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OG WhatsApp Download Latest Version 17.85 (09 June)

OG WhatsApp is a well-known messaging app that has been launched in recent years. OGWhatsApp application is a similar version of other third-party applications like GBWhatsApp, MBWhatsApp, and Red WhatsApp.

OGWhatsApp is the new enhanced version of official WhatsApp. This app contains thousands of unique themes, customization options, color options, icon enhancements, and hiding chats with privacy. Let’s learn:

OG WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameOG WhatsApp APK
APK Version17.85
Android Version7.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

OG WhatsApp APK Introduction

One of the most downloaded and widely used apps of the twenty-first century is WhatsApp. With over 500 million active users each month, it doesn’t need an introduction. After obtaining our smartphones, we installed this app as our first. OG WhatsApp APK  is a version of the original WhatsApp that has been updated with some of the newest features to provide a user-friendly and safe experience. You may say that the OG WhatsApp  APK is trustworthy and gives users no cost.

OG WhatsApp is a famous and reputed app that gained everyone’s trust in a short time. Multiple files, voice notes, images, videos, and messages can be sent anytime. Numerous features and customization choices are available in OGWhatsApp settings. The most improved version of your official WhatsApp is this app similar to other trusted sites.

OGWhatsApp vs. Official WhatsApp

Although this software is an upgraded version of the official WhatsApp, everyone has used the more basic version of the messaging service in the past. There are four primary sites on the official WhatsApp, and five pages on OGWhatsApp, which includes communities and updates.

Features like masking privacy, stopping the previous scene, and other functionalities are absent from official WhatsApp. About icon customization and color combinations, OG WhatsApp offers a plethora of style options. Finally, we can conclude that in terms of features and privacy, OGWhatsApp is far superior to Official WhatsApp.

The Requirements for OGWhatsApp APK

The requirements are a crucial component of your application as, to begin the process of using a third-party APK, you need three basic factors. Any of these requirements are relatively simple and accessible to anyone. I’m damn sure, you can easily meet all the requirements. These are the least criteria that must be met:

Download OG WhatsApp 

Downloading of OG WhatsApp comes first after the requirement, you just fulfilled recently. The majority of individuals are ignorant about downloading. The simplest way to respond to them is to download, which is as easy as opening your browser and going to the main APK page. Just check your Internet connection before downloading, then open the Chrome application. Now let’s explore the downloading process:

Open any online browser, unlock your application, and verify that you have an Internet connection. It is not required that you utilize Google or Chrome. Google and Chrome are both dependable and trustworthy. You can just go anywhere with anyone. But why do we need browsers in the first place? In short, no, third parties are not permitted to use the Google Play store. Only reputable sources are permitted to take part.

Download OG WhatsApp
Infographics: Download OG WhatsApp

You should approach your browser first, as we have already covered. Once Chrome or Google is opened, look for the search bar. Simply type the name of your preferred APK website by clicking on the “Q” shape icon. You can fill in any website name you like in this phase, but keep in mind that it needs to be trustworthy. You might try typing apkdon.net, which is a reputable website, in my view. 

Go check your preferred blog to download your WhatsApp application when the homepage of your website displays. As you can see, there are lots of alternatives. It can be challenging to locate your preferred app among all APK files, but the search bar will make it easier. Select “Search” from the menu.  Type OGWhatsApp into the search field by clicking on it. 

Navigate to the OG WhatsApp  article, scroll down, and select the “Download” option. You are now in the process of downloading. Hold on, it will be finished soon. Finally, a new app icon called “OGWhatsApp” will show up on your app screen. This completes the task.

Install OGWhatsApp New Version

The installation of the application requires six steps to finish. Every APK modification has been installed starting after the download, which finishes the verification process. You must finish the download process before you can install the OGWhatsApp New Version. Stay with us as we introduce its step-by-step tutorial, and let’s proceed:

Install OGWhatsApp New Version
Infographics: Install OGWhatsApp New Version

Step 1: Install OG WhatsApp New Version

You need to unlock your phone first. Go to your “File Manager” now and look for the software you recently downloaded. Once you have located your downloaded APK file, click on it. After selecting the file, click the install option.

Step 2: Launch OGWA

Click on the “open” option in the second step. All it takes to finish this step is one click. If you unintentionally select cancel, start over with a revised process from the beginning. A new page will eventually emerge in front of you.

Step 3: Accept and Proceed

There are three options in this section that you can choose from. To ensure that you accept all of its guidelines and regulations, click the “agree and continue” option, in our opinion. To ensure a successful installation, follow all guidelines and requirements listed on the page. 

Step 4: Select Your Language

Your WhatsApp app will ask you to choose the language that you use daily in this phase. All professional language options are available in this application, however like Punjabi and Sindhi, are not included here. Thus, the English language is the most suitable choice in this situation.

Step 5: Type Your Phone Number 

Since phone numbers are the main means of communication, ensure that your phone number is active and accurate. Make sure you input your country code accurately to provide the application with accurate information. Next, type your phone number in front of the blank without inputting the initial digit. It will ask for verification at this phase. Verify your phone, copy and paste the precise numbers you received from the company on the required page, and finish the verification process.

Step 6: Modifying Your Profile

The final step is to manage your profile using the distinctive & bold DP and name because we are almost done. After deciding on the best profile picture from your gallery of photographs, save it. Then, enter your name and optional nickname in your bio.

Wonderful! You’re done now. We’ve verified your profile and fulfilled all the other prerequisites. You can now add numbers to your WhatsApp contact list and communicate with them without concern. Additionally, you can style and modify your application from the settings.

OG WhatsApp Update

Every APK modification has an update process. Thrice a year, upgrade your OG WhatsApp to stay up to date with all the latest releases and updates. Updating your program is equivalent to initially downloading it from the website. Let’s think about how:

Open your WhatsApp app, and you’ll notice three dots on the main screen. To access the second point of options, click the dots. To view the next three options for upcoming procedures, click “Updates.” If you’re already using the most recent version, you can verify it first. If not, choose the last option to update it via the Internet.

OG WhatsApp Update
Infographics: OG WhatsApp Update

Backup and Restore Your OG WhatsApp APK

As we have talked about the updated procedure, the procedure remains the same. Other than getting closer to the precise setting, nothing needs to be changed. To access the backup and restore option, just launch the WhatsApp app, click the three dots in the top right corner, and select Settings.

Your files will not be restored immediately after you click on the restore option from updates from the backup & restore option. This is where your download begins, and it will stop when it reaches 100%. 

Restoring your data, media, and chats is the process. Your deleted data can be recovered with the help of this feature. You can use this function here even if you’re considering moving your chats.

Go to the same page and select the backup option if you are worried that you won’t be able to complete your next assignment. All of your current chats and photographs will be saved, and you may access the backup at any time.

Backup and Restore Your OG WhatsApp APK

OG WhatsApp for PC

Follow the instructions to establish a secure connection between OG WhatsApp and your PC via a QR code scanner. On your phone, launch OGWhatsApp and select the default settings. On the flip side, turn on your computer, open the browser, and enter web.WhatsApp.com or Google. Select “WhatsApp Web” from the very first website you see.

You’ll notice a QR code on your PC screen as soon as you open the page. Return to your phone. Click on “Linked Devices” after opening the options. When a new scanner opens, it will ask to detect codes. To link with the QR code from your phone, utilize the PC’s QR code scanner.

It finds the code to establish an automatic connection with OG WhatsApp on your phone using the QR code scanner on your PC. Savor the synchronization of OGWhatsApp on your computer, where data, conversations, and messages can be safely stored across two devices.

Community on OGWhatsApp

It’s easy to start a community on OGWhatsApp for Android. Creating a community on Android and iOS is quite easy. This community is not linked with only OG WhatsApp , even though it’s applicable for other modified versions too. By sending announcements, community administrators can inform members of significant updates. Members of the community can maintain ties by discovering and conversing in groups that are meaningful to them.

Announcements and updates sent to the entire community can be received by members. They can also set up more intimate conversation groups about topics that are important to them. In communities, all of your private calls and texts are always end-to-end encrypted. They may read, and listen, even OGWhatsApp can access them. To create an area for communication with up to 100 groups, simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Communities Tab: Open the OGWhatsApp Communities tab.
  • Choose a New Community: Select “New community.”
  • Start Here: Tap “Get Started” to begin the procedure.
  • Enter the details of the community: Within the allotted 100 characters, provide a clear community name and a summary of the goals of your group.
  • Include a Community Icon: You can also choose to create a community symbol by selecting “Add photo.” Select an image from the Web by searching for it, or use the camera, Gallery, stickers, and emojis.
  • Finish the Process: Press the other checkmark to finish the procedure.

It should be noted that there is a 2,000-member cap for both new and existing communities, including community announcements. This guarantees efficient community communication. The community can connect members in one place. Communities are like family that makes everyone together.

Community on OGWhatsApp

OG WhatsApp Channel

On OG WhatsApp , creating a channel is a simple procedure. Channel is the only procedure where you cannot lose the media or updates. Admins can transmit text, images, videos, stickers, polls, and more in one direction via channels. Channels are accessible on WhatsApp under a new tab named Updates. This page is distinct from your conversations with friends, family, and communities and contains Status updates and channels that you have chosen to follow.

Admins can transmit text, images, videos, stickers, polls, and more in one direction via channels. We’re creating a searchable directory where you can find your interests, sports teams, local government updates, and more to help you choose which channels to follow. Additionally, invite links shared online, via email, or in conversations can be used to access a channel. You can always be updated and aware of the upcoming news your channel provides. It’s not difficult at all to consider the creating step. Just take these actions:

  • Launch OG WhatsApp: Open App on your smartphone.
  • Drag to View Updates/Status: Make two swipes left to get to “Updates/Status.”
  • Option for Access Channels: The “Channels” option is beneath the Status option. “Channel” will have a “plus” sign in front of it.
  • Create Channel: Select “Create Channel” by clicking the plus sign or symbol.
  • Accept and Move On: To proceed, click “Agree and Continue.”
  • Enter the channel’s information: Give the name and description of your channel.
  • Create Channel: Click “Create Channel” after entering the information.

You can now send programs and information to all of your subscribers and followers on your OG WhatsApp  Channel. Follow the above blog guidelines to create it effortlessly. Consider details subscribe to your favorite channels and have entertainment.

OG WhatsApp Channel

OG WhatsApp Group

This doesn’t need an explanation because most of us already know what an OG WhatsApp  group is. For those who haven’t had a chance to look into it. This is a group of OGWhatsApp users who are linked together through a single window and can exchange text or multimedia messages. This platform can be used for group communication, information sharing and updates, event and engagement planning, poll creation, and client or colleague conversations.

On OG WhatsApp , you can gather several contacts for a single discussion by creating a group chat. Groups have a lot of people of the same type. You may be sent pictures, videos, and voice notes. Having fun and entertainment can relax you the whole day. Let’s create the group:

  • Launch OGWhatsApp: Open OGWhatsApp, then select the Chats tab.
  • Fresh Chat Icon: Press the “New chat” symbol.
  • Choose a New Group: Select “New group.”
  • Include Participants: Decide on a name for the group and assign members.
  • Form a Group: To create the group, tap “Create.”

Interaction and sharing of papers, photos, videos, and messages among group members improves cooperation and communication. Including admins, everyone can exchange messages and videos to share memories. Create it today and add your friends to talk together.

OG WhatsApp Broadcast

You can simultaneously send the same message to multiple people by using the broadcast feature. Companies can create broadcast lists with collections of contacts so they can message the same clients over and over again. Messages from your Broadcast List appear on the Chats tab as regular messages for recipients. Their response won’t be forwarded to other contacts in the “Broadcast List” instead of showing how as a typical one-to-one chat message.

Using OG WhatsApp ‘s broadcast list, you can message several contacts at once without their knowledge. It resembles sending personalized messages to a list of recipients. Broadcasting is a mess-free journey that makes you feel easy and allows you to deal with your members privately in just one click. To build a list of broadcasts:

  • Open OG WhatsApp : Select the Chats tab after opening OG WhatsApp .
  • Fresh Chat Icon: Press the “New Chat” symbol.
  • Choose a New Broadcast: Select “New Broadcast.”
  • Include Contacts: Update the broadcast list with contacts.
  • Make a Broadcast: To construct the broadcast list, tap “Create.”
  • Individual Messages: Each recipient will receive messages sent to the broadcast list separately. Without forming a group, this tool is useful for reminding and notifying friends, family, and coworkers.
OG WhatsApp Broadcast

Advantages of OG WhatsApp

There are numerous features and customization choices in this OG WhatsApp  application. It gives its users access to an affordable and user-friendly application. Since not everyone is aware of all the advantages, we will only cover the most fundamental and well-known advantages of this program in this blog post. Now let’s get started:

  • It’s safe and easy to download from reputable websites.
  • To keep it hidden from others, you can lock your application and make your charts private.
  • Update it whenever you want to get access to all the newest features in one application.
  • A variety of color schemes can be added to alter the arrangement and produce designs.
  • Your application’s icon can be changed to reflect your preferred color scheme.
  • It takes only a few seconds to change every message you’ve sent, and it’s simple to remove messages from other chats.

Disadvantages of OG WhatsApp 

This journey also has the drawbacks of this application. While this application offers many advantages, it also has certain drawbacks that could negatively impact your application experience. Let’s talk about every drawback:

  • If you use illegal or irrational language, this program has the power to ban your account. 
  • Sending the same message to many chat windows repeatedly is not allowed. This leads to spamming.
  • If you choose to download it from unreliable sites, you may experience errors and spam problems.
  • You will lose all of your conversation history and other media files if your application is blocked. It usually takes three to four days for the application to get back on track.
  • Your program won’t function if you don’t update it promptly. 

OG WhatsApp Features

OG WhatsApp  Avatar

In the past several months, a new functionality has been added. With the AI tied to this application, you may provide commands and create whatever kind of avatar you choose. You can use this image to fit the current trend. The majority of people enjoy making avatars for their profile photos. You may utilize this option to use your creativity to make original images.

Status on OGWhatsApp

On the updates/status option, you can type your ideas and opinions like we type messages while chatting with our friends. You can type anything including news, advice, and other items, with the help of a sharp pencil icon. Under severe circumstances, this feature performs incredibly well. This feature helps a lot with awareness and the latest news.

Bubble Style

It’s referred to as the customizing kind. It improves the look and feel of the style. There are more than thirty styles available. Take your chat to the next level of customization by choosing your preferred icon. For those that use WhatsApp officially, this feature is really sophisticated and helpful. To give a trendier look, the styles of bubbles add catchiness.


Users can compose and send automated replies to incoming messages using WhatsApp Auto Reply. It helps professionals and businesses handle communications more effectively, particularly when handling large amounts of messages or outside of regular business hours. It’s also useful for private use in specific circumstances, including when you can’t reply to communications right away.

An auto-reply could be configured by a company to say something like, “Thank you for your message. Every time a user messages us, we promise to respond to them within 24 hours. Similar to this, when someone receives a message while driving, they can program an auto-reply to say something like, “I am currently driving and will respond when I am able to do so safely.”

App Lock

Use the App Lock function on OG WhatsApp  to protect your privacy. To safeguard your communications, use strong encryption techniques like passwords, patterns, and fingerprints. This crucial security feature allows you to keep control over and maintain the privacy of your chats. Add the app lock in your chats to add privacy and security.

Anti-Delete Messages and Status

If you get a communication from someone who later marks it as “Delete for everyone,” You will also remove this notice from your system.You will also remove this notice from your system. However, even if the user deletes it from your end, it won’t truly be removed. This block icon will appear in your message to let you know that the sender has removed it.

Increase Characters for Group Name

The official WhatsApp doesn’t support too many characters for group names but on the flip side, the OG WhatsApp  allows its users to add more characters to define and elaborate the group name. This feature helps others to understand the purpose of creating and having the correct idea of what the group actually about.

Calling Unknown Numbers

Using official WhatsApp, you have to save a contact’s number in your contact list before you may message or call them. But now that OGWhatsApp is updated, you may easily text or call someone without adding their number to your contact list. When you need to make a fast call and don’t want to add extra numbers to your contact list, this feature comes in handy. It essentially saves time by doing away with the requirement to save a number before making a call.

Send High-Quality Pictures

With OGWhatsApp, users may transfer up to 90 photos and 50 MB of video across all platforms, so let go of constraints. Break the boundaries of other chat apps and enjoy unmatched freedom when exchanging media. High-quality pictures play an important role in your favorite memories. You can change the quality resolution anytime.

Five-Minute Update

Upload your videos without any segments to surpass the status restriction for videos. The 5-minute status feature is what it’s called. With the help of other OG WhatsApp  users, share lengthier movies to create a more engaging viewing experience. OGWhatsApp users get to watch the entire 5-minute status, while other users only see a 30-second clip.

The Filter Messages function in OG WhatsApp  helps you have more productive interactions. Find individual messages quickly by using filters like media or keywords. With this useful organizational tool, you may streamline your discussions and save time.

Message Schedule

Users have come to love OGWhatsApp’s built-in message scheduling feature. It deals with the problem of forgetting to respond to messages when corresponding with pals. The developers have implemented a function that enables users to program and automatically send messages at set times in order to address this issue and ensure prompt responses without being impolite to others. Users may remain on top of their chats and avoid forgetting to respond thanks to this convenient tool.

Hide Your Online Status

I thought this feature was the best one. If you view someone else’s status and would prefer that they remain anonymous. You feel more comfortable and your privacy is protected as a result. To let people know you’ve seen their updates, just click the seen (double tick) button. You can avoid those people who tease you in your busy schedule.

Wallpaper for Your WhatsApp

Use the Profile Pic Wallpaper function in OG WhatsApp  to enhance your personality. Make your profile image the wallpaper to personalize your chat interface and home screen. Customize your digital environment with this easy-to-use yet powerful choice. Add your favorite pictures and plain wallpapers to enhance your creativity.

Personalized Media Presence

Utilize OG WhatsApp ‘s Custom Media Visibility tool to take charge of your privacy. Protect private or sensitive content by hiding particular media files from the gallery or media apps on your phone. This useful tool will help you keep quiet and improve security.

Sharing Media on OGWhatsApp

Everyone loves this feature the most and demands it. Using this ability to quickly communicate my happiness with my loved ones is one of my hobbies. In maximum resolution to enhance the color and quality of the memories. With simple steps, you may exchange movies, images, and other urgent files. This feature also makes it very easy to send lengthy films.

Live Location

Everyone is eager to schedule a group outdoor activity. If someone requests to meet you and you provide them the address but they are unable to locate it properly. To make it easier for your friends to find you, you can share your real-time location with them.

OG WhatsApp  Stickers

Most people enjoy making stickers on their own to express themselves. We use stickers with similar movements and feelings as we only want to communicate our expression in private. To create a sticker, simply type the feeling, and the same sticker will appear on the screen. You can use anyone to express yourself.

Freezing Last Seen

If you are online, this function allows you to modify your last seen. Freezing means hiding your online presence on WhatsApp. From the WhatsApp application settings, you can enable or disable this application. When you activate this feature, neither your contact members nor recipients will be able to access your last seen activity. Your last seen will be frozen in your profile bio and the time will be recorded each time you enable this feature.

Multiple Accounts on OG WhatsApp

Both the official WhatsApp and the APK-modified WhatsApp have this feature. You can use two or three accounts with different numbers at the same time on the same application if you have several accounts. You can change the account to the same number to view and respond to the messages from that account. You can then handle it with a different account. You can fix all of your phone troubles with this photo.

My Narrative

Experiment with different applications to enhance your application experience. The wonderful OG WhatsApp  app may make communication incredibly apparent in terms of design. I had an incredible year using this application. By following the directions on this site, you may quickly try this program. Continue to study and apply.

Final Estimate

Without a doubt, the original WhatsApp APK is a fantastic software that offers you an array of fascinating extra features that the original WhatsApp does not have. For not being the original version, it is still considerably superior to the official one because it offers its users a better experience and an infinite number of unlocked features. You can get this APK app from the link provided, as it cannot be installed through the Play Store. Thus, download OG WhatsApp  and give it a try if you’d like more capabilities, then start utilizing all of its amazing features. 


It is an enhanced version of the WhatsApp app.

I’ve been using this app for business purposes for months, and I’ve never had any issues with it. I’m hoping the features will be safe for you as well.

Indeed, it functions flawlessly on both Android and iPhone.

Nope! No requirement to root your device.

Yes, you may quickly obtain your WhatsApp backup.

Nope, it’s not rocket science, but it is amazing if you update.

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