NSWhatsApp Download Latest Version V10.6 (17 July)

Do you want to use your chats to express yourself more distinctively? There’s nowhere else to look! With NSWhatsApp, communications will never be the same. NS WhatsApp, which has billions of users globally, is a well-liked option for instant messaging. 

This post will explain the many kinds of NSWhatsApp, go over its benefits and features, walk you through the download procedure, and answer some of your most common queries. Become a member of the expanding NS WhatsApp community to improve your messaging skills right now! Let’s consider more:

NSWhatsApp Specifications

APK NameNSWhatsApp
APK Version10.6
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1,00,000+

NS WhatsApp APK Introduction

A unique version of WhatsApp called NS WhatsApp enhances your private and personal entertaining aspects of chatting. It provides fresh options to customize your chat experience, like changing the look of the application with different themes and icons. However, NSWhatsApp has additional privacy features that aren’t included in the standard WhatsApp, so it’s not just about appearances. 

Your talks will be more enjoyable with NS WhatsApp’s amazing effects and user-friendly layout. The nicest thing is that it’s all free! NSWhatsApp provides everything you need, including the ability to exchange files, make calls, send messages, and participate in group chats. Thus, give NSWhatsApp a go right now if you’re prepared to add more interest to your chats without having to spend any money!

Types of NS WhatsApp New Version

NS WhatsApp has four types. like AGWhatsApp this application also contains four major types with different colors and specialties.NS WhatsApp Blue, NSWhatsApp Red, NSWhatsApp Orange, and NSWhatsApp Green are the kinds of Original NSWhatsApp. Let’s unlock the details of every single application:

Types of NS WhatsApp New Version
Infographics: Types of NS WhatsApp New Version

NSWhatsApp Blue

NSWhatsApp Blue is now available! It’s similar to WhatsApp but with a funky blue design that adds a fun and new element to conversations. Imagine entering a world where talking on your phone is more than just talking; it’s like attending a small party!

By hiding when you’re online, NS WhatsApp Blue allows you to talk without having to feel constantly “on.” It’s similar to having a conversational haven! And guess what? A built-in media player is also included! You can thus listen to your favorite music while chatting without ever leaving the app. It’s effortless multitasking!

However, even though it sounds amazing, exercise caution. It’s wise to exercise caution when using third-party programs because they can cause risks. If you want to have this application then come on, don’t waste time start playing with this colorful application today. Install it through the given link. 

NSWhatsApp Blue

NSWhatsApp Red

NSWhatsApp Red stands as a uniquely crafted simple red theme design. It has a bold red color interface with extra functionalities. This application has the level potential to beat all the other famous WhatsApp applications like GBWhatsApp and MBWhatsApp. This application also has all the settings icons in red color to make it aesthetic and bold.

One of the standout features of NS WhatsApp Red is its commitment to user privacy. With improved privacy options, users can enjoy hiding blue ticks, typing, recording, second ticks, and also online status. It also gives the option to customize the call setting regarding your needs. Extra styling with vibrant colors, you can avail through themes.

A Novel Aspect in Communication by NS WhatsApp Red offers users a vibrant and feature-rich messaging experience. It presents a new angle on WhatsApp usage with its colorful layout, exclusive features, and changeable themes. Though NSWhatsApp Red has many fascinating features, keep being mind that there may be security issues related to third-party modifications.

NSWhatsApp Red

NSWhatsApp Orange

With a vibrant orange user interface that brings a little life to your messaging exchanges, NSWhatsApp Orange shines out as an innovative and customized version of WhatsApp. With the addition of several new features, this updated version invites people to engage in a personalized and original communication environment that goes beyond what WhatsApp offers by default.

The features of NS WhatsApp Orange are just extraordinary. If we talk about the universal setting, there are all color options with dull and bold quality. You can select solid and gradient colors. Change the universal colors, action bar text colors, and background colors. Customize the status bar and navigation bar with default options or different colors. 

All factors behind an application work are included in this app. Style it with innovative themes, icons, and color palettes. Approach it today to enhance your level from official to NS WhatsApp Orange. Use with caution, but enjoy the opportunity to add a splash of orange to your digital conversations!

NSWhatsApp Orange

NSWhatsApp Green

Introducing NSWhatsApp Green! It’s like JTWhatsApp. But with a focus on keeping your messages more clean, organized, and privately secure. If you’ve ever worried that someone might be reading your chats or tracking your online activity then, NS WhatsApp Green is here to help you deal with your problem. With this application, you can chat without worrying about your privacy being interrupted. 

It’s not just about privacy—it’s also about style! In addition to making the app more visually appealing and safe, the green color scheme gives it a sense of harmony and balance. Additionally, TMWhatsApp, which also has a green interface, is an app you might want to check out if you’re interested in similar apps.

However keep in mind that NS WhatsApp Green is a third-party app, so you ought to apply caution before downloading it. To prevent any security risks, make sure you obtain it from a reliable source. If you want to chat with peacefulness and a touch of greenery, explore NS WhatsApp Green right now!

NSWhatsApp Green

NS WhatsApp Download Requirements

To optimize your experience with NS WhatsApp, it’s crucial to confirm that you have a smartphone with enough space. Your phone must be Android, not iOS. Manage a good internet connection and ensure its availability. The space required is a maximum of 73 MB to download any kind of NSWhatsApp.

Control over the commands and understanding to deal with the instructions. Enable unknown sources to allow installation. Have an active phone number, no matter what SIM you’re using. Fulfill all the requirements and you’ll be able to install your app.

NSWhatsApp APK Download

Downloading is not as tough as everyone understands. Most people prefer to join this third-party mod with the link that friends share. But in my opinion, you don’t need to depend on others to have it. Try it yourself and make your day jolly as you learn new things today. We’re here to guide you on the best and easiest method to download any application from websites.

NS WhatsApp APK Download
Infographics: NS WhatsApp Download

Search for NSWhatsApp

Unlock your phone and open your search application, like Chrome. Type in your favorite website and search for it. You can download your applications from apkdon.net. This site offers all your desired versions of APK modes. Go to this website and find the best version of NSWhatsApp. Kindly download the updated version to avoid errors. 

Initiate the Download

Check out the blog instructions carefully and Click on the “Download” button to start the downloading process. You can see four different options with different updated versions. You can select anyone, you like the most. Select the color you admire and press the “Download Button.”

Wait for the Download

You don’t need to skip it if it takes time. Have a little patience and wait for the loading until the end. Select your location to keep your file secure and easily accessible. So, download the application and move on to installation.

Install NSWhatsApp

Select the already downloaded application from your selected location. Open your new app file and install it. Activate the “Unknown Sources” option. This step grants permission for your device to install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store. Once “Unknown Sources” is enabled, Choose the language that is associated with your region or area. 

Install NSWhatsApp
Infographics: Install NSWhatsApp

Enter your final or new SIM number with your country code. Wait for the verification step and enter the exact code you copied from the last message. Paste it into the given blanks and your verification is finally finished. Add a bio name to recognize yourself in front of everyone. Put a picture on your profile, but it’s optional. Press the enter button and start chatting or calling.

NSWhatsApp APK for PC

To employ NSWhatsApp on your computer, follow the guide. Begin by downloading and installing an Android emulator on your PC. Popular choices include Andy, Bluestacks, and NoxPlayer. Following the emulator installation, acquire the NS WhatsApp APK file. Open the Android emulator of your choice and locate the NS WhatsApp APK file. Click on the APK file within the emulator to initiate the installation of NSWhatsApp. Once the installation concludes, launch NS WhatsApp within the emulator.

Upon opening NS WhatsApp, enter your phone number to undergo the verification process. After verifying your account, you can clearly utilize NSWhatsApp on your PC, mirroring the functionality you would experience on your mobile device. By following these steps, you can integrate NS WhatsApp into your PC environment using an Android emulator, providing you with a consistent and accessible messaging experience across devices.

NS WhatsApp Update

Updates are an essential part of your WhatsApp journey to be aware of upcoming features and customization. To avoid any disturbance in using WhatsApp, you have to stay updated every time. Here, I will discuss with you a step-by-step procedure to update NS WhatsApp with a detailed infographic.

NS WhatsApp Update
Infographics: NS WhatsApp Update
  • Access your device’s home screen to initiate the update process.
  • Identify and tap on the three dots located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the NSMods option from the menu that appears.
  • Once in NSMods, navigate to the Updates section directly from your device screen.
  • Within the Updates window, locate and tap the “Check for Updates” option.

Congratulations! You have successfully checked for updates, and if available, your device will now be equipped with the latest version of NS WhatsApp.

Backup NS WhatsApp

Initiate the process by launching NS WhatsApp on your device. Locate the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen and tap on them. This action will bring up a menu of options. From the menu options, choose “Settings” to delve into the app’s configuration.

Within the Settings, find and tap on the “Chats” option. This section is where you’ll manage your chat-related configurations. Look for the “Chat Backup” option within the Chats section. Once it is located, tap on it.

Within the Chat Backup section, you’ll encounter the “Back Up” button. Tap on this button to start the backup process. Select your preferred storage account, such as your Google Drive account or Gmail address, to store your backup securely. This ensures your data remains protected and accessible from any location. Conclude the process by tapping the “Back Up” button and patiently waiting for the backup to be completed.

NS WhatsApp Mod APK Benefits

Worried about how it works? Don’t be. NS WhatsApp has everything you need – text messages, calls, sharing files, and group calls. Improve your communication without losing any of the features you use every day. And the best part – you don’t have to spend money for all these cool features. NS WhatsApp gives you all this awesome stuff without making you pay.

Time to make your messaging experience better without spending anything. Ready for an adventure where your messaging app is just the way you like it? Say bye to the usual and hello to something extraordinary with NSWhatsApp. Take your chats to the next level – the personalized, good-looking, and private way!

NS WhatsApp Latest Version Features

NSWA Widget

Open your NS WhatsApp application. Click on the three dots and open NSModes. See the sixth option in your app named “NSWA Widget.” Click on it and see the next three options to style your application. Select the first background; this is helpful to change the header background color to make it catchier. Select the desired and vibrant color and you can also make it the default. 

The second option allows us to change the color of the contact name. As you can see all the contact names in chats, you can customize them easily. When you open someone’s chat, there’s always a status or something you can say about the line. You can change the color of that contact status text with one click. Always choose a light color on a dark background. This technique enhances visibility and makes it easier to read.

NSWA Widget

Confirm Before Sending a Sticker

This feature is very useful to correct our unknown mistakes. When we talk with our contact members suddenly, we miss-touch the sticker. In other words, by mistake, we click on the wrong sticker or unconsciously, we send a sticker to the receiver and it is directly sent in just one second. The interval of sending is so short that you can’t stop it. So, in that case, you can enable this feature.

This feature means that it will ask for permission before sending. You can stop and correct your mistake or send it as you require. This helps everyone to restrict the disturbance of the wrong stickers and interruptions. You can run smoothly without doing anything wrong. You can simply prevent wrong messages to the right person. This feature is present almost in all modified versions of WhatsApp.

Confirm Before Sending a Sticker

Hide the Date and Name

This is one of my favorite features that makes your chats super-duper clean and mess-free. When you copy two or more messages and paste these messages in other chats or where to paste, it also pastes your copy date and time with those specific messages. To avoid this and hide your privacy, enable this feature.

It looks really weird that the date and time are also mentioned in the message. It creates complications when reading the exact message. So, you have to delete the extra information first. Enable this feature and save your time with a unique look. You can disable it where you need to show this update.

Hide the Date and Name

Proximity Sensor

NSWhatsApp by itself doesn’t have a “proximity sensor” feature. But, when people create modified versions of NS WhatsApp, known as NSMods, some extra features might be added by third-party developers. The proximity sensor is a part found in many smartphones. It senses when something, usually your face, is close to the phone during a call. Its main job is to turn off the screen and stop touch commands to avoid accidental taps while you’re talking on the phone.

In the case of NSWhatsApp mod, having a proximity sensor feature could mean the modified app especially uses this sensor, maybe for different actions or features while you’re on a call or doing other things. What exactly it does can vary depending on what the modded decides to include. If you’re using NS WhatsApp mod and are not sure about what the proximity sensor does in that specific mod, it’s a good idea to check the documentation or information given by the modder or the community connected to that particular mod.

Proximity Sensor

See View Once Unlimited Time

With the “View Once Unlimited Time” feature, recipients are given an unlimited amount of time to view the “View Once” message. This means that the message will remain accessible until the recipient manually closes or exits the chat, rather than disappearing after a short duration. This feature can be useful in situations where the recipient may need more time to view the content of the message, or if they want to refer back to it multiple times without the message disappearing.

If you’re using NS WhatsApp or a similarly modified version and want to utilize the “View Once Unlimited Time” feature, you would typically access it within the app’s settings or message options.

However, the specific steps may vary depending on the version of the modified app you’re using. Use this feature and boost your security level. This also restricts recording or screenshots. So, this is secure.

See View Once Unlimited Time


NSWhatsApp application is one that is designed according to the user’s needs. Everyone wants to make its application user-friendly. There are so many features you can use but it may take time to understand the location of every feature. As you use it consistently, you’ll learn all the functionalities and settings. Leave your dull application today and come with us on a new journey. Have a blessed day!


Yes, NSWhatsApp is completely safe to use and features an anti-ban feature.

Yes, all users receive a notification when the developer updates the program. If you are unable to receive a notification, you can manually verify the update.

Yes, app cloning allows you to use two accounts at once.

Sadly, no. This hack is exclusively accessible to Android users.

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