How to tag everyone in WhatsApp group

How to Tag Everyone in a WhatsApp Group (2024 Guide)

Do you think is it complex, How to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group? Tag anyone in the Group is a way to point out someone for their actions. This feature is very beneficial in our groups. , if you want to call or to talk to just one person in the group so to that guy attentive, we use a tag sign and call him or her. It’s difficult to tag two or more members in just one time but possible. 

OB5 WhatsApp groups are designed uniquely but tagging everyone or someone procedure most people don’t know. In this blog, we are going to teach you the exact method to tag someone in any group. We assure you that you will understand all the easy steps. The details after tagging someone in the WhatsApp group are here:

Tagging Requirements

A few requirements are essential for your tagging. Tag means to point out or call someone to make him/her alert. Alerting is asked when you may need to talk to someone in front of all. You can talk to that particular person if your conversation is not private. Let’s explore:

  • WhatsApp application with a group may be essential.
  • A group of people having more than one member is required.
  • An active Internet connection is also part of your journey.
  • Make sure the member you want to talk with, must be part of that group.

The procedure of “How to Tag Everyone in a WhatsApp Group

The procedure of group tagging is extremely effortless. Tag everyone it’s not possible at all. Tagging everyone feature is available on Facebook but not in WhatsApp till now. You have to tag all members individually one by one. If you want to talk with two or three people in the same group then you can easily tag their names and start your conversation with them. Let’s dive into the procedure of tagging someone in a WhatsApp group:

How to Tag Everyone in WhatsApp Group?
Infographics: How to Tag Everyone in a WhatsApp Group

Step 01: Connect your Phone with Your Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi or Internet connection is a basic part when you do something online. WhatsApp is an application that can be used with Wi-Fi. You can’t send or receive messages without an Internet connection. So to tag someone means that you are alerting the person with your message and you can’t send your message without Wi-Fi. 

So it’s compulsory to connect your Android phone or iOS with an Internet connection first. This procedure is the same for Android and iOS. You can also adapt these steps to your PC. And if you’re not able to connect your phone with Wi-Fi then you can use another source of connection like SIM packages. For SIM package activation you need to enable your mobile data, not Wi-Fi.

Connect your Phone with Your Wi-Fi

Step 02: Open your WhatsApp 

To open your WhatsApp application you don’t need to ask anything. Mostly people love to secure their apps with passwords like PIN or Pattern. If you set any password on your WhatsApp or fingerprint then unlock your WhatsApp by giving it the correct lock. After opening your WhatsApp go to the home screen. 

Most people use third-party modified WhatsApps like GBWhatsApp, AG WhatsApp, and WhatsApp. These specific modified versions contain a separate row of groups. You simply need to swipe left with your finger just once. You will move the page from chats to the groups. The question is why this swipe is chats to the group section and the answer is because we’re going to tag someone in our groups.

Open Your WhatsApp

Step 03: Open the Specific Group 

There is a list of groups that you have on your phone. It’s totally up to you what group you want to deal with. We don’t know what group you are talking about but our procedure of tagging will be quite relevant to your Groups. No matter whether you are concerned about your study group, your profession group, or any other. You simply tap on the bar of the group and open it.

If you suddenly click on that profile picture of the group you can’t open your group in this way the correct method to approach the group chat is to click on the space that is in front of the profile picture. There must be a message Sean in that bar that you received or sent in recent times.

Open the Specific Group

Step 04: Open the Typing Board / Keyboard

When you open your group chat there will be a bar having a few icons on it located at the bottom of the chat. The keyboard bar contains an emoji icon a pin-type icon that includes your documents, camera, gallery, audio, location, contact, and Poll. On the right side recording audio icon and camera icon are also mentioned. These all things are located on the header of your keyboard.

To access your typing board click on the “message” that is written but not prominent with bold color. Click on the “message” and the keyboard may pop up. Keep in mind one thing very clearly I use a typing board and keyboard for both words in this guideline but don’t be confused the typing board and keyboard are the same thing.

Open the Typing Board or Keyboard

Step 05: Press Tag

I know you must be confused about the tag word. The tag word is not mentioned in writing. Tag is the basic name of a sign that you mostly use in our Gmail or Email. The symbol (@) Represents itself tag in the world of WhatsApp. To click on the tag icon, hold your “A” word with the long press the symbol “@” will be automatically typed in your typing bar.

As the symbol appears a new pop-up on the screen with the names of the contact numbers that are included in the same group as participants. Now, you can scroll down and click on the desired contact number name by tapping on it. The name of the participant is automatically typed in your typing section type the next message you want to deliver and press enter.

Press Tag

Tag Everyone Notice

The tagging of everyone in a group is not possible at all mostly people tell you to click on the menu and then select everyone but in reality, this method doesn’t work. Because tagging all or everyone is not included in your menu bar these were procedures 100% useless. You can’t access you’re tagging everyone in this way.

So it’s better to tag everyone in just one click you simply have to click on the desired contact members one by one. This is how you can tag everyone in your group. You can tag all the members in one message. Now, you can tag two or more participants and have a smooth conversation.

Benefits of Tagging Someone in Group 

There are numerous benefits of tagging someone in the group. Tag someone in the Group makes the person alert and attentive. You can separately talk to that particular person in front of all without any privacy. For example, if you are advising someone by tagging others will also take advantage of your advice. The person you’re targeting in the group can easily read your message in a lot of messages.

Negative Effects of Tagging on WhatsApp

  • Too Many Notifications: Tagging too much can flood someone’s notifications, especially if they’re in lots of groups.
  • Privacy Issues: Tagging in a big group can give away private info, as others can see who’s tagged and might see personal stuff.
  • Chat Interruptions: Tagging all the time can mess up the chat flow and make it hard to follow conversations.


How to turn everyone into a WhatsApp group is the most asked query from users. We appropriately compile the questions to guide everyone about tagging someone in groups. Considerable questions, we will try our level best in our next articles to give you the answers correctly. Now follow the instructions and guidelines that are mentioned above, and you will get done. Have a great day!


Using the “@” symbol followed by a person’s name in WhatsApp group chats, you can target a specific member with a message via tagging, sometimes called mentioning.

Use the “@” symbol when you type your message in the group chat. There will be a list of the group members. To mention someone, just type or scroll to find their name, touch on it, and carry on with your message.

Yes, even if someone has muted the group conversation, they will still receive a notification when they are tagged in one.

Of course! To mention multiple people in the same message, simply use the “@” sign and their names. You can easily tag them.

No, there’s no restriction on tagging persons in the group but if you repeat the process again and again then you might get spammed or banned. It can harm your account.

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