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Black WhatsApp Download Latest Version 37.0 (17 July)

Hi everyone, today let’s talk about Black WhatsApp. It appears as a modified version of the well-known messaging program, giving users access to customization options outside of the standard WhatsApp UI. Users of this WhatsApp MOD can change more than just the classic interface’s visual components.

On the other hand, it also adds new features to improve user convenience and customization. We examine this application’s distinctive features in this post as we investigate its new features and possible advantages for users looking for a more customized messaging experience.

Black WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameBlack WhatsApp APK
APK Version37.0
Android Version5.2.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

WhatsApp Black APK Basic Introduction

WhatsApp Black leads the pack when it comes to giving users an even greater degree of customization for their messaging app. Due to advanced features like Adam WhatsApp Gold & ADWhatsApp. WhatsApp Black is also engaging and attractive. For example, a variety of icons for the app and notifications. Users may include their flair in their messaging interactions.

It also has distinctive symbols, which give the app’s appealing look a little something extra. This, in my opinion, is the first excellent substitute for the original WhatsApp to date. Numerous reviewers have praised this with 5-star ratings in their reviews.

Black WhatsApp APK Installation Requirments

We will go over the prerequisites once more for you in this blog, even though we have already covered them in our previous projects. Therefore, adopting the requirements is not too tough. There are a few requirements that you must meet to obtain Black WhatsApp. Take a look at the guide below:

A phone running Android 5.0 or later has 100 MB of free space. Having a reliable Internet connection is another prerequisite for continuing. Please check to make sure your phone is working properly. For the procedure to succeed, your phone must be connected to the Internet.

Download Black WhatsApp

You can proceed to the next downloading stage as soon as all the conditions have been satisfied. Downloading the desired customized version is the easiest way to obtain it. Most people don’t know where to start and stop the downloading process. We’ll guide you through the simple and speedy downloading process.

Download Black WhatsApp
Infographics: Download Black WhatsApp

️ Connect to a Wi-Fi network

Your priorities should be ensuring your phone is unlocked and obtaining a dependable Internet connection. These days, fiber internet is growing in popularity. To avoid low signal quality and connection problems, carefully consider where to sit. We usually change our modem or Wi-Fi to a better place when we suffer bad Internet connectivity in our homes to resolve the problem. As such, this approach is appropriate in this case. See the next action after that.

️ Open a Web Browser

This is a crucial point in your journey: launch your browser (I recommend Google or Chrome). Many countries use DuckDuckGo web browsers for searching, except Pakistan and India. If your country does not allow you to use Google or Chrome, you can use DuckDuckGo or any other popular online browser.

️ Type

Our browsers greet us with a bar that facilitates searching and is shaped like a “Q”. We’ll enter here because we’re also seeking WhatsApp Black. Type the website’s name and press enter. In a little while, the series will display the corresponding results. To clear up any misconceptions, the website that offers you a customized version of APK is

️ Search for Black WhatsApp

Since you are a newcomer and are not familiar with trustworthy and well-known sources that can give you APK modes, we have referred you to this website. Right now, you’re on this website’s homepage. Use the search icon located on the website’s home page to look up WhatsApp.

️ Select “Download” from the Menu

Scroll down the page to read the blog’s instructions. You can also omit the parts you already know and use that time to finish other criteria. Click the “Downloading” icon to begin the WhatsApp Black download. The procedure of downloading now starts.

️ Wait for Download

It requires time and patience to download. The speed at which the page loads is determined by your Internet connection. The loading progress indicator will indicate that your Black WhatsApp download has been completed when it reaches 100%. You can now enjoy yourself while the installation is being done.

Install WhatsApp Black

When your download is complete, your installation starts. You should be aware that there are six fundamental steps in the installation process. You can utilize visual evidence to help you grasp the method we’ll be discussing in depth. Check out the further, comprehensive instructions:

Install WhatsApp Black
Infographics: Install WhatsApp Black

️ Locate the WhatsApp Black File

The APK file you just downloaded must be saved to your File Manager or APK file folder. It needs to be located from the exact storage location. Once the desired APK file has been found, click it and choose the install option.

Choose a Language

My favorite step is to identify the native or national language that I speak most of the time. Many of them are from the neighboring states of Baluchistan and Sindh. You can find the exact language that you speak. Choosing “English” is the best option for you to simplify things because it is a universal language and is spoken by everyone.

️ Accept and Continue

When asked, three options are often presented. Though our visitors have three options, we suggest choosing “agree and continue.” You can select the backup option if you have previously used a modified APK version and want to keep the same number. When you choose Backup & Restore, you will have access to all of your previously deleted communications. If you choose not to be interested, simply click agree and proceed.

️ Enter your Phone Number

To begin, select your country from the list to download WhatsApp onto your phone. This helps you with WhatsApp’s area code recognition. Next, input your phone number with no further codes or symbols. Confirm your phone number because WhatsApp uses it for verifying accounts. WhatsApp checks accounts using phone numbers, so be sure yours is correct. Once WhatsApp is fully configured on your phone, select “Next” or “Continue.”

️ Profile Setup

Your identity verification process is very important. You must have an active phone number, no matter which SIM card you use. Please enter the country code and your current phone number in the needed fields. Both the phone number and the country code must be entered correctly. The six-digit code you just entered will be sent to you, copy it and enter it during verification. You’ve completed the verification.

Creating and modifying profiles is a pleasure for everybody who appreciates using social media. You can customize your profile by adding captions to the bio. In addition to selecting your preferred photo from your gallery or photo, you can edit it before adding it to your profile. You can also use your nicknames to identify yourself in a contact list. Finally, the installation process finished. You can enjoy conversations, media sharing, updates, and other activities. You can now enable or disable the required settings and customize WhatsApp Black as you see fit.

️ Launch the WhatsApp Black

The second step involves opening your application and choosing the “open” option. If you cancel, your application won’t open. If you close your app, you won’t be able to open it again. Find the WhatsApp Black app icon in your list of apps, click on it, and then complete the installation and launch process by following the same instructions.

Black WhatsApp on a Computer

Follow the instructions below to establish a reliable connection between Black WhatsApp and your computer using a QR code reader. Go to basic settings in WhatsApp Black after opening it on your phone. After unlocking your computer, open the browser and type Select “WhatsApp Web,” the first website you typed about.

A QR code will show up on your computer screen as soon as you open the webpage. Return to your phone now. Choose “Linked Devices” after opening Settings. A fresh scanner will launch and request a code to identify. To connect to the QR code from your phone, scan the code with the QR code reader on your PC. On your PC, a QR code scanner scans the code, and WhatsApp Black on your phone connects to you automatically. Make use of WhatsApp’s PC coordination, which allows for the safe sharing of files, conversations, and messages across two devices.

Black WhatsApp Update

Keep up with Black WhatsApp updates to stay competitive! To give users the finest chatting experience, they fix security flaws, add new features, and fix faults. Updated versions with more features and better functionality are constantly released. The primary goals are to address minor bugs and enhance the overall speed and dependability of the program. You may check if your smartphone is running the most recent version of WhatsApp Black by following the instructions below:

Black WhatsApp Update
Infographic: Black WhatsApp Update

Using a previous version of WhatsApp Black? To take advantage of all the recently added features and enhanced performance that the developers have been working on, update to the most recent version. For faster completion of the procedure, plan the monthly update of your phone application.

Backup & Restore for Black WhatsApp APK

Before we can use the backup and restore feature, we must first use our fingerprint to open the WhatsApp app, click the three dots in the top right corner, and choose “Settings”. Your files won’t be recovered right away if you choose the restoration option from the backup & restore menu. This is where your download will start, and it will stop when it reaches 100%.

This method includes receiving your data, media, and chats back. With this capability, you may restore deleted data. You can use this function here even if you intend to move your chat from the old WhatsApp to WhatsApp Black. Should you like to make a copy of your recent discussions, navigate to the corresponding page, and choose the backup choice. You will always have a copy of your most recent conversations and images at the ready. You must enjoy the recovery of your previous data and have entertainment. 

Black WhatsApp DP

Selecting the right display picture (DP) for Black WhatsApp can make your profile stand out and reflect your personality. A WhatsApp Black DP is a display picture designed to match the WhatsApp Black theme. It features dark colors and designs that blend well with the app’s interface, creating a visually appealing and cohesive look.

Black WhatsApp DP

Popular Themes for Black WhatsApp DP

  • Abstract Art: Dark-themed abstract art adds sophistication and mystery to your profile.
  • Nature and Landscapes: Nightscapes, moonlit scenes, and dark forests create a serene and captivating look.
  • Quotes and Text: Inspirational or motivational quotes on a dark background make your DP meaningful and stylish.
  • Minimalistic Designs: Simple, elegant designs using dark shades keep your profile looking sleek and modern.
  • Personal Photos: Black and white or low-light photos of yourself or memorable moments make your DP personal and unique.

How to Choose the Perfect WhatsApp Black DP

  • Reflect Your Personality: Choose a DP that resonates with your interests and personality, whether it’s art, nature, or personal photos.
  • Keep It High Quality: Use high-resolution images to ensure your DP looks sharp and clear. Avoid pixelated or blurry photos.
  • Match the Theme: Ensure the colors and design of your DP complement the WhatsApp Black theme for a cohesive look.
  • Update Regularly: Change your DP periodically to keep your profile fresh and interesting. Seasonal or holiday-themed DPs can add a festive touch.

Black WhatsApp Features

Black WhatsApp Icon Customization

There is a function in Black WhatsApp that allows you to change your icon. Many others are using the WhatsApp Black function, and you can alter the WhatsApp icon. There are many more icon options in “Settings.” You can edit the symbols to fit your style. The style can be adjusted. Icons improve the theme and layout of the application. You can also change the text bar icons in your lectures. Customize your app to look better than it did before.

Black WhatsApp Icon Customization

Black WhatsApp Wallpaper

Black WhatsApp wallpapers add a personalized touch to your app. Dark-themed options like minimalist designs, abstract art, and nightscapes can enhance the look and feel of your chats. They also help reduce eye strain in low light. For unique wallpapers, explore Pinterest or Unsplash, or use photo editing tools to create your own. Choose a wallpaper that reflects your style and complements the sleek, dark theme of WhatsApp Black for a more enjoyable experience.

Black WhatsApp Wallpaper

Share Media on WhatsApp Black

This is the most requested feature, and everyone loves it. One of my hobbies is to use this ability to quickly share my joy with persons I care about, keeping memories in their most pure and colorful form. Transferring videos, photographs, and other media is easy and takes only a few steps. This tool also allows you to send long videos easily.

Share Media

Auto Reply

Check whether the feature action is suggested by the name. Another person is online, so you don’t have to respond to them at the same time. Your message can be personalized, and even if you are not present, it will be delivered as scheduled. With auto-reply, you may welcome each new user with a comparable response. It is an image that appeals to multiple people.

Auto Reply

Make Stickers

Our teams became rather fond of stickers. The majority of Pakistanis and Indians enjoy sharing stickers, and they are usually inspired to produce them by emotion. That is a question of how stickers are manufactured. This feature functions similarly to AI instructions in that it uses AI to write something or create movies or photographs for you. Typing “happy” or “sad” faces produces comparable results.

Hide Chats

My favorite feature so far is the ability to hide chats. All important phone numbers are now hidden in your Black WhatsApp. Simply click the WhatsApp Black name in the header to hide it. To lock a program, simply click its name. Next, select any conversation from the chat page and long-press it. You can then hide your chat by clicking the three dots and selecting “Hide Chat.”

Unknown Callers

The WhatsApp Black APK’s “Silence Unknown Callers” function mutes calls from unknown numbers. Once enabled, calls from unlisted numbers will not interfere with your device’s function. You will, however, be able to identify the callers trying to get to you because they will be recorded in your call history.


These are the features that add beauty to your WhatsApp. Enhancements include a variety of fonts, styles, and designs, as well as color branding and icon styling. All of the fonts, colors, and icons can be customized. You can easily customize your discussions or profile. All you have to do is practice.

Clear Chat

When I used this app, I was nervous about erasing the chat. I always remove messages one at a time. It takes a lot of time. While reviewing the options one day, I came across the clear chat option. This video has been really useful to me because it allows me to delete all of my texts with a single click. I will always carry it out.

Follow the Developer

Being able to keep track of the most recent and fresh releases is a very valuable feature. Look at the developer activity to learn about the most popular features and trends. You will be informed of the most recent APK. Because of your hectic schedule, you’ll be well informed of the developer’s activities and the most recent apps when you decide to return to your old WhatsApp Black. Then you can make appropriate adjustments to any of them.

Final Thoughts

The best APK mode version is Black WhatsApp. You can explore other features and modifications. Updates are a must-try because they enhance your experience. The features include emojis, sticker creation, auto-replies, chat hiding, color and icon customizations, and much more. However, it will take some time for you to become used to it and understand where the options and functions are. Review all of the previously given directions and guidelines. Download WhatsApp to get the most out of its features.


Black WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp messenger that features a dark theme or black user interface. It offers a sleek, stylish appearance and includes additional customization options and features not available in the official app.

While Black WhatsApp offers appealing features, it is not an official app and may pose security risks. It’s important to download it from a trusted source and be aware that using modified apps can potentially lead to data breaches or account bans.

To download and install Black WhatsApp, you need to find a reliable website offering the APK file. Once downloaded, enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings, and then install the APK. Always ensure you download from reputable sites to avoid malware.

Yes, you can use Black WhatsApp alongside the official WhatsApp by registering with a different phone number. This allows you to maintain separate accounts on the same device. However, using multiple WhatsApp versions might affect app performance.

Black WhatsApp includes features like enhanced privacy settings, custom themes, the ability to hide online status, and more extensive media sharing options. These features provide users with more control and customization compared to the official WhatsApp.

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