FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version 24.10.82 or 10.10 (14 July)

A well-known texting app named FM WhatsApp was just released. FMWA is the name of the most recent iteration of the official WhatsApp software. This software offers thousands of customized themes, color variations, upgraded icons, and the ability to hide private chat conversations.

The application FMWhatsApp takes almost 80MB to download. We will examine several features, the download process, installation, and other crucial instructions. We’ll do all in our power to give you clear instructions that should be able to smash your worries and confusion. Now let’s get into the specifics:

FMWhatsApp Specifications

APK NameFMWhatsApp APK
APK Version10.10 & 24.10.82
Android Version5.2.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

FM WhatsApp APK Introduction

The FM WhatsApp APK is similar to AG4 WhatsApp, MBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, and other third-party apps. With FMWhatsApp APK, users may have an optimized conversational experience that answers thousands of people’s concerns all within the same app. Amazing features including voice notes, video messages, audio calls, and other sharing materials can be sent using this application. It has several customization choices, theme selection, color upgrades, font designs, icon styles, and more.

“FM Mods” is the creator of FM WhatsApp third-party modification. This program offers amazing improvements that win over everyone’s heart and suit future customers’ needs. With a little tweaking, this software lets you share those priceless moments and add even more meaning to your memories. Be at ease and fearless when using this program. Because it appreciates your security, it will protect your data and personal information. Every feature improves upon the official WhatsApp experience.


FMWA is the short name of FM WhatsApp. One of the modified versions of WhatsApp, FMWA offers its users amazing personalization and privacy features. Businesses such as Facebook and WhatsApp have also introduced new capabilities to their apps like FMWA. However, the original WhatsApp is unable to offer every professional function that FMWA can.

FMWA application has gained high prosperity in the short interval of time because of its functionalities and enhancements. FMWA is the shortest form of FMWhatsApp that includes various features to attract more users to it. The link has already been given below, check and grab it today!

FMWhatsApp APK Vs Official WhatsApp

Both FMWhatsApp APK and Official WhatsApp function in a similar way, sending messages to other users, however, FMWhatsApp offers a more customized experience than the Official. The official WhatsApp offers an easy-to-use interface and straightforward appearance. However, FMWA has several enhancements and feature settings that allow it to determine every aspect of editing.

FeaturesFM  WhatsApp Official WhatsApp
Home screen status
Home screen Name
Home Screen Story Style
Viewed story toast
Hidden Chats under the name
DND Mode (Do Not Disturb)
Disable Calls
Freeze Last Seen
Color Collection
Auto Messages
Bulk Messages
File Sending Limits1000 MB100 MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Online Status
Custom Fonts
Security Lock
Icon Change

With FM WhatsApp, you can alter the icons, colors, fonts, themes, and styles to make the app look the way you want it to. Regarding FMWhatsApp and Official WhatsApp, our suggestions differ significantly. Select Official WhatsApp if you’re a beginner and lack experience with the app; otherwise, FMWA is the best option for experienced and those who want advanced experience.

Requirements to Install FMWA APK

The FMWA APK requirements are rather easy to understand. You are not required to buy any new items. The items that are currently on hand suffice to proceed. The following list of conditions can be readily met:

  • Please make sure the Android version on your device is greater than 4.0. This APK is entirely useless below that.
  • However, it is compatible with both rooted and unrooted devices for installation.
  • To install the software on your Mac or PC, you must first install an emulator. If not, this program cannot be used on those specific devices.
  • As it’s a third-party app, confirm that installing third-party apps is permitted on your device.

Download FM WhatsApp

These prerequisites must be met to install FM WhatsApp. It only takes a few easy actions to access this program. Please read the requirements before starting the download procedure. Look over the instructions and make sure you follow them precisely. Let’s investigate now:

Download FM WhatsApp
Infographics: Download FM WhatsApp

Step 1. Search Best APK Site

Make use of the search engine at the ready. It is not required to download Bing or any other application. Google and Chrome are easy fixes. To begin, type “” into the Google or Chrome search bar to locate this trustworthy website.

Step 2. Type FM WhatsApp Mod APK

Right now, you are seeing the home page of this website. Find where the search bar is. You can’t find your preferred APK version on this page since there are the latest versions available. Put “FM WhatsApp” into the search bar for a result. From the list of options, select the most recent and preferred version.

Step 3. Start FMWA Download

Visit the specific blog and have a little look around. Click the “Download” button to begin the downloading procedure. Please make sure you are getting the most recent version to benefit from the newest features and enhancements.

Step 4. Choose the Saved File

You can do as you wish if it asks you to select the file location so that your file is secure. You can put your profile in an APK folder to make it easier to access. The APK folder is located in the “File Manager” app.

Step 5. Await Finalization

Allow the download to complete. Depending on how quickly your internet is, this may take a few moments. Before proceeding, confirm that you have a fast internet connection. Select a spot where there is a strong signal.

FM WhatsApp for iPhone

FM WhatsApp is easily accessible for iOS too. This must be huge good news for all iOS users. Most people who are iOS users download emulators first then they install FMWhatsApp on their phones. Now, It’s easily adaptable for all. Everyone can enjoy third-party apps on their iPhones.

This well-trusted website offers all its users direct download instead of having mirror download with many problems. Mirror downloading and installing an emulator is very difficult procedure. To avoid these hectic tricks, download FM WhatsApp for iOS now!

Install FM WhatsApp Latest Version

There is a comprehensive installation process for the FM WhatsApp application. Installation, verification, and profile setup are covered in this guide. The order in which the step-by-step tutorial will be covered is as follows. The instructions are easy to follow. Now let’s talk about:

Install FM WhatsApp Latest Version
Infographics: Install FM WhatsApp Latest Version

Step 1. Open the FMWA File

When the download is finished, open the APK file. This file typically appears in your device’s download folder or at the location you chose when you first started the download. The location is critical to the downloading process.

Step 2. Install FM WhatsApp

After selecting the file, click “Install.” To continue with your procedure, click “Open” once more. Should you inadvertently choose “Cancel,” more stages will not appear. Once you’ve located your file, go and follow the next step.

Step 3. Permit File Access

As everyone is aware, FMWhatsApp is a customized version from a third party that isn’t available on the Google Play Store, thus to install it, you must allow unknown sources. If you get it from a trustworthy source, you’re secure, but it could still be fatal. Permit to or turn on the “Unknown Sources” feature.

Step 4. Choose Your FMWA Language

Choose the language you want to start with. Select a language that you can always understand. I would say try to choose the native language of the nation you are in. Select “English” if the selected language option isn’t sufficiently flexible.

Step 5. Put Your Phone Number

We require your working phone number for the time being. You must input your phone number accurately to use this software. Setting your country code is the first step towards accurately entering your number. Pakistan has +92 country codes, and the United Arab Emirates has +971 country codes. After choosing your country code, ignore the first digit and begin entering your phone number from the second.

Step 6. Send a Request for Verification

Let me tell you, the main point of your chat is the number. You can’t communicate with anyone without a number. Thus, the number serves two functions. It’s fundamental and necessary for social connection, to start. It is used for verification in the second place. Verification is a quick and simple process. All you need to do is get a call or message to receive a six-digit code. Obtain that particular code, then enter it in the code area. The verification procedure is now finished. If it doesn’t work, give it another go.

Step 7. Agree to the Conditions and Terms

Accept all of the rules and specifications they request. Accept all of the rules and specifications they request. Allow all rules to be accessed to start your app. It’s okay to accept what is required. Your data and personal details are safe. Alright, accept each cookie and rule for legal permission.

Step 8. Modify Your Personal Information

Upload one image or several photos. Click “Done” once you’ve chosen the pencil icon and tapped the appropriate image. You will automatically be assigned a profile image. After adding a unique username and a caption to the “About” section, complete the profile by adding your name. You’re finally gone from there!

Step 9. Take Pleasure in FMWhatsApp

At last, you’re finished. This opens the main interface for you to use. Check out the newest and most advanced features that FMWhatsApp has to offer. If you have any issues or observe any modifications to the installation process, please contact us. We will fix your issue in 48 to 72 hours.

FM WhatsApp for PC

Follow the steps below to create a strong connection between FM WhatsApp and your PC through a QR code scanner. Open FMWhatsApp on your phone and go to basic settings. Unlock your PC, then enter or Google in the browser. Click on the first website you’ve written about, “WhatsApp Web”.

FM WhatsApp for PC
Infographics: FM WhatsApp for PC

When you open the webpage, a QR code will appear on the screen of your PC. Get back to your phone. Open Settings and select “Linked Devices”. A new scanner will open and ask for a code to detect. On your PC, scan the QR code reader to connect to the QR code from your phone.

The QR code scanner on your PC scans the code, resulting in an automatic connection with FMWA on your phone. Enjoy FMWhatsApp’s coordination on your PC, where chats, messages, and files can be securely shared between two devices.

FM WhatsApp Update

Stay competitive by staying up to date with FM WhatsApp updates! They repair security issues, introduce new features, and correct problems to provide the best talking experience. They regularly release updated versions with more features and improved functioning.

The main objective is to fix minor issues and improve the app’s general speed and reliability. The steps listed below can help you determine whether your smartphone is running the most recent version of FMWhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android mobile device.
  • Go to the “FM Modes” option.
  • Find the third last option as “Updates”.
  • Check your current version and if needed then update.

Making use of an earlier version of FM WhatsApp? Update to the most recent version to enjoy all the newly added features and improved performance that the developers have been working on. Set a schedule when you update your phone application once a month to speed up the process.

FM WhatsApp Update

FM WhatsApp Backup and Restore

Initially, we need to unlock our WhatsApp application with a fingerprint, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and select Fouad Mods to access the backup and restore function. After selecting the restoration option from the backup & restore menu, your files will not be recovered immediately. Your download will begin here and end when it has reached 100%.

The technique involves restoring your chats, media, and data. This feature lets you recover deleted data. Even if you are planning to transfer your chat from old WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp, you can still use this function here. If you want to create a backup of your recent conversations, go to the same page and select the backup option. You’ll always have access to a backup of your most recent chats and pictures.

FM WhatsApp Backup and Restore

Group Creation on FM WhatsApp Mod APK

Creating a group on FM WhatsApp is a very entertaining process. It creates a strong communication connection with all other members. You may ask questions and discuss your issues to get ideas to resolve. Creating a group chat on FMWhatsApp allows you to combine many contacts into one discussion.

To create a group, launch FM WhatsApp and select the Chats option. Tap the “New Chat” icon. Choose “New Group.” Add participants to the group and give it a name. Tap “Create” to start the group. Group members can interact and share messages, videos, pictures, and documents within the group, which improves communication and collaboration.

Group Creation on FM WhatsApp Mod APK

FMWhatsApp Mod APK Broadcasting Feature

A broadcast list on FMWhatsApp lets you send messages to many contacts without them seeing each other. It’s more like sending individual texts to a list of people. To establish a broadcast list, launch FMWhatsApp and navigate to the Chats page. Tap the “New Chat” icon. Select “New Broadcast.” Add your contacts to the broadcast list.

Tap “Create” to start the broadcast list. Messages sent to the broadcast list will be delivered separately to each recipient. This tool is useful for sending notifications and reminders to friends, family, and coworkers without creating a group. This is how you can create a broadcast for your personal and professional use within a few seconds.

FMWhatsApp Mod APK Broadcasting Feature

Channel in FM WhatsApp New Version

Creating a channel on FM WhatsApp is a basic process. Read the instructions with attention. Launch the FMWhatsApp application. Swipe left twice to approach “Updates/Status.” The “Channels” option can be found below the Status option. There will be a “plus” sign in front of the “channel.” Click the plus button or symbol, then select “Create Channel.” To move forward, select “Agree and Continue”.

Please provide your channel’s name and description. After submitting your information, click “Create Channel.” Your FMWA Channel is now available for use, allowing you to communicate information and series to all of your subscribers and followers. Say hi to your creating channel journey and have fun!

Channel in FM WhatsApp New Version

Community on FMWhatsApp New Version

Building a community on FM WhatsApp for Android is straightforward. You can create an area for communication with up to 100 groups. Go to the Communities tab on FMWhatsApp. Choose “New Community.” To begin, tap “Get Started.” Enter a concise community name within the 100-character limit, followed by a brief description of your community’s purpose.

You can also add a community icon by clicking “Add photo.” Choose from a camera, Gallery, emojis, and stickers, or search the internet for an image. Finish the process by tapping the alternate checkmark. The maximum membership limit for new and existing communities, including community announcements, is 2,000. This promotes good communication among the community.

Community on FMWhatsApp New Version

FM WhatsAppLatest Version Features

Customization Options

One of the most popular features of FM WhatsApp is its wide customization options. Users can customize their chats with different themes, fonts, and styles. This enables a highly customized messaging experience. Whether you want to change the background of your chat window or adjust the font to match your style, FMWhatsApp provides a variety of options.

Enhanced Privacy Features

FM WhatsApp update respects your privacy. It includes features such as hiding your online status, blue ticks, and typing status. This provides you greater control over who can see when you’re active or typing. The expanded privacy settings are especially useful for those who want to maintain their privacy when communicating on the site.

Multiple Account Support

Unlike the official WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp APK lets you run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This is extremely handy for people who want to separate their personal and business correspondence without the trouble of switching accounts.

File Sharing Capabilities

FMWA makes it easier than ever to send files to your contacts. You may send larger files in a wider range of formats, making it an ideal solution for both personal and commercial use. FMWhatsApp makes it easy to share high-resolution images, videos, and documents.

Hide View Status

This function allows users to secretly see their contacts’ status updates without informing them. While this may pose ethical concerns, it can be beneficial for those who want to remain private while pursuing statuses.

Unique Emojis and Themes

This modified WhatsApp version has a large selection of emojis and themes that lend a personal touch to your discussions. These additions allow you to express yourself in new and intriguing ways. You may customize your chats by using a range of emojis and themes.

Anti-Ban and Security

FM WhatsApp is designed to be secure and anti-ban, so you don’t have to worry about being prohibited from using it. It adds an extra layer of protection to your communications experience. Furthermore, FMWhatsApp frequently improves its security features to protect your data and conversations from potential dangers.

Anti-Delete Messages and Status

If someone sends you a message and then deletes it, select “Delete for everyone”. This communication will likewise be erased from your end. However, according to the FMWhatsApp standards, if the person deletes it from your end, it is not deleted. This block icon will appear on your message, indicating that the sender has removed it.


When you are unable to answer incoming messages right away, you can use FMWhatsApp APK to create automated responses. This function is useful for busy professionals and can be personalized to certain contacts or groups. This feature works magically while you are busy with your professional work. It deals with your clients automatically in a good manner.

Final Extract

FM WhatsApp application provides numerous features to help users have the best experience possible. You can enable and disable the settings based on your mood and situation. You do not have to pay anything to use its features. If you’re concerned about your details, don’t worry you won’t regret using it. It has an unusual and beautiful UI, and you may not like it. You may modify it to your preferences. Download now and have a great time!

Personal Suggestions

I have personally utilized FM WhatsApp and am eager to share my positive experience with you. It’s my preferred messaging software because of its extensive features, user-friendly layout, and updated privacy settings. I recommend FMWhatsApp to anyone looking for an excellent communication experience.


Absolutely yes, you may use it without having any fear, it’s completely safe to use.

FMWhatsApp is easily accessible just to Android users. You cannot use it on your iOS device, but you may use several emulators and VPNs to make it possible. After installing the emulator, you can use FM WhatsApp on your iOS device. Check out the information provided below to learn more about the procedure.

Yes, you may use FMWhatsApp with the official version. FM WhatsApp offers this unique feature to its users. We recommend the WhatsApp program. It is a must-try, and you can get it from

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