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WhatsApp Aero Download Latest Version 10.76 and 24.13.79 (19 July)

A modified version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Aero gives you a better, more informative experience. Modern features like customizable points of contact, increased document-sharing capabilities, and more security options make Aero WhatsApp the best option for users looking for a more personalized messaging program.

We’ll discuss WhatsApp Aero introduction, biography, downloading and installation procedures, updates, features, conclusion, and final FAQs. Get the Aero WhatsApp APK file now to enjoy an engaging and safe learning experience. Let’s dive a little deeper:

WhatsApp Aero Specifications

APK NameWhatsApp Aero
APK Version10.76 & 24.13.79
Android Version5.3 and Above
CategoryMod APK
Total Downloads1 Million+

WhatsApp Aero APK Introduction

WhatsApp Aero APK is a modded version of the famous informing application. It is intended to give you an upgraded informing experience by offering highlights and functionalities not accessible on the first application. With Aero WhatsApp APK, you can partake in a great many subjects, text styles, and emoticons to customize your informing experience. 

Moreover, Arrow WhatsApp offers different elements like planned messages, hidden conversations, and the capacity to read receipts, making it an ideal decision for clients who focus on protection and customization. If you are looking for a fun yet practical messaging application, then WhatsApp Aero is the way to go.

WhatsApp Aero Hazar Developer Biography

WA Aero APK is a modified version of the first WhatsApp application created by an outsider designer named “Hazar Bozkurt.”. Bozkurt, a developer from Turkey. He has also created WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp, which are the modified and most famous versions of WhatsApp. It’s important to note that WhatsApp Aero is not an official app. This WhatsApp does not support unbanned processes quickly.

Requirements of Aero WhatsApp APK

There are a few easy requirements to install any APK mode. The requirements are so basic that anyone can afford them. Avoid sitting in noisy places. Make sure you have a good internet connection on your PC or phone. You must have an Android device or smartphone to install APK applications. Your phone also has permission to install Aero WhatsApp APK. Complete these simple requirements and move toward the next steps.

Aero WhatsApp Download

Installing your application safely on your phone requires two steps. One is the downloading and the other is the installation. Always, start with the downloading procedure first. Now, download the WhatsApp Aero APK by following these given steps. Kindly ensure to follow all the instructions thoroughly. Let’s dive into:

Aero WhatsApp Download
Infographics: Aero WhatsApp Download

Please use your preferred web browser to get started. You are free to use any browser you like, including Google, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. To get to the APK mode website, open your browser and type “apkdon.net” into the search box.

It is strongly advised to use caution and pick websites with great attention. Select well-known and reliable websites to reduce the possibility of running into issues or spam. You will be taken to a new page when you arrive at the apkdon homepage. 

Point your cursor to the “WhatsApp Modes” section on the right side of the header, which has a home symbol next to it. Click this section with the mouse cursor or indicator of your computer. This will cause a list with the names of the different APK modes to appear. Now, your goal is to find “WhatsApp Aero” in this list.

After you’ve located Aero WhatsApp, click on it to see additional information. You can look through the available content on the Aero WhatsApp blog after being routed there. Search for the button labeled “WhatsApp Aero.” This application can be downloaded via this button. You only need to click on it to start the download. The procedure to download has the same steps as Fouad WhatsApp. You can try any of these processes.

Aero WhatsApp can be easily accessed on your device once the download is finished, which should take only a few moments. You may quickly and safely get the desired WhatsApp mode by paying close attention to these instructions.

Aero WhatsApp APK Installation Procedure

After the downloading procedure, a new journey of installation started. It takes almost seven steps to completely install the application. We’re going to explain all the steps in sequence. Follow these basic steps toward introducing the application in a good manner. Let’s explore:

Aero WhatsApp APK Installation Procedure
Infographics: Aero WhatsApp APK Installation Procedure

It’s as simple as that! Your device has successfully installed the app. You can currently enjoy all of the enhanced features and customization options that Aero WhatsApp APK offers. You should share this application with your friends so that they can also take advantage of it.

WhatsApp Aero iOS

Unfortunately, the sad news is that WhatsApp Aero is only available for Android users at the moment. There isn’t a version for iOS devices yet. However, if the developer releases a WhatsApp Aero app for iPhones, we’ll make sure to provide it on our website so iOS users can enjoy its enhanced features. On the other hand, iOS users can use Aero WhatsApp on one condition: if they install the Xcode emulator and then follow the above instructions, they’ll get their WhatsApp Aero application.

WhatsApp Aero APK for PC

WhatsApp Aero is directly not available for PCs. RetroArch is an amazing emulator that helps you to download such applications that the PC doesn’t allow. When you install the RetroArch emulator, it gives you permission to install third-party modifications and use it. So, you may download and install Aero WhatsApp as per the given instructions. Start following the instructions, but before downloading the procedure, launch the RetroArch, NoxPlayer, or Genymotion emulator on your PC. Let’s consider the details:

Aero WhatsApp APK For PC
Infographics: WhatsApp Aero APK for PC

Aero WhatsApp Update

The developer launches Aero WhatsApp update and refreshes it from time to time to improve its appearance, correct errors, and add new features. Before refreshing the program, you should first see if there is a new version available by going to the APK link where you got WhatsApp Aero. 

You can download again your application from the previous website with a link to have updated version. If you’re not interested then go to Aero Settings> Updates> Update from Web. Select direct download and wait for its loading completion. When it completes, unlock your application again and you’re all set.

WhatsApp Aero APK Vs Official WhatsApp

It’s a modified version of WhatsApp. It offers extra features and advanced improvements. One big difference is the customization options with WhatsApp Aero. You can change themes, styles, looks, fonts, and emojis to suit your heart’s content. On the other hand, the standard WhatsApp has a more basic layout.

Another perk of Aero WhatsApp is its increased file-sharing capacity. While regular WhatsApp limits you to 100 MB, WhatsApp Aero lets you share files up to 700 MB, making it easier to send high-quality media. Privacy-conscious users will also appreciate Aero WhatsApp’s additional privacy settings due to their security concerns. You can hide all chats and disable read receipts. It also keeps you hidden from others’ sight when you’re typing. Overall, Aero WhatsApp provides a more customizable, efficient, and private messaging experience compared to standard WhatsApp.

Aero WhatsApp Latest Version

To check Aero WhatsApp’s most recent version form, you can follow these basic steps:

  • Open Aero WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Settings menu.
  • Tap on “Aero Settings” to get to the Aero Mods settings.
  • Look down to the “About” located on the second last line.
  • Here you can check the current version of your ongoing Aero WhatsApp as well as the most recent accessible version to modify your application more.

On the other hand, you can visit our website, where you downloaded it. You can also check and read all the instructions to access the installation easily. The important task is to update WhatsApp regularly to gain access to the most recent enhancements and bug fixes.

Is it free to Download Aero WhatsApp?

Yes, downloading the app is free. It is available for download from many APK websites that support the application’s modified versions. However, use caution when downloading from unreliable sources since they may be corrupted with malware or contain other security threats. It is recommended that you download it from our website, and before you do, we always try to read over the user reviews and surveys. You don’t have to pay anything to enjoy all of Aero WhatsApp’s enhanced highlights.

WhatsApp Aero Mod APK Extraordinary Features

Privacy and Security of AeroWhatsApp

Like the first WhatsApp, Aero additionally centers on security and gives a few highlights to safeguard client protection. Here are a portion of the security highlights of the Aero Mod APK:

  • The Freeze Last Seen: Highlight permits you to keep your last seen status static or freeze it at a particular time.
  • Hide Online Status: With this component, you can hide your internet-based status from others.
  • Cover up Blue Ticks: Additionally, you can disable the blue ticks that indicate when a message has been read.
  • Hide Typing Status: This element permits you to hide typing status when someone types a message.
  • Security for Passwords: Aero APK likewise permits you to set a secret key or PIN to get to the application.
  • Hide View Status: You can hide your name from showing up in others’ view situations.
  • Hide Second Tick: You can hide the second tick that shows up after you communicate something specific.
Privacy and Security of AeroWhatsApp

Aero DIY Themes

Aero APK offers a great many themes that you can use to tweak the vibe of your WhatsApp interface. You can browse a large number of topics accessible on the Aero Mod APK site. You’ll always have a one-of-a-kind experience with Aero themes because they come in a variety of colors, designs, fonts, and backgrounds.

To download or apply Aero themes, go to the Aero WhatsApp settings and snap on the “Topics” choice. From that point, you can choose and see various topics before applying them. You can likewise download new themes from the Aero website and add them to your assortment.

Aero DIY Themes

Aero Emoji’s

WhatsApp Aero APK mod offers a great many emojis to assist you with communicating your feelings during your visits. From customary smileys to additional intricate ones, WhatsApp has got you covered. It provides a set of custom, app-specific emoticons in addition to the standard emoticons. These emojis have been intended to add a dash of character and enjoyment to your visits.

Your conversations can also be spiced up with animated stickers. These stickers are accessible in various classes and can be downloaded from the actual application. You could make your custom stickers utilizing pictures from your display. By and large, it gives a rich and different arrangement of emojis and stickers that can assist you with putting yourself out there in new and imaginative ways.

Aero Emoji’s

Aero Voice Transformer

Aero APK mod accompanies a novel component that allows you to change your voice while sending voice messages. With the voice transformer highlight, you can play around with your loved ones by sending them voice messages in various voices, like robot, child, profound, and more.

To utilize the voice transformer, just press the drifting button, which is available on your talk screen. From that point, press the voice transformer choice. A rundown of various voice choices will show up on the screen, permitting you to choose the ideal voice impact. Whenever you’ve chosen the voice impact, you can send your voice message with the new voice impact.

The voice transformer adds a component of enjoyment to your discussions and is an incredible method for enlivening your visits with friends and family.

Aero Voice Transformer

Text/Font Styles

You can personalize your texting experience with the range of font choices available in the Aero WhatsApp program. WhatsApp Aero has you covered whether you want a traditional appearance or something more contemporary and distinctive. You can select the ideal font to represent your style and improve your talks, ranging from sophisticated script styles to sleek sans-serif fonts.

You may express yourself stylishly and make your words stand out with this function. Whether you need to add accentuation to a specific word or just need to dazzle your companions with cool and pretty text, this component has got you covered. Just sort your message and pick your desired text style to utilize, and your message will be changed into a wonderful and eye-catching style.

Text/Font Styles

Bomb a Text

Bomb a Text is a feature that lets you send a text message to multiple chats or groups with just one click. You don’t need to compose a message over and over. There is no concern about reordering a text on various occasions. Just set the message that you need to send. Press the drifting button and select Settings to accomplish this. You may adjust the text and recurrence here. It’s as simple as that! 

Go ahead and use this feature now, and turn your phone into a combat aircraft. This function seeks to draw attention to certain information or your point of contention. There are instances when it might be offensive to other members of the group. Other modified versions do not provide this particular component. In summary, why are you waiting so long? Try to make use of this fantastic feature.

Launcher Icon

icon. The launcher icon has an unmistakable blue tone with a white plane in the middle. This icon makes it simple to recognize and send off Aero WhatsApp on your gadget.

To set the Aero launcher icon, you want to download the APK document and install it on your gadget. Once introduced, the Aero launcher icon will naturally supplant the standard WhatsApp icon. You can likewise modify the Aero launcher icon by utilizing outside launcher applications.

Having a special launcher icon not only adds a customized touch to your mobile but also makes it simple to find Aero APK among other applications on your phone.

Launcher Icon

Change Notification Icon in WhatsApp Aero

This adjusted application offers the choice to change the notification icon to give an alternate shift focus over to your gadget’s notice bar. With this application, you can browse an assortment of notification icons, like round, square, and different shapes.

To change the notification icon on WhatsApp Aero, you want to download and install the APK document on your gadget. After establishment, open the application and go to Settings > Aero Mods > Notification Icon. From that point, you can pick your preferred notification icon. Changing the notice icon on Aero gives your gadget a customized touch as well as assists you with recognizing Aero notifications from other applications.

Change Notification Icon in WhatsApp Aero

FAB New Chat Icon

Aero’s FAB New Chat Icon feature lets you personalize the floating action button (FAB) for starting a new conversation. With this element, you can look over a range of various icons to supplant the standard talk icon.

To change the FAB New Visit icon on Aero, follow these steps:

  • Open the application and go to Aero Settings > Home Screen > Icon Customization > FAB New Chat Icon.
  • From that point, you can look over 36 changed icons to use for the FAB New Visit icon.
  • Whenever you’ve chosen the icon you need, tap save to apply the changes.

By redoing the FAB New Talk icon, you can make your Aero WhatsApp experience more customized and interesting. This element adds a dash of customization to the application, making it stand apart from other informational applications.

Change Camera Icon Aero WhatsApp

Aero gives you the choice to change the camera icon to give a novel focus to your informing application. With this, you can look over a range of camera icons, including square, round, and different shapes.

To change the camera icon on Aero mod APK, you want to go to Aero Settings > Home Screen > icon customization > Camera icon. From that point, you can pick your preferred ideal camera icon from 97 distinct icons.

Changing the camera icon on Aero is an extraordinary method for customizing your informing experience and making it stand apart from other informing applications.

Change Camera Icon Aero WhatsApp

OneUI People Group Icon

The OneUI people group icon is a novel component of WhatsApp Aero. The community’s unity and common interests are represented by this icon. It permits clients to get to the OneUI people group, where they can connect with different clients, share their encounters, and find support if necessary.

Accessing and using the OneUI community icon is simple. When you click on it, you will be taken to the local area page, where you can peruse various strings, post your inquiries or ideas, and associate with different clients. Getting this icon is a great way to get more out of your Aero WhatsApp experience and join a lively and interesting community.

Night/Day Icon

One useful feature of Aero is the Night/Day indicator, which allows users to quickly switch between continuous modes. This icon, which is represented by an image of the sun and moon, is located in the conversation window’s upper right corner. You may switch between the two modes by tapping on the Night/Day icon. Depending on the time of day, this alters the conversation window’s foundation shade and makes it easier on the eyes.

While the day mode has a bright foundation that is appropriate for usage during the day, the night mode has a dull topic that is perfect for use in low light. For those who use Aero frequently, especially in the evening, the Night/Day icon is a great addition since it helps reduce eye strain and improves overall convenience.

Night/Day Icon

Airplane Mode

With the change mode icon that comes with WhatsApp Aero, you can quickly switch the flight mode on or off. The application’s top navigation bar has an icon, which you can customize to your preference. The goal of the new icon is to improve the application’s overall visual appeal and enhance the user experience.

You may use Aero WhatsApp in solitary mode to disable any business connections and engage in a continuous experience while using the program. The Aero offline symbol makes it easy and beneficial for you to disconnect from the outside world, whether you’re going somewhere or just need to take a break.

Search Icon in Aero Mods

Aero’s search icon allows you to quickly and efficiently search throughout the application for explicit messages or contacts. This feature can be extremely helpful if, among many other things, you are trying to locate a specific conversation or message. Simply open the Aero application and tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the screen to access the search icon.

Once you’ve completed this, a search box will allow you to look for all the words that match, similar expressions, and contact names. This search feature is really helpful and works great. It lets you search for messages or chats by their names, phrases, or keywords. Moreover, it provides a simple and quick method for finding particular chats or messages that you might not have been able to find otherwise.

Search Icon in Aero Mods

Visit the Icon Unique Plan

This application’s Visit icon has been given a distinctive design to set it out from the typical WhatsApp conversation icon. The Aero visit icon has a blue conversation bubble with a white paper plane icon inside of it instead of a green talking bubble with a phone icon within.

The new plan gives the Aero WhatsApp connection point a little extra flair and makes it easier for users to distinguish the app from other informational apps on their devices. Additionally, the blue conversation bubble provides the application with a more modern and refreshing appearance. No doubt, You can change its colors to make it more elegant. 

The Aero program has other icons in addition to the talk icon that has been changed to enhance the overall user experience. The WhatsApp Aero team has concentrated on making the app visually appealing and user-friendly, right down to the launcher and notification icons.

Visit the Icon Unique Plan

Aero Status Icon

WhatsApp Aero has implemented a remarkable plan to enhance the overall user experience for the status icon. This provides the symbol with a modern, clean look that makes it stand out from competing apps. Additionally, WhatsApp’s status icon changes color according to the user’s requirements. For example, when a user is online, the status icon will become green. It will turn orange if they are gone and dark if they are not connected.

Thanks to this new feature, users can now quickly and easily find out the status of their connections, making the experience more user-friendly overall. Generally speaking, the Aero application’s distinctive status symbol design is just one of the numerous features that set it apart from the regular WhatsApp.

Aero Status Icon

Application Language

This WhatsApp application supports various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, and some more. You can choose your favored native or national language during the establishment. You can also change it later in the application’s settings according to your choice. This element makes it more straightforward for clients all over the planet to utilize this application in their local language and speak with their loved ones with practically no language hindrances.

Auto Reply

Using the auto-reply feature, you can program responses for incoming messages. This element can be recreated and performed for specific interactions or events. An important tool to help busy people handle their messages more effectively.

Message Scheduler

Message Scheduler is a unique and fantastic feature that empowers you to plan or set messages to be sent at a particular time and date. This is particularly helpful for people who need to send birthday or anniversary messages, as well as for companies that need to schedule the promotion of messages to be sent at specific periods.

Saved Answers

You may quickly send frequently used messages with only a few touches thanks to the saved answers function. For those who routinely send similar messages or reactions to different friends, this can be a really useful tool. Simply create and save your message in the saved answers section, then access it at a later time to quickly send it.


Using the avatar feature, you can choose from a variety of Aero styles, facial features, and accessories to create a unique profile picture. The icon is apparent to your contacts instead of the standard profile picture. This element enables you to effectively convey your uniqueness and adds a playful and creative touch to your profile.

WhatsApp Aero advantages and Drawbacks


  • Save time and exertion: Users can save time and effort by quickly sending identical messages at different times to multiple contacts or groups with just one click thanks to the bomb a message feature.
  • Advantageous for business: This element can be especially valuable for organizations that need to send special messages or updates to their clients in mass.
  • Modifiable: Aero WhatsApp allows users to customize the message and the timing of its delivery.


  • Can disturb: Sending the same message to the receiver repeatedly may be interpreted as spam and annoying if they do not want to receive the messages.
  • Chance of being obstructed: Users run the risk of being blocked by the recipient or even WhatsApp itself if they send too many bomb text messages to a contact or group.
  • Abuse: Additionally, this feature can be misused for evil intent, such as annoying someone or sending spam. Your application can banned due to this habit.


Overall, WhatsApp Aero is an excellent competitor for the official WhatsApp app, providing a variety of outstanding features and personalization options. It is a popular choice among WhatsApp users due to its user-friendly layout, enhanced security features, and protection. In addition, the ability to alter text styles, images, and themes lets users personalize their informational experience.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Aero is not without risk. These include potential security and privacy issues as well as the possibility of document deletion or cancellation. Users should be cautious and aware of the potential drawbacks before installing and using Aero WhatsApp. Generally speaking, Aero WhatsApp’s amazing features and customization options can improve your reading experience when used consistently.


WhatsApp Aero can be downloaded free of cost from different APK websites.

No, presently, Aero WhatsApp is only accessible for Android users.

Yes, Aero WhatsApp allows you to freeze your last seen status with the goal that others can’t understand when you were last time online.

Yes, WhatsApp Aero allows you to utilize custom themes, including dull themes and you can also download and load new themes.

While Aero WhatsApp is certainly not an authority WhatsApp version, it has been created to be free from any potential harm, and it incorporates numerous protection highlights.

You can utilize WhatsApp Aero on your PC by downloading a PC emulator and then downloading Aero WhatsApp onto the emulator.

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