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AG4 WhatsApp Download Latest Version 38.0 (11 May)

In this article, we will provide complete information about features and procedure of AG4 WhatsApp Download. With billions of daily users all over the world, AG4 WhatsApp has become one of the most popular free instant communication applications. As a result of its strong end-to-end encryption system, which makes it an appropriate choice for both personal and professional discussions on computers and mobile phones, it is currently quite common.

More and more people are interested in WhatsApp MOD versions with their user-friendly interface; AG4 WhatsApp is one such example in the AG family. This WhatsApp application has a clean and simple layout for all who love simplicity. Others may also change the layout if they want to recreate it. Let’s consider the details:

AG4 WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameAG4 WhatsApp App
APK Version38.0
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1 Million+

Introductory Lines About AG4WhatsApp

It’s worth noting that there are various versions with similar names on the internet, making it challenging to find the correct edition. To avoid encountering fake or incorrect files, users are encouraged to click on the provided link on this page to access the latest variant of AG4 WhatsApp, ensuring they get the promised WhatsApp mod.

The question arises: Why do users opt for these modified apps instead of the official platform? The answer lies in the additional features offered by these unofficial alternatives. Enhanced privacy and security are the primary advantages, allowing users to stay online without appearing so, read messages without showing others blue ticks, activate a ghost mode, and send messages without the forwarded tag.

Additionally, advanced features for chats, profiles, interface customization, app password or lock, and a user-friendly layout make these modified versions more attractive. In essence, AG4WhatsApp and similar mods as ER WhatsApp and YOWhatsApp provide additional security protection and an extra layer of privacy as compared to official WhatsApp.

Download AG4 WhatsApp

The procedure to download AG4 WhatsApp is not difficult at all. To start your downloading, kindly ensure a good internet connection. Direct download is easy and accessible just for Android users, not for iOS users. Open your browser application; any browser, like Google, Internet Explorer, and Chrome, you can use for this purpose.

AG4 WhatsApp Download
Infographics: AG4 WhatsApp Download

We recommend you choose your website wisely. Pay attention to the famous and trusted website to control spam risks and errors. When you search Don of APK, you reach a new page. Click on the “WhatsApp modes” with a home icon located on the right side of the header. Move your finger and click on it. All APK modes will pop up with their names. Search for AG4 on WhatsApp.

Go to the AG4WhatsApp blog and scroll down the page. Click on the blue icon labeled AG4WhatsApp. This is the download button; whenever you click on it, your downloading will start. Wait for a few moments, and you’ll be done.

Install AG4 WhatsApp

Follow this step-by-step guide to install AG4 WhatsApp on your device:

Just follow a successful verification procedure with simple steps. Organize your profile by typing a new name, adding a unique profile picture, and using emoji’s. Customize your last-seen settings, including profile picture settings, call log settings, and lock settings. You can also customize who can call you only. After managing your profile, start using this application.

AG4 WhatsApp App for PC

AG4 WhatsApp App is now also available on PCs with its capabilities, offering its users the availability of highly demanding WhatsApp on their computers. This built-in feature, which has the option of a linked device, enables users to stay in touch with their friends, family, and colleagues while taking advantage of a big screen and a full keyboard. Now, engage in chats, make voice and video calls, share the media, and access all your favorite WhatsApp features directly from your PC.

Experience the smooth interaction between your mobile and desktop devices, which optimizes your communication to the next level. Whether you find yourself on your smartphone or PC, AG4WhatsApp ensures you remain connected. It fills the gap between devices for a unified communication experience. To employ AG4 WhatsApp on your PC using an Android emulator, follow these steps:

  • Install a reliable Android emulator, such as Remis OS, on your PC.
  • Download and install the AG4WhatsApp APK within the emulator once your APK file is downloaded.
  • Launch your AG4 WhatsApp application on your PC.
  • Verify your phone number after the installation of AG4WhatsApp. Wait for the 6-digit code and verify it.
  • Allow all the instructions and prompts given on the screen. Set your profile picture and name.
  • Use your application and enjoy all its features.

AG4 WhatsApp VS Official WhatsApp

Let’s discuss the differences and advantages between AG4 WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp to correct our decisions about these applications. After the given comparison, you’ll be able to choose the suitable application for your personality. Let’s go ahead:

Feature Comparison

AG4 WhatsApp introduces additional features that are not found in the official WhatsApp, like privacy settings, advanced customization options, and limitless file-sharing capabilities. AGWA has unique customizations for a user-friendly interface, a large range of themes, and the ability to modify chat bubbles and fonts. Moreover, AG4WhatsApp allows for the transmission of larger files, message scheduling, and automated responses, delivering a more extensive and enriched messaging experience.

User Experience

AG4WhatsApp offers a smooth and easy user experience in comparison to the official WhatsApp. The interface of AG4 WhatsApp is designed to be familiar to users. It ensures a gentle transition for users to migrate from the official app or other WhatsApp applications to AG WhatsApp.

The enjoyable features in AGWA make the overall messaging experience more satisfying, making it more heartfelt and user-friendly. AGWA’s customization options empower people to personalize their messaging environment with ownership.

Community and Support

WhatsApp benefits from an engaged community of users and developers actively contributing to its growth and support. This community actively addresses your concerns about your WhatsApp journey, provides regular updates, and provides new features to continually enhance the application. Users can participate in community discussions without suffering from difficult steps through forums, social media groups, and dedicated support channels. This community ensures that AGWA remains responsive and will be responsive to user needs.

Latest Versions and Updates

The most recent version of AG4WhatsApp fixes insecurities like security enhancements and improved stability. It is crucial to keep your application up-to-date to ensure fast performance and access to the latest features and launches. Regularly checking for updates and installing them to stay alert to AGWA’s latest advancements is important.

Future Developments

Whenever a new update is available, you’ll get new technologies and functionalities. A better experience will be introduced as compared to the old version. These applications always come with extra customization options. The developers are working to improve it as much as they can. I am sure that a lot of new options you’ll see in the future, as it is improving day by day.

AG4 WhatsApp Features

AG4 WhatsApp has a lot of amazing and organized features that differentiate it from other messaging platforms. Let’s delve into some of its prominent attributes:

Security and Privacy

WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy by offering enhanced security features. Users have the flexibility to customize privacy settings, providing greater control over their online visibility. With the options to hide online status, manage your profile picture visibility, and control read receipts, AGWA ensures a personalized and secure messaging experience. Additionally, users can secure individual chats with end-to-end encryption, adding an extra layer of privacy.

“Bomb a Text” Feature

AG4WhatsApp presents a new “Bomb a Text” function, which simplifies the process of sending multiple texts with one click. Users can easily duplicate messages by identifying their preferred wording and frequency in settings, which removes the need for repetitive typing or copying.

Although this tool can highlight a point, users are asked to use it carefully so as not to overwhelm other members of the group. With AG4WhatsApp’s message bombing feature, which enables users to send many messages at once for mass communication needs, you have access to a unique communication direction.

Fancy Text

AG WhatsApp’s “Fancy Text” feature unleashes a world of creativity, allowing users to transform ordinary text into visually captivating messages. By selecting the desired chat, users can craft messages with unique expressions and enhance them with a variety of formatting options, creating a visually stunning communication experience.

Single-Tap Emoji Reaction

The Emoji Reaction feature is used to express your emotions or facial expressions by allowing users to react to messages with a single tap. Users can select from a range of expressive emoji’s, adding realistic touch and emotion to their conversations with no cast. This feature streamlines communication, making interactions more engaging and dynamic.

Avatar Feature

AGWA’s Avatar feature empowers users to create customized and unique profile images with various hairstyles, facial features, and accessories according to their choice. Using the skill of creating an avatar allows individuals to stand out and express their uniqueness through a customized avatar.

Disable Forward Tag

With this feature, forwarded messages no longer display the “Forwarded” label. This ensures confidential information and unique content. Users can communicate with confidence, knowing their messages are private and not attributed to being forwarded.

Customize Tick Style

AG4WhatsApp offers the ability to personalize the appearance of icons and message ticks. It provides people with options with various styles, colors, or shapes for message delivery and reading receipts. This customization allows users to express their unique tastes and add a personal touch to their messaging experience.

Built-in Lock for Chats

Enhance privacy with a built-in lock for individual chats, securing private conversations with a unique passcode or fingerprint lock. This feature ensures sensitive information remains hidden, giving users complete control over their chats.

Color Customization

Users can customize the app’s look and feel by adding the color of the navigation bar, chat page, and status section according to their preferences. This feature allows users to use an eye-catching and personalized messaging application.

Hide Contact Name

The innovative option to hide contact names ensures discreet and confidential conversations. Users can communicate without revealing personal information, as chats will display only phone numbers, offering privacy and freedom in conversations.

Built-in Media Downloader

AG4 WhatsApp eliminates the need for external downloaders by allowing them to use a built-in media downloader. Users can easily access and download photos, videos, and audio files directly within the application, enhancing the browsing experience.

AG4 WhatsApp Backup

Safeguard chat history, media files, and settings with AG4 WhatsApp Backup. This feature ensures users can easily restore chats, even when switching devices or reinstalling the app.

AG4 WhatsApp Restore

AGWA Restore simplifies the transfer of conversations, media, and settings when switching devices or reinstalling the app, allowing users to retrieve their chat history effortlessly.

Navigation Button

It is located at the bottom of the screen on the home page. The navigation button provides quick access to essential features such as chats, contacts, calls, and settings. It also ensures smooth and effortless navigation. In your journey,

Anti-Ban Protection

AG4WhatsApp introduces Anti-Ban Protection, actively detecting and counteracting threats to ensure account security and shielding it from potential bans or restrictions.

Pin Chats on Top

Always prioritize important chats by pinning them to the top of the chat list for quick and convenient access. Simply hold that particular chat with a long press and click on the pin icon, which appears at the top of the screen. This is how you can pin your essential contact’s chats.

Message Scheduler

AG WhatsApp’s Message Scheduler allows users to schedule messages for specific dates and times. You may be able to send important messages with punctuality. If you have an issue with forgetting or might be busy in your hectic routine, then this feature works as a reminder. It keeps you aware, updated, and punctual. Experience empowerment with AG4WhatsApp’s scheduled messages feature, allowing users to strategize and schedule communications for optimal delivery at opportune times.


The Auto-Reply feature lets users set automatic responses, keeping contacts informed even when busy. As you may understand while reading the name of the feature. Its application is as simple as its name. It’s an automatic responder to your contacts that you described sending it to before.

Enhanced Media Sharing Limit

Users can share larger files, including photos, videos, and documents, with ease, enhancing the media-sharing experience. This feature allows you to send more files at once as compared to official WhatsApp. This feature saves you time very much. Simply exchange large media files and HD photos with AG4WhatsApp. It encourages to users engage in the regular transfer of high-quality multimedia content in an easy and smooth way.

App Language

Customize the language of the app to suit preferences, allowing users to switch between supported languages for a more engaging experience. It also helps to easily read other language messages that you can’t speak or read.


AG4WhatsApp introduces multi-accounts, enabling users to switch between multiple accounts within the app for flexibility in managing personal and professional communications. Downloading other WhatsApp applications on the same phone or another phone could be messy sometimes. To manage multiple accounts, you can use this feature within the same application. You can enable any account at any time.

AG4 Themes

AG Themes revolutionizes the messaging experience, offering a variety of vibrant themes to personalize the app’s appearance according to individual preferences.

Anti-Delete Media

You can see the shared media even if the sender deletes it, providing users with control over their media collection. Uncover the unseen with AG4WhatsApp’s feature that allows users to discover messages and statuses deleted by the sender, offering a touch of edited or removed interactions.

Customization Options

AG4 WhatsApp stands out with extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize fonts, chat bubbles, and the overall user interface to a greater extent compared to the original WhatsApp.

Enhanced Messaging Experience

AG4WhatsApp enhances the messaging experience with features such as larger file sharing, message scheduling, automated replies, and password-protected chats, catering to diverse user needs.

End-to-End Encryption

By using end-to-end encryption, AG4WhatsApp improves the security of your messaging by providing strong protection for your messages from outsiders. You can make your desired password and interface.

Fingerprint Lock

Adding an extra layer of privacy protection, AG4 WhatsApp introduces a fingerprint lock for individual chats, requires biometric authentication for accessing specific conversations, and intensifies the confidentiality of sensitive discussions.

Hide Last Seen, Online Status, & Blue Ticks

With control over your digital presence, AG4WhatsApp’s ability to cloak last-seen timestamps, online status indicators, and read receipts (blue ticks) empowers users to move through the platform carefully and maintain private communication.

Facial Lock for the App

AG4 WhatsApp takes security a step further by implementing facial recognition to lock the entire application, fortifying the defense against unauthorized access to the comprehensive messaging platform.

Ghost Mode

AG4 WhatsApp’s Ghost mode helps users achieve maximum focus while minimizing interruptions by allowing them to mute notifications for specified amounts of time. Ghost mode is also known as DND Mode.

Text Style Modification

With AG4, WhatsApp’s text layout changes characteristics, so you can add uniqueness to your messages and let users define themselves in a way that’s specifically their own.

Interface Customization

With AG4WhatsApp’s many customization options, users can easily shape the app’s user interface depending on their personal preferences. Adjust the appearance of the app to your heart’s content.

Background Themes & Colors

Pick from an extensive selection of background themes and colors that match the overall AG4WhatsApp style. Delve into a unique visual feast.

Download Media Files

This effortless access to shared content is achieved by directly downloading media files to your device through AG4 WhatsApp, eliminating unnecessary steps and enhancing the efficiency of multimedia file management.

Lock specific conversations

Safeguard sensitive discussions with AG4WhatsApp’s ability to lock specific conversations, adding an extra layer of privacy to selected dialogues.

Neat & Clean Layout

Go through the feature-rich platform of AG4WhatsApp effortlessly, as it maintains a clean and obvious layout, ensuring users can freely access different functionalities without feeling overwhelmed.

Audio/Video Calls

Elevate your communication experience with AG4WhatsApp’s support for high-quality audio and video calls, providing users with a reliable and crystal-clear channel for their conversations.

Pros & Cons

Advanced Privacy: AG4 WhatsApp offers noticeable standard privacy settings by providing additional options, such as the ability to hide online status and turn off read receipts. This empowers users with enhanced control over their privacies.Unofficial Application Status: AG4 WhatsApp is a WhatsApp modification or messaging platform. Having a lack of development or support from WhatsApp Inc. raises concerns regarding potential security and data privacy issues.  
Expanded Features: AG4WhatsApp introduces exclusive features not found in the official WhatsApp, including fancy text, one-tap emoji reactions, and message broadcasting. These additional functionalities make your application fancier.Privacy Challenges: No doubt, this application is trusted but there are no additional privacy settings like third-party mods. You can’t protect your data with more security.
Attractive Customization: AGWA stands out with its customization options, allowing users to personalize their chat interface with custom themes and avatars. This feature ensures a unique and visually appealing messaging experience.Limited Official Assistance: Given its unofficial status, users of AG4WhatsApp may encounter difficulties in accessing technical support or assistance for any problems that may arise during usage.
Smooth Device Integration: AGWA ensures a plane transition between mobile and PC devices, enabling users to remain connected and conveniently access their chats from their computers. This integration enhances the overall experience of accessibility and usability of the messaging platform in a good manner.Account Suspension Risk: The use of modified WhatsApp versions, including AGWA, may be harmful to WhatsApp’s terms of service. Users may also suffer from unusual errors and other kind of risks.

Final Explanation

AG4 WhatsApp is a cool alternative to regular WhatsApp, with extra features and ways to personalize your chats. It’s big on privacy and lets you customize a lot of stuff. Plus, it has tons of cool features for messaging. Just be careful when downloading modified apps like this to avoid legal issues. AG4WhatsApp has a helpful community making it better all the time. Give it a try and see how it boosts up your messaging level!

My Recommendation

In the past few years, I faced a lot of problems while using official WhatsApp. After a long time of suffering, one of my friends told me about this application. He also shared the link to this application. I was wondering after launching it on my smartphone. Its innovative and extraordinary features compel me to amaze. This application become one of my favorite launches right now. It’s the best application I’ve ever used in my life and it’s 100% recommended from my side.

Frequently Asked Questions

AG4 WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, offering additional features and customization options.

Users can enhance privacy by hiding online status and disabling read receipts in AG WhatsApp.

There’s a risk of violating WhatsApp’s terms of service, potentially leading to account suspension.

AG4WhatsApp introduces the “Bomb a Text” feature, allowing users to send a text multiple times with a single click.

AG4WhatsApp extends its capabilities to desktops, enabling users to use WhatsApp on their computers for issue-free communication.

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