HeyWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 21.00 (11 May)

Heard of the secret messaging app ‘HeyWhatsApp’ with extra features? You’re not alone! This new messaging app is making waves with its focus on customization. But is it just a re-skinned WhatsApp, or does it offer something unique? Discover everything you need to know about Hey WhatsApp, from its features to whether it’s the right fit.

HeyWhatsApp isn’t your average messaging app. Built upon the popular YOWhatsApp, it includes even more options to personalize your chat experience. Is the freedom worth the potential downsides? Read on to find out!

HeyWhatsApp Specifications

APK NameHiWhatsApp APK
APK Version21.00
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

Hey WhatsApp APK Introduction

Are you looking to enhance your messaging experience? Look no further than HeyWhatsApp! A modified version of the original WhatsApp, this popular messaging tool will make your conversations more enjoyable and convenient. Thanks to its exciting features, this app stands out as a compelling alternative to the original WhatsApp.

HeyWhatsApp offers highlights like sending enormous documents, settling on video decisions, and even modifying the look. Is this app with all its bells and whistles the one for you? Let’s break down the good and the bad to help you decide! From downloading to installation to pros and cons, all the information about WhatsApp will be uncovered.

By the end of this article, you will better understand whether Hey WhatsApp APK is the right choice for you. So all those communication enthusiasts, join us as we explore how this app will take your communication to the next level.

HeyWhatsApp APK Meaning

Based on the renowned YOWhatsApp MOD, another verified version of WhatsApp, HeyWhatsApp comes out as an instant messaging platform and a customized version of the original WhatsApp. Hey WhatsApp app includes additional features with more customization options than compared to the official WhatsApp app.

The app is a combination of two words. First “Hey” which means greeting and attached is the name of the parent app “WhatsApp”. To indicate that it is a customized or modified version of the original application, this naming convention is commonly used for various WhatsApp MODs.

HeyWhatsApp vs WhatsApp

There are several key differences with some common similarities between WhatsApp and HeyWhatsApp messaging applications.

  1. Customization Options
  • WhatsApp lets you change your chat background, but it’s like picking from the same old dusty wallpaper collection. The app that adds new ones hasn’t been updated forever (seriously, 2011!) so the selection feels a bit tired.
  • On the other hand, with HeyWhatsApp, you can change how the app looks and feels, plus how your chats appear. You can get way more personalization options with Hey WhatsApp than with the original WhatsApp.
  1. Additional Features
  • HeyWhatsApp isn’t just only about fancy looks! They have features that you won’t find in regular WhatsApp. For example, creating large groups or communities for bigger discussions or even creating channels to broadcast messages to many people. In addition, to control those groups, it also has some specific tools.
  • Improved privacy controls, anti-ban measures, and performance enhancements are some of the other features this app offers.
  1. Development and Updates
  • WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by Meta, the same folks behind Facebook. To keep things fresh, they are constantly adding new features and updates.
  • HeyWhatsApp is made by a different set of crew than WhatsApp. These developers focus on what users want. They are improving the app and providing new features to keep things exciting.

Comparison Table

UI CustomizationLimited (chat background only)Extensive customization options
Additional FeaturesStandard featuresChannel creation, communities, enhanced group management, anti-ban measures, performance enhancements
DevelopmentBy Meta (Facebook)By independent developers
UpdatesPeriodic updates from MetaContinuous updates from HeyWhatsApp team

HeyWhatsApp does offer some cool features you won’t find in the official app, like customization options. However, it is not officially from WhatsApp, so using this modded app might go against their rules. This could lead to a temporary account block or even worse. Just something to consider!

Device Requirements to Install HeyWhatsApp Mod APK

Are you considering trying HeyWhatsApp on your Android phone? Here is what you will need to get started.

  • Operating System: Heads up! To use HiWhatsApp on your Android phone, version 4.4 (KitKat) or later is required. 
  • Storage Space: The APK file for Android is about 57.5MB. Ensure that your phone has enough space for the app and your chats.
  • Device Compatibility: Hey WhatsApp works well on most Android phones. But it can’t work properly with every phone, especially if your phone has a super custom version of Android. That is why, it might be better to double-check if the App works well with your specific phone model before downloading it.

Comparison with WhatsApp Hey Requirements

Note that the regular WhatsApp app might have a slightly different setup for your phone.

Minimum Android OS4.4 (KitKat)5.0 (Lollipop)
iOS VersionNot Supported12 or newer
KaiOS VersionNot Supported2.5.0 or newer

To verify your account, WhatsApp usually sends a code by text message or call. Since Wi-Fi-only devices can’t receive those, you’ll need a phone with a cellular plan to set up WhatsApp for the first time.

WhatsApp also checks on the latest phone software (operating systems). Sometimes they’ll let you know if your phone’s software is outdated and needs an upgrade to keep using WhatsApp.

Hey WhatsApp APK Download

Here are the steps to download HeyWhatsApp on your Android phone:

Hey WhatsApp APK Download
Infographics: Hey WhatsApp APK Download

Uninstall the Official WhatsApp App

First, you will remove the WhatsApp application from your device to start the downloading process. Both WhatsApp and HeyWhatsApp can’t work on the same phone. Although, you can give them a try to use them at a time. If it works, then all balls are in the basket. If not, then you have to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp.

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

HeyWhatsApp is not available in the usual Google Play Store. To install, you will give your phone permission to download apps from other unknown places. This involves going to Settings, then Security (or Privacy), and enabling something called “Unknown sources” or Install Unknown apps”. Just remember, that downloading apps outside the Google Play Store involves a risk. So be sure to trust the source when downloading such modified apps.

Download Hey WhatsApp APK

To download the latest version of the Hey WhatsApp APK file on your Android phone, go to the apkdon.net website or use an authentic third-party source. 57.5 MB is the size of the current APK file. After landing on the home page, enter HeyWhatsApp in the search bar. It will show a number of WhatsApp Mods there. Hey WhatsApp will be at the top.

click it and come to the main page of this APK. Scroll down a little bit. You will find the download button there. Hit it. All done! APK will start downloading and can be accessed in the download folder of your browser. To install WhatsApp Hey, Read the detailed instructions below.

Hey WhatsApp Installation Method

Here are the steps to install the HeyWhatsApp app on your Android phone once you download the APK file.

  • On your phone’s file manager or downloads folder, locate the downloaded Hey WhatsApp APK file.
  • For the installation process, to begin, tap on the APK file. Your phone might ask you to permit you to install this app. Since HiWhatsApp isn’t from the Play Store, that makes sense. Just tap “allow” or whatever your phone says to move forward.
  • Hey WhatsApp might need further permissions after beginning the installation process for accessing your contacts, media files, and storage. To ensure the app keeps working properly, allow the requested permission from your phone.
  • Depending on the processing power of your Android phone, you have to wait for the installation to be completed.
  • From your phone’s app drawer or home screen, launch HeyWhatsApp after successful installation.
  • When you open Hey WhatsApp, it will ask you to set things up. Verifying your phone number is all it takes to either use your old WhatsApp account or create a brand new one on this device.

You can easily bring all your chats, contacts, photos, and videos with you. Just follow the app’s instructions to transfer your account and keep the conversation flowing! However, creating a new account will require fresh installation and you have to build your contacts and chats right from the start.

Hey WhatsApp Update Latest Version

To enjoy the latest features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, your HeyWhatsApp app must be up to date. The Hey WhatsApp team is constantly working to make the app a better experience for you! This app stays ahead of the curve with frequent updates that introduce new features and iron out any wrinkles.

Update Process

It is a simple procedure to update the app. Using a trusted third-party source or going to the official website, you can easily download the latest version of this modded app. Simply install the update after downloading the app without verifying your phone number again. Moreover, their recent update comes with a bundle of improvements, including a new cool feature ‘anti-ban’ which enhances the overall app experience.

How to Connect Hey WhatsApp APK to PC – Two Methods

Ready to connect HeyWhatsApp to your computer or laptop? Here are two primary methods to establish a connection:

Method 1: WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows and Mac

The WhatsApp desktop app is available for Windows and macOS software (operating systems). With this method, you can connect to WhatsApp in the following way:

  • By visiting the official website. Download and install the WhatsApp desktop app.
  • Now, on your computer open the WhatsApp desktop app.
  • Go to the three-dot menu by opening the Hey WhatsApp app on your Android phone.
  • “Link a device” by selecting the option “Linked Devices”.
  • Connect your WhatsApp account from your Android phone by scanning the QR code on your computer screen.

Once linked, your chats magically appear on your computer screen. Now you can enjoy all the perks of the App on the big screen, from zippy keyboard shortcuts to pinning favorite chats. Plus, view updates, make calls, send fun stuff like stickers and GIFs, and keep things private with easy access to settings.

2. WhatsApp Web through Your Browser

Another option is to link Hey WhatsApp to your computer through a familiar WhatsApp Web interface in your web browser. Here are the following steps:

  • Visit the website (web.whatsapp.com) in your go-to web browser on your PC.
  • Open the App on your computer and go to the three-dot menu.
  • Head to settings, find “Linked Devices” and tap “Link a device” to get started.
  • Once you are on the WhatsApp web page on your PC, grab your phone and use its camera to scan the QR code displayed there. This is all it takes to link an account.
  • After successfully linking, you can access chats, messages, and various features directly on your computer’s web browser. No need to pick up your phone!
FeatureWhatsApp Desktop AppWhatsApp Web
NotificationsSystem notificationsBrowser notifications
PerformanceNative app experienceWeb-based experience
Resource UsageHigher CPU usageLower CPU usage

Though Linking WhatsApp to your computer lets you chat on the big screen, some things won’t work as yet, for example seeing your old chats or adding new contacts.

Features of HeyWhatsApp APK

As mentioned earlier, HeyWhatsApp includes features and functionalities you won’t see in the original WhatsApp application. Let’s get into the details of those special features provided by Hey WhatsApp.

1. UI Customization

HeyWhats lets you personalize your chat in tons of ways. This is one of the things users love the most about the app. HeyWhatsApp lets you unleash your inner designer!  Unlike the official WhatsApp app, where things look pretty standard, HeyWhatsApp allows you to customize your chat interface, message bubbles, and the whole app design.

In addition, Hey WhatsApp lets you change colors and fonts and create custom themes with any color you imagine. Make your chat truly yours! Besides these, a vast collection of pre-designed themes allows you to create your own theme that you can easily apply to the app. This feature lets you swap between different themes and styles in a snap. Select what you like and enjoy a constantly new look for your chats.

On top of the cool customization feature is to send bigger files, share longer videos, and enjoy extended status updates- all the things the original WhatsApp app limits. In short, this app understands the user’s needs and provides more flexibility and functionality.

1. UI Customization
1. UI Customization
FeatureHeyWhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
UI CustomizationExtensive optionsLimited options
Custom ThemesBuilt-in theme storeNot available
Chat AttachmentsUp to 1,000Limited
Media File SharingUp to 1,000 filesLimited
Video Download SizeUp to 80 MBLimited
Status DurationUp to 5 minutesLimited

2. Customizing Chat Appearance

Not only in HeyWhatsApp can you customize the overall app look, but you can also design the look and feel for every conversation.

  • Chat Backgrounds: To add a personal taste to your chats, you can set custom background images for every conversation.
  • Chat Bubble Styles: HeyWhatsApp lets you personalize the look of your message bubbles including shapes, colors, and styles. No more confusion- easily see who’s who in a group chat!
  • Emoji and Sticker Packs: To add more to your messages, Hey WhatsApp allows you to express yourself by installing and using emoji sticker packs.

With the customization features, you can design everything from chat bubble colors and fonts to creating a custom theme. It’s like having a messaging app built just for you, letting your personality shine through in every conversation.

3. HeyWhatsApp APK Privacy Features

In maintaining your privacy and controlling your data, HeyWhats offers several privacy features. Some of the highlighted features are as follows:

  • Privacy Settings: HeyWhatsApp keeps your privacy in check! You have complete control over who sees your profile photo, status updates, online status, and more with their detailed settings. It is up to you to decide who will see your information.
  • Chat Encryption: Like the original app, HeyWhats focuses on protection from both sides in your messages and calls. No third party not even the HeyWhatsApp team can intercept or read your messages. Hence, making your conversation completely secure.
  • Incognito Mode: With the Incognito mode, Hey WhatsApp allows you to use the app without leaving any footprints behind on your device, keeping your activity hidden. In this way, all your messages will remain private, especially from those who can access your device.
  • Anti-Revoke: With this feature, HeyWhatsApp doesn’t allow your messages to be deleted or revoked by the sender. Hey WhatsApp keeps your conversations safe and sound. It means you can always access your chats, even if the other person deletes a message from their end.
3. HeyWhatsApp APK Privacy Features
3. HeyWhatsApp APK Privacy Features
Privacy FeatureDescription
Privacy SettingsControl who can see your online status, profile photo, and more
Chat EncryptionEnd-to-end encryption for messages and calls
Incognito ModeUse the app without leaving any trace on your device
Anti-RevokePrevent messages from being deleted or revoked by the sender

This app puts you in control over your data and conversations with advanced privacy settings. It prioritizes your privacy, letting you enjoy secure messaging and keep your chats yours.

4. Increased File Sharing Limits

HeyWhatsApp’s ability to share several files in one round is one of the highlighted features. Unlike the official WhatsApp app that limits the number of files sent, Hey WhatsApp lets you share 1000 media files in a single conversation. In the case of sending multiple photos or documents to your contacts, this feature is useful.

In addition to providing unlimited access to sending abundant media files, HeyWhatsApp also exceeds downloading video capabilities. This app lets you download 80 Mb size videos, more than the official app allows. With this feature, saving those funny pet or travel videos is not a hassle anymore.

In Hey WhatsApp, open the video you want to download. Choose the option “download” Get the downloaded video in your phone’s storage.

4. Increased File Sharing Limits
4. Increased File Sharing Limits

5. Creating and Managing Groups

To efficiently organize your groups, HeyWhatsApp comes up with excellent group management features. This app lets you create and manage groups, assigning roles to keep things organized and ensure smooth sailing in your conversations.

  • Group Creation: Creating new groups in Hey WhatsApp is easy. Just tap the “New Group” option, pick your contacts, and personalize your group name, description, and settings.
  • Group Settings: Now personalize the settings of your groups such as media sharing, privacy control, and assigning roles. Additionally, for a respectful and productive environment within the group, you can also set rules and regulations.
  • Participant Roles: To group participants, assign roles such as admin, moderator, or member. With assigned roles, everyone knows their place, and the admin has the tools to keep things on track. This will keep your chats enjoyable in groups.

Group Moderation Tools

To help you maintain a healthy and productive group environment, HeyWhatsApp offers several tools for moderation.

  • Message Management: If any irrelevant or inappropriate content is posted in groups, the Admin can edit or delete those messages.
  • Participant Management: If needed, admins can add or remove members, silence chatty members, and promote or demote members depending on their roles.
  • Group Announcements: At once to all group members, admins can make important announcements or updates. This is a good way to make everyone informed.
  • Group Archiving: Admins can archive the group if it has not been active or no longer serves its purpose. Keep a record of old messages, preventing no new messages in the group.

6. Faster App Launch and Navigation

Unlike the official WhatsApp app, the Hey WhatsApp app is built for speed. Get ready for a smoother messaging experience with few glitches and lags. Faster app launching and speed navigation is one of the key improvements in this app’s performance. With a fast loading and response time, this app lets you access your chats and explore various other features in no time.

7. Improved Media Handling

Sharing photos, videos, and documents on HeyWhatsApp is a breeze. It handles all your media files with super-fast uploading and downloading speeds. No more waiting for those vacation pics to load! So without facing frustrations due to regular interruptions, you can share and access media content consistently.

8. Optimized Battery Usage

With proper optimization, the Hey WhatsApp team has created their magic to make the app use less battery. Now you can chat for hours on end without scrambling for a charger. This app is designed to be super-efficient, letting you chat for hours without scrambling for a charger. They have minimized unnecessary background activity to give you more juice for those long conversations.

Performance AspectHeyWhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
App Launch SpeedFasterStandard
Navigation SpeedFasterStandard
Media HandlingImprovedStandard
Battery OptimizationOptimizedStandard

How to Create Channels on HeyWhatsApp?

For sending messages to a large audience, HeyWhatsApp’s ability to create a dedicated space called ‘Channels’ is another major feature. Share information, updates, or announcements with multiple recipients, channels offer the perfect solution.

Creating a Channel

  • Just select the tab “Channels” on the Hey WhatsApp app.
  • Push the “+” symbol or option “Create a Channel”.
  • For your channel, enter a name and description.
  • You can also set a channel image or create an avatar.
  • Once you’ve filled in all the blanks, tap “Create” to bring your channel to life.

Channel created? Time to spread the word! Invite your crew in two ways: share your channel’s special link or handpick contacts from your address book. Get ready for a chat-tastic party!

Channel Management

For effective management and moderation of your channels, HeyWhatsApp provides several great features:

Channel SettingsCustomize channel settings, such as privacy options, media permissions, and participant roles.
Participant RolesAssign roles like admin, moderator, and member to keep things running smoothly.
Message SchedulingSchedule messages to be sent at a specific time or regularly.
Message EditingEdit or delete messages within a time after sending them.

How to Create a Community on HeyWhatsApp?

Communities” are your gateway to finding your tribe! Create dedicated spaces for people who share your passions. It’s like having your virtual clubhouse to chat, swap ideas, and forge connections with kindred spirits. Communities act like a central hub for all your groups with similar interests. No more jumping between chats – discussions, information sharing, and overall organization are a breeze!

Creating a Community

  • Head over to the “Community” tab after opening the HeyWhatsApp app.
  • Go to the “Create a Community” button or tap the plus sign.
  • Considering the theme or purpose of your community, enter its name and description.
  • A cool image is like a neon sign, grabbing attention and making your group pop. Plus, it helps members find you in a flash.
  • One tap on “Create” and your community will be ready to take off!

Your space is built, now fill it with friends! Share your unique invite link or invite people directly from your contacts list. 

Community Management

HeyWhatsApp has all the tools you need to manage and keep things running smoothly in your community.

Community SettingsCustomize community settings, such as privacy options, media permissions, and participant roles.
Participant RolesAssign different roles (e.g., admin, moderator, member) to community participants for better organization.
Group ManagementCreate and manage multiple groups within the community for focused discussions or specific topics.
AnnouncementsShare important updates or announcements with all community members simultaneously.
Content ModerationModerate content is shared within the community, ensuring adherence to community guidelines.

Security Considerations

It’s not only about the features and customization options of HeyWhatsApp, when using this modified version of WhatsApp the potential risks involved are also worth considering. WhatsApp officials have recently warned users about malware risks associated with these fake or modified versions. These unofficial apps may pose security threats and may not function as advertised.

These unofficial messaging apps tempt users with the promise of giving new exciting features. But be careful! These apps might be looking to steal your personal information like passwords, contracts, or messages from your phone. From now on, Google Play Protect on Android can sniff out and disable those fake WhatsApp apps you have downloaded before. WhatsApp’s teaming with Google to fight back against those sneaky apps. They are also taking down ‘HeyMods’ so unofficial apps may cause no more trouble.

Recommended Precautions

To ensure privacy and security, WhatsApp officials have advised people to only download the official app from their official WhatsApp website or a trusted app store. Moreover, they have added extra safeguards to double-check your logging information and protect your account if your phone catches something bad. You don’t need to do anything. WhatsApp team is working in the background to keep your messages safe.

Soon, you’ll be able to easily check if your messages are scrambled with a new feature called “Key Transparency.” Look for the encryption tab in your one-on-one chats, and you’ll see if you have a secure connection. No tech skills needed, WhatsApp will show you if your chats are protected.

Security FeatureDescription
Two-step VerificationAdd an extra layer of security by enabling two-step verification.
End-to-end Encrypted BackupsEnsure your backups are secure with end-to-end encrypted backups.
Key TransparencyAutomatically verify secure connections for personal conversations.

Anti-Ban Measures

Hold on! Some messaging apps promise to bypass WhatsApp’s rules, but that can backfire. These unofficial apps might say they protect you from getting banned, but they violate the rules WhatsApp set for everyone’s safety. Stick to the official WhatsApp to avoid more trouble and chat safely. Nowadays, WhatsApp LLC taking strict action to ban modded versions of its official apps like WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatApp, HiWhatsApp, and JTWhatsApp.

Using unofficial or modified apps can break the rules set by WhatsApp. However, after employing new strategies, the HeyWhatsApp team has reduced the risk of your account being suspended. Here are some of the following techniques:

Obfuscation Techniques

Obfuscation techniques are one of the main anti-ban measures employed by Hey WhatsApp. In these techniques, they disguise themselves as the real app but this can be risky. WhatsApp might still detect them and ban your account. HeyWhats uses sneaky tricks like complicating the app’s signature and copying the official WhatsApp app’s behavior to avoid account suspension. 

Regular Updates

To address any potential issues and detection methods by WhatsApp, the HeyWhatsApp team regularly launches new updates. In these updates, they continue to make some changes to avoid detection by WhatsApp.  

User Discretion

With the implementation of anti-ban measures from the Hey WhatsApp team, you can’t ignore the security risks of using unauthorized modifications of WhatsApp. These apps might go against WhatsApp’s rules and land you in hot water, like getting your account suspended. Play it safe and stick with the official app to chat with peace of mind.

Anti-Ban MeasureDescription
Obfuscation TechniquesDisguising the app’s code and behavior to bypass detection
Regular UpdatesFrequent updates to address vulnerabilities and maintain compatibility
User DiscretionAvoiding abusive activities that may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service

Users note that there is no foolproof guarantee from the Hey WhatsApp team that your account might not get suspended even after employing anti-ban measures.

Pros and Cons of HeyWhatsApp

HeyWhatsApp does offer exciting features that you won’t see in the original WhatsApp. But remember, there are always benefits and drawbacks associated with these modified unofficial apps. Let’s explore the pros and cons of the Hey WhatsApp app.


Here are some of the advantages that HeyWhatsApp offers:

  • Extensive Customization: WhatsApp lets you personalize the look and feel, from backgrounds and chat bubbles to fonts and colors. This can create a more personal and enjoyable way to chat with friends.
  • Additional Features: Hey App compared to the official WhatsApp app allows you to share way larger files, download longer videos, or even keep your statuses up for a whole day.
  • Theme Store: HeyWhatsApp comes with a built-in theme store! This lets you swap your chat look in seconds with pre-designed styles. It’s a fun way to personalize your messaging experience.


Following are some of the disadvantages you will find in the app.

  • Potential Ban Risk: Since WhatsApp does not authorize these modification apps like Hey WhatsApp or any other modded app, there is a risk that your account might get banned from the official WhatsApp service.
  • Stability Issues: When using HeyWhatsApp as a third-party modification, features like file sharing, receiving messages, or configuring status may face problems.
  • Security and Privacy Concerns: Even if unofficial apps promise top-notch security and privacy, they alter the original code which can be risky. These changes might create weaknesses that could expose your data or make you vulnerable to hackers.

Weigh the cool features of HeyWhatsApp against potential downsides, like getting your account banned or even exposing your data. The official app might be simpler, but it plays by the rules to keep your chats safe and sound. In the end, the choice is yours!

Our Recommendation about HeyWhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp officials warned users about fake versions of their app that promise exciting features. HeyWhatsApp, as made by unknown developers, can be risky. They might steal your personal information or even get your account suspended by WhatsApp. For crystal-clear chats you can trust, download the official WhatsApp app straight from the app store!

WhatsApp’s security squad is constantly hunting down shady apps that might try to snatch your info. They’ve recently helped Google Play Protect catch a bunch of these imposters, and they’re taking action to shut down the developers behind them too. 

For secure messaging, download the official WhatsApp app from a trusted app store like Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps or the App Store: https://www.apple.com/app-store/.


To summarize, HeyWhats does come with tempting customizations that the official app doesn’t possess. But do remember that, these cool features may come at the cost of high risks and major drawbacks. If the extra features of HeyWhatsApp tickle your fancy, give it a try! But remember, for ultimate security and peace of mind, the official WhatsApp app is always a reliable choice. The power is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the specific app. HeyWhatsApp might be available for just one operating system or both. Check the app store descriptions or the developer’s website for compatibility information.

Yes, that’s the whole idea! Hey WhatsApp creates a separate space for another WhatsApp number so you can have two accounts active on the same phone.

No, your chats are typically separate. HeyWhatsApp acts like a whole new WhatsApp installation with its own number and chat history.

Bringing your chat history from WhatsApp to Hey WhatsApp isn’t an option right now. Security is a top priority for both apps and chat history transfer isn’t currently supported. But hey, starting fresh in HeyWhatsApp is a breeze!

Uninstalling HeyWhatsApp typically won’t affect your WhatsApp account itself. The phone number associated with Hey WhatsApp might get deactivated, but you should be able to reactivate it by reinstalling the app and following the verification process again.

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