WhatsApp for bulk messaging, auto-messaging, or auto-dialing. WhatsApp detects and bans accounts that send unsolicited automated messages using both machine learning technology and user feedback. Don’t utilize altered versions of WhatsApp or create accounts or groups in an unlawful or automated manner. You can read this white paper to learn more about WhatsApp’s measures to prevent automated and mass messaging misuse.

Using contact lists that aren’t yours: Never give out phone numbers without permission or message people on WhatsApp or add them to groups using information you got from unknown sources.

Over-using broadcast lists: Users will only receive messages sent using a broadcast list if they have included your phone number in their contact list. Please remember that using broadcast messages frequently could cause people to report you, and we ban accounts that get reported too often.

Harvesting personal information: Be clear of automating the extraction of WhatsApp data for any unauthorized uses. This method of obtaining user data, such as phone numbers, profile images, and WhatsApp status updates, is against our terms of service.

Final Verdict

When utilizing third-party alterations these days, this issue is rather prevalent. You must appropriately review the blog standards to prevent these kinds of issues. Please be sure to look into the specifics. Users can enjoy a dependable, violence-free WhatsApp experience by following these guidelines. You can overcome these issues by adhering to the aforementioned instructions.


If our system identifies any behavior on your account as being against our Terms of Service, we have the right to ban your account. We might lift the ban after examining your account activities, allowing you to use WhatsApp again.

Make sure you comprehend and follow WhatsApp’s Terms of Service in order to keep your account from getting banned once more. This means avoiding from engaging in any doubtful behavior, communicating improper content, and sending unwanted messages.

A temporary restriction usually has a set duration, which might be anywhere from a few hours to several days.

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