OBWhatsApp Download Latest Version 59.0 (22 June)

OBWhatsApp has become the need of today’s younger generation. This application is the modified and updated version of official WhatsApp. In this article, you may learn what is OB WhatsApp and its possible relative guide to understanding the vision of this app. 

This application is uniquely designed with various colors and customizations. Having 6 new versions with vibrant and trendy colors are available on our website now. The procedure of getting this application with its features is quite simple. Let’s understand how to download it and see the game of all functions with us. Let’s get in:

OBWhatsApp Specifications

APK NameOBWhatsApp
APK Version59.0
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1 Million+

OB WhatsApp Omar

OB WhatsApp Omar is an excellent and user-friendly communication application that connects people through messages, voice notes, and calls. This application is modified by third parties and not verified by Google. This application has unlimited functions and designs to make it different from other simple applications. You can access OBWhatsApp from APK Mod websites. 

As we’ve discussed its modification, this application was developed by a great personality with a creative mind named “Omar Badeeb”. He designated this application gracefully taking count of every small need required by users. It has built its name so far and working in the APK industry very well with its features and updates. 

OBWhatsApp APK Types

OB WhatsApp has six types with bright colors. Every application has its unique color. These applications have been launched as the result of an obsession with official OB WhatsApp. All the applications are designed with the same layout and themes. These have many new features that are good enough. Let’s consider all the applications in detail:


OB2WhatsApp is specifically designed for those who are in love with the pink color. It has a very pigmented pinkish look to add aesthetic flavor to this application. This application is based on thousands of themes and offers brand color customization. You can change the style, look, and icons in your perspective. This application allows you to deal with unknown numbers smoothly.

It has icon-changing capabilities to style our account with a full-fledged look. OB WhatsApp 2 has a second name in Arabic, created by its developer named “Al-Wardi”. This is the best alternative to transfer your chats from official to OB WhatsApp 2. Read the Complete Article here.


OB3WhatsApp and JTWhatsApp have a bold blue color. This color attracts people, especially those who don’t like dull and light colors. It is the best option for all those. On the header, you’ll see the accounts icons to add another account on the same application. Hiding your chats option is also accessible with an extra layer of protection.

You may disable clicking on WhatsApp, after enabling the setting, no one will able to open your hide chats. Having another name “Al-Azraq” with a home page, chat looks, and update settings. Designing is the first thing that leaves an impression. So, focus on it and show your creativity and talent in your updated version.


Dark Green color is one of my favorite options to change the old dull look. OB4WhatsApp provides you with the best customizations such as selecting page title colors, chat colors, status and call header colors. You can add or remove underlines between the chats. Unread messages icon color customization is also adaptable. This application has so many benefits, you can explore and make your day.

Like earlier works by Omer Badeeq, WhatsApp Omar Al-Akhdar has rich customization options that let users adjust colors, fonts, and themes to suit their tastes. It also has built-in privacy features that allow users to hide blue ticks, type indicators, and view receipts.


OB5WhatsApp is available on the internet to boost the level of your last experience. In “OB Setting”, Holy Quran and Islamic Additions, Auto Reply/Scheduled Message, and Clear temporary WhatsApp files new settings have been added. You can use these functions to make your routine more comfortable. Share it with your friends and tell them about its extraordinary functionalities.

The fact that this mod is free to download and use makes it an excellent replacement for the business WhatsApp, which is one of its best features. For those wishing to improve their chatting experience, WhatsApp Omar “Al-Ahmar” is a great alternative because of its unique features, adjustable choices, and user-friendly layout.


OB6WhatsApp, developed by Omer. This app has a sweet yellow tone and you’d never seen this type of application before. There’s a unique feature of online toast. Online toast is a dot that appears on the profile picture of the contact member when he is online on WhatsApp. It indicates the person’s presence. You can change its color that suit your application. It also allows you to change the background colors and wallpapers.

Numerous innovations in OB WhatsApp 6 (Al-Dahabi) are intended to improve user interaction. These consist of the capacity to download and distribute media files in high definition, personalize text fonts and chat backdrops, plan messages for later delivery, and safeguard specific chats using password or fingerprint identification.

Requirements to Download OBWhatsApp APK

To install and download your OBWhatsApp, a few things that you need to start your journey. It requires a cellular data network to activate WhatsApp Messenger. Kindly ensure to achieve an updated version. 86.20 MB storage is also part of the requirement. These are basic and essential requirements to get your favorite application.

OB WhatsApp Download

OB WhatsApp has the same procedure as other third-party files. The downloading process has a few steps to go. It takes almost 5 minutes to download it completely. But as your internet is good, it increases the chances of getting it soon. OB WhatsApp has all old versions but to avoid errors, choose an updated version. Let’s dive into the downloading guide:

OB WhatsApp Download
Infographics: OB WhatsApp Download

Step 01: Open Trusted Website

The initial state is to decide the website from where you want to download its latest version. Now, type the website domain or URL in the search bar on your browser. For example, we type “apkdon.net”, the highly trusted and recommended website for your application APK file. 

Step 02: Look for OB WhatsApp

Search OBWhatsApp in the typing bar where you can explore your desired WhatsApp. Read the relevant blog and scroll down to adapt its downloading button. Click on the download button and you can set the location of the file as it’s optional. 

Step 03: Be Ready for the Final Notification

When you press the download button, the downloading will be started. Let it be for the rest of its completion and wait for its final notification. A new notification pops up when your app loading finishes with 100 %age. This is the turning point from download to install. 

Install OB WhatsApp APK

The installation procedure is the most famous ever. Almost everyone may get it already easily but we’ll discuss it still for our new visitors who are not familiar with these types of modifications. The procedure for downloading is mentioned above. After completing your downloading procedure, follow the upcoming instructions to install your sweet, trendy, and stylish WhatsApp application. Let’s do it:

Install OB WhatsApp APK
Infographics: Install OB WhatsApp APK

Step 01: Open OB WhatsApp

After downloading, open the OBWhatsApp app that is located on the app’s page with other apps. Click on it and unlock your first step. The other method to open the application is, to locate your APK file from your “File Manager”. 

Step 02: Click “Allow”

This step asks for access to photos and media. Click on the “Allow” icon and permit your device. This step may asked or sometimes it doesn’t appear on the screen. Except this, click on the “Allow” option every time it asks for access.

Step 03: Choose Your Language

Welcome to WhatsApp application appears in front of you. This step is to select your country or city language to get started. The language you’re going to select must be understandable for you because this step is necessary for instructions. 

Step 04: Click the AAC

Read the privacy policy carefully and tap on “Agree and Continue” to accept the terms of services (TOCs). The third option is the way to stay connected for the further process. If you’ve used this application with the same number before this trial, then press “Restore your Backup”. 

Step 05: Enter Phone Number 

Decide your country code by rolling your index finger on the codes and clicking on the exact one. Now, enter your mobile number. Mobile number is an essential and permanent part of connecting others. 

Step 06: Verifying Your Number

To verify your number, wait to automatically detect an SMS sent to your number. The 6-digit code will detect it and verify it without any effort. This verification may be enabled through a call on a given number. After verifying, set your name and optional profile picture. That’s all.

OB WhatsApp Update

Updating OB WhatsApp is a vital step to check if there’s a new version of OB WhatsApp available or not. All APK files have a specialty of modification. These applications are being modified with new functions day by day. To stay connected with this file, you need to install updated versions and have to change your old ones with new ones. This means that you should change yourself with time and progress. Let’s have a look at how you can update your previous versions with new ones.

  • Unlock your phone and open your OB WhatsApp application.
  • Get the home page and look for the three dots located in the corner.
  • Click on the dots and select the second option of “OB Setting”.
  • Scroll down the “OB Setting” page and at the end of the page, choose the third last option which is “Updates”.
  • Click on “Updates” and press “Web Download”. It will open the official website from where you can avail new version of your last application.

There’s another option of “Check for updates” to check if are you using the latest version or if you need to change it. Check first and then go for “Web Download.” This guide is easy to understand, follow the instructions and go ahead.

OB WhatsApp Update

Backup Your Data on OBWhatsApp Omar

This is a significant step for a lot of individuals. You will be able to retrieve the discussions you had on the official application using it. It is important to note that you cannot run the original WhatsApp and OBWhatsApp at the same time, thus you must uninstall it before you can use and run OB WhatsApp after installing it.

Navigate to the conversations tab in the official application’s settings to create a backup. This process only takes a few minutes to complete. You can then install the latest version of OBWhatsApp and remove the previous one. It will ask for your backup to be restored. Accept this option, or go to Settings to get it back.

Backup Your Data on OBWhatsApp Omar

Benefits of OB WhatsApp

Should you wish to view the initial segment of a discussion you had with another person. It won’t take as much time to accomplish it this way as it would if you swiped up to view previous texts. This could take an hour or longer in certain circumstances, especially in lengthy talks with close to a thousand messages. However, in OBWhatsApp, there is a command located in the chat settings that, upon clicking a button, will transport you to the first message.

You can also disconnect from other people’s voice or video calls. For every chat, create a password that will allow access only when the lock code has been entered correctly. Apart from the option to remove emojis that were added recently to the user’s collection. Additionally, stop receiving phone and message alerts for any current discussions. You may also import wallpapers from the gallery, set the background for each chat from the amazing wallpaper collection that OBWhatsApp provides, erase chat materials, and block annoying users.

OBWhatsApp Features of the Latest Version

Privacy & Security of OBWhatsApp

Millions of people are downloading OBWhatsApp, and one of the primary reasons for this is its privacy feature. You can now choose which privacy settings to display or keep hidden. To ensure that no one knows when you are active, the first solution is to hide your online status. More specifically, hide the word “Online” when you are using OB WhatsApp.

To prevent the other party from seeing the double-check marks when you read their messages, you have the second option: hiding the reading mark. In this manner, you won’t feel pressured to reply to messages that you don’t want to.

You may additionally hide the notification that a message has been delivered to you and that you have received it. Numerous people are pleased and impressed with this alternative. Many people have expressed satisfaction and admiration for this choice. You will have total control over whether or not to reply to messages and chats from other people using these two alternatives.

Privacy & Security of OBWhatsApp

There are more privacy features available. The “Typing…” indicator that shows up when you begin typing on the keyboard or add emojis is another feature that you may customize. This allows you to go back and edit your writing before submitting it, making sure all the words are correct. Additionally, OBWhatsApp lets you hide the fact that you are recording a voice message—which often shows up as “Recording…”—from others. As a result, you won’t feel pressured to transmit audio clips that have been recorded.

Scheduled Messages Within OBWhatsApp

 You can now draft or compose a new message and designate the time when it will be sent. These messages can be scheduled on any day or month of the year. It will be automatically dispatched as soon as the time you have specified comes.

This is thought to be a useful remedy for people whose memories aren’t good enough to retain a lot of information. You can use this tool, for instance, to greet your friends happy birthdays, public holidays, etc. For OBWhatsApp to deliver messages on time, the internet is not required. Even with your phone switched off, this will function. Any number of recipients can be chosen to receive scheduled messages.

Scheduled Messages Within OBWhatsApp

Type Your Thoughts on Status 

Considerable adjustments and enhancements have been made. It made it possible for people to put their wishes and ideas in writing. It’s important to remember that standard WhatsApp only permits a finite amount of characters, which is inappropriate for some users and restricts their ability to express themselves freely.

As a result, they had to omit several words when inserting their case. The character limit has now considerably increased to 225 using OBWhatsApp. You may now type everything you want without worrying about character limits or maximums thanks to this.

Type Your Thoughts on Status 

Sending Media via OBWhatsApp

With OBWhatsApp, a huge quantity of photos can be sent quickly. Rather than choosing a few of them to transmit one at a time. Which was time-consuming. On OBWhatsApp, the sending process is likewise quick and easy. Additionally, the photographs will arrive with the same quality and resolution without any messages about transmission failure, etc.

Regarding the videos, there were a lot of improvements and advantages. Instead of only 15MB, videos up to 50MB can now be shared. The user was previously invited to divide the video into multiple parts to send it. Those lengthy procedures won’t need to be taken anymore. Sending messages is now feasible.

Sending Media via OBWhatsApp


Lastly, we’ve explained the launching procedure with a step-by-step guide simply and adequately. You may follow the instructions as these are given. OBWhatsApp has unique and unparalleled features launched into the APK modes of life. With its bold layout, you can enjoy various customizations. Apply bright colors and themes and make the overall look attractive and appealing. Install it today and enjoy extra functionalities free of cost. So, catch your application today!

My Narrative

I’ve been using it for the last two years. I was a very big fan of GBWhatsApp but when I tried OBWhatsApp, I just came to know that there are so many other features that are not part of GBWhatsApp, AGWhatsApp, or neither NSWhatsApp 4 Green. This application has built-in features that make it different from others. In my opinion, Grab your app and try it now! 


Yes, modified versions like OB WhatsApp often offer additional privacy features compared to the official WhatsApp app. These may include options to hide typing indicators, received media, and more.

Using modified versions like OBWhatsApp is generally considered illegal as they are unauthorized alterations of the original app. Meta (formerly Facebook) owns WhatsApp, and using modified versions without their approval violates their terms of service.

While modified versions may offer enhanced security features, it’s difficult to guarantee their safety. Updates to enhance security can be released, but the legality and safety of modified versions remain questionable.

Any app, including modified versions of WhatsApp, can be vulnerable to hacking if used improperly. While WhatsApp employs advanced security measures like end-to-end encryption, modified versions may lack these safeguards.

To recover OB WhatsApp, you typically reinstall the app and log in with your previous account credentials. This process is similar to reinstalling the official WhatsApp app.

The developer of OB WhatsApp is Yemeni Omar Badeeb. However, various versions of modified WhatsApp exist, developed by different independent developers, such as OB3WhatsApp, OB6WhatsApp, etc.

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