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Cyber WhatsApp Download Latest Version 10.1 (16 May)

Cyber WhatsApp is designed for third-party lovers with advanced features. It includes auto-reply, broadcast messages management, channel, community creation, DND Mode, customization and so many other special functionalities to boost your experience to a high level. In this blog, we’ll elaborate on the downloading and installing procedure with a detailed guide of features. Without letting it late, let’s start and dive into:

Do you feel bored by your dull experience with old WhatsApp? Thousands of people are using Business WhatsApp and can have new conversation styles but they are not able to approach such applications like Cyber WhatsApp that can be proved as game-changing for their lives. However, because of their lack of knowledge, they can’t adopt well-reputed third-party modifications. Well, keeping all tensions aside, let me help you to clarify your confusion. 

Cyber WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameCyber WhatsApp APK
APK Version10.1
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

Cyber WhatsApp APK Introduction

Cyber WhatsApp APK’s name has been decided inspired by the security of this app. A cyber company works for the welfare and security of people. Likewise, Cyber WhatsApp helped a lot of people and fulfilled their desire for extra functionalities with strict security and privacy. Cyber WhatsApp using criteria are the same as Official WhatsApp. There’s a difference between having functions and fewer features. To explain this difference verses will be discussed below in the next upcoming guide. 

Cyber WhatsApp APK is a well-known messaging app that has become everyone’s need in this progressive world. Everyone desires to be updated and wants upgraded versions of the best applications. So, with gratitude to this Cyber WhatsApp, the problem-solving modification is here. Cyber WhatsApp has built-in features of customization and enhancements. Now, it’s in your hands to handle it the way you like it. 

Cyber WhatsApp APK Requirements

The basic method to run any third-party modification version is quite simple but before delving into its downloading process, you surely need to fulfill the requirements in a good manner. Requirements of having Cyber WhatsApp APK are effortlessly adaptable. Learn the initial actions and go ahead:

Wi-Fi Accessibility

    Wi-Fi is the most famous internet connection throughout the world and an essential part of staying connected with people from all over the world. It gives strong signals to run our browsers anytime while living anywhere. We can gather information data and do chats to connect our servers Internet. The Wi-Fi accessibility may be very good in different countries according to their regions, so you can use an active Internet connection while living in your city. Nowadays fibernet emerging due to their performance.

    Enough Space

    To live in your own home you need space in either room. Likewise, the methodology applies here, if you want any app or version installation then your Android must have enough space to download the application. Different phones have a variance of space in our memory according to their prices so simply you only need 80MB to have this cyber WhatsApp third-party app. Whether you are stuck in the condition where the storage of your iOS or Android is full, you can delete your old and unnecessary files to make new storage.

    Higher Version 5.0+

    Android high versions become part of your requirement as the version of your Android phone is high your chances to get a cyber WhatsApp app increases. The version required for your phone is 4.4+. The essential thing to notice is I have mentioned iOS in the above instructions because you can use this application on iOS but with the help of an emulator. The right emulator can be accessible from your browser.

    Uninstall Official WhatsApp

    If you have official WhatsApp already on your phone then you can’t install the application of cyber WhatsApp. You simply need to uninstall your official WhatsApp first then you will be able to download the third-party modification again on your phone. So it’s compulsory to clear your phone from other modifications and then install the new version you want. The important thing is, you can’t run two versions on the same number.

    Download Cyber WhatsApp Process

    Downloading procedure Place the lead character in your application without downloading you can’t use Cyber WhatsApp. After completing all the requirements that we mentioned above. You are surely able to take steps to go further. Now, it’s time to download Cyber WhatsApp. The downloading method includes a maximum of 5 to 6 steps to complete. 

    These steps are very simple to apply. Everyone can easily get the downloading procedure and can successfully install Cyber WhatsApp on their phone without putting so much effort. Now it’s time to explore the downloading procedure:

    Download Cyber WhatsApp
    Infographics: Download Cyber WhatsApp

    Step 01: Unlock Your Android

    To download Cyber WhatsApp, Unlock your Android phone first. If you have any pattern our password is on your phone. Draw the correct button or give the password you gave already and get access to the home page. Most people prefer to add fingerprints. If you are also one of them, then use your finger and unlock it.

    Step 02: Adapt the Browser

    The browser adaptability is a major thing for your downloading procedure the best part about the browser is no matter from which country you belong you can use any browser like DuckDuckGo, Chrome, Google, etc. To have access to your browser simply open the Chrome app. Stay on the home page for the next process.

    Step 03: Access the Search Icon

    The search icon is always located on the top of the page, mostly on the right side. When we use the browser the search icon plays a key role to reach out different websites. To click on the search icon simply click on it. After appearing on the mobile’s keyboard, you can type any command to your browser and easily reach out.

    Step 04: Type’s official website was launched after so much research and was designed by professional creators. This website contains almost every type of third-party modification application with direct links and other opportunities. I recommend this website to all my visitors to save the time that they will spend searching. Get this website and approach its main page.  

    Step 05: Get Your Ideal WhatsApp Link

    Initially, to get the ideal WhatsApp link is easy peasy lemon squeezy to apply when you go to the website you will see a lot of modification titles in the form of articles. Now, it’s time to select your favorite one like Cyber WhatsApp. Open the blog in a new tab and note the guidelines to access the link that will be mentioned on the bottom side. 

    Step 06: Add the Link and Download 

    As we have discussed a few of the steps already. Most people already understand the next step and what will have to do in the next moment. Exactly guys, you are right. Click on the link, there is no mirror download required, you can directly download your Cyber WhatsApp on your phone. This process takes time to complete so wait patiently and enjoy.

    CyberWhatsApp Installation

    CyberWhatsApp installation has almost six procedures. The step-by-step guide is going to be discussed in the upcoming guide. The startup is to locate your file from your previously saved data. WhatsApp may be saved in the recently downloaded files open that particular file by clicking on it and pressing the install button.

    Without taking completion long time, it’s just turned into the pop-up that appears on the screen named open. Click on the open icon again as in the previous position, and the right application appears. As you reached out its previous steps were successful. A few more steps are waiting for you, some information that it’s personal but useful for your account. 

    Selecting the language English because it’s worldwide & entering some information about your phone number. Your active account when you enter the right active mobile phone number in the ask section, you receive a code on the same number you have. Just copy that particular code and paste it into the WhatsApp setting to verify it. The verification occurs to verify your account safely and to connect it with Google. Lastly, you can design your profile and add a unique description.

    Cyber WhatsApp Update 

    Keep up to speed with Cyber WhatsApp upgrades to stay competitive! They give you the greatest chatting experience possible by adding new features, fixing bugs, and patching security flaws. They frequently release updated versions with new features and enhanced functionality.

    The primary goals of this most recent version were to address small problems and enhance the overall stability and speed of the app. The procedures to see if your smartphone is running the most recent version of Cyber WhatsApp are as follows:

    Cyber WhatsApp Update
    Infographics: Cyber WhatsApp Update
    • Launch the WhatsApp on your Android device.
    • Access the settings of the app or menu.
    • Locate the “About” or “App Info” section.
    • This is the version number that is seen.

    Using a previous iteration of Cyber WhatsApp? Gain access to all the newly added features and enhanced performance that the developers have been working on by updating to the most recent version. Make your routine to update your phone application after one month to speed up the processes. 

    Cyber WhatsApp APK on PC

    Few variant methods can run your Cyber WhatsApp APK on your PC.  We try to make it easier for you and going to explore the quick method. This contains no more long explanations and other party sharing. Pay heed to the details and connect your phone to your laptop. Do it step-by-step and follow without skipping for positive aspects. Let’s roll:

    • Open your preferred web browser on your PC and go to the website,
    • Navigate to the three-dot menu on your PC after opening the app.
    • To begin, navigate to the settings, locate “Linked Devices,” and select “Link a device.”
    • Once your computer has opened the WhatsApp website, take out your phone and scan the QR code with the camera. All you need to do to link an account is this.
    • You can use the web browser on your computer to directly access chats, messages, and other functions after the connection is established. You can put down your phone now!

    Channel on Cyber WhatsApp MOD APK

    Targeting thousands of people at a time is hectic. Handling heavy WhatsApp groups seems impossible because everyone sends messages. The load of the messages may affect the speed, performance, and storage. It also may cause the loss of all data and chats. Don’t worry, the life-changing hack for you to create the channel and run your channel on WhatsApp now.

    Creating the channel can help to manage the chat messages as only admins can send messages and convey the breaking news to everyone. Most of the problems you face will fade away. Let’s learn how to create it manually:

    • Simply choose the “Channels” tab from the Cyber WhatsApp app.
    • Select the “Create a Channel” option or press the “+” symbol.
    • Please provide a name and description for your channel.
    • Additionally, you can make an avatar or pick a channel image.
    • After you’ve completed all the blanks, hit “Create” to launch your channel.

    Cyber WhatsApp Latest Version Features

    Cyber WhatsApp Wallpaper Background

    You can add additional visual appeal and personalization to your chats by customizing the background wallpaper using the app. As your chat background, you can select one of the pre-installed wallpaper selections or upload a picture from your device’s gallery. 

    Those who enjoy visually pleasing and well-organized discussions may find this feature especially helpful. Additionally, you can use your chat backdrop to showcase your individuality and sense of style. You may improve and enjoy your messaging experience by personalizing your chat backdrop. You can find the same feature in almost all APK Mods like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, and NSWhatsApp.

    Poll on CyberWhatsApp

    The poll function is intended to facilitate quick and simple voting among groups so that decisions can be made. Members of a group chat can vote on many options for a given question by creating polls. When agreeing on a place for a group outing or a meeting date, for example, this function is especially helpful for reaching a swift consensus.

    You can also use the poll tool to ask a group of people for their opinions or feedback. For instance, a business might survey to find out what its staff members think about a new project idea or product innovation. By doing this, it is possible to guarantee that all viewpoints are heard and taken into account before a decision is made.

    Cyber Avatar Personalization

    With the help of the avatar tool, you can make a virtual representation of yourself for your profile image. When creating your avatar, you have a large range of options to select from, including skin tone, eye color, haircut, and accessories. After creating your avatar, you may share it with friends or use it as your profile picture. This tool enables you to express yourself differently and gives your texting experience a personal touch.

    Conversation Style

    The action bar can be customized to show the company logo, your name, or no name at all. For a more polished appearance, the action bar can also be hidden. It’s simple to tell which messages are read and which ones are unread with the chat interface’s customizable bubbles and ticks. Additionally, you have the option to show or hide contact names.

    Images can be viewed in a square format with rounded corners or filled with the screen. Additionally, you have the option of turning on or off picture compression. You can set up the chat entry style so that messages can be sent by pressing the enter key or by including a send button.

    Group Talk

    Users of the Cyber WhatsApp can enjoy a great group chat experience. Forming a group and inviting friends, family, or coworkers is a simple process. If a group is already formed, you have the option to join it by using the group invite link. You can share your location and exchange and receive documents, photos, videos, and messages once you are in a group.

     Additionally, you can alter the group name and profile photo, add or remove members, and select who is allowed to post messages to the group. The software lets you make broadcast lists, which are channels for one-way communication. Messages can be sent to several recipients without starting a group conversation. 

    DND Mode

    You can use the app’s DND Mode, or Do Not Disturb Mode, to temporarily turn off notifications and alarms. The app won’t show any notifications in the notification shade or on the lock screen of the device if DND Mode is enabled. You may still access the app and see their messages as normal, though.

    When you need to concentrate on work or other duties without being distracted by continuous SMS alerts, this feature may come in handy. To make sure that crucial messages are not overlooked, DND Mode can be adjusted to permit certain contacts or groups to disable the Do Not Disturb settings.

    Themes Customization

    You can customize the program to your preference by changing its color scheme, typography, and icons using themes. Themes are available for download from the app itself or via websites run by third parties. The themes are simple to customize. Just pick “Themes” from the settings menu to change the theme. From there, you have the option to download fresh themes from the internet or select from a list of available themes.

    Disabled Notifications

    You can disable notifications for specific groups or conversations by using the helpful function of disabling notifications. This can help keep some talks secret or lessen distractions. Simply open the chat or group, touch on its name at the top of the screen, then choose “Custom Notifications” to turn off notifications for that particular conversation or group. 

    You may disable notifications for calls, messages, and even particular message kinds like media or mentions from this screen. For that specific conversation or group, you can even customize the vibrating pattern or notification tone.

    Message Disappearing Function

    Cyber WhatsApp’s message disappearing function adds an extra layer of privacy and security to your conversations. With this feature, messages sent in chats can automatically disappear after a set period, ensuring that sensitive information stays private. It’s a great tool for confidential discussions or sharing temporary information without leaving a permanent digital trail.

    Final Thoughts About Cyber WhatsApp

    I just want to summarize my thoughts about this application by saying that you don’t need to try other modifications. You can save time by downloading cyber WhatsApp as this is an all-in-one application that has lots of features, customization options, personalization, special terms, and many more functionalities. Trying one by one different app, you can gather all the knowledge and personalization in this one tool/app. Delve into the details of cyber WhatsApp today and have your mind-blowing experience.


    Cyber WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, a well-known messaging program, with more functionality and customization choices.

    Yes, the app has features like communication encryption and anti-ban protection that were created with user privacy and security in mind.

    Yes, this modified software has anti-ban security to guard against WhatsApp banning your account from using the modified version of the program.

    Yes, you may alter the app’s theme, header, rows, FAB, status bar, and other elements to change how it looks and feels.

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