GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Download Latest Version 30.25 & 24.10.79 (22 June)

GB WhatsApp application has become popular in this trendy world due to its features. GBWhatsApp download latest version link is accessible for everyone. The first question that arises in our mind is why we should choose GB WhatsApp instead of Business WhatsApp. Let me tell you to clarify your doubts at once. 

GB WhatsApp application is pretty different in a few features. This application offers more customization about privacy and security. The latest versions have more enhanced features in comparison to old ones.

GB WhatsApp Specifications

APK NameGBWhatsApp Mod APK
APK Version30.25 & 24.10.79
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads4 Million+

GB WhatsApp APK Basic Information

GB WhatsApp application is used to connect with people living far from them. It allows you to chat with your loved ones. You can also share your memories through media, video calls, and audio calls. GBWhatsApp is quite different when it comes to features as compared to GB WhatsApp Pro and AG WhatsApp. This application allows you to customize different themes, unique font styles, and modes.

There are so many privacy features available. Enable the settings according to your desire or need. It can hide blue ticks, double ticks, online status, and recording audio status. GBWA settings include the feature of larger video files and more images can be sent at once.

GB WhatsApp is a famously changed variation of WhatsApp with a few additional highlights that can show improvement over the essential form of the WhatsApp application. This application has further developed highlights like security choices, further developed ability to inform, Against Ban, DND mode, and so on.

In addition, the most recent variant of WhatsApp is guaranteed to be secure, safe, and rapidly responsive. Since it continues to create new functionalities each day, there are vast potential outcomes ahead in customization choices.

GBWhatsApp Owner

Throughout the entire existence of GBWhatsApp, there is not only one group that has invested the energy. Before all else, GB WhatsApp was created by the group of Rafalense and Alexmods, the two of which have their other applications presently in activity. Around then, GBWhatsApp was additionally accessible for download straightforwardly from the Google Play Store. 

However, at that point, because of an adjustment of strategy, all mods for the first WhatsApp should have been removed from the Google Play Store. Starting here on, Heymods assumed control over the upkeep and updates of WhatsApp GB. Heymods made GB WA, yet in addition to YO WhatsApp, the group has a great deal of involvement with highlight development and bug fixing. This is the reason, at this point, GB WhatsApp has become so well-known with clients.

As may be obvious, GBWhatsApp is utilized by individuals everywhere. Each advancement group that has buckled down on WhatsApp GB has the pleasure to do so. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you ask who possesses GBWhatsApp now, the response must be Heymods. Presently, GB WhatsApp 2023 presents more creative elements, including stowed-away blue ticks, programmed interpretation of visit messages, stowed-away WhatsApp GB media in collections, and significantly more.

The main thing you should know about is that you want to download the most recent innocuous GB WhatsApp APK through the authority site Connect, which will guarantee that you partake in the full scope of GBWhatsApp highlights.

Device Requirements to install GB WhatsApp Mod APK

To install the GB WhatsApp mod APK, your device should meet basic requirements. Make sure your device is on the Android system. The basic version must be 4.0 or newer/updated. Ensure that your device has enough storage to install the GBWhatsApp application. 

A strong internet connection is essential for a smooth download. Choose a trusted website and enable the unknown resources to install applications from your Android setting. This setting will permit you to download the latest version of WhatsApp GB.

GB WhatsApp APK Download

To download GB WhatsApp APK, ensure you follow these detailed yet straightforward steps:

GB WhatsApp APK Download
Infographics: GB WhatsApp APK Download

In your device settings, allow installations from unknown sources to permit the installation of apps outside of the official app store. Visit a trustworthy website or platform that offers the official GBWhatsApp APK. Be cautious and avoid unofficial sources to mitigate potential security risks. While the download is in progress, take a moment to understand the process. Familiarize yourself with the file size and any additional requirements for a successful download.

Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded WhatsApp GB APK file. Click on the file to initiate the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions. This usually involves permitting the installation. Make sure you read each prompt before continuing. To avoid problems, make sure your device meets the app’s requirements. This helps with a smooth installation, reducing the chance of errors. After installing, open GB WhatsApp. 

Verify your phone number for extra security. Finish the setup to personalize your account. This might include choosing themes, setting notifications, and adjusting privacy options. This step adds an extra layer of security to your GBWhatsApp account.

Follow the remaining setup process to personalize your account further. This may include customizing themes, notification settings, and privacy options according to your preferences.

GB WhatsApp Download APK License

GB WhatsApp is an unofficial version of the official WhatsApp app that does not have the coveted WhatsApp Inc. approval. Created by independent developers, it travels outside of approved app stores. The utilization of GBWhatsApp depends upon the caprices prescribed by its creators, and users should be mindful that it might avoid the essential regions of WhatsApp’s official terms of service.

In addition, using WhatsApp GB raises several potential risks, such as the unsettling possibility of security lapses and privacy issues, from the moment it is downloaded until the point it is used in operation. Users should apply a reasonable degree of caution and carefully consider the implications before giving in to the charm of unofficial WhatsApp transformations, like GBWhatsApp.

WhatsApp GB New Version Download Method for iPhone

To employ WhatsApp GB on your iPhone, you can utilize an alternative app store such as TutuApp. Just obtain TutuApp from its designated website, look up “GB WhatsApp” within TutuApp, and proceed with the installation on your device. Ensure to trust the developer certificate through your iPhone settings for seamless operation. Check the details below:

  • Access TutuApp: Open Safari on your iPhone and go to the official TutuApp website.
  • Download and Install TutuApp: Download and install TutuApp on your iPhone by following the provided instructions on the TutuApp website.
  • Launch TutuApp and Search for WhatsApp GB: Open TutuApp and use the search bar to find “WhatsApp GB” among the available apps.
  • Download GBWhatsApp: Find GBWhatsApp in the search outcomes and tap on it. Select the “Download” option to commence the installation of GB WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Trust Developer Certificate (if needed): Following the installation, it might be necessary to have confidence in the developer certificate connected with GB WhatsApp. To accomplish this, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Profiles & Device Management.” Select the certificate associated with GBWhatsApp and grant trust to authorize the app for operation on your device.
  • Launch WhatsApp GB and Set Up: Open WhatsApp GB set it up with your phone number, and start enjoying the additional features it brings to your messaging experience.

Install GB WhatsApp

The procedure to install GB WhatsApp is very simple like the official app. You just need to carefully watch the screen and follow instructions. At any step, you can follow the instructions given in the below infographics if you get confused. We hope you will easily install GBWA now. You can also contact us if require more information friendly.

Install GBWhatsApp
Infographics: Install GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Free Download Risks

Starting the GB WhatsApp journey is not something that should be undertaken lightly, as it can cause a great deal of hardship. Its sacrificial combination with the original WhatsApp could cause unrest and division, upsetting the peace of your virtual communication home. The confidentiality of your communications is reduced to a thin thread when end-to-end encryption is sent to the shadows, leaving it open for hackers’ notice.

Comparison Between Official WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB APK

There are so many features that make GB WhatsApp different from the Official WhatsApp. We’ll let you know a few major changes that GBWhatsApp has. The detailed information is given below:

Difference 1: Broadcasting Capability and Multimedia Sharing

While WhatsApp enforces limitations, GB WhatsApp enables users to broadcast messages to a wide-ranging audience of up to 600 individuals, expanding the reach of communication channels. Going beyond, GBWhatsApp enables larger file size limits, allowing the transmission of video files up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB. This assistance in smooth sharing extends to larger multimedia files, improving the overall user experience.

For those who value privacy, WhatsApp GB introduces a private layer by enabling users to conceal their online status, read receipts, and even their “typing” status. This heightened level of privacy adds a subtle dimension to the messaging experience, allowing users to navigate the app privately.

Difference 2: Security and Privacy Emphasis

While GB WhatsApp introduces additional privacy features, such as the ability to hide various statuses like last seen, read receipts, online status, and typing status, the security comparison is subtle. WhatsApp, as an official app under the umbrella of Facebook, promotes full encryption, ensuring exclusive access to content by the sender and recipient. In contrast, the external nature of GBWhatsApp raises ambiguities regarding its encryption standards and whether it matches the strength of WhatsApp’s official security protocols.

Difference 3: Additional Customization

GB WhatsApp distinguishes itself with a luxurious array of customization options, providing users with substantial control over the app’s visuals. In clear difference to WhatsApp’s limited customization palette, GBWhatsApp invites users to infuse a complete interface transformation through a variety of themes. With many to choose from, users can infuse their app with a personality that resonates with their mood and individuality.

The customization offerings extend beyond mere themes; WhatsApp GB empowers users to alter the color of blue ticks, customize chat backgrounds for individual contacts, and even infuse the app icon. Conversely, WhatsApp’s customization repertoire remains relatively constrained, predominantly confined to altering the chat wallpaper, leaving the overall app aesthetics largely unaltered.

Difference 4: Official Support and Update Disparities

WhatsApp enjoys a clear advantage in terms of official support and regular updates. As an approved app under the Facebook umbrella, WhatsApp is readily available on popular platforms, receiving consistent enhancements for bug fixes, security fortifications, and the integration of novel features. 

On the flip side, GB WhatsApp, existing as an unofficial modification, grapples with a lack of similar support and timely updates. Users may find themselves navigating challenges without an official channel for assistance in case of issues, compounded by the less frequent updates compared to WhatsApp.

It is essential to note that the utilization of unofficial versions, like GBWhatsApp, entails the risk of violating WhatsApp’s terms of service, potentially resulting in temporary or permanent account suspension.

Difference 5: Accessibility Quotient

WhatsApp enjoys a clear advantage in terms of accessibility, being internationally known and available for download on popular platforms worldwide. This widespread availability contributes to the app’s seamless installation, usage, and overall trust.

On the flip side, in the world of unofficial modifications, GB WhatsApp exists in an unreachable space through well-known platforms like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Users are required to download the application from external sources, exposing themselves to potential risks like harmful software. The need to install an app from sources beyond the officially sanctioned app store presents a possible challenge for individuals with a less skilled understanding of technology, thereby limiting the accessibility of GBWhatsApp to a certain extent.

Difference 6: User Base Dynamics

WhatsApp proudly boasts a massive user base, surpassing the significant 2 billion mark in 2021, solidifying its position as a globally preferred messaging platform. This widespread usage cements its status as a practical choice for interpersonal communication, particularly in situations where a majority of an individual’s contacts prefer using WhatsApp.

Conversely, WhatsApp GB, existing as a third-party modification, grapples with a less common popularity. Its user base, though lacking exact numbers, pales in comparison to WhatsApp’s massive reach. It is safe to assume that GBWhatsApp gathers far less usage, making WhatsApp the more prevalent choice for seamless communication within a broader audience.

Difference 7: Legal and Compliance Considerations

Delving into the legal and compliance realm is essential when assessing messaging apps. WhatsApp, as an officially recognized app, diligently adheres to relevant laws and regulations, upholding a commitment to user privacy under perpetual concern.

In contrast, GB WhatsApp operates within a more unclear space. As a third-party modification lacking official recognition, compliance with the same standards as WhatsApp remains uncertain. Compliance with privacy laws also becomes a point of uncertainty, raising concerns about potential account bans for GBWhatsApp users. 

WhatsApp’s terms of service explicitly prohibit the use of unofficial apps, and instances of regulatory actions, including temporary or permanent bans, have been observed for accounts utilizing mods like WhatsApp GB.

GB WhatsApp Features and Settings

GB WhatsApp’s “Endless Themes” feature transforms the messaging experience by presenting a wide variety of themes and emoticons for unique customization. With an expansive collection, users can infuse their app with a distinctive identity that aligns with their style, mood, or preferences. For those inclined towards colorful designs, minimalistic designs, or unique emoticons, GBWhatsApp reveals an endless selection, ensuring that the messaging.

1. GBWA Auto Reply

The Auto Reply feature in WhatsApp GB proves invaluable during busy periods, allowing users to effortlessly manage incoming messages when immediate responses are not feasible. Whether in meetings, on the go, or occupied with other tasks, Auto Reply ensures that your contacts receive a timely response, enhancing communication efficiency and convenience. 

Simply set your predefined messages, and GBWhatsApp takes care of acknowledging your contacts, providing a seamless and automated messaging experience.

GBWA Auto Reply Settings

  • Enabling the auto-reply setting on GB WhatsApp involves the following steps:
  • Launch the GB WhatsApp application on your device.
  • Within GBWhatsApp, navigate to the “Settings” menu. This is usually represented by three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Look for the “Auto Reply” or “Auto Reply Message” option in the settings menu. It might be located under the “Privacy” or “Messaging” sections.
  • Toggle the switch or button to enable the auto-reply feature. 
  • Once enabled, you can customize the auto-reply message. Set the message you want to be automatically sent when you receive a message while unavailable.
  • After configuring the auto-reply message, save your changes. The exact method may vary based on the GB WhatsApp version you’re using.
GBWA Auto Reply Settings

Please note that the location of these settings might slightly differ based on the specific version of GBWhatsApp you have installed on your device. Always ensure you are using a reliable and secure version of WhatsApp GB to avoid potential risks.

2. Do Not Disturb Mode (DND)

The Do Not Disturb Mode (DND) feature in GB WhatsApp offers users a valuable tool to maintain uninterrupted focus on other applications. By temporarily disabling GBWhatsApp’s internet connection, users can navigate through their devices without being disturbed by incoming messages. 

Whether you’re immersed in work or gaming, or simply want dedicated time for other activities, DND ensures a distraction-free experience, allowing you to use your apps without the interruption of incoming messages on WhatsApp GB.

Airplane Mode/DND means to be disconnected or unaware of incoming messages. While you are busy and need to focus your work then, enable your WhatsApp Airplane mode. You will not be able to send/ receive messages. After completing your work or break, you can again disable it and enjoy your chatting.

Do Not Disturb Mode (DND) Settings

To activate Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on GB WhatsApp, open the app. A (Wi-Fi connection sign) will be visible on the Header of the page. Click and activate this mode. Customize settings if needed and save changes for a quiet experience without GBWhatsApp notifications. Use a secure version to minimize risks.

Do Not Disturb Mode (DND) Settings

3. SMS Broadcast

GB WhatsApp’s SMS Broadcast feature brings convenience to group messaging, allowing users to effortlessly send broadcast SMS messages to multiple recipients. With a simple and user-friendly interface, you can efficiently reach out to groups without the hassle of individual messaging. 

Sharing important updates, invitations, or announcements, this feature streamlines communication by ensuring your message reaches the intended audience with ease. Say goodbye to the tedious task of sending the same message to each contact individually – SMS Broadcast in GBWhatsApp simplifies group messaging for a more efficient and time-saving experience.

SMS Broadcast Setting

  • Launch the application on your device.
  • Look for “Settings” (three dots in the top right corner).
  • Find “Broadcasts” or “SMS Broadcast” in the settings.
  • Toggle the switch to activate this feature. Choose groups or contacts for the broadcast. Craft the message you want to send.

Once composed, send the broadcast to selected recipients.

SMS Broadcast Setting

4. Filter Messages

The Filter Messages feature in WhatsApp GB enhances your conversation experience by providing a streamlined and organized approach to managing your chats. This feature allows you to clear chat clutter, making it easier to find and focus on essential messages. 

If you want to declutter a specific chat or pinpoint crucial information then, filter Messages ensures a more organized and efficient messaging environment. With the ability to filter messages, GB WhatsApp empowers users to tailor their chat view, making it simpler to navigate and maintain a clear and concise conversation history.

Filter Messages Setting

Open GBWhatsApp settings. Find the “Chats” or “Privacy” section in the settings menu. Look for options related to message filtering or chat customization. Depending on the version, you may find options to filter messages based on keywords, sender, or other criteria. After setting up the filters, save your changes. Once filters are configured, they will automatically apply to your incoming messages based on the chosen criteria.

5. Undo Function

GB WhatsApp’s Undo Function adds an intriguing layer to your messaging experience, giving you the ability to view messages that were initially withdrawn by your friends. This feature provides a glimpse into the conversation history, allowing you to see messages that were retracted. 

To catch up on missed content or to ensure transparency in communication, the Undo Function in WhatsApp GB adds an interesting dynamic to the way you engage with messages, giving you a unique insight into the chat evolution with the ability to revisit withdrawn content.

Undo Function Setting:

  • Enabling GBWhatsApp’s Undo Function is a straightforward process:
  • Open GB WhatsApp on your device.
  • Navigate to the app’s Settings, usually represented by three dots in the top right corner.
  • Look for the “Privacy” or “Chat Settings” option.
  • Find and enable the “Undo Function” or “View Withdrawn Messages” feature.
  • Save the changes.

Once enabled, you can now enjoy the intriguing capability to view messages that were initially withdrawn by your friends, adding a unique dimension to your messaging experience.

6. Share Live Location

The Share Live Location feature in GBWhatsApp introduces a practical and dynamic dimension to your interactions. This handy feature allows you to easily share your current location with friends, creating a heightened sense of connection and convenience. 

Whether planning meetups, navigating new places, or simply letting loved ones know where you are, GB WhatsApp makes it simple to share your live location with just a few taps. This feature ensures a more collaborative and well-informed approach to planning and staying connected in real time, improving the overall messaging experience.

Share Live Location Setting

Simply go to your WhatsApp application. Open someone’s chat and press on the pin shape icon. Select location and click on continue to send a nearby place or your location. After that, click allow and turn on your location, set it as you want to need, and send it. 

Share Live Location Setting

7. Great Effects

GB WhatsApp’s Great Effects feature empowers users to infuse creativity into their multimedia messages. With this functionality, you can add unique and captivating effects to both pictures and videos before sending them. 

You can enhance the visual appeal of your media or convey a particular mood, the Great Effects feature offers a range of options to customize your content. Elevate your messaging experience by bringing your pictures and videos to life with these creative effects, making your communication not only expressive but also visually engaging for your recipients.

Great Effects Setting

To enable this setting, select any picture of your choice or video from the media in the chat. After selecting press the given option on the top right corner. You can use different effects. You can draw anything, can write any text on the picture, and edit it. Stickers and emojis are also available to enhance your media.

8. Undo Multiple Messages

With GBWhatsApp’s Undo Multiple Messages, you can easily undo several messages at once. This handy feature saves time and simplifies managing your chat history. Whether fixing a typo, reconsidering a message, or tidying up your conversation, GB WhatsApp streamlines the process, making it efficient and straightforward.

Undo Multiple Messages Setting

Open any specific group chat or individual chat on WhatsApp. Select a few messages and delete them. After deleting you realize, you have deleted a few important messages which you need. Then, quickly a pin (molded arrow) will appear in the bottom right corner of the chat. Click on it. Your all messages will undo.

9. File Sharing Size

GB WhatsApp’s File Sharing Size feature enhances your multimedia sharing capabilities, allowing you to send a generous amount of content in a single go. With the ability to share over 90 images at once, 50 MB video clips, and 100 MB audio clips, this feature ensures a seamless and efficient sharing experience.

If you’re sharing memories through a multitude of pictures or conveying a message with larger video and audio files then, GBWhatsApp empowers you to share more, making your communication richer and more expressive.

File Sharing Size Setting

Open your GB WhatsApp. Go to “GBSettings” and select Universal. Select the “Settings”. Scroll down and approach the page end. Disable the last option of image share limit. This is how you can send unlimited files.

File Sharing Size Setting

10. Endless Themes

This feature allows you to express your personality through the visual aesthetics of your app, adding a touch of creativity and personalization to every conversation.  You can choose theme according to your mood.

Endless Themes Setting

Open GBWhatsApp and click on the three dots that are located in the top right corner. Click on it and select “GB WhatsApp Settings”. Click on “Themes”. A lot of new themes will appear. Scroll down and see unlimited themes. Click on the theme of your choice and apply it. 

Endless Themes Setting

11. Download Status

GBWhatsApp’s Download Status feature enriches your multimedia experience by enabling you to download photos and videos directly from others’ status updates. This convenient functionality ensures that you can effortlessly save and revisit shared content, preserving memorable moments or interesting media shared by your contacts. 

Whether it’s a captivating photo or a delightful video, GB WhatsApp empowers you to curate your collection by downloading status updates, offering a seamless way to enjoy and share the media that matters to you.

Download Status Setting

Open your WhatsApp application. Click on “Status” or “Updates”. Select the specific contact status and open the wanted status. Click on the download button and select save. Your status will be downloaded to your Gallery.

Download Status Settings

12. Diverse Fonts

WhatsApp GB’s Diverse Fonts feature adds a creative touch to your messaging, allowing you to personalize your experience with a variety of font options. Express yourself in different styles, making your messages stand out and adding a unique flair to your conversations. 

Moreover, if you prefer a classic look or something more playful, GBWhatsApp provides an array of font choices, giving you the freedom to customize your texts in a way that resonates with your personality. This feature enhances the visual appeal of your messages, making your communication not only expressive but also visually engaging.

Diverse Fonts Setting

Open “GBSettings” and select the “Universal” option. Tap on the second option of Style (Look and feel). Scroll down and press your finger on the option of “Font Style”. Choose your favorite font and tap on it to enable. Enjoy your new font.                                                                                                                             

Diverse Fonts Setting

13. Best Image Quality

With GBWhatsApp’s Best Image Quality feature, sharing photos becomes even better. You can now send high-resolution pictures with improved clarity, making your images more detailed and vibrant when shared with contacts. 

Whether it’s capturing special moments or sharing clear visuals, GB WhatsApp ensures your photos are transmitted with precision, creating a visually appealing and immersive messaging experience for both you and your recipients.

Best Image Quality Setting

Open your GBSettings. Click on the Universal option and options will appear. Take a further click on “Settings”. Scroll down, at the bottom of the page. See the option of “Send Images in Full Resolution”. Swipe the line from 1MB to 3MB. This way your Image and video quality will be increased.

Best Image Quality Setting

14. Mark Unread Messages

GBWhatsApp’s Mark Unread Messages feature adds a practical touch to your messaging organization, allowing you to effortlessly mark messages as unread directly from the notification screen. 

This convenient functionality is perfect for keeping track of important messages that you might want to revisit later. If you come across a message that needs your attention or a reminder for later, WhatsApp GB makes it easy for you. 

You can mark messages as unread effortlessly, ensuring you keep track of your conversations and priorities. This straightforward feature ensures you can manage your ongoing chats and important tasks easily, keeping you in control of your communication and priorities.

Mark Unread Messages Setting

Unlock your WhatsApp application. Select any of the given chats in front of you. Simply select the chat and press the three vertical dots located in the top right corner. Select the third option “Mark as Unread”. Click on it and it will remind you of the purpose of marking. 

Mark Unread Messages Setting

15. Select All Chats

The Select All Chats feature in GBWhatsApp makes managing your chats easier. It lets you select all your conversations at once, simplifying the process of handling your chats. With this handy tool, you can perform actions on many conversations simultaneously, bringing in a new era of efficient multitasking.

As you want to clear chats, archive them, or mark them as read, GB WhatsApp streamlines the task, saving you time and effort. With the ability to select all chats, organizing your conversations becomes a seamless and efficient experience, contributing to a more streamlined and personalized messaging interface.

Select All Chats Setting

If you want to change your chats look then you don’t need to select chats one by one. You just need to select any of two chats press the three dots and select the second option of select all. Now, you can mark chats, delete, and many more changes in just one click.

Select All Chats Setting

16. Hide Your Status

GBWhatsApp’s Hide Your Status feature provides users with an added layer of privacy by allowing them to keep their recording status hidden. This functionality is particularly useful for those who prefer discreet interactions or wish to maintain privacy while using voice messages. 

With Hide Your Status, you can record and send voice messages without displaying the “recording” status to other users. This feature empowers you to communicate more discreetly, giving you greater control over the visibility of your activity on the platform. Enjoy a more private and personalized messaging experience with GB WhatsApp’s Hide Your Status feature.

Hide Your Status Setting

Go to your status setting. To approach status setting. Unlock your phone and open GB WhatsApp. Swipe left to the “Status” part. Click on the three vertical dots. Press “Status Privacy”. Select “Only share with” and choose those contacts from whom you want to show your status. Unselect all those from whom you want to hide. This will make your status private from excluded people. 

Hide Your Status Setting

17. Languages

GBWhatsApp has uncountable language options to choose from. You can select any of the given according to your choice. People mostly choose their native languages or those in which they are more proficient. Language is the identity and by choosing the right language, you can understand the features and settings completely.

GBWA Mod APK Languages Setting

If a person sends you a message in his native language and you don’t understand his/her message or you want to change your message to another language then, Select the written message before sending it. After selecting the message, click on the translation icon, choose the language you want and send it.

GBWA Mod APK Languages Setting

18. Message History

WhatsApp GB’s Message History feature offers valuable insight into your conversations by allowing you to view the history of withdrawn messages from both contacts and groups. This feature ensures transparency in your communication, letting you revisit messages that were retracted by others. 

If you missed a crucial detail or simply want to track the evolution of a conversation then, GBWhatsApp’s Message History provides a comprehensive view, adding depth and clarity to your messaging experience. Stay informed and engaged with the complete history of withdrawn messages at your fingertips.

19. GBWA APK Mod Notification

With GBWhatsApp’s Notification feature, you’ll get updates whenever your friends change their profile pictures. This helps you stay in the know about the latest changes in your contacts’ profiles, keeping you connected and engaged with their online updates.

 Whether your friends switch up their display images or contacts make alterations, GB WhatsApp keeps you informed with timely notifications, making your overall experience in the app more connected and aware. Stay in touch and never miss a profile picture change with GBWhatsApp’s Notification feature.

20. Pop-up Notifications

This feature is all for organized people who won’t mess up on their home screen. This feature gives a smooth and clean look to avoid an overload of messages on the main screen. With this functionality, you can have a satisfying messaging experience. As we all know, professionally, we need to arrange the folders in a good manner. 

This is best for making your phone able for long-term use. Enjoy a cleaner and more focused interface, free from unnecessary pop-ups, for an enhanced messaging environment tailored to your preferences.

21. Hide Double Ticks in GBWAP APK Mod

“Hide Double Ticks” allows users to conceal the read indicators, typically represented by double ticks or checkmarks, from appearing to the sender. In the context of WhatsApp, for example, double-blue ticks normally indicate that a message has been delivered and read by the recipient. Enabling the “Hide Double Ticks” feature allows users to maintain a level of privacy by preventing others from seeing when they have read a message.

Hide Double Ticks in GBWAP APK Mod

22. Set Offline Status

WhatsApp’s default setting displays your online status to contacts, represented by a green dot next to your name in the chat list. However, with the “Set Offline Status” feature, available in certain WhatsApp modifications like GB WhatsApp, users gain manual control over their online visibility. This functionality allows individuals to toggle their status to appear offline, irrespective of their actual activity within the app. 

This feature becomes a valuable tool for privacy management, empowering users to decide when their contacts see their online presence. The advantage extends to discreet messaging; appearing offline enables users to read messages and send replies without notifying others of their current activity. 

23. Hide Last Seen in GB WhatsApp Mod APK

The “Hide Last Seen” feature in GBWhatsApp is designed to afford users greater control over their privacy by concealing their last-seen information from others. In the default settings of messaging apps like WhatsApp, your last-seen timestamp is visible to your contacts, indicating the time you were last active on the platform.

However, with GB WhatsApp’s “Hide Last Seen” feature, users can choose to keep this information private. By activating this option, your contacts won’t be able to view the timestamp of your last activity, providing a level of discretion and privacy. This feature is particularly valuable for users who wish to engage with the app without revealing their online patterns or when they were last active. 

It enhances user autonomy in managing personal information while communicating through the platform. If you enable the freeze last seen option, your online status will be hidden. You can online for up to 24 hours continuously but for the other person, you’ll be offline. While you need to make your status online, go and disable freeze last seen/Hide last seen.

Hide Last Seen in GB WhatsApp Mod APK

24. Separate Group Option in WhatsApp GB

To make your phone screen smooth and mess-free, GBWhatsApp launched a new feature where your all chats and groups are organized in two different columns. With the chats and groups organized in separate columns, users can more efficiently manage their contacts. This separation reduces clutter and allows for quicker navigation between personal and group conversations.

The two-column design likely improves visibility and accessibility to different chats. Users can easily locate specific conversations without scrolling through a long list of mixed chats. The primary goal of such a feature is to create a smoother and mess-free user experience. By categorizing chats and groups, users can focus on specific types of conversations, reducing the chances of accidental messages or confusion.

Separate Group Option in WhatsApp GB

25. Lock Your GB WhatsApp Application

Official or simple WhatsApp has no feature to lock your application but GB WhatsApp allows you to be protective in the matter of your chats. You can lock your application even though you can separately lock the conversation of your loved one. 

Users typically have the flexibility to choose between different security options, such as setting a password, PIN, or pattern. This customization allows individuals to choose a security method that they find most convenient and secure.

Lock Your GB WhatsApp Application

26. Colors & Styles of GB Mod APK

To change the page or chat look, try different colors and styles. This refers to the color of the bar where text input is entered. Users can personalize this aspect to match their preferred color scheme or aesthetic preferences.

Customizing background colors allows users to change the overall look of the chat interface. This includes the background of chat bubbles and other interface elements. The status bar is typically at the top of the screen and displays information like battery life, signal strength, and notifications. Customizing its color allows users to personalize the top portion of the app.

This feature goes beyond color customization, allowing users to change the visual representation of the app icons. In WhatsApp GB, users have the freedom to choose from various icon styles, giving their WhatsApp a unique and eye-catching appearance different from the default look. 

Colors & Styles of GB Mod APK

The myriad customization attributes in messaging applications such as GBWhatsApp facilitate users in articulating their uniqueness and tailoring their digital communication escapade. The capability to opt for diverse hues and styles adds to an experience that is not just pleasurable but also visually enticing in its presentation.

27. Home UI Style

The Home UI refers to the main interface of the WhatsApp application where users access their chats, contacts, and other features. Customizing the Home UI style implies that users can change the visual appearance of the main screen. This could involve altering the layout, color scheme, or other design elements to suit individual preferences.

Home UI Style

28. Stories Style

The Stories feature in messaging apps typically allows users to share photos, videos, or updates with their contacts for a limited duration. Customizing the Story style implies having the ability to change the visual presentation of this feature. Users might have options to modify the layout, color scheme, or other aspects related to how Stories are displayed and interacted with.

Stories Style

29. Unread Counter Customization

Unread counters are visual indicators that show the number of unread messages or notifications. Users can customize various aspects of the unread counter, such as the text color. This means they have the flexibility to choose a color that suits their preferences or matches the overall theme they’ve selected for the app.

Unread Counter Customization

30. Underline Color, Page Title Text Color, and More

Underline color customization likely refers to the ability to change the color of underlines used in various UI elements. Page title text color customization allows users to choose the color of text used for page titles, enhancing the overall visual appeal and coherence of the app.

31. Extensive Settings

The mention of “many more settings” indicates that users have access to a broad range of customization options. This could include settings related to font styles, icon shapes, animation effects, and other visual and functional aspects of the app.

32. Personalization and User Experience

Allowing users to customize these elements contributes to a highly personalized user experience. Users can tailor the app’s appearance to their liking, creating a more enjoyable and visually appealing interface.

33. Rows in GB

In the context of a messaging app like WhatsApp, the home page typically consists of rows of conversations or chat previews, displaying your recent chats and groups. Indicators and dots are visual elements used to highlight certain information or actions.

Customizing colors involves changing the color scheme of the app. This can include background colors, text colors, and other visual elements throughout the interface. Users may have the flexibility to choose colors that align with their preferences or create a visually appealing and cohesive theme.

Rows in GB

The mention of the “approach Rows option” suggests that users may have settings or options related to how rows are organized on the home page. This could include sorting options, grouping features, or other organizational tools. 

34. Chat Screen

Adjusting the size of elements on the home page allows users to personalize the visual density of the interface. This customization can make the app more comfortable to navigate and use.

Styles refer to the overall visual design, including fonts, icons, and other graphical elements. Users might have options to choose different styles to give the app a unique and personalized look.

The ability to play with styles, colors, and sizes contributes to creating a colorful and organized appearance for the app. Users can experiment with different combinations to achieve a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and suits their organizational preferences.

Chat Screen

WhatsApp GB Original for Personal Computer

WhatsApp GB and OG WhatsApp, being modifications of the official WhatsApp, offer exciting features not available in the standard version. Initially designed for Android, these mods can also be used on PC through WhatsApp Web with a simple trick.

Follow these easy steps to download and install these mods on your PC. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose from alternatives like FM WhatsApp and YO WhatsApp for your Android device. Here’s a quick guide to getting these mods on your PC. Explore the latest mods like JT WhatsApp and RB WhatsApp, in addition to GBWhatsApp.

How to Use WhatsApp GB Mod APK by Using Emulator

How to Use WhatsApp GB Mod APK by Using Emulator
Infographics: How to Use WhatsApp GB Mod APK by Using Emulator

How to use WhatsApp GB Web by Using Browser

How to use GB WhatsApp Web by Using Browser
Infographics: How to use GB WhatsApp Web by Using Browser

GB WhatsApp without Ads

In the world of ad-free GB WhatsApp, users move towards a preferred place without the intrusion of advertisements, seeking an improved and specifically designed messaging journey. With its clean ad-free environment, an expanded range of customization options, and additional features, it emerges as a practical and attractive alternative for the official WhatsApp counterpart.

A word of caution echoes amid these special advantages, encouraging users to walk the digital landscape with caution and awareness of potential dangers connected to third-party applications. The essential task is obtaining this change from a trusted source, coupled with the effort of maintaining a continuously updated app, thereby strengthening the strongholds of a safe and impervious messaging place.

How to Create a Community on GBWhatsApp?

Creating a community is not a rocket science. Its procedure is just effortless. Simply unlock your phone and open your WhatsApp Application. 5 Icons will displayed at the bottom starting with “Chats” and ending with “Community”. Swipe left 4 times to approach the community page. Click on “Start your Community”. Again click on “Get Started”. Add a relevant photo for the group and type your community name. Click on the arrow icon for the next step.

You can add groups here. If you tap on Announcements, a new page pops up on the screen. You can add individual members also. Select all the members you want to add to your community. Now, Click on “Add”. It’s time to share your details with them. You can share information, projects, and work. You can enable a lot of settings and control over community members. You can also deactivate the community or exit it when you don’t need it.

How to Create a Channel on WhatsApp?

Unlock your WhatsApp application. Swipe left twice and open the “Updates” page. Keep scrolling downward until the page ends. Look for the plus (+) icon located in from of Channels. Click on it. Select “Create Channel”. Press “Continue”. Add your “Channel Name”. It must be short and easy to pronounce.

Also, add a whole description in which you must elaborate on what the exact channel is actually about. Your channel is done. Add members or share channel links in your social media circle including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can delete the channel if you want. For more followers, share the channel link with more people. It will increase the chances of more followers on your channel. Keep working on it is also the key to success.

Benefits of GB WhatsApp Latest Version

GB WhatsApp application has more features and benefits in comparison to the Official one. It has quite simple procedures to enable any feature. There are a few basic benefits details:

Enhanced Customization: When it comes to personalization, GB WhatsApp typically provides more options than the regular WhatsApp app. Themes, typefaces, and other visual components can all be customized by users to provide a more customized messaging experience.

Experience without Ads: A lot of customers value GBWhatsApp’s capacity to offer a space free of advertisements. This can help create an interface that is more simple and easy to use without being plagued by ads.

Extended Media Sharing Limits: GB WhatsApp often allows users to share larger files, including photos, videos, and documents, compared to the limitations imposed by the official WhatsApp. This can be beneficial for users who frequently share media files.

Privacy Features: The latest version of GB WhatsApp may include additional privacy settings and features that give users more control over their profile visibility, last-seen status, and other privacy-related aspects.

Message Scheduling: Some modified versions, including GB WhatsApp, may offer a message scheduling feature. This allows users to schedule messages to be sent at a later time, which can be useful for various purposes.

Status Character Limit Extension: GBWhatsApp may allow users to post longer status updates compared to the character limit imposed by the official WhatsApp. This can be useful for users who want to share more detailed information in their status messages.

GB WhatsApp Updates and New Version Platforms

GB WhatsApp’s latest version has gracefully made its grand debut, and the anticipation has proven to be more than justified. Showcasing a stunning design and an unyielding commitment to innovation, GB WhatsApp has undergone substantial metamorphoses. When juxtaposed with WhatsApp’s official iteration, this adaptation introduces a plethora of intelligent features, adeptly overcoming several operational limitations inherent in the native app.

Since its initial revelation, this software has accrued a staggering number of installations, ascending into the tens of millions. What’s even more noteworthy is its daily correspondence count, vaulting beyond the 200 million messages transmitted each day. GBWhatsApp has etched its presence across more than 190 countries and territories, earning acclaim for its heightened functionalities.

The adept team at the helm of GBWhatsApp is resolute in their commitment to perpetual refinement, consistently refreshing and augmenting the application. Users can anticipate a vibrant and progressing experience, establishing it as a dependable option for individuals in search of a feature-packed alternative to regular WhatsApp.

For those keen on discovering the most recent version, the official website is the primary destination. The WhatsApp GB download the latest version is not only free but also incredibly easy. Keep a close eye on the official website for updates, ensuring you stay ahead with the latest features and improvements. Embrace the revolution in messaging with GBWhatsApp!

Do and Don’ts while Using WhatsApp GB APK

Engaging with the GB WhatsApp APK or any adapted version of WhatsApp necessitates thoughtful contemplation to guarantee a seamless and secure messaging experience. Here are a few affirmative actions and cautions to bear in mind during your utilization of GBWhatsApp:

Bear in mind that exploring modified app versions involves a certain level of risk, encouraging users to practice caution, rank security, and follow moral and lawful standards. Keeping up with the latest changes and possible risks linked to the use of WhatsApp GB or any other modified application is crucial.

How to Backup GB WhatsApp Data

 Securing your GB WhatsApp chat history becomes essential, particularly when switching to a new device or strengthening your data. In contrast to the cloud-based backup system employed by the official WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp chooses on-device storage of copies on your device. The backup procedure is given below:

How to Backup GB WhatsApp Data
Infographics: How to Backup GB WhatsApp Data

GB WhatsApp Update and Notifications

To harness the latest and greatest features of GB WhatsApp, timely updates are crucial. Stay in the loop by bookmarking our website, your go-to source for up-to-date information on GBWhatsApp. This ensures that users can effortlessly download the latest GB WhatsApp APK for seamless updates.

The first and simplest method involves using the application itself. Head to the settings page of GBWhatsApp and scroll down to the bottom. A notification will appear for being updated. If your application is already updated then a line will be written after clicking on “Check for update” that “Good Job! You have the latest update”. Kindly ensure to check it after a few days to be updated always. 

Conclusion for GB WhatsApp Application

The global enthusiasm surrounding GB WhatsApp’s official release has empowered users worldwide to discover a more intelligent solution to the constraints imposed by the official WhatsApp. Positioned as a refined version of the standard WhatsApp app, its latest 2023 edition is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

With an extensive user base numbering in the hundreds of millions, it has earned its reputation as the most immersive modification among the various alternatives to traditional WhatsApp.
For those seeking to elevate their daily messaging experience, look no further. The official website provides the gateway to download WhatsApp GB and infuse vitality into your everyday chats. Embrace the revolution in messaging, and let GBWhatsApp redefine the way you connect and communicate!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No! There’s no specific need to root my phone for this app.

Yes! This application allows you to have a backup easily. The procedure to take backup is mentioned already.

Yes, of course! This application is completely safe and free to use.

No! When the other takes a screenshot of your conversation. GB WhatsApp doesn’t notify you.

Click on the three vertical dots in the right upper corner after unlocking the application. Select the “Setting”. Click on “Accounts” or “Privacy”. Now, disable the “read receipts”. This way you can read WhatsApp messages on GB without being seen.

Yes! It could be a sign of a block but there are a few more reasons that exist for one check mark.

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