HiWhatsApp Download Latest Version (11 May)

Enhance your messaging experience with HiWhatsApp. This innovative app has revolutionized the communication landscape with its features and functionalities. From its beginning as a simple messaging tool providing customization options to evolving into a central hub role for social interactions, this Hi WhatsApp app could be the upgrade you are searching for.

Download HiWhatsApp now and explore how this app has changed the way we connect with others. To help you optimize your best messaging experience, you will go deep into this app’s features, installation methods, and some practical tips in this comprehensive guide. So, while embracing your style, you can ensure seamless communication by maximizing the full potential of Hi App.

HiWhatsApp Specifications

APK NameHiWhatsApp APK
APK Version2.22.4.73
Android Version4.0 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads 30,000+

Hi WhatsApp Meaning

In the world of messaging apps, everything is evolving for a better experience. In matching the standards of the official WhatsApp, Hi WhatsApp stands out as a unique alternative option. With a bundle of personalization options, this modified version of the most popular messaging app allows you to tailor the aesthetics and appearance to your needs.

Compared to the original HeyWhatsApp, and OB6WhatsApp, Hi WhatsApp for visual enhancement offers a range of additional functionalities. You can make the most of this app by utilizing its eye-catching themes and customizable features.

Device Requirements for Hi WhatsApp App Installations

Fulfilled the following requirements to ensure that the Hi WhatsApp app is installed and runs smoothly on your Android device:

  • Minimum Android Version: A minimum Android OS version of 4.1 or higher is required by HiWhatsApp. To be compatible with the app, ensure your device has 4.1 Android (Jelly Bean) or a later version.
  • Storage Space: 60.3 MB is the file size of the current version of HiWhatsApp. Hi App needs about 100 MB of free space on your device to run smoothly and keep your chats and files. 
  • Unknown Sources Setting: In your device’s security settings, ensure the option “Unknown sources” is enabled for installing the Hi WhatsApp app. Apps not available on the Google Play Store can be installed using these sources.
  • On your Android gadget, open the Settings section.
  • Move to the Privacy or Security section. Depending on the manufacturing of your device, the exact location may vary.
  • Enable the option of “Unknown sources” or “Install unknown apps”.
  • Supported Languages: Other criteria for installing Hi WhatsApp on your device is that it should be available in various languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Japanese. For users all over the world, this creates a localized experience.
  • Compatibility Considerations: With most Android devices, the Hi WhatsApp app is compatible. But with newer devices like Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, this app may encounter compatibility. The reason is that these devices are suitable for 64-bit applications & games, while 32-bit apps like Hi App can face some problems.

On your Android device, you can enjoy optimal performance and seamless installation of the HiWhats App if your gadget meets these requirements.

Hi WhatsApp Download

On the Google Play Store, the Hi WhatsApp app is not available. So, for downloading, you need to use a trusted third-party source. To download HiWhatsApp, here are the steps to follow:

Hi WhatsApp Download
Infographics: Hi WhatsApp Download
  • To install from sources other than Google Play Store, enable “Unknown sources” in your device settings.
  • Go to Settings > Security (or Privacy) > Unknown Sources.
  • Enable it by toggling the option.
  • To download the latest version of Hi WhatsApp, visit a reputable website like apkdon.net. With every latest version available here, select the one you prefer.
  • Locate the APK file after downloading it, and to begin the installation process, just tap on it.

It’s worth mentioning that on your Android device, installation of both regular WhatsApp & Hi App is possible. This way, you can use it both at the same time. Downloading Hi WhatsApp from random websites can be risky. These sites might not be safe and could even contain harmful stuff. To keep your phone protected, we recommend sticking with official app stores.

HiWhatsApp Installation Procedure

It is a straightforward process to install HiWhatsApp on your Android device. To get started follow these simple steps mentioned in the below infographic.

HiWhatsApp Installation Procedure
Infographics: HiWhatsApp Installation Procedure

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

  • Open the Settings section of your device.
  • Go to the Privacy or Security tab.
  • Find and enable “Unknown sources” or “Install unknown apps”.

Download HiWhatsApp APK File

  • Download the app from a trusted source.
  • Find the HiWhatsApp APK file’s latest version.
  • On your device, download the latest APK file.

Install Hi WhatsApp

  • Download complete! Now head over to your device’s Files app (or Downloads folder) to find the Hi WhatsApp APK file. 
  • Just tap the Hi App APK file you downloaded to install the app.
  • The WhatsApp installation is super straightforward – just follow the on-screen prompts.

HiWhatsApp Latest Version Update

Stay on top of your game with HiWhatsApp updates! They deliver fresh features, squash bugs, and patch security holes, giving you the best possible chatting experience. They release new versions regularly with fresh features and performance improvements.

Fixing minor bugs and improving the app’s stability with overall performance was the main focus of this latest update. Following are the steps to check if your device has the latest Hi WhatsApp version:

  • On your Android device, open the Hi App app.
  • Go to the menu or app’s settings.
  • Find the section “About” or “App Info”.
  • Here is the version number displayed.

Using an older version of Hi WhatsApp? Upgrading to the latest version unlocks all the new features and performance improvements the developers have been working on!

HiWhatsApp Latest Version Update

Hi WhatsApp Backup Method

To ensure you don’t lose your personalized experience, a backup is provided by WhatsApp. This allows you to save your customization settings. When you need to reinstall the app or switch devices, it is useful to adopt this feature. These are the following steps that will help you to backup your HiWhatsApp data:

  • Firstly, on your Android device open the Hi WhatsApp app.
  • Access the app’s settings menu.
  • Your app settings might have a “Backup” or “Data Backup” option. Check there to find it!
  • Picking “Backup” lets you save your chats, media, and settings. You can choose your device’s storage or an SD card if you have one.
  • Hi App will buzz you with a notification when your backup is complete.

Before making significant changes to your settings or updating to a new version of WhatsApp, it’s crucial to do regular backups. This way if needed, your customizations can easily be restored.

Hi WhatsApp Backup Method

HiWhatsApp Restore Method

To transfer your customized settings, chat history, and media files to a new device or even after reinstalling the HiWhatsApp app, restore the data. This is how to do the restoration of Hi WhatsApp backup:

  • Reinstall Hi App on your current device or in case of a new device install it.
  • To proceed through the initial setup process, open the app.
  • Choose the “Restore” option when prompted.
  • Go to the location e.g. internal or SD card where you previously stored your backup file.
  • WhatsApp will begin the restoration process after the backup file is selected.
  • Once the restoration is complete, all your chats, media files, and even your personalized settings will be back on your device!

Restoring your HiWhatsApp data might take a sip of coffee depending on how much stuff you have and your device’s speed. For a smooth backup experience, connect to a stable Wi-Fi network. A strong internet connection helps avoid any hiccups during the process. Also, avoid closing the app or performing other tasks on your device.

Methods to Connect HiWhatsApp to Personal Computer

There are two methods that HiWhatsApp offers for connecting your PC to your Android device. No more juggling data between devices! Now you can seamlessly manage your messages, media, and contacts on any device, thanks to these methods.

Method 1. Using WhatsApp Web

  • On your Android device, open Hi WhatsApp.
  • Take WhatsApp to your computer! Grab your phone, unlock it, and open WhatsApp. Then, tap the three dots in the corner and choose “WhatsApp Web” to connect.
  • On your computer, head over to [link to WhatsApp Web] (you can also search for “WhatsApp Web”). On your phone, unlock it and open the WhatsApp app.
  • Point, scan, and boom! You’re now in the WhatsApp Web zone. Your Hi App will be linked to WhatsApp Web.
  • Congrats! Now you can chat, browse photos and videos, and manage contacts – all on your computer. 
Method 1. Using WhatsApp Web

Method 2. Using Third-Party Applications

  • For even more features, you can explore third-party computer apps like WhatsApp Viewer or WhatsRemote.
  • Find a USB cable and connect your Android device to your computer. 
  • No sweat connecting your Android phone to your computer! Follow any prompts that appear on your phone’s screen for a smooth setup.
  • Once connected, your computer becomes a window to your WhatsApp world! Access your chats, contacts, photos, videos, and all your other WhatsApp data directly.

So, while these methods allow easy access to Hi WhatsApp from your computer, it is crucial to understand that they may also pose security risks. That is why, you should download the app only from trusted sources especially when using third-party applications.

Method 2. Using Third-Party Applications

Features of HiWhatsApp

To introduce exclusive features not found in the original WhatsApp messaging app, developers have created HiWhatsApp. With its quality features and functionalities, you can utilize this app for personal and business use. Let’s explore the features of Hi WhatsApp that have taken communication to the next level.

Graphic Themes and Backgrounds

The extensive personalization capabilities are one of the standout features of HiWhatsApp. According to your unique style, you can tailor the app’s appearance. Moreover, you can transform the look & feel of Hi App by using a vast collection of pre-designed graphic themes. Apply to your WhatsApp user interface by simply downloading it.

In addition, there’s also an option of creating and editing your themes from scratch in this app with the built-in theme editor feature. There is something that can match every preference, from sleek and modern designs to vibrant playful themes. Similarly, by exploring the app’s gallery of backgrounds and effects, you can enhance the video call experience. Make it more engaging and personalized by applying creative effects or choosing from different visually appealing backdrops.

Customization Options

By offering a wide range of customization options, HiWhatsApp has taken personalization a step further. According to preference, you can adjust texts, fonts, sizes, and styles. Moreover, in this Hi WhatsApp app, you can simultaneously put forward multiple contacts and group chats. This app also supports different languages to ensure a localized experience wherever you are. To save you time and effort, the auto-reply feature in this Hi App enables you to respond to basic queries automatically.

Scheduling Messages

To ensure your message is delivered on time even when involved in some other tasks, this app’s message scheduling feature allows you to plan your messages. Select the desired date and time, compose the message, and then allow WhatsApp to do the rest. To send reminders, greetings, and important updates, this feature plays its part.

Automation with Keyword Triggers

With the introduction of keyword triggers, HiWhatsApp has taken automation a step further. To specific keywords, you can set up automated responses with this feature. Hence, saving you time while streamlining your communication.

Here are the steps if you want to prevail in this feature:

  • In Hi App, access the automation settings.
  • By defining the keyword or phrase, create a new automation rule to trigger the automated response.
  • Compose the desired automated response message.
  • After composing it, save the rule.
  • Whenever the keyword or phrase is detected in incoming messages, Hi WhatsApp will respond with the specified message automatically.

Even when you can not actively engage with the app, WhatsApp empowers you to stay organized, efficient, and responsive with these scheduling and automation features.

Instant Video Messaging

While recording messages with HiWhatsApp’s instant video messaging feature you can easily switch between voice and video modes. You can effortlessly capture and share your precious moments by tapping the voice note icon and switching to video mode. With this feature, your thoughts are conveyed through video messages more vividly.

Unrestricted File Sharing

Another feature of Hi App is that you can share any file type or document. You can share length videos, high-resolution photos, and large documents in their original size and quality. Moreover, with this app at one time, you can send more than 700 images. Thus, use this versatile tool for collaborating on projects or sharing memories.

Do Not Disturb Mode

To keep your internet connection inactive when needed, HiWhatsApp includes a do not disturb (DND) mode feature that helps you to stay undisturbed. You can use this option in a meeting, office, or the mosque. 

Lightweight Design 

For a smooth and responsive experience of WhatsApp, its lightweight design will prevent your device from slowing down. You can use it for countless hours without your device getting hanged or stuck.

Security and Data Policy

To address vulnerabilities, Hi App provides regular updates. It also implements an encrypted data policy by prioritizing safety. With convenient backup and restoration, this app can transfer data across different devices with complete protection.

Privacy Enhancements

By providing advanced privacy options, HiWhatsApp focuses on user privacy. There are several options for users to hide their contact records, disable privacy features such as blue ticks and last-seen statuses, and block calls from specific numbers.

Additional Features

Some of the other worth mentioning features of Hi WhatsApp are as follows:

Key FeaturesDescription
Seamless RegistrationEasy sign-up process using your phone number
Intuitive UIClean and familiar user interface with recognizable icons
Dark ModeCustomizable dark mode for comfortable viewing
End-to-End EncryptionSecure messaging with end-to-end encryption
Status UpdatesShare updates with your contacts
Group ChatsCreate and manage group conversations
Multimedia SharingShare photos, videos, documents, and more
Frequent UpdatesRegular updates and bug fixes for improved performance

With practical, fast, and secure communication, WhatsApp simplifies personal and professional messaging experience. However, there is room for improvement for the Hi WhatsApp app in features like group management and message scheduling.

HiWhatsApp Privacy and Security

There is a bundle of features and customization options offered by HiWhatsApp. But when using this modded version of the original WhatsApp app, it’s also crucial to discuss the security and privacy concerns associated with this app.

Security Risks

WhatsApp is developed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook). But in the case of Hi App, since it is a modified app, it is not produced by a known and reputable company. Compared to the official app, Hi WhatsApp doesn’t have the same level of security and regular updates. WhatsApp’s terms of service could be violated using HiWhatsApp resulting in an account ban and other consequences. With unknown individuals handling the app, this could compromise user data and privacy. This could also raise questions about the app’s security practices and data handling.

Privacy Concerns

Some of the privacy issues associated with this modified version of the original WhatsApp are as follows:

Data Collection: Various user data including purchases, financial information, location, contact information, user content, identifiers, usage data, and diagnostics are collected by WhatsApp. For all users, data collection is common among apps, but Hi App’s extent and purpose of data collection raise privacy concerns.

Contact Privacy: Before sending them a message, Hi WhatsApp asks users to save a contact’s number. Since users may not want to share their contact information with others, this requirement could also be seen as an invasion of privacy.

Accidental Deletions: There is no confirmation prompt when using the “Delete for me” option in Hi WhatsApp. Therefore, the risk of accidental deletions can be increased. Unintended data loss or privacy breaches could result in this lack of safety. With a range of appealing features offered by HiWhatsApp, weighing the potential risks of using the modified app from an unofficial source is also crucial when making an informed decision.

User Experience

For a large global audience, HiWhatsApp offers a seamless and user-friendly experience. Based on 49 reviews and an overall rating of 5.8, this is a testament to Hi WhatsApp’s user satisfaction and popularity. Hi App’s ease of use, functionality, and value for money is praised by many users. Moreover, connecting with family and friends virtually 24/7 through a reliable and trusted platform is another major highlight of WhatsApp.

However, the author pointed out several pain points in the Hi WhatsApp user experience that could be addressed:

  • The difficulty of finding and distinguishing group chats quickly is due to a lack of scannability and categorization of chats.
  • Seeing the number of messages in muted chats could cause frustration leading to wasted time and FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • Across all chats difficulty in finding unread messages quickly.
  • For a group deleting an entire chat history is a lengthy process.

Focussing on these issues, HiWhats has redesigned its user experience for more improvement.

Our Recommendation

When using this modified version of the most popular messaging app, our recommended advice after a thorough evaluation of HiWhatsApp is to focus primarily on safety. You mustn’t put aside the security risks attached to an unofficial app downloaded from an unidentified source. 

Hi WhatsApp could be an attractive option for those users wanting a personalized messaging experience with enhanced privacy controls and additional functionalities. At the same time, you could violate the original WhatsApp’s terms of service by using this app which results in account banning and other consequences. So always consider the following factors while we recommend you explore the features of HiWhatsApp:

Security Concerns

HiWhatsApp sounds cool with its extra features, but unlike regular WhatsApp, there’s a question mark about its safety. The official app gets frequent updates to keep things safe, and that’s something to consider when it comes to your personal information.

Privacy Risks

Hi WhatsApp does collect things like your purchases, location, and contact info. It’s always a good idea to check what and why an app collects before downloading. That way, you can decide if you’re comfortable with it.

User Experience

At first, Hi App seems easy to use but some users have mentioned it can be a pain to keep track of all their chats. Organizing conversations, finding unread messages, and managing past chats can get messy. Should you try Hi WhatsApp? It depends! What features matter most to you, how comfortable you are with your data being collected, and if you are okay with a bit of a risk?  If you’re looking for something super secure, it is best to stick with the original WhatsApp. But if you’re curious about new features and willing to be cautious, WhatsApp could be worth it.


HiWhatsApp is all about putting your spin on messaging! Sure, Hi WhatsApp isn’t from the official folks, but it’s become popular for a reason! It lets you customize the app to match your style, which is cool. They also have features that could take your chats to the next level. While security is super important, it’s always a good idea to research any app before downloading. Hi WhatsApp is a fun alternative to WhatsApp if you want a fresh take on messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

The legality of Hi WhatsApp depends on the specific modifications it offers. Using modified apps can violate the terms of service of the original app (WhatsApp in this case). In some cases, it might even be against licensing agreements.

Without knowing what Hi App has changed, it’s impossible to say what features it offers. However, common claims about such apps include message customization, theme changes, or hidden features not found in the official app.

This depends on the specific modifications. In the worst case, HiWhatsApp might collect additional user data beyond what the official app does or may store data less securely. To truly understand how the app functions, examining the code is necessary.

There are several potential risks. Since HiWhatsApp isn’t officially from WhatsApp, there’s no guarantee the modifications are secure. Malicious code can steal your data, track your activity, or even infect your device with malware.

Yes, it’s very likely. Since anyone can modify WhatsApp, there are likely multiple versions of Hi WhatsApp with varying features created by different developers, each with its own set of changes and features.

This can be quite technical, but in simpler terms, Hi WhatsApp likely alters the code of the original WhatsApp app to introduce new functionalities. This could involve adding new features, changing how old features work, or altering the app’s appearance.

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